Irish History on film from Thompson Trading

Days of Hunger

'There is fearful sickness and death here. I cannot describe to you the gloom just now pervading all through fear.  Ned Gallagher and grandchild died in one day. The same day three more of his family took bad; one is dying aged thirteen, and this morning two more of the married men are very bad, I fear fatally. No one will go near the house and they are positively dying from neglect.'

Those Days are Gone

'For countless centuries, peatland covered a large percentage of rural Ireland, and every farmer and indeed most people living in the country had a turf bank. During early spring, normally about the end of April, weather permitting, whole families would come to this lonely wilderness for the coming of their crop of turf, which would hopefully provide them with a means of cooking food, and keeping the house warm for the following year.'