Irish History Links
for Children
Twelfth to eighteenth centuries
     Celts to Normans                                                Nineteenth century

  Links for Older Children
The Black Death
Ireland: propaganda and plantations
The Flight of the Earls 1607
Thomas Wentworth

  The Stuarts - Puritans
The Civil War: the Irish dimension
Ireland 1641 - 1648

Cromwell: hero or villain?
The relief of Londonderry
The Battle of the Boyne

Short history of Ireland in the 18th Century
The 1700s
  Ireland in the 18th century
Richard Sherida
Vinegar Hill recreation


Henry VIII and Ireland
  The spread of the plague: Ireland
The Bubonic Plague
Henry VIII and Ireland
Red Hugh O'Donnell
Flight of the Earls
The Curse of Cromwell (poem)

James and William
Wild Geese
Theobald Wolfe Tone

Teachers and Parents

Battle of the Boyne
A Modest Proposal

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