The Late Eighteenth Century

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Table of Contents

Key Figures
Unrest in America and France
Catholic Emancipation
Agrarian Societies
The Orange Society
The United Irishmen
The 1796 Landing at Bantry
The 1798 Rebellion
Other Resources


The Dungannon Convention 1782 BBC
Irish Volunteers Wikipedia
Early Revolutionary Parties and Irish Opposition Rising Road Tours

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Key Figures

Richard Sheridan spartacus schoolnet
Edmund Burke History Guide
George III
Henry Grattan Wikipedia
Henry Flood Wikipedia
Henry Flood 1911 Encyclopedia
Lord North Wikipedia
William FitzWilliam Wikipedia
Lord Edward FitzGerald Wikipedia
Henry Joy Republican News
Father John Murphy Wikipedia
William Drennan Ulster History
Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone ~fagann at
Theobald Wolfe Tone Wikipedia
Theobald Wolfe Tone: 1763 - 1798 Cork Guide
Theobald Wolfe Tone: his time in Paris Irishmen in Paris
Theobald Wolfe Tone (1763 - 1798) History Home

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Coronation of George III, 1761 University of Virginia
Lord North Wikipedia
Constitution of 1782 Wikipedia
Britain and Ireland: 1789 - 1901 History Home
Henry Grattan's Parliament Ireland's Eye
Grattan's Parliament - by James Connolly
Grattan's Parliament Library Ireland
Grattan's Parliament, 1782: Its Rise and Fall Library Ireland
Grattan's Parliament Act of Union
Beginnings of Parliamentary Reform Rising Road Tours

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Unrest in America and France

The American Revolution History Place
Ireland in the American War: 1776 - 1783 History Home
The Ulster Scots and the Southern Confederacy Ulster Nation
The Irish and the American Revolution BBC
Links on the French Revolution University of Portsmouth
French Revolution Wikipedia
The French Revolution and the Irish Struggle ~faggan at
The French Wars: 1792 - 1806 History Home
French Revolution site Center for History and New Media
French Revolution Victorian Web

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Catholic Emancipation

The Penal Laws Clare Library
The Penal Laws Irish Times
Earl Fitzwilliam's Failure BBC
St Patrick's College, Maynooth Wikipedia
The Maynooth Grant Victorian Web
Maynooth College Maynooth College
Maynooth College New Advent
The Religious Condition of Ireland 1770 - 1850
Initial Reliefs Wikipedia
Gordon Riots New Advent
Gordon Riots Wikipedia
The Gordon Riots, June 1780 Victorian Web

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Agrarian Societies

Peep O' Day Boys Wikipedia
Peep O'Day Boys and Defenders BBC
Agrarian Rebels, Secret Societies and Defenders, 1761 - 91 ~fagaan at
The Rise of the Defenders: 1793 - 95 ~fagann at
Defenders (Ireland) Wikipedia
Whiteboys Wikipedia
What is a Whiteboy? ~jwilliams4 at
The Origins of the 1798 Rebellion in Ulster cruithni
Early History of the Republican movement, by Sinn Fein CAIN

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The Orange Society

The Orange Institution - Early Years Grand Orange Lodge
Orange Expansion Grand Orange Lodge
William of Orange wesleyjohnston
Profile: The Orange Order BBC
The Orange Society OrangeNet
The Orange Institution Wikipedia
The Men of No Popery ~fagann at
The Historical Role of Orangeism Socialist Democracy

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The United Irishmen

Original Declaration of the United Irishmen ~fagann at
Wicklow United Irishmen: 1797 - 1804 ~ppmay
Origins of the United Irishmen BBC
The United Irishmen BBC
1798: The United Irishmen and the Early Trade Unions The Struggle Site
United and disunited Irishmen; Irish rebels History World
The United Irishmen and Modern Revolutionary Movements Rising Road Tours
Society of the United Irishmen Wikipedia

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The 1796 Landing at Bantry

Three Attempts at Landing on Irish Coasts During the Revolution Period (1796 - 1798) Napoleon Series
The History of Bantry and Bantry Bay West Cork
Pellew Blockading Brest in 1796 ~pdavis
Bantry Cork Guide
History of Bantry Wikipedia

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The 1798 Rebellion

The Rising of 1798 rootsweb
The Rebellion of 1798 (facsimiled documents) National Archives
The 1798 Rebellion in Ireland The Struggle Site
The Revolution of 1798 rootsweb
Sinn Fein Lecture on 1798 CAIN
1798: Myth Versus Reality Socialist Alternative
The 1798 Rebellion in Ireland Ireland Information
The Year of Liberty The Wild Geese
1798 Rebellion
Rebellion and Revolution Library Ireland
1798: Calendar of Events ~98com at
The 1798 Irish Rebellion BBC
The Rebellion of 1798 Celtic Cousins
Vinegar Hill BBC
Vinegar Hill Wikipedia
Scullabogue Barn Massacre Wikipedia
Casualties at Scullabogue ~nyirish

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Other Resources

The Protestant Ascendancy dublin-info
Ulster History: 18th Century Cruithni
The Great Migration from Ulster to America Electric Scotland
Particulars of Some Irish Settlers in Pennyslyvania Library Ireland
Scotch-Ulster Presbyterians from Ulster to Rockbridge rootsweb
London Debates in 1795 British History
Irish Freeholders, Freemen and Voting Registers Ireland Progenealogists
Dissenters Victorian Web
Book review: God's Other Children (Nonconformists in Ireland) Stanford University Press
A Letter to William Pitt by William Drennan, 1799 Irish Literature
Amazon - Rebels and Informers: Stirrings of Irish Independence Amazon
Historical summary - Ireland 1790s
~mbone at
Georgian Dublin Wikipedia
Georgian Dublin Visit Dublin
Georgian Dublin nostromo
The French revolution Victorian Web
John Wesley in Ireland Irish History Links
Newspapers in 18th century Ireland Ask About Ireland
A Protestant Pioneer of Catholic Emancipation

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