1977 in Ireland

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Yeats crater on Mercury
Yeats crater on Mercury

January: A baby boy died in an IRA bomb explosion at Harmin Park near Belfast.

February: A crater on Mercury was named after the poet W.B. Yeats.

The IRA began a campaign of assassinating business people. The first victim was Jeffrey Agate, Managing Director of the American Du Pont factory in Derry.

March: Twenty-six members of the UVF were jailed, which helped curtail the activities of the UVF.

April: The United Unionist Action Council, headed by Ian Paisley, threatened a strike in their demands for the return of majority rule and a tougher security presence.

May:  The UUAC strike lasted for thirteen days, but was judged a failure in comparison to the Ulster Workers Council strike of 1974. On the fifth day, the Peace People organised a rally in Belfast.

The Misuse of Drugs Act was passed in the Republic.

Ian Paisley during the 1977 strike
Ian Paisley during the 1977 strike

Jack Lynch, 1977
Jack Lynch, 1977

June:  Fianna Fáil were elected to government with a twenty seat majority.

July: Jack Lynch was elected Taoiseach by the 21st Dáil.

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland was granted recognition as a college of the National University of Ireland.

August: Queen Elizabeth visited Northern Ireland. Later in the month, American President Jimmy Carter gave a keynote speech on the situation there. He said America would support a representative government, and he asked Americans to stop funding paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland.

September: After an outbreak of venereal disease in Irish, British and French horses, Irish horses were prevented from entering the United States.

The Christian Brothers celebrated their 150th anniversary in Ennis, County Clare.

Queen Elizabeth in Northern Ireland, 1977
Queen Elizabeth in Northern Ireland

Betty Williams
Betty Williams, one of the founders of the Peace People

October: Mairéad Corrigan and Betty Williams won the Nobel Prize for Peace after founding the Peace Movement.

Off-duty policewoman Margaret Hearst was shot dead at her parents' home by the IRA. In the same month, Lenny Murphy was sentenced to prison on firearms offences. It was later revealed that he was leader of the Shankill Butchers.

November: The National Council for Educational Awards was given the power to award degrees.

December: The IRA carried out a series of firebomb attacks on hotels.

Notable births in Ireland

Lisa Burke, weather forecaster
Lisa Burke
February 4th
Francis Barrett, boxer
Francis Barrett
February 7th
Damien Faulkner, racing driver
Damien Faulkner
February 15th
Ian Clarke, software developer
Ian Clarke
February 16th
Ronan Keating, musician
Ronan Keating
March 3rd
Donal Óg Cusack, sportsman
Donal Óg Cusack,
March 16th
Finghin Collins, pianist
Finghin Collins
March 31st
Pádraic Joyce, sportsman
Pádraic Joyce
April 1st
Trevor Molloy, sportsman
Trevor Molloy
April 14th
Joe Doyle, musician
Joe Doyle
May 8th
Thomas Byrne, TD
Thomas Byrne
June 1st
Jamie Costin, athlete
Jamie Costin
June 1st
Michael Gomez (Armstrong), boxer
Michael Gomez
 June 21st
Ciara Durkin, American soldier (born Galway)
Ciara Durkin
 July 6th
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, actor
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
27th July
Colin Hawkins, sportsman
Colin Hawkins
August 17th
Ian Harte, sportsman
Ian Harte
August 31st
Marcus Horan, rugby player
Michael Horan
September 7th
Gavin Smith, racing driver
Gavin Smith
September 7th
Joe Deane, sportsman
Joe Deane
November 15th
Emma Ledden, TV presenter
Emma Ledden
December 11th
Peter Stringer, sportsman
Peter Stringer
December 13th
Ollie Canning, sportsman
Ollie Canning
Genevieve O'Reilly, actress
Genevieve O'Reilly
Ste-V-Roc, rapper

Notable Deaths in Ireland

Name Date of death Age

Patrick Cogan 5th January 73 Independent TD
William Conway 17th April 64 Archbishop of Armagh
Bill Loughery 1st August 69 Cricketer
Seán Keating 21st December 88 Painter

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