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'Sacred' constitution 'may force [Gerry] Adams to stay as MP'
'Secret talks' held with dissidents
'Security defects' at raid bank, Sept 25th
'Serious breach' in NI Water appointment - ex-commissioner
'Several dead' in helicopter crash on Mourne mountains
'Sharp rise' recorded in loyalist beatings, November 4th
'Sheer miracle' that Newry court bomb did not kill
'Significant arrests' promised after Belfast riots
'Significant' fuel laundering plant is found
'Slab' Murphy bids to halt trial, July 30th
'Snowed under'
'Splinter group' behind road bomb, September 9th
Séamus Ó Conghaile
Sí an Bhrú
SDLP and UUP back Assembly special advisor review
SDLP cancels pub crawl after cheap drinks promotion criticism
SDLP councillor Seamus Shields dies
SDLP leader [Mark] Durkan to step down, September 20th
SDLP move 'devoid of principle', Jan 29th
SDLP response to proposals for a new police force
SDLP response to proposals for a new police force, August 2001
SDLP says bill would free parties, Sept 7th
SDLP's Declan O'Loan withdraws nationalist unity call
SDLP's Pat Convery replaces Naomi Long as Belfast major
SF Adams wrote to Orange Order, Sept 27th
SF Councillor claims woman assaulted at Ballymena march
SF Mayor, Michael Brown, who shook Queen's hand, dies
SF President says government has failed on economy, Feb 2nd
SF and DUP closer to justice deal, August 4th
SF deny 'inflating' MP rent costs, May 10th
SF refuses to welcome a visit by British Monarch, March 24th
SF refuses to welcome a visit by British Monarch, March 24th
SF rejects 'shared future' [deadlock in Executive] blame, September 16th
SF say Libya motive is 'partisan', September 14th
SF seeks meeting with Taoiseach to discuss Lisbon, June 16th
SF seeks meeting with Taoiseach to discuss Lisbon, June 16th
SF swing can make [Labour leader Eamon] Gilmore Taoiseach
SF threatens to collapse assembly, August 24th
SF, PSNI meeting 'constructive', April 18th
SIPTU calls for Lisbon Yes vote, September 3rd
SIPTU gets permission to demolish Liberty Hall
SIPTU gives conditional support on Lisbon, May 30th
SIPTU has 'relevant' SKILL documentation
SIPTU in industrial campaign warning, April 19th
SIPTU may ballot health sector workers over longer working hours
SIPTU refers missing
SIPTU to recommend pay deal acceptance
SIPTU warns of industrial action over pay, October 4th
SIPTU won't back 'Yes' vote before deal on worker rights, May 31st
SNP minister John Mather brands Ireland 'incompetent'
SO figures show increase in burglaries, fraud and kidnappings
SOLAS to replace FÁS as training agency
SRR: secret army unit that sparked old hatred in Ulster, March 8th
Sack of Wexford
Sacked BBC presenter Jerome Quinn blasts BBC over [lack of] GAA coverage
Sacked BNP worker awarded damages for wrongful dismissal
Sacked Information Commission head loses case
Sacked workers occupy car factory, March 31st
Sad memories for Prince in Omagh - BBC
Safe theft led to explosives find under bed
Safety plea to road users as five die over weekend
Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork
Saint Patrick and the Irish Kings
Saint Patrick and the snakes
Saint Patrick's Ireland (interactive)
Saint's carnival underway in city, March 17th
Saints, Scholars and Schizophrenics
Sallins train robbery, March 1976
Salvation Army hosts annual Belfast dinner
Sammy Wilson criticises Ulster Bank delays
Sammy Wilson details £367m budget cuts from April
Sammy Wilson holds emergency meeting to discuss debt
Sammy Wilson says use of public money in Peter Hain case
Sammy Wilson: price must be right for corporation tax
Sandwell Irish Community Assocation
Saorstát Éireann
Sarkozy denies pressuring Irish, July 21st
Sarkozy hails 'courage' of second vote on Lisbon, Dec 17th
Sarkozy in Ireland: Sinn Féin seeks face-to-face meeting, July 17th
Sarkozy in controversial Dublin visit, July 21st
Sarkozy: Ireland must vote on Lisbon again, July 15th
Savage thugs brutally beat Polish man, March 19th
Saville 'must be published soon' [says Owen Paterson]
Saville Report
Saville inquiry into Bloody Sunday 'pointless': [Alliance leader David] Ford
Saville inquiry: over 150 kilings by soldiers during Troubles in Northern Ireland never fully investigated
Savings sought from DPP, Attorney General, CSO
Scale of wildfires 'unprecedented' say fire chiefs
Scandinavian relations with Ireland during the Viking period
Scappaticci wins newspaper case, April 25th
Scenes from 'The Wind that Shook the Barley' set to music
Scenes from 1920s/30s Dublin and Wales
Scenes from the Troubles set to music
Scenes from the blast - BBC
Scenes of rioting in Northern Ireland
School bus death driver spared prison
School children miss 12-13 days on average
School dispute appeal dismissed, September 2001
School evacuated after boy picks up pipe bomb
School loses suspended boy case in Supreme Court
School of Iona
School place case is 'thrown out'
School sending some students home early due to budget cuts
School strike action suspended, Oct 30th
Schoolboy swine flu victim dies, October 8th
Schoolgirl's rapist shot in attack, March 31st
Schools closed and travel disrupted in heavy snow
Schools told to cut non-teacher staff pay
Schools' Cup final ends in brawl
Scissor Sister mum [Kathleen Mulhall] faces Raonaid quiz, May 9th
Scoil chois claí
Scores of NI schools to close on Wednesday
Scot Irish History
Scotch-Irish Presbyterians in America
Scotch-Ulster Presbyterians from Ulster to Rockbridge
Scotland and N Ireland could reject the Bill of Rights
Scotland-Ireland rail-link plan [from 1890] a 'surprise'
Scots and Picts
Scott Vineer attack in Lisburn: teenager arrested
Scott Vineer attack: New witness comes forward
Scottish and N Irish airspace to close in new ash risk
Scottish rider dies in North West 200 race
Scottish sex offender Fraser McLaughlin 'may be in NI'
Scrabble: Belfastman Paul Gallen wins UK title
Scuffles at Dublin city protest
Scullabogue Barn Massacre
Seán Gallagher clarifies FF involvement
Seán Lemass
Seán Lemass, Taoiseach 1959 - 1966
Seán Mac Diarmada
Seán MacBride
Seán MacBride, politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner
Seán MacEntee
Seán Moylan
Seán Quinn Jnr released from prison after case is adjourned for two weeks
Seán Quinn Snr begins nine-week prison sentence over contempt of court
Seán Quinn says IBRC has vendetta against him
Seán Quinn says Quinn Insurance administration costs 'shocking'
Seán Quinn's family in High Court challenge
Seán Quinn's wife ordered to repay €3m
Seán T. O'Kelly
Seán Treacy
Seafood companies to create 140 jobs in €15.5m investment
Seals' severed heads nailed to signs at Dingle sanctuary
Seamus Heaney wins £10,000 Forward Prize
Sean Gallagher joins frontrunners in Irish presidential race
Sean Hoey - Guardian
Sean Hoey found not guilty - BBC
Sean Hoey found not guilty over Omagh bombing, 20th Dec 2007
Sean Hoey may sue parent of Omagh victim, 22nd Dec 2007
Sean MacDermott
Sean MacDiarmada
Sean MacDiarmada
Sean MacDiarmada
Sean O'Casey and the 1916 Easter Rising
Sean Quinn Jr jailing 'amply justified' says court
Sean Quinn stands down from board
Sean Quinn upset at Quinn group restructure
Sean Russell, Chief of Staff
Seanad Éireann
Seanad to sit Saturday to pass Finance Bill
Seanchan the bard and the king of the cats
Search after men spotted climbing down manhole near Dublin Castle
Search continuing for missing Irishman in Amsterdam
Search for IRA murder victim Columba McVeigh begins
Search for Samuel Campbell to resume in morning
Search for [missing fishermen] to resume in the morning
Search for answers over Omagh bomb - BBC
Search for father & son off Cork coast, July 14th
Search for five seamen [lost in Irish Sea] called off
Search for meteorite in west of Ireland
Search for missing fishermen off Cork coast
Search for missing man postponed
Search for missing worker goes on, August 22nd
Search for post office worker as €1.5m missing
Search resumes for Pender remains, Sept 22nd
Search to resume for diver missing off Cork coast
Searches resume after bomb scare, September 30th
Searches target Limerick gangs
Sebastian Barry gets another shot at Man Booker Prize
Second 'misdiagnosis' at Ennis hospital, Sept 22nd
Second Basque terrorist suspect faces extradition from Northern Ireland, April 22nd
Second Conservative Party Manifesto, 1910
Second Desmond Rebellion
Second IRA statement on the killing of Robert McCartney, 25th February 2005
Second Irish Land Act: 1881
Second Polish man dies after Dublin screwdriver attack, Feb 28th
Second Republic swine flu death, August 18th
Second SF candidate was in bar, March 2005
Second TD quits coalition over medical card fiasco, Oct 21st
Second charged over fatal Coolock shooting
Second charged with police murder, March 24th
Second child dies in Cork fire tragedy
Second de Chasterlain report in full, February 2000
Second fire at city courthouse, August 16th
Second junior minister offers to relinquish role, Jan 14th
Second man charged with murder of two Polish men, June 17th
Second man charged with murder of two Polish men, June 17th
Second man dies after Wicklow plane crash
Second man to be charged by in connection with murder of Shane Geoghegan in 2008
Second murder inquiry launched in Bandon
Second night of disturbances
Second night of disturbances, September 2nd
Second swine flu case in the Republic, May 25th
Second teenager dies after road accident, Nov 28th
Second tiger kidnapping in 24 hours, Dec 29th
Secretary of State 'still has a big part to play', Jan 12th
Secretary of State Paul Murphy's reation to the Bobby Tohill kidnapping, February 2004
Sectarian attacks and incidents, August 1st - 31st
Sectarian attacks in north Antrim, July 13th
Sectarian divisions of Ulster Labor Politics, 1885 - 1906
Sectarian graffiti
Sectarian incidents and attacks, July 16th - 21st
Sectarian motive explored in petrol bomb attacks
Sectarian riot ' a disgrace to NI', September 1st
Sectarian rioting
Sectarian riots in Belfast, 1935
Sectarian tensions flare over Belfast army parade, Oct 31st
Sectarian thuggery against Dublin players turns Milk Cup sour, July 30th
Sectarianism in retreat
Security alert in Derry city centre declared a hoax
Security alert is declared a hoax, Feb 22nd
Security alerts
Security alerts close city roads, March 30th
Security cameras clue to fireball, April 6th
Security forces aided Loyalist murders
Security lockdown to thwart dissidents in Northern Ireland
Security men shot at Dublin hospital, August 4th
Securocrats, JAPPS, and other enemies of the peace process',  January 2007
Seized cash 'linked to bank raid', March 2005
Seized mortar 'was for attack north of border'
Select Hotels Ireland
Sellafied Links to Down's Deaths dismissed
Selton Hill, 1921
Semtex used in dissident attack, August 18th
Semtex, mortar found in dissident republican searches
Senator Kieran Phelan dies suddenly
Send money, guns and lawyers
Senior Loyalist Ihab Shoukri dies, Nov 23rd
Senior PSNI officer awarded silver fáinne for Irish
Senior civil servants vote to strike, November 16th
Senior detective accused of assault, December 12th
Senior housing executive sacked over conduct breach
Sensor fault found in Cork plane crash inquiry
Seosamh Pluincéad
Separate shootings in Limerick, Cork, Oct 13th
September - December 2002,12494,804779,00.html
September 2001 - August 2002,2763,579988,00.html
September sizzler breaks records... but all good things must end
Serious flooding in south and west, November 19th
Service in NI for Julie Wong  who died in NZ earthquake
Service tribute to troops during Northern Ireland troubles, Sept 10th
Setanta goes into administration, June 23rd
Settlement map
Settling Ireland, Scotland and America
Seven Cork beaches close due to high E.coli levels
Seven arrested at Shell protest, May 9th
Seven arrested over Limerick double killing
Seven cases of swine flu confirmed, June 2nd
Seven held in Corrib protest released, Sept 5th
Seven men arrested at Corrib gas protest, May 11th
Seven people arrested after Irish £6.2m raid, Feb 28th
Seven people rescued from fires in Belfast and Newry
Seven police officers injured in Belfast parade disturbances
Seven teens held in Inchicore murder inquiry
Seventh and Eighth Century Ireland
Severe [snow] disruption to flights, bus services
Severe flooding brings Dublin City to a standstill
Severe weather causes NI flooding
Severe weather warning for NI, December 25th
Sex abuse church elder McConaghy 'too fat for prison', December 3rd
Sex abuser [Arthur] McElhill killed his family in Omagh fire, December 8th
Sex offender [Paul Hunter Redpath] arrested in Republic, July 28th
Sex pics lawyer declared bankrupt, April 11th
Sex scandal First Minister's wife Iris Robinson cleared in toyboy business deal probe
Sextuplets delivered in Belfast, May 22nd
Sexual abuse cases: the government solution in Ireland, (Wikipedia)
Shadow Dancer gets mixed verdict from ex-IRA infiltrators
Shame of pensions on double for teacher-TDs, May 2nd
Shane Geoghegan jury fails to reach verdict
Shane Leslie
Shane O'Neill
Shane O'Neill
Shane Ross signs for Norris, 67% 'no' to Aras Provo
Shane's mum makes emotional appeal to catch his killers, Nov 18th
Shankill Road bombing, 1993
Shankill bomb relative will talk to SF if IRA apologises, September 25th
Shannon airport shuts as plane gets into difficulty
Shareholders hit out at Bank of Ireland's call for rights issue
Sharp decrease in Govt support - poll
Sharp drop in First Year students, Jan 10th
Sharp rise in Northern Ireland farm thefts
Sharp rise in people seeking Post Leaving Cert courses
Sheela Na Gig
Sheela na Gig defined at Wikipedia
Sheffield Irish Association
Shell's gunboat diplomacy, Sept 4th
Sherwood Foresters - World War I
Shock as
Shock win by independent shatters voting pact for mayor, June 24th
Shocked workers capture spooky image in Belfast's sewers
Shooting sparks fears of fresh gang bloodshed
Shooting victim 'an innocent man', June 24th
Shop assistant held at knifepoint, May 4th
Shop worker threatened with gun, Feb 14th
Shoppers brave sub-zero night in search of bargains
Shoppers horrified as store guard dies, March 2nd
Shoppers in Irish Republic told to 'serve their country', Nov 29th
Shoppers jump to safety as burglar crashes car during chase
Short 18th Century Timeline
Short History of Connacht
Short History of Ireland in the 18th Century
Short film of Second Great Viking March, 1978
Short history of Ireland in the 18th Century
Shot fired through window of west Belfast home
Shot man drove to Dublin's Cloverhill Prison for help
Shot reported during city trouble, October 5th
Shot youth 'is lucky to be alive', Oct 3rd
Shots are fired in Willowbank Park, west Belfast
Shots fired at Limerick house, April 20th
Shots fired at house in Antrim
Shots fired at house in Ballymena, September 27th
Shots fired at house in Clogher
Shots fired at house over flags row, June 30th
Shots fired at town police patrol, August 26th
Shots fired in Londonderry bookmakers
Shots fired in abduction attempt in Strabane
Shots fired in salute at Real IRA man's funeral, October 8th
Shots were fired
Shots were fired
Shots were fired
Show goes on despite fresh bomb scare
Show of solidarity (over Lisbon Treaty), June 19th
Shrine of Our Lady at Knock
Siege of Derry
Siege of Drogheda
Siege of Kinsale
Significant rise in swine flu cases
Signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement
Signs of growth and stability in Irish economy - [IMF delegation head Ajai] Chopra
Sink taps source of infection that killed three babies
Sinking drug runners get 10 years, May 8th
Sinn  Féin slams Lisbon re-run bid, Nov 27th
Sinn F
Sinn Féin
Sinn Féin
Sinn Féin 'fears book by ex-IRA commander Brendan Hughes', November 1st
Sinn Féin 'get loyalist threats' over Mary McArdle
Sinn Féin 1905 - 1917
Sinn Féin Ard Fheis underway in Dublin
Sinn Féin Manifesto, May 1997
Sinn Féin and loyalists discuss parades
Sinn Féin beats Fianna Fáil in poll
Sinn Féin blames Real IRA for Belfast violence, July 14th
Sinn Féin blockade 'is blackmail', Sept 30th
Sinn Féin calls for no-confidence vote in Irish government
Sinn Féin campaign: rural Ireland deserves better, May 15th
Sinn Féin campaign: rural Ireland deserves better, May 15th
Sinn Féin can thank Tony Blair for its votes
Sinn Féin commemorate Bobby Sand's death
Sinn Féin detail Liam Adams role amid sex abuse claims
Sinn Féin discuss talks collapse
Sinn Féin election manifesto 1918
Sinn Féin emerge as likely kingmakers in next Dáil, July 8th
Sinn Féin man opposes flag flying, July 25th
Sinn Féin may support presidential candidate
Sinn Féin mayor to lay WWI wreath, June 20th
Sinn Féin meets with Gordon Brown, July 23rd
Sinn Féin on attack as councillor quits [in Dublin]
Sinn Féin pay £15K to settle case [with former employee], Feb 19th
Sinn Féin seek to amend bank bail-out bill, Oct 2nd
Sinn Féin seeks judicial review of Referendum Commission's statements
Sinn Féin takes education role in new executive
Sinn Féin to pay £3000 over-paid to McGuinness for rent, October 14th
Sinn Féin tries to form Dáil grouping
Sinn Féin warns it may abandon power sharing in policing row, August 26th
Sinn Féin would support tough policing, March 19th
Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey stands down in South Belfast
Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams reveals family's sex abuse history, December 20th
Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness: any protest against the Queen's visit would be a huge mistake
Sinn Féin's comment regarding sanctions against itself, April 2004
Sinn Fein 'distances itself' from Sean Quinn
Sinn Fein 'must clarify threat', August 25th
Sinn Fein 'scum' outburst unionist Tom Elliot in apology to 'good' republicans
Sinn Fein 1917 - 1922
Sinn Fein Lecture on 1798
Sinn Fein MP Pat Doherty backed loyalist band cash bid
Sinn Fein agrees to support the police in Northern Ireland, January 2007
Sinn Fein and DUP strike power-sharing deal, 26th March 2007
Sinn Fein and Socialism, by James Connolly
Sinn Fein assails Cardinal Farley, 1918
Sinn Fein bid to name airport after hunger striker
Sinn Fein blames dissidents for Belfast shotgun attack, Sept 17th
Sinn Fein call on government to censor [TD Michael] Lowry [over Moriarty Tribunal findings]
Sinn Fein condemnation 'unequivocal' - BBC
Sinn Fein councillor drives van with suspect bomb to safety
Sinn Fein exclusion debate scheduled, October 2001
Sinn Fein gains support in Republic survey suggests
Sinn Fein in 'significant' talks, August 10th
Sinn Fein launches united Ireland drive, Feb 20th
Sinn Fein leaders 'backed raids', February 2005
Sinn Fein man 'gave out fake ballots' at poll station
Sinn Fein man admits he was an agent, December 2005
Sinn Fein man praises police, September 21st
Sinn Fein manifesto 1918
Sinn Fein mayor slammed over failure to present award to army cadet
Sinn Fein men accompany Martin Corey at funeral
Sinn Fein minister Murphy urged to resign over water crisis
Sinn Fein office attacked again, April 15th
Sinn Fein pick Martina Anderson for European Parliament
Sinn Fein rejects on-the-run bill, December 2005
Sinn Fein set for huge gains in Republic of Ireland election: poll
Sinn Fein set to support Belfast Diamond Jubilee events
Sinn Fein snub dinner with new mayor, September 12th
Sinn Fein to veto victims' definition bill, April 21st
Sinn Fein tops poll in Euro count, June 8th
Sinn Fein vows to fight sanctions
Sinn Fein weighed down by baggage [in the Republic], June 9th
Sinn Fein will not renew London flat leases for MPs, August 12th
Sinn Fein wins Donegal south-west by-election
Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly hurt in crash
Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness confirms unionist talks
Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness to meet UDA chief, December 16th
Sinn Feiners burn down  Dublin Custom House, 1921
Sir Edward Carson addressing a mass parade of the UVF in 1913
Sir Francis Fletcher Vane
Sir Henry Sidney
Sir Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy
Sir Henry Wilson
Sir Henry Wilson
Sir Henry Wilson
Sir Henry Wilson
Sir Hugh Montgomery
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Sir John Herman (RUC chief) obituary, Nov 8th
Sir Philip says Ulster Bank working to clear backlog
Sir Reg Empey mulls Peter Robinson 'liar' accusation
Sir Reg Empey to stand down as UUP leader in autumn
Sir Reg Empey urges caution over [Orange] Order's Pope protest
Sir Reg Empey, UUP politician
Sir Robert Peel
Sir Robert Peel,_Bart._Peel
Sir Roger Casement
Sir Roger Casement
Sir Roger Casement and the German Connection
Sir Ronnie Flanagan - Guardian
Sir Ronnie Flanagan - a profile - BBC
Sir Thomas Wentworth
Sir William Petty
Sisters plan civil case of Belfast murder (Robert McCartney), Jan 31st
Sit-in remains after court order, August 2nd
Site ( aims to help students learn Irish
Six arrested in drugs operation, September 26th
Six arrested in money laundering probe, July 23rd
Six charged over £500k drugs haul in Portstewart
Six deaths at Donegal nursing home probed
Six die as Belfast flight crashes in Cork
Six flee Derry after dissident threat
Six held in plasma TV raid, May 21st
Six in Longford court over YouTube behaviour
Six injured in Newry street fight
Six injured in Tallaght house incident
Six lose their lives in 12 hours of carnage on the roads, November 18th
Six million cigarettes seized in Dublin
Six years for illegal immigrants who set up drugs deal
Sixteen Days in May
Skeleton of infant wrapped in 1935 newspaper found in house, December 19th
Skerries Mills, Dublin
Skerries race competitor killed in crash
Skibbereen Heritage Centre
Skimming device found on Banbridge ATM
Sky contact centre to create 800 Dublin jobs
Slab Murphy must face tax evasion trial, Nov 19th
Slane Tourism
Slane bypass planning permission refused
Slavery and the Vikings
Sledgehammer vandals in tourist bus wrecking spree
Sligo Tourism
Sligo at Irish Tourist
Slips on ice lead to cancelled surgery
Slough Irish Club
Slurry tank incident underway in Hillsborough
Small Firms Association seeks minimum wage cut, July 15th
Small attendance at Smithfield Horse Fair
Small bomb found in car at Belfast International Airport
Small plane in flames after crash in County Tyrone
Smithfield area, Dublin
Smithwick Tribunal hears claim Martin McGuinness involved in murder plan
Smithwick Tribunal told Army officers phone was tapped
Smithwick Tribunal: Michael McKevitt denies tip-off claim
Smithwick Tribunal: Patrick 'Mooch' Blair denies Omagh role - BBC
Smithwick Tribunal: Taoiseach called bombing a 'political crime'
Smithwick tribunal: British agent was 'intelligence nuisance'
Smithwick tribunal: Hurst evidence shines light on covert war
Smoke inhalation cause of death in Roscommon fire
Smoking ban has closed 100 pubs, April 30th
Sniper shoots at police as trouble flares in Ulster, August 28th
Snow Patrol tickets for MTV gig in Belfast go in an hour
Snow and ice cause travel disruption
Snow and ice still affecting road conditions
Snow brings chaos to travel and schools, Feb 5th
Snow brings chaos, absenteeism and fun, Feb 3rd
Snow chaos across Ulster, December 21st
Snow forces cancellation of Aer Lingus flights
Snow in October, the final straw, Oct 28th
Snowfalls lead to traffic chaos, Jan 20th
Soar Éire
Social Democratic and Labour Party
Social Justice Ireland criticises proposal to cut child benefit
Social Justice Ireland says 700,000 people are living in poverty in Ireland.
Social Welfare Bill passed by Dáil
Social and Democratic Labour Party
Social classes of the Celts
Social issues in the 1960s: Ulster Troubles Part 8
Society and Economy of Ireland
Society has failed tragic teenager Erin says priest
Society of the United Irishmen
Society prefers to ignore child abuse - poll
Soil 'links Duffy to two murders', November 6th
Solders are 'trading in illegal arms'
Soldier [Paul Carter] shot 40 years ago by IRA was helped, not mugged, by locals
Soldier admits shooting man
Soldier dies in Afghanistan blast
Soldier faces murder charge, October 2001
Soldier from Northern Ireland dies in Afghanistan
Soldier's son confronts McGuinness on campaign trail
Soldiers 'bugged' car owned by Stephen Carroll murder accused
Soldiers' murder trial sees CCTV footage of attack
Solicitor dishonesty 'has got to be stopped', Nov 11th
Solicitor jailed for stealing £480,000 from clients
Solidarity protest at Vita Cortex plant
Soloheadbeg, 1919
Some IRA killings could be said to be murder: McGuinness
Some facts about the siege of Londonderry
Some retirement funds escape pension levy
Son 'fled through Ulster with corpse'
Son arrested over father's murder, November 13th
Son questioned over mother's murder in Connor
Song of Amergin
South Africa author Bree O'Mara dies in Libya crash
South Armagh Republican Action Force
South Armagh bomb 'designed to kill or injure police'
Southern Cross proposes 8,000 job cuts
Southern shoppers 'to head north', Nov 27th
Southern shoppers in trolley fights and parking rage, Dec 11th
Southwark Irish Pensioners' Project
Spanish seeking Basque in Ireland, Sept 24th
Spate of Belfast hijackings continues
Spate of attacks as two men stabbed in neck, August 17th
Special branch agents may face prosecution, August 14th
Special branch link to Omagh atrocity - Guardian
Special envoy for Hunger appointed, Jan 21st
Special needs kids lose out in £25m row, May 18th
Spectator killed at Armoy races, August 8th
Speech by Bertie Ahern to the Dáil on the NI peace process, December 2004
Speech by Gerry Adams to a Sinn Fein conference, December 2004
Speech by Gerry Adams, October 2001
Speech by Jack Lynch following violence in Derry, 13th August 1969
Speech by John Reid on the O'Hagan murder, October 2001
Speech by Peter Mandleson on the suspension of devolution, March 2000
Speech on the second reading of the bill for the repeal of the Corn Laws
Speech was a 'tribute' to Obama - [Enda] Kenny
Speech: Rededication of Thomas Meagher Statue
Spence family deaths: NI farming community 'reeling'
Spending cuts alert as 2bn Euro more lost in taxes, Dec 3rd
Spending cuts in Budget vital to 'win markets'
Spending cuts to dominate Irish National Teachers' Organisation conference
Spire of Dublin (completed 2003)
Spitfire down: the WWII camp where Allies and Germans mixed [in Dublin]
Spooktacular Halloween weekend for Northern Ireland
Spotlight election special, March 2007
Spotlight on McCartney trial, June 27th
Spotlight programme on the Bobby Sands film
St Colmcilles GAA Club, St Albans
St Columba
St Enda's School
St Manchan's Shrine recovered in Co Offaly
St Mary's Pro-Cathedral
St Mary's Rasharkin GAA members expelled over ref attack
St Michan's, Dublin
St Oliver Plunkett
St Patrick
St Patrick and the druid priests
St Patrick's Cathedral
St Patrick's Cathedral and Glendalough
St Patrick's College, Maynooth,_Maynooth
St Patrick's Day Celebrations
St Patrick's Day schedule announced, March 6th
St Patrick's parades get under way across NI
St. Brigid
St. Brigid
St. Colomba
St. Mary's University College London Irish Studies
St. Patrick
St. Patrick Apostle of Ireland
St. Patrick and Early Christianity in Ireland
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Stab family believe 'PPS failing', August 11th
Stabbing incidents in Derry and Portadown, Oct 12th
Staff bound with tape during robbery at Carryduff
Staff sick days cost the HSE Euro140 a year, August 15th
Staff threatened in Castlereagh shop robbery
Stakeknife damanged my life - MI5 agent's ex-wife
Stand-off 'could go on to 2009', Oct 11th
Stand-off at North Belfast flat ends after police talks
Standard watchdog's remarks 'unwise' - [Peter] Robinson
Starbursting the Boyne, July 14th
Stardust Disaster, 1981
Stardust Remembered
Stark warning over homelessness
Stars in Belfast for MTV awards
Starting the Revolution in Great Britain: 1882
State defends ban on abortion as women take case to Europe, December 7th
State firms fire-sale ruled out
State losing €860m to black market, says Retail Ireland
State may be forced to stump up more cash for AIB
State mortgage plan for first time buyers, Oct 11th
State now borrows €71m a day to fund public sector, October 4th
State of the Irish Nation, 18th Century
State official [Fiona Finnegan] avoids jail after stealing
State paid out €130m in funding to Travellers
State stops probe into judge's Irish language skills, April 9th
State visit an extraordinary moment - McAleese
State visits by Obama and Queen cost €36m
Statement by Albert Reynolds on the CLMC ceasefire, Oct 1994
Statement by Dermot Ahern supporting an inquiry into the killing of Pat Finucane, 2006
Statement by Paul Murphy on plans for normalisation of security profile in Northern Ireland, August 2005
Statement by Paul Murphy, Secretary of State for NI, on the despecification of the UDA/UFF. November 2004
Statement by Secretary of State John Reid on the UDA ceasefire, September 2001
Statement by Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern on recalling the Assembly, April 2006
Statement by Tony Blair, British Prime Minister - CAIN
Statement by Tony Blair, then British Prime Minister, on the ending of the IRA's armed campaign, July 2005
Statement by secretary of state John Reid, November 2001
Statement by the IICD, October 2001
Statement from the families of those murdered at Donnelly's Bridge, Silverbridge, outside Kay's Tavern, Dundalk, and in the Reavey and O'Dowd homes
Statement on behalf of Tony Blair on the decommissioning process, October 2003
Station re-arrest [of Colin Duffy] on Army murders, March 25th
Statistics on the Gaeltacht and the Irish Language
Statutes of Kilkenny
Statutes of Kilkenny
Staying together for the sake of Northern Ireland (Paisley, McGuinness), Feb 1st
Stephen Carroll
Stephen Carroll murder accused John Paul Wootton 'sought address'
Stephen Carroll trial: Army 'reluctant to hand over device'
Stephen Farry criticises DEL abolition justice plan
Stephen Hayes, Chief of Staff
Steven Brown
Stewartstown Road shooting: man treated for leg wound
Stolen computer may have sensitive data on it, June 17th
Stone Age Ireland
Stone made careful plans before attack on Stormont, November 2006,,1962800,00.html
Stones smash tourist bus window, June 21st
Stories of the Saints: Saint Patrick
Storm force winds expected over Ireland
Storm force winds may see ferry services cancelled
Storm forced swoop on 675m Euro drug boat, Nov 8th
Storm leaves 40,000 homes without power, Jan 18th
Storm over Stonewall's Cardinal Keith O'Brien 'bigot' award
Stormont 'no longer needs UK nanny', Nov 9th
Stormont 'to find £122m of cuts', April 22nd
Stormont Tour, Belfast
Stormont attack devices defused, November 2006
Stormont conspiracy theories continue, December 2005
Stormont crisis deepens as Robinson hits out at Adams, July 26th
Stormont deadlock 'can be broken', Sept 6th
Stormont deadlock 'very serious', Sept 29th
Stormont must meet warns Robinson, August 26th
Stormont near collapse as Sinn Fein man appears in court on spying charges, October 2002,,806013,00.html
Stormont to host first Orange event for Ulster Covenant
Stormont urged to 'end subsidies', Feb 18th
Stormont: DUP reshuffle, June 22nd
Stormontgate spying case collapses, December 2005
Story of the Colombia Three
Strabane gorse fire 'brought under control' by NIFRS
Strabane taxi driver picks up viable pipe bomb
Street-smart Paisley says goodbye, Jan 21st
Stretch out the hand of forebearance
Stricken oil tanker lashed by gales has tot aged 2 on board
Strike 'biggest since 1979 Winter of Discontent'
Strike action for (British) embassy staff, Jan 23rd
Strike action under way at Bord na Móna in dispute over pay
Strike row boy back at Movilla, Jan 6th
Strikes averted at Dublin Bus, Feb 25th
Strikes topple NI power-sharing body, 28th May 1974
Strokestown Famine Museum
Strong criticism of gang crime legislation, June 30th
Stuart and Cromwellian rule: the Penal Laws
Student finds new shrew species in Ireland, April 28th
Student in strike row to face charge, Oct 21st
Student stabbing was 'an accident', Oct 30th
Students end sit-in fees protest at QUB
Students protest against garda 'brutality'
Students protest over Waterford IT dispute
Students receive Leaving Cert results
Students removed from Belfast Road protest
Study criticizes hospital hygiene, November 24th
Study highlights danger of abortion pills bought on-line, July 11th
Studying Irish History
Stunning photo of cloud-free Ireland released
Sub-Roman Britain (including St Patrick's role)
Substantial bomb made safe by army bomb experts in north Belfast
Substantial increase in robberies: Central Statistics Office
Sudden death of Erskine Childers, 1974
Suggestions of genocide
Suicide epidemic 'needs tackling', Sept 23rd
Suicide group condemns newspaper, November 1st
Suicide husband murdered his wife
Suicide vigil in west Belfast aims to raise awareness
Summary of the Nice Treaty
Summing up in Omagh bomb trial - BBC
Sunday Telegraph
Sunningdale Agreement
Sunningdale Agreement signed, December 1973
Sunningdale and Protests: Ulster Troubles Part 21
Supercars worth €1m destroyed as thieves abandon loot, April 28th
Supergrass trial: judge reveals member of the public intimidated
Support for FF remains steady - poll
Support for Fianna Fáil drops - poll
Support for Fine Gael at highest level - poll, November 21st
Support for Lisbon 'yes' vote plunges, September 4th
Support for main parties unchanged - poll
Support overwhelming: says Olympic medallist Peter Chambers
Supreme Court hears appeal against Children's Referendum campaign decision
Supreme court hears appeal over [frozen] embroyos, Feb 2nd
Surge in Irish prison population
Surge in Northern Ireland house repossessions
Surrender and regrant
Surrender on April 29th
Survey - Northern Ireland has lowest library use in UK
Survey finds Irish Catholics 'want married priests'
Survivors describe the Omagh bomb - WesleyJohnston
Suspect IRA spy at heart of Stormont, October 2002
Suspect in O'Hagan murder is 'British army agent', October 2001
Suspect in garda car death was on the run, December 16th
Suspected INLA pipe bomb brings terror to families, March 26th
Suspected dissident attack foiled [in County Donegal]
Suspected firearm found during Stranmillis alert
Suspected pipe bomb recovered in north Belfast
Suspension of prison guards [over Colin Bell] 'a stitch-up', March 1st
Suspension of school protest welcomed, November 2001
Suspicious death of woman in Dublin
Suspicious fire at Tipperary [traveller-owned] house, July 3rd
Suspicious package found in Rialto, Dublin
Sutton index of deaths
Suzanne Breen
Swimmer rescued by lifeboat near Cushendall
Swine flu 'spreading rapidly' in Gaeltacht after college outbreak, August 15th
Swine flu closes Gaeltacht school, August 8th
Swine flu confirmed in Ireland, May 2nd
Swine flu hitting 'second wave', October 1st
Swine flu jab for all after virus toll alert, July 4th
Swine flu vaccinations begin in schools, November 30th
Swine flu vaccine distributed tomorrow, October 15th
Swine flu victim hospitalised, June 25th
Swine flu warning to pregnant women in Northern Ireland
Swine flu: eight suspected cases in Northern Ireland, May 2nd
Swine flu: fit-to-fly test for travellers, July 20th
Sydney Owenson
Sydney man cleared of Gearóid Walsh killing
Synod of Cashel, 1172
[SDLP leader Mark] Durkan in 'power games' attack [on DUP and Sinn Féin], Jan 24th
[SDLP's Margaret] Ritchie poppy is 'act of moving on'
[SDLP] 'finds £400m for economy', April 7th
[SIPTU warns] government that 'time is running out'
[School] principals warn of 'ghettoisation'
[Seamus] Heaney wins top literary award, March 19th
[Secretary of State Shaun]  Woodward denies IRA 'on the runs' given pardons
[Secretary of State] Paterson calls for end to Bloody Sunday 'speculation'
[Sectarian] attacks drive [Protestant] family from village, October 17th
[Security forces] agents 'attended INLA death plot', Feb 6th
[Senator Ivor] Callely adds to Martin's woes over Seanad plan
[Senator Ivor] Callely given more time to explain expenses
[Sharon] Collins gets six years for murder plot, Nov 3rd
[Sinn Féin Vice President Pat] Doherty stands down in reshuffle, Jan 8th
[Sinn Féin's] patience running out on justice, Oct 25th
[Sinn Féin] MLA's home in overnight attack, April 6th
[Sinn Féin] protest is a 'recipe for disaster', Oct 27th
[Sir Hugh] Orde wins damages in libel case, September 30th
[Smithwick tribunal]: gardaí were aware of sergeant's IRA links
[Socialist MEP Joe] Higgins accuses church of ignoring arms issues in treaty, Sept 23rd
[Standard & Poor] cuts Irish debt rating again, June 8th
saac Butt
said to be threatening
searching Maghaberry Jail
second attack
second bomb
second bomb
second man
second night
second night
second night
second viable device
secretly recorded
sectarian assault
sectarian assault
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack
sectarian attack.
sectarian attacks
sectarian attacks
sectarian attacks
sectarian interface
sectarian intimidation
sectarian knife attack
sectarian riot
sectarian-motivated arson.
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert
security alert,
security alert.
security alert.
security alert.
security alerts
security operation
security operation
security threat
seeking £200 million
selected observers
selling legal drugs
sensitive and serious stage
sent to jail
serious threat
seriously injured
set alight
set fire
set on fire
set up
seven pipe bombs
severe threa
sheer miracle
shook hands
shot a teenage boy
shot and beaten
shot at
shot at
shot dead
shot dead
shot dead
shot dead
shot dead
shot dead
shot dead
shot dead
shot dead
shot five times
shot in the ankle
shot in the leg
shot in the leg
shot in the leg
shot in the leg
shot in the legs
shot in the legs
shot in the legs
shot was fired
significant finds
significant step
silly and banal'
single body
six months previously
sixteen recommendations
small bomb
small bomb
small bomb
small bomb
small explosion
smashing a pole
sniff out
so-called martyr
social sites
spoke out
spoke up
stand down
stay on
stemmed from an incident
stepped down
stepped down
stepped up patrols
still ongoing
stood down
story broke
strong possibility
subsequently said
substantial device
suing the Irish government
summoned to court
suspect device
suspect object,
suspect vehicle
suspected bomb
suspected firearm
suspected pipe bomb
suspended sentence
suspended sentence
suspended sentence.
suspicious device
suspicious device
suspicious item
suspicious object
suspicious object
suspicious object
suspicious object
suspicious object
suspicious object