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£1.4bn to be spent on Northern Ireland infrastructure projects, Feb 3rd
£10,000 of diesel stolen from Crawfordsburn filling station
£100,000 'found in dissident republican house' says IMC
£100,000 panel to decide on Northern Ireland MLA's pay
£100,000 seized in fraud probe, September 25th
£12,000 for victims was a mistake, says [Lord Robin] Eames, July 11th
£120,000 spent on Strabane courthouse which could close
£145k bill due to metal thefts at Translink and NI Water
£15m land deal scuppered, Paisley, July 17th
£1k raised for Oscar Knox stolen in Omagh
£1m worth of drugs seized by police in Northern Ireland
£20m 'pledge for Irish language'
£20m gratuity scheme for police part-time reserve announced
£26.5m bank trial hears 999 call, Sept 18th
£26m bank robbery trial collapses, Oct 9th
£26m bank trial shown CCTV images, Sept 10th
£26m drop in turnover for Henry Brothers of Magherafelt
£2m drugs found in Northern Ireland and England
£30 added to electric bill by broken power line
£300 a year worse off: what VAT move will mean for households in NI, December 31st
£300m 'swiped from NI to sort Treasury', [Finance Minister Sammy] Wilson says
£30k of cocaine seized in house raids in Limavady
£370m cash cuts 'by Christmas', September 22nd
£4.5m lottery win for Ulster punter, August 3rd
£4000 payout for drinker over beer garden racism, June 7th
£45m cigarettes haul was first of five planned runs in audacious smuggling scheme, Oct 29th
£500m Belfast rebirth is planned, Feb 26th
£580m investment 'sustains 3,000 jobs' - Peter Robinson
£64m needed to fight swine flu, October 13th
'Paedophile' Facebook page monitored by police
'Panthers', 'leopards' and 'pumas' spotted in fields throughout Ulster, June 20th
'Parnellism and Labour' by James Connolly, 1898
'Policy of delay' on Finucane probe
Pádraig Flynn resigns from Fianna Fáil
Pádraig Sairséal
Pól Brennan was deported from America
PIRA Bombing campaign and Hunger Strikes: Ulster Troubles Part 23
PIRA Bombing campaign: Irish History Part 18
PM Gordon Brown leaves NI without justice deal
PM and Taoiseach meet in London
PM finance meeting 'very useful', Nov 19th
PM hails 'historic' Northern Ireland justice vote
PM orders review of Omagh tapes - BBC
PM orders review of Omagh tapes, Sept 17th
PM talks to avert Stormont crisis, June 2nd
PM to meet Omagh bomb relatives - BBC
PM welcomes statement from IRA, July 2005
PMs [Cowen and Brown] want to see early devolution, December 17th
PMs attend NI investment event, May 8th
PPS to consider [Robert] Hamill decision
PPS to examine UVF supergrass 'deal' in Belfast
PRSI debate, May 1982
PSNI 'vindictive' over Brian Campbell visa issue - SF
PSNI 50/50 recruitment policy ends
PSNI accused of 'naked sectarian policing', July 2nd
PSNI and gardai in £2m cannabis sting
PSNI at scene of security alert at Fathom Line, Newry
PSNI attacked by crowd
PSNI budget 'right down to the wire', September 3rd
PSNI chief Matt Baggott confident of work 'with friends in Catholic church'
PSNI chief issues 'attacks' warning
PSNI complaints rise by a third
PSNI concern over El Divino nightclub at 'volatile' interface
PSNI criticised over Rasharkin parade route change
PSNI get extra £200m to fight dissident terror threat
PSNI gun left in north Belfast house after raid
PSNI in Belfast release loyalist terror suspect
PSNI in Iris Robinson council searches
PSNI investigate 10 rapes a week
PSNI investigate Portstewart nightclub death, December 13th
PSNI kept body parts in 67 unexplained deaths cases
PSNI legal bid for Boston College IRA tapes 'not way to truth'
PSNI lists 'passed to prisoners' in Maghaberry
PSNI offer Land Rover help over London riots
PSNI officer suspended over drugs allegations
PSNI officers attacked by crowd in west Belfast
PSNI officers suspended in racist and sectarian text messages inquiry
PSNI planning three base closures, May 15th
PSNI probe if two suspicious fires in Armagh are linked
PSNI receive freedom of borough
PSNI rescue 15 sex workers after blitz on brothels
PSNI review Derry sectarian attack investigation
PSNI says hundreds walked past Belfast bomb
PSNI seek £200m from Government for dissident threat
PSNI seek help over farmer murder, Oct 25th
PSNI shoot suspect with tasar, Nov 29th
PSNI spent £4m on supergrass case
PSNI stall on 'shoot-to-kill' files, November 10th
PSNI step up dissident crackdown, September 19th
PSNI take Shankill kidnap attempt 'seriously'
PSNI to close 34 police stations in cost-cutting drive
PSNI to swoop on crime gangs, Feb 19th
PSNI's past crime unit in crash crisis, Nov 15th
PUP 'wants Loyalist weapons move', May 24th
PUP leader Dawn Purvis quits after Bobby Moffett murder
Pacts hold firm in mayoral elections, June 16th
Paddy Power to create 600 jobs in Dublin
Paddy Power's first North American deal
Paddy Whacked a History
Padraig Pearse
Padraig Wilson
Paint attack on church condemned
Pair charged with Christopher Mackin murder in Belfast
Pair guilty of homophobic murder
Pair jailed over bid to swindle 94-year-old grandmother, Feb 14th
Pair rescued from sea at Portrush
Paisley 'family brand not hurt', Feb 21st
Paisley Jr 'wants to go to jail', June 29th
Paisley Jr ordered to reveal source of face jail in Maze prison murder inquiry, April 3rd
Paisley Junior admits he made a mistake, Jan 16th
Paisley Junior back on policing body, Feb 29th
Paisley Junior resigns as minister, Feb 18th
Paisley [Jr] ordered to attend court, June 10th
Paisley and Adams agree deal, 26th March 2007,,2043078,00.html
Paisley and Ahern visit 1690 site, 11th May 2007
Paisley and McGuinness mark new era, 8th May 2007,,2075038,00.html
Paisley and the 'Ulster Declaration',9171,949078,00.htm
Paisley backs 'Crown reunification'
Paisley biopic hits cash crunch, June 22nd
Paisley blocks power transfer, March 2nd
Paisley calls IRA move a 'hollow gesture', July 2005
Paisley cleared over holiday home, June 12th
Paisley defends lethal force call, August 20th
Paisley exits with a call to wind up IRA Army Council, June 1st
Paisley in St Patrick's Day call, March 15th
Paisley says National Trust north coast golf resort challenge 'a disgrace'
Paisley says it's now or never for IRA after Number 10 meeting, November 2004,,2-1381647,00.html
Paisley says no for the last time - to the Belfast Telegraph, May 30th
Paisley to bow out of politics after pressure from party, Feb 21st
Paisley to quit as First Minister and DUP leader, March 5th
Paisley to quit as First Minister, March 4th
Paisley to step down as NI First Minister, March 4th
Paisley under fresh pressure over Causeway plan, Jan 16th
Paisley under fresh pressure over Causeway plan, Jan 16th
Paisley's departure leaves the clever modernisers in charge, March 6th
Paisley's enemies, old and new, give their verdict, March 5th
Palladius, First Bishop of the Christians in Ireland
Panel gives MLAs 11% pay increase
Pangur Ban, the monk's cat
Panorama - Who bombed Omagh? - BBC
Panorama's response to Omagh intelligence review - BBC
Papal Nuncio recalled to Rome for Cloyne talks
Papal nuncio should be expelled - Chairman of the Fine Gael parliamentary party Charlie [Flanagan]
Paper publishes list of boys burnt out of orphanage in 1922
Parade casts long dark shadow, Nov 2nd
Parade deal will save power-sharing in Northern Ireland, say unionists, December 30th
Parade fears grow as Sinn Fein bring in 1,500 extra protesters, Nov 1st
Parade marks soldiers' homecoming, October 3rd
Parade will not pass murder area, May 27th
Parades 'must not be exploited', April 19th
Parades Commission rules on Ulster Covenant Orange Order parade
Paraic Casey dies attempting to swim English Channel
Paralympic flame lit at Slieve Donard in NI
Paralympics 2012: Jason Smyth clinches T13 200m gold medal
Paralympics row erupts as Irish athlete gets 'red card', Sept 12th
Paramilitaries or common criminals?,,1378546,00.html
Paramilitary plot pair remanded, July 26th
Parcel 'recycled' after post drop, December 24th
Parcel bomb accused 'learned about hoax devices by watching A-Team'
Parent power is the best weapon against raising class sizes, say teachers, Oct 28th
Parents backing for joint faith schools, Sept 8th
Parents found dead in fire 'were shot', April 26th
Parents had to take tot's body on five hour bus trip, December 3rd
Parents have to wait till 2013 for extra leave
Parents of Christopher McKee pay tribute to their son
Parents of severely brain-damaged child face €500,000 legal bill over failed court action
Parents of suicide teen say their son needed more help
Parents warned after Meath abduction attempts
Parking fines to increase by 50% in Northern Ireland
Parks Canada
Parliament of Ireland
Parliamentarians in Omagh appeal, Oct 20th
Parnell and the Land League
Parnell and the Land League
Parnell in Steyning
Parnell resigns
Parnell, Charles Stewart
Parnellism as Politics
Part of man's ear bitten off in Newry attack
Part-time RIR soldiers win test case, October 30th
Particulars of Some Irish Settlers in Pennyslyvania
Parties in North begin posturing for EU election, May 2nd
Parties launch General Election campaigns
Parties need to move positions says Ahern, November 200
Parting gift for Martin's mate [Paisley], June 6th
Partners tired of 'difficult' Irish says Eurocrat, Oct 23rd
Party distances itself from Maginnis comments on gay marriage
Passenger plane makes emergency landing at Belfast airport
Passengers onboard with Belfast bus route signs in Irish
Passer-by stops elderly man from being robbed at ATM in Galway
Passport staff join strike action, July 18th
Pat Finucane Centre
Pat Finucane murder probe moves a step closer
Pat Finucane's family to challenge David Cameron decision
Pat Finucane, lawyer killed by Loyalists
Pat Finucane: a controversial killing
Pat Flannery's Irish History: land rights, university admittance, Maynooth, Trinity, learning Irish
Pat Sheehan chosen to succeed Gerry Adams at Stormont
Pat [Kenny] bids farewell to the Late Late with a little help from his friends, May 30th
Paterson: Kerr terrorists will not destabilise peace
Patient awaits test for rabies, Dec 14th
Patient dies after listeria outbreak at Antrim and Causeway hospitals
Patrick Connolly, Attorney General
Patrick Magee
Patrick Magee, IRA bomber
Patrick Mayhew, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1992 - 1997
Patrick Pearse
Patrick Pearse
Patrick Pearse
Patrick Pearse
Patrick Pearse
Patrick Pearse's oration at the funeral of O'Donovan Rossa
Patrick Pearse's speech: bloodshed is a cleasing and sanctifying thing
Patrick Sarsfield,_1st_Earl_of_Lucan
Patrick Sarsfield
Patten police redundancy bill hits £500m
Paul Anthony John McCaugherty
Paul Cardinal Cullen
Paul Cullen
Paul Cullen
Pavee Point wants solution after 'sulky race' held on Cork road
Pay agreement now with unions, employers, Sept 17th
Pay claims expected after talks fail, August 2nd
PayPal to create 1,000 jobs in Dundalk
Payout for an attack [on Alex Maskey] that never was, Oct 26th
Payout to Shankill bomb mastermind
Peace process under attack, March 12th
Peace talks wobble after Unionist outburst, Sept 1998
Peadar Heffron
Pearse Jordan inquest jury fails to agree on key aspects of IRA man's killing
Pedestrian killed in Limerick crash
Peel and Ireland: 1841 - 46
Peel's Relief Programme to July 1846
Peep O' Day Boys
Peep O'Day Boys and Defenders
Pelagius and Pelagianism
Pellew Blockading Brest in 1796
Penal  Laws
Penal  Laws in Ireland
Penal Laws
Penal Laws
Penal Laws
Penal Laws
Penal Laws (Ireland)
Penal Laws (Wikipedia)
Penal Laws (in England, Scotland, Ireland and the English colonies)
Penal laws
Pension age for women rising to 65 by 2018
Pension fund levy to pay for jobs initiative
Pension qualification age to be 68 by 2028
Pensioner 'on spending spree hunted by kidnap gang'
Pensioner [Anne Barbour] died of suffocation, November 26th
Pensioner assaulted in Dromore home
Pensioner cyclist hurt in Lurgan attack
Pensioner death now murder probe, April 12th
Pensioner dies after Newry road accident
Pensioner dies after attack in Lisburn
Pensioner gets hate mail over Mass boycott
Pensioner hit in head with pellet outside Mater Hospital
Pensioner offers life savings to catch son [Mark Christie's] killers, August 20th
Pensioners 'badly shaken' after burglary in Belfast
Pensioners march on Stormont, Nov 17th
Pensioners seek move after rioting, April 7th
People appeal after Randalstown kidnap victim released
People in 18th Century Waterford;jsessionid=3FA8DC55A37DCEE9D3C4BE2265C11E3B
People's Democracy
People's War
People, Places and Provinces
Persecution and Protection of Jews (Wikipedia)
Persecution of Presbyterians
Perseid meteor shower to offer stargazers a cosmic treat
Personal account of the Ballygawley bus bombing, 1988
Personal perspective
Pervert Ulster brothers told to go into hospital
Pet store worker in record multi-million deal with HSE
Pete Hain warned his computer 'may have been hacked'
Peter Brooke, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1989 - 1992
Peter Darragh Quinn photographed at GAA match
Peter Darragh Quinn, Seán Quinn Jnr sentenced to three months jail over contempt
Peter Hain announces the outcome of a review of public administration, March 2005
Peter Hain says end of contempt case 'victory for free speech'
Peter Hain, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Peter Hain: Hard questions for Paisley and McGuinness, 9th May 2007
Peter Maloney admits killing Victor Stewart in County Armagh
Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1999 - 2001
Peter Robinson 'struggling to sell policing deal to DUP'
Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness did not meet Pope
Peter Robinson back at work after revelations
Peter Robinson condemns Ronan Kerr murder claim
Peter Robinson criticises Mary Travers' killers Stormont job
Peter Robinson in £80,000 hand-out to gay groups, August 28th
Peter Robinson loses East Belfast seat to Long in election
Peter Robinson says no need for opposition referendum
Peter Robinson seeks Irish government apology
Peter Robinson set to replace Paisley as DUP leader, March 5th
Peter Robinson steps aside as NI First Minister [for six weeks]
Peter Robinson tells party East Belfast is key target
Peter Robinson threatens to resign over Northern Ireland prison row
Peter Robinson visits murderer Mark Kincaid in prison
Peter Robinson warns NI justice deal must be honoured
Petition to have the 'hunger martyrs' recognised by the Vatican
Petrol Rationing Debate, 1956
Petrol and food bills slashed, Jan 7th
Petrol bomb arsenal seized, March 25th
Petrol bomb arsenal seized, March 25th
Petrol bomb attack in Enniskillen
Petrol bomb attack on Orange Hall, April 11th
Petrol bomb attack on Orange hall, July 14th
Petrol bombings forcing us to leave say family
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs
Petrol bombs and paint thrown at police in west Belfast
Petrol bombs thrown at flats in north Belfast
Petrol bombs thrown at police after Apprentice Boys' parade
Petrol bombs thrown at police in Ardoyne
Petrol bombs thrown during Ballybeen estate trouble
Petrol station seized from McGleenan brothers by SOCA
Petty's Down Survey Barony Maps (1658/9) and Hiberniae Delineatio County Map (1685)
Pfizer announces 177 job losses in Co Cork
Pfizer to cut up to 785 jobs in Ireland
Pharmacy dispute to impact on elderly, July 31st
Phase-out of PSNI reserve officers may be delayed
Phased reopening of Irish and UK airspace
Phelim O'Neill
Phelim Roe O'Neill
Phil Hogan defends 'low' Household Charge
Philip Doyle guilty of killing fiancée Leona Murphy's baby
Philip Doyle jailed for 11 years for baby's manslaughter
Philip III of Spain
Phoebe Prince case
Phoebe [Prince's] father calls on bullies to say sorry for torment
Phoenix Park Murders
Phone logs linked to bombing - BBC
Photo of woman found in Phoenix Park issued, August 7th
Photograph of the ruins of O'Connell Street, Sept 1922
Photograph taken from Stormont shortly after it was built in 1932
Photos from World War Two Ireland
Pictured: Spectacular Titanic show lights up Belfast sky
Pictures from the Sinn Féin 1916 Commemoration in 2006
Pig herd catches human swine flu, September 18th
Pig processors demand government help, Dec 8th
Pilot dies as plane plunges into field, May 12th
Pilot who landed on car park roof banned, Nov 25th
Pipe bomb and gun found during Belfast security alert
Pipe bomb explodes at Dublin house
Pipe bomb explodes on city street, Nov 13th
Pipe bomb explodes outside house in Londonderry
Pipe bomb explodes under car in Dublin, April 26th
Pipe bomb found at Homebase store
Pipe bomb found in Tyrone village, Nov 15th
Pipe bomb left at PUP man's home in Antrim
Pipe bomb may have been thrown at police in west Belfast
Pipe bombs and other items found in Portglenone forest
Pipe bombs defused on city street, Feb 10th
Pipe-bomb found in street alert, September 17th
Pipebomb 'left outside head shop'
Pipebomb found at Homebase, Newtownabbey store
Pirates and Privateers
Pistols and drugs seized in hotel, Sept 2nd
Plan W: British planning concerning Ireland
Plan W: The British Assessment
Plan means people 'can adjust own lives', claims Taoiseach
Plan to set up dynamic link with diaspora, September 21st
Plandáil Uladh
Plane crash inquiry due to begin, Oct 27th
Plane diverts after smoke alert, August 1st
Plane grounded after emergency landing
Plane returns after 'tail strike', Sept 11th
Plans and implementation
Plans for East Belfast regeneration, Feb 25th
Plans for military parade in Belfast are halted, March 16th
Plans to cut 9,000 staff from health service
Plans to stop cigarette displays, Feb 4th
Plantation of Ulster as part of the history of Derry
Plaque marks Frongoch internment camp
Players and supporters in brawl during Dungannon Swifts/Linfield game
Plea to enterprise chiefs as call centre closes
Plea to regulator amid Quinn Insurance job fears
Poblacht na hÉireann
Poblacht na hÉireann (1919)
Points increase for many third-level courses
Poland flags burned on bonfires across Belfast on 11 July
Polar bear ancestors came from Ireland
Police 'consider Omagh retrial' - BBC
Police 'foil dissident plot to kill Ian Paisley Jr', October 13th
Police 'frustrated' by bomb alerts across NI
Police 'must account for Omagh actions' - BBC
Police 'stood by' as [Kevin McDaid] murdered, May 26th
Police District Policing Partnership disruption [by republicans] 'juvenile', July 31st
Police Ombudsman investigation into UVF collusion claims
Police and Catholic schools in bid to break down barriers
Police and republicans launch claims over Castlereagh raid, August 19th
Police apology to Derry mayor Kevin Campbell for raid
Police appeal over paramilitary shooting
Police arrest anti-war protesters, Jan 12th
Police attacked at Orange march protest in Ardoyne
Police attacked by rocket granade, August 17th
Police attacked during disturbances in Londonderry
Police attacked during west Belfast riot
Police attacked while dealing with Lurgan bomb hoaxes
Police attacked with fireworks in Markets
Police attacked with petrol bombs in west Belfast
Police aware of identities of Paul McCauley attackers
Police believe Keady fire and bomb alert linked
Police believe fatal fire 'was started deliberately'
Police believed to be the targets of NI bomb, Sept 15th
Police blame 'cowardly element' for County Armagh bomb
Police blame loyalists for Belfast parade trouble
Police board calls in independent experts to re-examine Omagh bombing evidence - Guardian
Police called to trouble at Children's Hospital Belfast
Police check neo-Nazi link to Belfast attack, April 2nd
Police chief meets with Omagh families - BBC
Police chief urges action as violence flares in Belfast
Police could not stop (Greysteel) massacre
Police critical of Omagh draft report - BBC
Police cuts 'hit dissident fight', September 24th
Police deny bank robbery botch, December 2004
Police discuss dissident threat, March 12th
Police dog saves pensioner's life, August 19th
Police end Afghans' protest, May 2006
Police fired at 'machete robber' in Portadown
Police fired on at railway alert
Police have been attacked during a hoax alert in Craigavon
Police helicopter injured airlifted from Mournes
Police hung gang over armed raids in Belfast
Police hunt Loyalists after bomb death, November 2001
Police hunt for 'Real IRA' gunmen, March 9th
Police hunt for boys' bodies at Belfast nature reserve, Feb 24th
Police hurt by golf club attacker
Police in Dublin seize '1m euro' of cocaine
Police in Northern Ireland consider using mini-drones
Police ineffective over Orange Hall attacks, Jan 2nd
Police inquiry into Iris Robinson programme claims
Police investigate Belfast baby girl's sudden death
Police investigate Real IRA rally at Derry cemetery
Police link UVF to Moffett murder
Police officer 'critical' after customs operation
Police officer attacked by gang
Police officer killed in shooting, March 10th
Police officers injured in North Belfast riots, July 2001
Police officers rescue woman from fire at flat in Ballymena
Police officers resign after failed drugs tests
Police officers tell court of warning calls confusion before Omagh bomb carnage - Guardian
Police officers tell court of warning calls confusion before Omagh bomb carnage, April 9th
Police ombudsman is to quit job earlier than planned
Police ombudsman report confirms police collusion with Loyalists, January 2007
Police probe Armagh woman's death, Oct 7th
Police probe over Iris Robinson's gay remarks, Dec 3rd
Police quiz seven over 'IRA cash', February 2005
Police race to stop Real IRA bomb, March 12th
Police re-examine case of man [Sean Hoey] cleared of Omagh bombing, June 11th
Police recover body of Fermanagh teenager Daniel Mohan
Police rescue six women in trafficking raids, May 28th
Police say Dungannon stab death was murder
Police say children had a lucky escape in Derry blast
Police say dissidents behind photographer shooting
Police says IRA behind bank raid, January 2005
Police search Policing Board office and chairman's home
Police search [Policing Board Chairman] Barry Gilligan's offices
Police seize Northern Bank notes, February 2005
Police seize cannabis worth £250k in Ballymoney
Police seize cannabis worth £75K
Police shut down a £500K cannabis factory in Bangor
Police smash IRA spy ring, October 2002
Police target dissident republicans on both sides of Irish border
Police team to probe priest abuse of children
Police tip-off allegations cloud Kevin McDaid's funeral, June 1st
Police to suspend controversial stop and search powers
Police treat Newtownards fire as 'suspicious'
Police treat woman's body find as 'suspicious'
Police use CS spray to control trouble in Ballycastle
Police waging war on 180 crime gangs
Police warn Derry vigilantes will kill
Police warn over firebomb attacks, Jan 31st
Police warned retailers
Police were attacked
Police widow 'disgust' at killers
Policeman 'protected' IRA killer, April 15th
Policeman injured in Randalstown bomb critically ill
Policeman killed in Omagh car bomb attack
Policemen killed 'on way to help', Nov 23rd
Policemen refused to testify at Omagh bomb trial - Belfast Telegraph
Policing Ardoyne riots cost £1.1m
Policing and justice progress made - McGuinness
Policing and justice talks
Policing powers to be devolved to Stormont, Nov 18th
Polish angler dies after Bundoran sea incident
Polish to be taught to pupils aged four in Northern Ireland, July 17th
Political fallout after Omagh revelations - BBC
Political gender quota legislation planned
Political talks resume at Weston Park, July 2001
Politicians accused of insulting victims of crime, July 7th
Politicians condemn Olympic torch trouble in Londonderry
Politicians hit out after Ardoyne mortar bomb find
Politicians react to Omagh 'riposte' - BBC
Politics and Administration in Ireland, 1170 - 1815
Politics and Administration in Ireland, 1715 - 1770
Politics and Administration in Ireland: 1770 - 1815
Politics and Irish Life, 1913 - 1921,M1
Poll - 80% of public want bail-out renegotiated
Poll shows big rise in support for fiscal treaty Yes vote
Poll shows jump in support for Fianna Fáil
Poll shows rise in support for Fianna Fáil
Poll shows shift in support for Lisbon, Feb 15th
Poll: Cowen's popularity hits new low, August 31st
Poll: Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness is Northern Ireland's top minister, November 30th
Polling closes in Presidential election
Polls show Fine Gael popularity surge, May 14th
Pony forced onto ice and left to drown
Pool lifeguard was texting while boy drowned, October 14th
Poor Law Unions in Ireland
Pope Adrian IV
Pope Benedict apologises for Irish priests' sexual abuse
Pope John XXIII
Pope John XXIII: 1958 - 63
Pope accepts resignation of Bishop of Cloyne
Pope beatifies UCD founder as UK visit ends
Pope calls all Irish bishops to meeting about child abuse
Pope calls for peace in Ireland: 29th Sept 1979
Pope condemns bishops over abuse
Pope hails Irish role in Europe, June 12th
Pope meets Irish bishops on child abuse scandal
Pope poised to step in as abuse fund rift widens, May 26th
Pope shares 'outrage, betrayal and shame', December 11th
Pope writes letter on Irish paedophile priests
Pope's student Father Vincent Twomey condemns bishops, December 13th
Popular Anti-Catholicism in Mid-Victorian England
Popular blogger [Roisin Burke] dies during dream holiday to Bali
Population decline during the famine
Population statistics
Portadown Bridge Massacre
Portadown Bridge Massacre
Portadown FC says it warned police of Glentoran match threat
Portadown disorder man is charged
Portadown rider Wayne Hamilton dies at Manx Grand Prix
Portadown violence - three arrested in overnight riots
Portrait of Silken Thomas
Portsmouth Irish Society
Post 11-plus plan 'gains support', Nov 29th
Post mistress and son shot
Post mortem on 11-year-old Offaly girl inconclusive
Post mortem on body found in Carlow, July 17th
Post mortem on body found off Dublin coast
Post mortem on body of woman discovered in Dundalk house
Post mortem reveals [Lithuanian] man was murdered [in Dublin], June 27th
Post office raid foiled in latest tiger kidnapping
Post shows boost for FF, government, May 16th
Post traumatic stress disorder worst in Northern Ireland
Post-famine Protestantism
Postcards from Sinn Fein Rebellion / Revolt
Postcards from around Ireland in the early twentieth century
Posters banned for visit of Queen
Postmistress sacked for armed robbery security failings
Potato Blight
Potato Blight
Potato famine blight DNA decoded
Poundland u-turn over poppy after complaint from Lisburn employee
Power cuts after fire at electricty substation in Galliagh
Power-sharing flawed, TUV, Nov 8th
Powerscourt owner critical, one dead, after plane crash
Poyning's Law
Poyning's Law - full text
Poyning's Law: 1485 - 1494
Príosún Cill Mhaighneann
Praise for [Loyalist] paramilitary leaders, April 5th
Prayers for Kathy Dinsmore and Marian Graham in Turkey
Prayers for student Natasha McShane left critical after Chicago attack
Prayers, wreath-laying and flypast for Rising anniversary, April 13th
Pre-Christian Ireland
Pre-Christian Ireland: from the first settlers to the Early Celts
Pre-Famine agriculture
Pre-Famine economics and Poverty
Pre-Reformation Church Music in Ireland
Pre-Viking burial site unearthed by EirGrid dig for underground power lines
Pregnant woman among Monaghan crash dead
Prehistoric Ireland
Prehistoric Ireland
Prehistoric Ireland: Ancient Sites in Ireland
Premises hit in sectarian attacks, August 16th
Presbyterian Mutual Society savers 'feel forgotten'
Presbyterian minister calls McGuinness 'great leader' Stephen Carroll murder: three in court
Presbyterian minister calls McGuinness 'great leader'
Presbyterians in Ireland
Prescription fees abolished in NI
President George Bush meets Prime Minister Tony Blair in Northern Ireland, April 2003
President Higgins attends remembrance event
President Higgins praises Irish in Britain
President McAleese hits out at dissident 'wreckers'
President McAleese sworn in for a second term, November 2004
President McAleese to lead Irish Rising commemoration, March 23rd
President Michael D Higgins attends 96th anniversary of 1916 Easter Rising at GPO
President Obama congratulates Robinson, McGuinness
President [Mary McAleese] commemorates Famine in New York
President [McAleese] visits centre near peace line [in Belfast], Jan 27th
President appoints three from old college to Council of State
President invites [Russian President] Medvedev to Ireland
President meets British Queen in Belfast, March 19th
President mindful of the past and future, Feb 26th
President offers support to [parents of liver transplant recipient Meadhbh McGivern]
President opens famine exhibition in New York
President signs controversial bills [Defamation and Criminal Justice] into law, July 23rd
President welcomes Prince Albert [of Monaco] to Ireland
Presidential apology has victims [of abuse] weeping with joy, June 29th
Presidential candidates in first debate
Presidential election, 2004,_2004
Presidential election, December 1983,_1983
Press Ombudsman John Horgan says RTÉ must concentrate on fair and reasonable reporting
Pressure on Cowen as millions go to waste, Sept 23rd
Pressure on Cowen to keep treaty alive, June 16th
Price controls could be re-introduced, Feb 1st
Price of diesel could rise to £1.80 a litre, June 9th
Price of diesel could rise to £1.80 a litre, June 9th
Pride in heart of Cowen country, May 11th
Pride marchers mock anti-gay MP, August 3rd
Priest [Father Joseph Quinn] paid alleged abuse victim
Priest [Paddy O'Kane] to meet dissident republicans' families
Priest quits over handling of abuse
Priest takes leave after indecent pictures accidentally shown in public
Priest's kidnappers release video, October 31st
Priests pray for sun as deluge brings farmers to their knees, September 3rd
Prime suspect denies ambassador's murder
Prince Charles tours RUC memorial garden
Prince Charles' Glastonbury meeting with veteran republican [Danny Morrison]
Prince Rainier and Princess Grace in Dublin (1961)
Prince of Wales given Irish prayer book gift in Belfast
Principal of failing NI school at Crumlin removed
Principals back selection tests, Oct 21st
Priory Hall departments to be evacuated
Priory Hall developer denies involvement
Priory Hall residents march to mark one year since they were forced to leave their homes over fire safety concerns
Priory of St. Dominic, Athy, Co. Kildare
Prison Service to incentivise payments to inmates
Prison bosses slammed in report over John Deery death
Prison governor [of Maghaberry] quits after five months, December 6th
Prison population at all-time high - Shatter
Prison population increased in '08, August 14th
Prison van gets stuck under Offaly bridge
Prisoner escapes while attending hospital
Private Members' Bill on X-case abortion legislation defeated
Private Responses to Famine
Private sector pay now 44% behind
Prize Bonds introduced (1956)
Probe after 100lb bomb is defused, Sept 15th
Probe after man stabbed to death outside his home [in Tipperary]
Probe as Mulhall photographed with knife, August 22nd
Probe begins in fatal farm fire [at Kilkenny], Dec 26th
Probe call into republican event, August 20th
Probe into Irish binge drinking, Jan 9th
Probe into Mountjoy stand-off begins, July 13th
Probe into fatal border shooting, Feb 13th
Probe starts on Quinn's 288m Euro loan, Oct 26th
Proclamation of King James II and VII, September 28, 1688
Proclamation of the Irish Republic
Profile: The Orange Order
Profits to fall by 35% at Bank of Ireland
Programme for government to be reviewed after elections, says Cowen, May 19th
Progress made in teacher strike, Oct 15th
Progress reported in pay talks
Progressive Democrats
Proinsias De Rossa's son found not guilty by reason of insanity
Proinsias Mac Aodhagáin
Propaganda in Ireland in 1920/1921 - the origin of 'fake news'
Property has its duties as well as its rights
Property prices fall again in Dublin, nationally
Proposal to reduce privilege days [for civil servants] rejected
Protest at HSE plans to shut down Loughloe House
Protest held over community nursing home closure in Abbeyleix
Protest held over racist attacks, June 20th
Protest in Ballyclare after police remove flags
Protest outside defence firm ends, Jan 9th
Protest over Dublin Bus cuts
Protest over EU motorbike regulations
Protestant Revivalism
Protestant leader vows to resign  unless IRA disarms, July 2001
Protestant men jailed during internment suing government
Protestant schools under threat in Donegal
Protestant teacher wins discrimination case in the Republic of Ireland
Protestant victim to address Sinn Féin, Feb 3rd
Protestant youth gunned down by Loyalists, July 2001
Protestants and the Irish Language: Historical Heritage and Current Attitudes in Northern Ireland
Protestants outraged over school budget 'discrimination', September 2nd
Protesters at 'gay cure' event
Protesters call for Lord Mayor Niall O Donnghaile's resignation
Protesters invade Anglo-Irish HQ
Protesters march through capital
Protestors mark minimum wage 'day of shame'
Protestors resume school dispute, November 2001
Protestors struggle with police at Irish parliament
Protests disrupt launch of Northern Ireland Troubles payout proposals, Jan 28th
Protests over dissident murders, March 11th
Proto-heraldry in Early Christian Ireland
Province Leinster
Province Munster
Provisional IRA
Provisional IRA defectors behind new Ulster violence, Sept 1st
Provisional IRA's history of violence
Provo 'businessmen' fronted property drive
Provos pledge revenge as INLA rule the roost in Dublin jail, Oct 18th
Pseudomonas found in more hospital taps
Pseudomonas outbreak review criticises health officials
Public No to Nama 'bail-out for banks', August 2nd
Public Prosecution Service seeks advice on how to respond to Saville Inquiry
Public Safety Act, 1927
Public anger at TV3 intrusion into [Finance Minister] Lenihan's serious illness, December 28th
Public finances see further sharp downturn, Dec 2nd
Public sector bill must come down - Cowen, November 14th
Public sector may face more pay cuts
Public sector pay increments 'should be deferred' - Leo Varadkar
Public sector workers to pay extra 3.2% into pensions
Public servants to get 20pc tax on pensions of €100,000
Public service pay cuts will be considered, Jan 19th
Public service pay talks break down, December 4th
Public urged to get swine flu vaccine, September 8th
Publican charged over pub closure threat
Punch attacks Daniel O'Connell
Punch magazine anti-Irish cartoon: Fenians
Punch magazine anti-Irish cartoon: Young Ireland
Punch magazine's response to events in Ireland, 1916
Punish State with 'No', [Socialist MEP Joe] Higgins urges, September 8th
Punish bad art with the same ferocity as bad behaviour, Sept 27th
Pupil sit AQE exams for grammar schools
Pupils await transfer test results
Pupils in limbo over school row, Oct 18th
Pupils sit the final 11-plus test, Nov 21st
Pure debacle in Paris [rugby]
Puritanism in Ireland and Wales
PwC Economic Outlook finds NI lost 11,000 jobs in two years
[PUP] MLA calls for city runway inquiry, Feb 7th
[Pamela] Izevbekhai admission a concern - Lenihan, March 29th
[Patricia] McKenna to leave Green Party, May 6th
[Peter] O'Toole cements his reputation as one of Hollywood's greats
[Peter] Robinson bought 'key land' for £5
[Peter] Robinson defends £30,000 food claim, May 15th
[Peter] Robinson shakes hands with [Martin] McGuinness for the first time
[Peter] Robinson's 'silence' on Cardinal's death sparks backlash
[Pork], beef and milk safe to consume, Dec 9th
[President Mary McAleese takes a pay cut], November 6th
[President Mary] McAleese abuse prosecution call, May 28th
[President of European Commission Barraso] praises Irish performance
[Prisoner] allowed to die while officers drank tea, Jan 9th
[Professor Patrick] Prendergast elected as Trinity Collect provost
[Public sector] pay deal not finalised, says Cowen, December 2nd
paid tribute
paint bombs
paramilitary style incident
paramilitary-style assault.
paramilitary-style attack.
paramilitary-style funeral
paramilitary-style shooting
parcel bombs
partially exploded
passed its final stage
passed off peacefully
pay the court costs
paying travellers
peace bridge
peace rally
peace vigil
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb
petrol bomb attack
petrol bomb attack
petrol bombed
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
petrol bombs
picket shops and schools
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb
pipe bomb attack
pipe bombs
playing the Orange card
police raid
police raid
police raided
police report
positive atmosphere
possessing explosives
possessing explosives
possessing guns
praised loyalist leaders
prayed for dissidents
pro-paramilitary graffiti
progress had been made
protest rally
public statement
pulled out
punishment attack
punishment attacks
punishment shooting
punishment shooting
punishment shooting
punishment shooting