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'De Valera was a British spy' claim, October 26th
'Deliberate deception' says judge - BBC
'Devices left along [Whiterock] parade route', June 27th
'Disappeared' body search fails, July 22nd
'Disappeared' man Charlie Armstrong's funeral held
Dáil Éireann debate November 1923: Prisoners on hunger strike
Dáil approves Programme for Government
Dáil approves restructuring of banking sector
Dáil could be cut by 20 seats - [Enda] Kenny, July 24th
Dáil debate on confidence motion, June 9th
Dáil debating Socialist Party abortion X-case bill
Dáil remarks inappropriate, Cowen admits, May 22nd
Dáil suspended in row over Ahern, June 19th
D&B to create 100 jobs in Dublin
Déirde de Búrca 'threatened damage' [to Green Party] over EU role
Dónall Ó Conaill
DAA seeking up to 150 redundancies at Dublin Airport
DAA, Bord Gáis paid €4m in bonuses last year
DARD being moved from Belfast to Ballykelly
DARD budget says 80 jobs will go over next four years
DEL lurching from crisis to crisis, says top academic
DID YA EVER (poem about Dublin in the 1950s)
DIY abortions in fifteen minutes, July 12th
DIY abortions in fifteen minutes, July 12th
DNA test halted after Omagh case - BBC
DNA tests on bank notes may help catch soldiers' killers, March 22nd
DNA tests on remains found in Wicklow
DPP Barra McGrory challenges 'lenient' underage sex sentence
DPP member's car targetted in Newry petrol bomb attack
DSD has no plans to introduce mortgage rescue scheme
DUP 'wants to humiliate IRA', October 2004
DUP 'will listen to ideas' on devolution, September 2004
DUP MLA Ian McCrea's car burnt outside house
DUP MLAs meet at Stormont to discuss deal
DUP Speaker orders colleague out of  Stormont in Gerry Adams IRA row, Feb 9th
DUP and Sinn Féin clash over document's mention of the North, August 29th
DUP and UUP hold secret meetings in England
DUP anger at Gerry Adams' 'Afrikaner' jibe, Nov 14th
DUP anger at [Gerry] Adams' parading comments
DUP candidate's Antrim home targetted by pipe bomb
DUP face problem with partnership, Sept 27th
DUP help to defeat coalition government over EU budget vote
DUP holds talks with UDA and UVF, Sept 5th
DUP impatient over IRA weapons, December 2004
DUP in pledge over power-sharing, November 22nd
DUP is failing to engage: Adams, July 24th
DUP leader rejects McGuinness' Christmas deadline, December 4th
DUP likely to rescue Brown in 42 day vote, June 11th
DUP man urged to withdraw Pope Antichrist remark, October 2nd
DUP man's kneejerk reaction at new hunger-strike film, May 22nd
DUP mayor in Dublin for GAA semi-final
DUP meets Loyalists over weapons, Feb 5th
DUP outrage at paramilitary contact claims, May 23rd
DUP reveals plan to restore devolution, February 2004,,1143064,00.html
DUP says farewell to the chief after 37 year stint, May 30th
DUP seek victim definition change, September 15th
DUP seeks McAleese apology over Queen comments
DUP sees Catholic schools as a threat, claims Sinn Féin
DUP snubs Irish government invite, August 1st
DUP suspension over Adams claims, Nov 4th
DUP terror suspects deal denied, June 8th
DUP to keep Brown waiting over 42-day vote, June 9th
DUP turmoil brings little joy to republican streets of Belfast
DUP vows to keep academic selection
DUP wants devolution of justice, Jan 5th
DUP warning fuels threat to power sharing, August 27th
DUP was rewarded by government for backing 42 days, claims first minister, Dec 31st
DUP will shed most executive MPs, May 22nd
DUP's Bell withdraws 'mouth from south' remark
DUP's Gavin Robinson is new Lord Mayor of Belfast
DUP's Peter Robinson: we must halt Sinn Féin's all-Ireland project
Dad attacked with hammer and knife, court told
Dad falls to death in front of family, November 7th
Dad-of-four dies in horror farm accident
Dail crisis for Cowen as two TDs break ranks, August 6th
Dail passes Criminal Justice Bill by 118 - 23 vote, July 10th
Dail urges Britain to release files on 1974 bombs, July 10th
Dalai Lama urges Irish self-confidence
Dale Farm [in UK] evictions go ahead as Irish travellers bemoan loneliness of empty site
Dalkey Castle
Daltaí na Gaeilge
Damning report reveals grim state of our psychiatric units, April 4th
Dan  Breen
Dana [Rosemary Scallon] seeking nomination for Áras election
Dana denies US passport deception
Dana facing further 'malicious' allegations
Dana in desperate bid to save her presidential campaign
Danes say sorry for Viking raids on Ireland
Dangerous drivers: one in four gets off, May 4th
Daniel Breen: 'Wanted for murder'
Daniel Hegarty's family 'overwhelmed' by inquest findings
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell (1775 - 1847)
Daniel O'Connell - a biography
Daniel O'Connell 1775 - 1847: Politician
Daniel O'Connell and Emancipation
Daniel O'Connell and the Catholic Association
Daniel O'Connell images
Daniel O'Connell's Election Manifesto, 1828
Daniel O'Connell: 1775 - 1847
Danny Morrison, Sinn Fein: who killed Denis Donaldson? April 2006
Dara Éirí Amach i nDeasmumhain
Dark Ages lit by Irish monks' computing skills
Darkley massacre
Darragh McDonald, Jason Smyth and Michael McKillop win gold medals at Paralympic Games in London
Darren Scully resigns as Mayor of Naas
Darren Sutherland 'in a panic' before death
Darrynaflin Chalice discovered, 1980
Data Protection Commissioner records record number of complaints in 2011
Date set for Queen and duke's visit to Ireland
Daughter of GAA manager Mickey Harte dies on honeymoon
David Black funeral: Killers 'bloodthirsty criminals'
David Black murder - Irish police make arrest over prison officer attack
David Black murder: Man, 46, arrested in Lurgan
David Cameron
David Cameron hails Team GB's first Olympics gold medal win
David Cameron's 'cold shoulder' to Northern Ireland provokes leaders' fury
David Cameron's Ulster gamble, July 24th
David Cameron: I'll target Northern Ireland for cutbacks
David Ford
David Ford pledge on effort to catch Devidas Paliutus
David Ford secures justice job
David Lloyd George
David Lloyd George
David Lloyd George
David Lloyd George: Post-War Prime Minister
David McClarty holding back on UUP move
David McNarry expelled by the Ulster Unionist Party
David McNarry suspended by Ulster Unionist Party
David Mills dies from his injuries after Ballynahinch attack
David Norris withdraws from Presidential race
David Norris: my lawyers won't let me release letters
David Trimble begins devolution battle, May 2000
David Trimble lecture
David Trimble on Gaza flotilla inquiry
David Trimble says decommissioning won't be second to devolution, 1999
David Trimble's comments on the Northern Ireland Assembly Bill, May 2003
David Trimble's statement on decommissioning, October 2003
David Trimble, UUP leader
David Trimble, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party
Davies to Salisbury (letter regarding the Flight, 1607)
Days of Hunger
De Valera and broadcasting; De Valera responds to Winston Churchill
De Valera dominated Irish life as a speaker, hero, leader and statesman"
De Valera in America, 1920
De Valera visits Florida
De Valera's betrayal of the women of 1916
De Valera's condolence on the death of Hitler
De Valera's letter of condolence on the death of Kennedy
De Valera's radio broadcast, 16th May 1945
De Valera, neutrality and the notorious visit
Deal Barracks bombing, 1989
Deal brokered to end NI deadlock, Nov 18th
Deal claims as SF man is new mayor, June 3rd
Deal claims as SF man is new mayor, June 3rd
Deal puts pressure on Cowen to shore up banks, Oct 13th
Deal saves British Game stores but Irish jobs lost
Deal sees workers end hunger strike
Dealing with TB in Ireland
Death and funeral of Thomas Ashe
Death of Belfast teen murder, police say, December 6th
Death of Brian Keenan, May 22nd
Death of De Valera, August 1975
Death of Michael Collins
Death of Michael Collins,,126606,00.html
Death of Mo Mowlam, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Death of a Royal
Death of injured man in west Belfast 'suspicious'
Death of man in Londonderry 'was murder'
Death penalty abolished for ordinary murders (1964)
Death threats over McDaid murder, September 1st
Deaths due to disease in Dublin slums
Debate on the Broadcasting Authority Bill, 1959
Debate on the Constitution, 1936
Debate on the Defence Forces Bill, 1932
Debate on the Military Services Pension Bill, 1934
Debate on the assassination of Kevin O'Higgins
Debate on unemployment in Dublin, 1953
Debate on whether Arthur Griffith supported violence
Debt deal stands despite Angela Merkel's remarks - Pat Rabbitte
Decision on Omagh suspect [Liam Campbell] delayed - BBC
Decision to allow Loyalist parade slammed, August 13th
Decision to close schools [over snowfall] welcomed
Decisions due on NI coastline energy projects
Declan O'Loan
Declaration affirms that Ireland is not bound by mutual defence commitment, June 20th
Declassified files from Northern Ireland Troubles placed on-line
Decrease in road deaths during 2011
Dedicated to Lorcán Ua Tuathail
Deep clean of Belfast hospital's neo-natal unit complete
Defence Forces 'not fit for purpose' after cuts, PDFORRA conference hears
Defence Forces to take more active role[in clearing snow and ice from roads]
Defend workers' rights: vote no to Lisbon, May 1st
Defenders (Ireland)
Defending Ireland:  The Irish Free State and Its Enemies Since 1922,M1
Defiant Cowen vows to push on despite opinion shock, June 7th
Defining the Victorian Nation
Delays at Dublin airport to continue as glitch located, July 18th
Delight as bank charges dropped, January 2007
Delivery firm [UPS] cuts 200 jobs, August 22nd
Dell set to cut 1,900 Irish jobs, Jan 8th
Democratic Unionist Party
Demolition of NAMA apartments in Longford
Demotion of Paul Priestly at DRD is 'insufficient'
Denis Donaldson, Sinn Fein member and British informer
Denis Healey, Labour politician
Dentist Colin Howell admits to double murder
Dentist accused of murder faces sex and drug charges, Feb 11th
Depardieu has 'oui' problem on Dublin-bound flight
Department of Education confirms it has stopped claiming [from the European Social Fund] for FÁS [Training and Employment Authority]
Department of Finance figures show nearly €4m paid to former ministers last year
Department of Regional Development discriminated against candidate
Dept 'ignored warning' over religion teaching
Dept [of Education] accused of attack on Protestant schools, October 20th
Dept of  Finance investigates Bank of Ireland bonuses
Derailed talks deal Cowen a crushing blow, August 3rd
Derby Irish Association
Dermot MacMurrough
Dermot MacMurrough
Dermot MacMurrough (Diarmuid mac Murchada)
Derry £56m cancer unit given go-ahead by Poots
Derry 'dissident' trial collapses, Dec 19th
Derry Apprentice Boys parade passes peacefully
Derry City faithful turn out for cup winning homecoming
Derry City of Culture office bomb 'crazy'
Derry Journal
Derry Journal
Derry aid convoy stuck in Libya
Derry airport strike goes ahead, July 11th
Derry attack link to 'organised fight'
Derry attacks 'may be sectarian', Sept 15th
Derry bomb CCTV footage released
Derry bomb attack linked to award
Derry bomb was left under car of PSNI officer's parents
Derry city centre bomb thrown into bank by attackers
Derry city councillors told of 'home help' health cuts
Derry courthouse bomb could have killed say police
Derry death 'may have been tragic accident'
Derry gang assault man and woman
Derry gets its youngest ever mayor
Derry girl caught up in tsunami warning in Thailand
Derry man 'active and prominent member' of RAAD
Derry man Andrew Allen shot dead in Buncrana, Donegal
Derry man in Donegal bus rescue, May 27th
Derry murder 'not sectarian', April 2001
Derry priest at McGuinness rally does not 'endorse' him
Derry priest's shock revelation at mass, November 16th
Derry solicitor Hilary Carmichael is suspended by the Law Society
Derry stabbing victim dies from injuries
Derry wins bid to host the All-Ireland fleadh
Derry woman Dorothy Carlyle beaten and stabbed in South Africa
Derry woman says bogus taxi driver raped her
Derry's 'pride' over first gay parade
Derry's Bloody Sunday (original article from Guardian)
Derry's new 'peace bridge' officially opens on Saturday
Derry, April 20th, 1844
Derry, May 18th, 1844
Derrynaflan Chalice
Desmond O'Malley, founder of the Progressive Democrats
Desperate [Ceann Comhairle John] O'Donaghue has one day to save his job, October 6th
Devastating findings highlighted police failures - Guardian
Developer McKillen takes case against NAMA
Developer McKillen wins case against NAMA
Developer [Brian Gilligan] defends writ decision, September 4th
Developer [Liam Caroll] in crisis as bank sues for €60m, June 23rd
Developer [Paddy McKillen] wins case on NAMA challenge
Developer behind apartments was IRA hunger striker
Developer denies paying Ahern £50,000 land bribe, June 25th
Devenish Island
Device explodes at Limerick house
Device found close to van in Maghera was 'viable'
Device found in north Belfast alert was 'viable'
Devices made safe by army experts, August 12th
Devolution now: the DUP's concept for devolution, February 2004
Devolution of policing and justice needs to happen quickly - McGuinness, July 3rd
Devolution: IRA is no longer a fighting force, monitoring group says, Sept 3rd
Devolution: who stands where on the key issues, November 2006
Devolved policing crucial - Bush, March 17th
Devolved policing powers 'near', May 6th
Dhónaill Uí Bhraoin
Diamond Jubilee: 21-gun salute at Hillsborough
Diarmud Mac Murchada Caomhhánach
Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations
Did Irish monks build this New England chamber circa 700 A. D.?
Did Orange Order Chief's comments breach hate laws?
Did they or didn't they? (January 2005)
Dido criticised for 'IRA song', Dec 9th
Difficult days ahead as living standards set to drop, says Taoiseach, Dec 24th
Digital Marketing Institute says Ireland has 'unemployable' marketing graduates
Digital televion trial deemed a success, July 31st
Dingle Peninsula Tourism
Dinner lady's 'grooming' warning 'takes the biscuit'
Director's car fuels further round of Fás questions from [Enda] Kenny, October 9th
Disability allowance measure 'paused' - Kenny
Disabled Antrim pensioners terrorised in their home
Disagreement over last Bloody Sunday march
Disappeared search: body [believed to have been of 17-year-old Columba McVeigh] exhumed in County Monaghan
Disappointed Omagh families fail to get probe commitment - Belfast Telegraph
Discount retailer to create 300 jobs
Discounted Hotels in Ireland
Discover Ireland
Discover Northern Ireland
Discover the West of Ireland
Discrimination - chronology of important events
Discussions on the P.A.Y.E. scheme, 1959
Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland in 1869
Disgraced Fas chief's €1.4m hike in pension, September 13th
Disney holiday boy (5) drowns in pool, Dec 22nd
Disobeyed orders and a dangerous message (IRA/government links), March 18th
Dispute may have led to Wicklow shooting
Dissident [Colm Murphy] guilty of Omagh bomb plot - BBC
Dissident [Gary Donnelly] cleared of PSNI assault, September 10th
Dissident bombings in Britain are a 'strong possibility', says [Home Secretary Therasa] May
Dissident bombs blamed for collapse of Derry fleadh 2013 bid
Dissident group blamed for murder of Andrew Burns, May 1st
Dissident killings drove us to the brink of war, says loyalist, July 3rd
Dissident link to Dublin shooting investigated
Dissident prisoner concessions highlighted, May 1st
Dissident republican gangs force officers from homes, August 25th
Dissident republican strength claim 'sheer madness'
Dissident republicans arrested in Londonderry
Dissident republicans behind car bomb in Crossmaglen
Dissident republicans blamed for Strand Road, Derry, bombs
Dissident republicans in rocket attack on police in Northern Ireland, August 18th
Dissident republicans planning to bomb UK, April 26th
Dissident republicans remain highly active - IMC report
Dissident republicans target soldier in car bomb in north Belfast
Dissident republicans: threat to peace
Dissident suspects 'had mortar firing tubes'
Dissident talks 'not a betrayal' - Matt Baggott
Dissident threat is high - Orde, June 17th
Dissident threat level increases
Dissident threat level is raised, March 4th
Dissidents 'behind city alert', March 10th
Dissidents 'have little support', June 29th
Dissidents 'helped by mainstream', Oct 6th
Dissidents 'inept but dangerous', Feb 6th
Dissidents 'like London street gangs' - Matt Baggott
Dissidents 'make Bogside ghetto', April 27th
Dissidents 'must condemn attack' [on SF man's home], May 11th
Dissidents 'planning more attacks'
Dissidents 'pose serious threat', May 7th
Dissidents behind arson - [Conor] Murphy, June 4th
Dissidents link to armed robbery
Dissidents linked to [Royal Marines] parade halt, August 15th
Dissidents more active, says IMC, Nov 10th
Dissidents out of step - [Hilary] Clinton, October 11th
Dissidents out to kill police, warns Orde, August 13th
Dissidents show media 'strength', Dec 4th
Dissidents suspected as informat injured in Navan bomb
Dissidents target prison warders, March 24th
Dissidents threaten city 'hoods', April 9th
Dissidents were behind shooting, October 12th
Dissidents' mortar bomb abandoned at PSNI station
Distressed property auction in Dublin
Distribution of free cheese underway
Diving suspended at Cork trawler site
Divorce referendum passes in Ireland, 1995
Divorce referendum results, 1995
Docklands bomb ends IRA ceasefire, 1996
Doctor targeted by bomb 'lived to serve community'
Doctor would not be treated in Antrim Hospital
Documents show US concern over Irish bailout
Dog breeding bill passed by Dáil
Dogs to be put down after attack on Londonderry child
Dole is too generous, says top jobs expert, April 30th
Dole queue getting shorter
Dolours Price
Domhnach na Fola (1920)
Domhnach na Fola (1972)
Domhnall Ua Buachalla
Dominic Bradley sanctioned by speaker after Irish row
Dominic McGlinchey
Dominic McGlinchey son 'was Massereene getaway driver'
Dominican Nuns
Dominicans in Ireland
Domnall Uí Neill
Don't damn the Irish for voicing their view, June 22nd
Donaghmore Famine Workhouse Musuem
Donaldson resigns from UUP
Donegal TD takes on Tánaiste role, May 8th
Donegal bakery axes 124 jobs
Donegal house fire couple named, March 20th
Donegal man killed in western Australia
Donegal ranked last in An Taisce review of council planning records
Donegal search for American tourist underway
Donegal, January 13th 1832
Donegal, January 6th 1832
Donna suspect's family to sue over death in custody, August 29th
Doolin Tourism
Doping row escalates over team ban threat, August 23rd
Double murder plot was 'joint plan' says Crown lawyer
Double murders a defining trend in a year of violence
Double whammy for Northern Ireland homeowners, Jan 3rd
Doubt cast on Omagh bomb forensic witness - BBC
Doubts cast over claims recession is over
Douglas Hurd, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1984 - 5
Douglas Hyde, Eoin MacNeill and the Gaelic League
Douglas Hyde, Eoin O'Neill and the Gaelic League
Douglas Hyde, founder of the Gaelic League
Douglas Hyde, founder of the Gaelic League
Down Survey
Downing Street Declaration
Downing Street defends Omagh bomb intelligence move - BBC
Downpatrick burglaries accused has to surrender Xbox
Dr Alan Ahearne says format of Irish bailout 'a mistake'
Dr Noel Browne
Dr Noel Browne (obituary)
Dr Patrick Hillery
Dr Patrick Hillery
Dr Patrick Hillery
Dr Patrick Hillery, politician
Draft Lisbon guarantees revealed, June 15th
Draft NAMA plan published, October 14th
Draft parade laws 'in chaos' as Orange Order says no
Drama in NI as EP vote turnout falls, June 6th
Dramatic changes in NI policing, March 19th
Dramatic surge in support for Labour - poll
Drawing conclusions: a cartoon  history of Anglo-Irish relations 1798 - 1998
Drimnagh Castle
Drimnagh murder [of two Polish men] accused was 'off his head'
Drink bottle 'DNA link' to alleged burglar
Drink-drive limit slashed despite late lobbying
Driver admits causing schoolgirl's death in bus crash
Driver hurt in Dublin bus hijacking, Jan 11th
Drivers facing increase in number of penalty point offences at midnight
Drogheda Millmount Museum
Drogheda surgeon struck off after complaints, Nov 24th
Dromoland Castle
Droppin' Well bombing
Drug dealer shot six times as toddler (2) slept downstairs, Nov 26th
Drugs find as car runs checkpoint, September 12th
Drugs intercepted in Dublin airport raid, August 8th
Drugs seized in property searches in South Tyrone
Drugs, firearms and cash seized in Limerick May 8th
Druids: Their Functions and Powers
Druids: their functions and powers
Drumalis House (where the Larne plot was invented)
Drumcree Parade
Drumdollagh Construction Company fined £60k over Colin Glass death
Drunken day-tripper fined for attacking officers
Dubai [Hamas murder] suspects had [fake] Irish passports - police
Dublin - directions on the net
Dublin Budget Hotels
Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle
Dublin Christ Church Cathedral
Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage
Dublin Ireland 1960s
Dublin Lockout  1913 - 1914
Dublin Lockout, 1913
Dublin Riot, 2006
Dublin Tourist
Dublin Uncovered
Dublin and Monaghan bombings, May 1974
Dublin archdiocese close to 'financial collapse'
Dublin arrest in 'Anonymous' probe
Dublin bird market 1950s (Irish language)
Dublin facing more water cuts
Dublin firm Home Payments ceases trading
Dublin flames kindled a nation's spirit
Dublin flights diverted due to strong winds
Dublin fraudster admits further charges, May 24th
Dublin housing projects to be hit by 20m Euro cut, Sept 29th
Dublin invites O'Bama back home, Nov 7th
Dublin judge slams Sean Quinn family's' 'dishonesty'
Dublin man shot dead in Spain, Jan 25th
Dublin nursing home takes in fire evacuees
Dublin poverty in the 1960s
Dublin property empire [Zoe Developments] faces ruin, September 10th
Dublin protesters march against cuts as bail-out looms
Dublin school alert 'an elaborate hoax'
Dublin street sealed off over device
Dublin students win Young Scientists for 2012
Dublin taxi driver dies following attack
Dublin through the years
Dublin's foundations: a Viking legacy
Dublin's now a fairer city for shoppers
Dublin, May 1823
Dublin-registered Union Star suffers a collision, 1981
Duels, debts and love affairs - the real Daniel O'Connell
Duffy to contest 'prison bugging', April 29th
Duke attends army rememberance event
Duke honours NI Afghanistan soldiers
Dunbrody Famine Ship
Duncan Morrison was man shot dead in Bangor
Dundonald teenagers 'beaten by carloads of men'
Dundrum apartment complex to be evacuated over fire safety breaches
Dungannon alert a 'viable device'
Dungarvan & West Waterford
Dunguaire Castle
Dunlop son takes part in NW races, May 17th
Dunloy alert: Bomb found near Catholic church
Dunmore Cave, Kilkenny
Dunmurray pair in court on £30,000 cannabis charges
Dutch minister backs Irish corporate tax rate
Dutch police in Irish gang raids, Sept 4th
[DUP MP Jeffrey] Donaldson wants death penalty restored for terrorists
[DUP] MP [Jeffrey Donaldson] 'sorry' over hotel film claims, July 6th
[Danny] Morrison conviction is quashed, Oct 24th
[David] Bourke jailed for life for wife's murder, March 30th
[David] Cameron hails UK-Irish 'relationship of opportunity'
[David] Cameron in SF expenses threat, May 21st
[David] Cameron's Unionist blunder
[David] Curran gets life for Drimnagh murders
[David] Norris says presidential prospects are 'slim'
[David] Trimble calls on Robinson to go
[Deputy First Minister John] O'Dowd urges police ombudsman to resign
[Deputy First Minister Martin] McGuinness in plea over Presbyterian savers, Jan 26th
[Derrick] Daly guilty of Catherine Smart manslaughter
[Derry City] Council faces £6K bonfire bill, August 17th
[Derry] city name change is 'dead'
[Developers Ray and Danny] Grehan ordered to repay debts to NAMA
[Dramatic rise in] families fleeing homes in terror, Dec 31st
[Dublin] Port given injunction against protestors, August 28th
[Dublin] house targetted in petrol bomb attack
[Dunne] family could not be saved: report, May 12th
damaged by fire
daubed with the tricolour
death penalty
death threat
death threat
decommissioning would not be possible
defended their record
defuse tensions
defused a 600lb bomb
defused a bomb
defused a bomb
denied allegations
denied bail
denied bail
denied bail
denied bail
denied bail
denied bail
denied bail.
denied bail.
denies division over e-vote move, May 3rd
described his experiences
despite threats
deteriorated significantly
dirty protest
dirty protest
dismissed charges
disrupted a meeting
disrupted a meeting of the District Policing Partnership
drew to a close
due to testify.
during the night