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Údarás na Gaeltachta
Údarás na Gaeltachta fears for future
'Understanding' in Holy Cross dispute, November 2001
U-boats refuelling in Ireland was a myth
UDA 'involved in murder of Kevin McDaid', June 26th
UDA 'to decommission by February', September 7th
UDA ceasefire declared over, November 2001
UDA ceasefire, starting 1994
UDA denies issuing threat to Belfast journalist
UDA given last chance to end its violence, September 2001
UDA in 'battle ready' statement, Nov 11th
UDA leader: loyalists have a duty to inform if they know racist attackers, July 5th
UDA rebels decommission and condemn McDaid killing, May 31st
UDA says 'okay' to King William (mural), March 7th
UDA seek cash in return for guns, June 19th
UDA stands down military wing, November 2007
UDA were involved
UDA's 'top man' cannot give weapons [decommissioning] vow, August 31st
UDA's anger with Shoukri meeting with de Chastelain, October 16th
UFF being stood down at midnight, November 2007
UK couple who fled here fight to keep baby, June 7th
UK cuts interest rate on Republic of Ireland loan
UK general election
UK miners' strike
UK on alert after 'granny gun' [Dublin gangland] feud [threatens to spill into Britain]
UK parliament approves EU Treaty, June 18th
UK royal couple Edward and Sophie barred from Ulster restaurant
UK's largest fuel-laundering plant found in Crossmaglen
UN chief inspects troops in Dublin, July 8th
UNITE to oppose Halifax job losses
US Congress may hold UVF killing inquiry, May 17th
US GAA player gets 96-week ban after McGovern incident
US Open winner Rory McIlroy due back in NI on Wednesday
US Open: Graeme McDowell triumphs at Pebble Beach
US billionaire Wilbur Ross buys into BoI in new deal
US court rules Dolours Price interview must be given to PSNI
US invests in Ulster future after old foes change tune, April 12th
US software firm Yapstone creating 120 jobs in Drogheda
US troops would have stopped flights if asked
US unveils NI investment package, April 12th
USPCA investigates horse cruelty at County Antrim farm
USPCA rescues 70 horses from County Antrim farm
UTV journalists stage protest over job cuts, Dec 17th
UUP MP could sit in Tory cabinet, Sept 28th
UUP chief in talks with GAA
UUP doubt over devolving justice powers to Stormont
UUP leader Tom Elliott quitting as party leader
UUP loses its only MP as Herman goes solo
UUP man [Mark Brooks] defects in Tory pact row, May 18th
UUP postpones annual conference, Oct 8th
UUP sparks new row over policing and justice
UUP to vote against Northern Ireland justice deal
UUP to walk from assembly if Sinn Fein exclusion motion fails, October 2001
UUP will not be taken over - Empey, March 9th
UVF 'orchestrated' Belfast riot
UVF 'still has guns' - PUP leader
UVF Timeline,,2071459,00.html
UVF announces end of terror campaign, May 2007,,2071424,00.html
UVF begins to disarm illegal arsenal, June 18th
UVF boss quip 'led to killings', Nov 25th
UVF brothers [involved in Tommy English murder] admit 13 years of crime
UVF brothers to turn 'supergrass' in 10-year-old murder case
UVF chiefs sanctioned 'public execution' [of Bobby Moffett] says IMC
UVF chooses observers to verify its arms decomissioning, June 14th
UVF denies owning weapons cache, Oct 17th
UVF east Belfast 'leader' Stephen Matthews released
UVF gang 'linked to ten murders', January 2007
UVF killer [James Crockard] ordered back to jail, August 7th
UVF statement in full, May 2007
UVF supergrass case: 'Gunman told to miss English family'
UVF supergrass witness Robert Stewart still unwell
UVF urged to destroy its weapons, May 2007
Uachtarán na hÉireann
Ugandan govt to repay €4m that went missing from Irish Aid funds
Ulaid/Ulster Cycle
Ulster 'cold case' unit charges man with 12-year-old murder, August 26th
Ulster Army Council
Ulster Bank Chief Executive Jim Brown will not take bonus
Ulster Bank buys Outlet retail centre
Ulster Bank could lose 15% of workforce in north and south
Ulster Bank customers still having problems
Ulster Bank faces deluge of legal actions over contracts
Ulster Bank locates firm's 'missing' £50,000 payments
Ulster Bank losses increase in first quarter
Ulster Bank makes 'large losses', May 8th
Ulster Bank outlines compensation scheme
Ulster Bank payment problems to persist until the end of the week
Ulster Bank problems 'won't be fixed by Monday'
Ulster Bank set to shed 250 jobs, August 7th
Ulster Bank to lay off 750 staff, Jan 26th
Ulster Bank to open 10 branches on Twelfth of July holiday
Ulster Before the Troubles: Ulster Troubles Part 7
Ulster Counties Tourist Information
Ulster Covenant march: Parties meet Parades Commission
Ulster Covenant: Thousands on centenary parade
Ulster Cycle Texts
Ulster Defence Association
Ulster Grand National winning horse Chief Oscar drops dead after race
Ulster History - the 18th Century
Ulster History: 18th Century
Ulster Museum
Ulster Plantation
Ulster Protestants against Carsonism
Ulster Says No, 1985
Ulster Scots phoneline has had no calls since 2004, Oct 23rd
Ulster Tourism
Ulster Unionist Action Council Strike 1977
Ulster Unionist Burnside stays silent about PR role for banker 'Fred the Shred', March 29th
Ulster Unionist Council, 1905
Ulster Unionist Executive considers Tory alliance, Nov 20th
Ulster Unionist MP [Sylvia Herman] will not stand as Tory candidate, May 13th
Ulster Unionist Party
Ulster Unionist Party leadership election, 2004,_2004
Ulster Unionist Party, 1972 - 95
Ulster Unionist conference riven by row over link with Tories, October 25th
Ulster Volunteer Force
Ulster Volunteers
Ulster Volunteers and Irish Volunteers: 1911 - 1914
Ulster Will Fight
Ulster Workers' Council Strike
Ulster Workers' Council Strike, May 1974
Ulster Young Militants
Ulster [Bank] profits plunge 76% as property debts mount, Feb 27th
Ulster after Irish Independence: Ulster Troubles Part 4
Ulster bank raid murder of Bill Elliot is re-opened
Ulster bank seeks Irish guarantee, Oct 2nd
Ulster child abuse horror, July 9th
Ulster gets free prescriptions, Sept 30th
Ulster in the 1950s: Ulster Troubles Part 6
Ulster midwives may refuse to carry out emergency abortions, Jan 28th
Ulster motorbike ace [Gordon] Crockard in horror smash, March 3rd
Ulster mum gets £10k after firm's 'bid to humiliate her'
Ulster nurse killed in bath had affair with son's pal, court told
Ulster police chief briefs Bush over peace process, August 16th
Ulster pub chain owners in adminstration
Ulster rose slams racists, August 4th
Ulster swine flu death toll climbs to 17
Ulster to sell off family silver to ease pain of massive budget cuts
Ulster town mourns victim of IRA, 1989
Ulster will fight
Ulster, the facts, by the Ulster Unionist Party (1970)
Unchartered territory after No vote - Cowen, June 15th
Undecided voters hold key to treaty outcome - poll
Undecideds now biggest bloc ahead of Treaty vote, June 8th
Underpass defended after flooding, August 18th
Understanding the Ancient Irish Clan System
Unemployment down but number on benefits up
Unemployment in Ireland' by James Connolly, 1916
Unemployment rate continues to rise - CSO
Unemployment rate falls for second month in a row
Unemployment rate now 11.8%, June 5th
Unemployment rises at slowest pace in over a year, September 30th
Unemployment still on the rise
Unemployment to peak at 13.5% - FÁS
Unhappy [UUP MP Harriet] Hermon skips UUP meeting, October 26th
Union action to delay 20,000 welfare cheques
Union flag left off identity cards in order to recognise Irish nationals' rights in NI, July 30th
Unionism facing leadership crisis over Robinson and Empey defeats
Unionist Party of Northern Ireland
Unionist attacks Tory B&B stance
Unionist ceasefire holds but guns remain, May 16th
Unionist parties' Euro poll plea, Oct 13th
Unionist reaction to the Downing Street Declaration (book extract)
Unionist reaction to the Third Home Rule Bill
Unionists 'angered by Stormont'
Unionists cannot bring back 11-plus test, claims Sinn Féin
Unionists face Orange Order complaint over Ronan Kerr funeral
Unionists face historic choice, 1999
Unionists may miss opportunity IMC has handed them, Sept 5th
Unions defer strike action to assist [flood] clean-up, November 22nd
Unions plan national day of demonstration, Feb 11th
Unions say allowance cuts for new teachers will erode 'goodwill'
Unions threaten nationwide strikes, September 17th
Unions to call off protest day - but no budget deal, March 26th
United Irish League
United Irish League
United Irishmen (music and pictures)
United Kingdom General Election,_1906
United and disunited Irishmen; Irish rebels
Uniting of Scots and Picts - 843
Unity, Equality, Prosperity Top (at Sinn Féin conference), Feb 28th
Universities seek major reform of points system
University graduates battle it out for army jobs, August 20th
University of Liverpool
University of Ulster offers extra places for engineering courses
University of Ulster offers withdrawn due to error
University of Ulster scheme a £250m boost to economy, Feb 2nd
University of Ulster's Magee extension scaled back
University tuition fees 'will not increase' - ministers
Unprecedented security plan in place for Obama and queen
Unruly Julie: Julie Burchill
Unveiling the secret peacemaker, March 19th
Unwell QC apologises for new delay to Omagh trial - Guardian
Up to 36,000 Toyotas in Ireland to be recalled as fault found in window switch of seven million vehicles worldwide
Up to 500 protest outside Leinster House
Up to eight graves damaged by stolen car in Antrim cemetery
Upbeat Obama tells Cowen: Yes we can, March 18th
Urgent talks called after Belfast parade trouble
[UUP candidate] Rodney Connor challenges NI election result
[UUP leader Reg] Empey warns DUP over justice deal, October 24th
[UUP] set to lease headquarters, August 15th
under threat
under threat.
unite unionists
urging progress
uropean Court of Human Rights: Case of Ireland v United Kingdom