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"No Surrender!"
'New era' as NI police change name, November 2001
'New evidence' over Omagh bombing - Belfast Telegraph
'New high' for dissident activity, June 25th
'No Foreigners' advert condemned, August 12th
'No Irish need apply' - Polish workers get their own back, Jan 2nd
'No blank cheque' on policing, warns [Tory leader David] Cameron, October 3rd
'No confidence' in [environment minister Sammy] Wilson: MLAs, Feb 12th
'No evidence' of arson in Stardust fire, Jan 23rd
'No evidence' to suggest abducted priest [Fr Michael Sinnott] is dead, October 24th
'No question of loss of sovereignty', says Taoiseach
'No quick fix' to Irish 'no' vote, June 16th
'No reason' for soldier shooting of Daniel Hegarty
'Nothing but the Same Old Story'
Nós (magazine)
NAMA McKillen decision could cost taxpayer €7m
NAMA announces proposals to invest €2bn into the economy
NAMA begins Anglo loans transfer
NAMA boss says willing to talk on salaries
NAMA employee bought property in agency's portfolio
NAMA gives Granard group extra time to secure loan for town centre site
NAMA hoping for further art windfalls
NAMA looking at sites for children's hospital
NAMA may knock down some homes, McDonagh says
NAMA not a bail-out, insists Cowen, September 17th
NAMA plan wins EU approval
NAMA reports €714m loss as discounts average 58pc
NAMA sells London hotel loans for €800 million
NAMA swoops on developer [Paddy Kelly's] hotels
NAMA to take action if assets moved to spouses
NAMA to take on first loans at 47% discount
NASUWT in warning on regional pay for teachers
NI 'needs say on Irish bad bank', September 8th
NI 'orange and green', McGuinness, Feb 21st
NI 'out of recession next year' [says NI Enterprise Minister], November 2nd
NI Abortion Act campaign begins, Sept 10th
NI Aer Lingus pilots to stage work-to-rule
NI Assembly suspension 'wrong', February 2000
NI Boundary Commission electoral map review cost revealed
NI Executive 'being held hostage', Sept 26th
NI Fire Service gorse fire battle stops 1,828 fires
NI Fire Service staff work in 'culture of fear'
NI First Minister calls NI Water's response to crisis 'shambolic'
NI Peace Monitoring Report
NI Police Ombudsman chief quits over 'meddling'
NI Policing budget to be cut by £260m over four years
NI Secretary of State
NI Stormont Assembly election results: day two as it happened
NI Stormont Assembly results: live coverage
NI Tory [Jeff Peel] resigns after unionist unity deal
NI Troubles legacy to cost £300m, Jan 28th
NI Water overwhelmed by 1m contacts from customers
NI Water: contacted UK aid scheme on New Year's Eve
NI abortion guidelines published, March 20th
NI activates internment law, August 1971
NI banks confirms 1.5% interest rates cut, Nov 6th
NI brothers killed in avalanche, Jan 25th
NI bucks the national trend in GCSE exam results
NI budget: Wilson statement provokes angry exchanges
NI cancer discovery paves way for better treatments
NI child abuse inquiry need - Amnesty
NI council election results by council
NI council morale 'at rock bottom' over merger doubt
NI couple's car hit by train at Galway level crossing
NI court hears [Hazel] Stewart 'confession'
NI crime agency freezes republican's assets, November 10th
NI deal struck in historic talks, 26th March 2007
NI drowned man's name released
NI election: Robinson dedicates DUP win to Ronan Kerr
NI executive may meet this week, Nov 17th
NI farmers on alert as more cases of Schmallenberg virus reported
NI flights grounded as ash cloud approaches
NI flights grounded as ash cloud returns
NI golfer McDowell among New Year Honours recipients
NI has hottest temperature in UK, June 2nd
NI health negligence claims cost £116m over five years
NI house prices plunge by 18%, July 1st
NI inquiries have £300m price tag, March 4th
NI justice ministry step closer, July 30th
NI leaders accuse government of breaking promises [regarding budget cuts]
NI leaders meet PM in London for talks on budget cuts
NI leaders pay tribute to [Senator Edward] Kennedy, August 26th
NI leaders seek urgent meeting with Cameron over cuts
NI leaders talk to Conservative leader David Cameron
NI minister [Alex Attwood] 'vigilant for unjust welfare reform cuts'
NI ministers on US trade mission, Nov 30th
NI motorway closed after power lines collapse
NI murder accused opts for retrial in Dublin
NI ombudsman extends Omagh inquiry, Jan 17th
NI policing devolution talks end
NI polls close for 2010 election
NI priest steps aside over 'abuse' allegations
NI schools to receive record funding, Feb 13th,,2256175,00.html
NI soldier killed in Afghanistan
NI students attacked in Gaeltacht
NI swine flu case 'probable', May 13th
NI swine flu cases 'have more than doubled'
NI talks end without a deal, September 2004
NI talks on policing and justice set to continue
NI teen who killed grandad gets his jail sentence doubled
NI thaw leaves thousands without water supply
NI tops in UK for April sunshine
NI tourism spend increases by 20%
NI universities' bullying shame, Nov 5th
NI water company to shed 200 jobs, Sept 22nd
NI's 26 councils asked to pay cost of slimming
NI's council elections by county
NIO facing the axe in Brown government revamp, August 12th
NIO files: Dirty protests, violence and the 'teapot summit'
NIO spend £3.4m on consultants and substitute staff, Dec 25th
NUIG withdraws its support for rag week because of 'unruly behaviour', Feb 26th
NW200 spectator seriously injured in cliff fall
Na Lochlannaigh
Na Péindlíthe
Nama move 'to threaten Northern Ireland businesses'
Nama must hire insider 'to turn State's evidence'
Nama reports
Nama takes over £3.3bn in Northern Ireland loans
Name of man murdered in Tempo released by police [as Ciaran Woods]
Name of woman killed in Derry car crash is released
Names of Irish Saints
Names of the Irish State
Names of those who died - BBC
Naomh Pádraig
Naomi Long new mayor of Belfast, June 1st
Narrated Ireland 1974
National 1798 Centre, Wexford
National Famine Commemoration Day concludes
National Institute for Higher Education, Dublin, Act, 1980
National Insurance Act 1913
National Library of Ireland, Dublin
National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology
National Treasury Management Agency successfully sells three-month treasury bills
National University of Ireland
National University of Ireland, established 1908
National day of mourning call - BBC
National transport plan to encourage greater takeup of cycling, April 20th
Nationalism and the War of Independence
Nationality and Kingship in Pre-Norman Ireland
Nazis 'planned NI invasion'
Neal Turkington's name added to Portadown war memorial
Neighbour denies Christmas murder, Dec 31st
Neighbourhood in shock after brutal assault on builders, Feb 26th
Neil Hyde 'has named Martin O'Hagan murder gang'
Neil T Blaney and that now famous rift with Fianna Fáil
Nelson McCausland in Red Sky intervention
Nelson's pillar
Nelson's pillar (destroyed by IRA bomb)
Nelson's pillar (destroyed by the IRA in 1966)
Neolithic Ireland
Neolithic man puts bypass on hold
Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages
Nesbitt withdraws UUP whip from Maginnis
Net tightening on kidnappers who snatched GOAL worker, July 9th
Net wages in Dublin fourth highest in world, August 19th
Neutrality, abortion and Dustin the turkey threaten to cause Irish referendum upset, June 12th
Never say never [Ian Paisley interview], Nov 1st
Nevin Spence killed in County Down slurry accident
Nevin Spence memorial: Fans mourn 'brightest and best'
New Belfast branding aims to make city world class, June 30th
New DUP supremo vows to take a fresh approach at Stormont, April 15th
New DUP supremo vows to take a fresh approach on Stormont, April 15th
New Deal: state to buy shares in ailing firms, Feb 8th
New Evidence Suggests 57 Irish Railroad Workers were murdered
New Ireland Forum, established 1983
New Irish President Higgins visits Londonderry
New Irish schools approved despite empty places
New Irish test looms for Lisbon, September 15th
New Kingdoms
New Lisbon vote to be delayed until Irish concerns are met, Dec 9th
New NI police chief [Matt Baggott] says public will help defeat terrorists, Sept 22nd
New Stormont ministers announced
New Titanic Belfast complex opens
New Troubles Victims Forum founded, September 4th
New Year events in Cork, Dublin, Dec 31st
New York Stock Exchange to set up Belfast outpost
New York stock exchange brings 300 jobs to Belfast, October 19th
New Zealand 60-0 Ireland
New abortion law storm after MPs get free vote on easing restrictions, Oct 18th
New ash restrictions in Republic
New attempt to solve Corrib row, Dec 5th
New attorney general John Larkin 'may need more powers'
New bomb alert as device found in South Armagh
New branding for Belfast aims to make city world class, June 30th
New by-pass opens on Dublin-Galway route, July 16th
New childrens' hospital won't open until 2016
New crime tactic 'cut burglaries', October 21st
New deal to block bank home seizures, Feb 6th
New death threats to family of slain dad [Roy Collins], April 24th
New delay to Bloody Sunday report, September 23rd
New details of State guarantees to Catholic Church on primary school education
New drug price deal to save over €400m
New education authority costs £7m despite not existing, December 7th
New era begins as leaders seal deal, April 15th
New era marked as Paisley and Ahern shake hands, 5th April 2007,,2050429,00.html
New farming methods blamed for lowest bird levels on record
New figures reveal 10% of primary school pupils born overseas, April 25th
New figures show drop in crime rate, Jan 10th
New figures show rise in crime rate
New film 'may give IRA dissidents ammunition', April 12th
New inquiry into Omagh warning call - Guardian
New law to allow second trial in killing and rape cases, June 20th
New law to recognise gay couples in Irish Republic
New laws will target white-collar crime
New light shed on IRA's border campaign
New light shed on Michael Collin's killing
New mayors take up chains of office, June 20th
New measures to protect struggling homeowners
New minimum wage from 1 February
New moves in Michaela McAreavey murder case
New parasite wasp species found [in County Mayo], August 28th
New poll shows Sinn Féin losing out to Fianna Fáil
New powers to assess bankers
New pupils to receive hi-vis jackets
New screening detected 192 bowl cancer cases
New self defence law recommended, December 14th
New site for 'burned out' school, July 20th
New species of butterfly in Northern Ireland
New station to cut travel times, August 5th
New statue in memory of UDR is unveiled in Lisburn
New strategy to target homelessness, August 21st
New system to speed up welfare process, August 17th
New twist in Maiden City name change row, September 24th
Newbridge House and Farm, Dublin (Georgian)
Newman House, Dublin (Georgian)
Newry bomb alert: device 'could have caused carnage'
Newry bomb had 600 pounds of explosives and was fully primed
Newry by-pass van bomb: two arrests in Belfast
Newry mortar attack, 1985
Newry security alert is declared hoax
Newry woman Lindsay White guilty of Marek Muszynski murder
Newry, February 12th, 1828
Newry, February 15th, 1828
Newry, February 19th, 1828
Newry, February 1st, 1828
Newry, February 22nd, 1828
Newry, February 25th, 1828
Newry, February 29th, 1828
Newry, February 5th, 1828
Newry, February 8th, 1828
Newry, January 11th, 1828
Newry, January 15th, 1828
Newry, January 18th, 1828
Newry, January 1st, 1828
Newry, January 22nd, 1828
Newry, January 25th, 1828
Newry, January 29th, 1828
Newry, January 4th, 1828
Newry, January 8th, 1828
Newry, March 11th, 1828
Newry, March 14th, 1828
Newry, March 18th, 1828
Newry, March 21st, 1828
Newry, March 25th, 1828
Newry, March 28th, 1828
Newry, March 4th, 1828
Newry, March 7th, 1828
Newry-Larne Irish Cup game abandoned after fighting
News from Tyrone in 1815
Newsclippings from 1951 on the Adoption Act
Newsclippings on the civil service pay dispute of 1953
Newspaper editor attacked by four men, November 25th
Newspapers in 18th century Ireland
Newtownabbey 'Super Cemetery' could be built opposite Children's Hospice
Newtownabbey murder: police investigate drugs links
Newtownabbey pensioner talks after beating in bed
Newtownabbey's Valley Leisure Centre water test results faked
Newtownbutler: man killed in house fire
Next legal steps for Omagh families - BBC
Nicola Anderson on the 'Las Vegas' trial that transfixed the nation, July 12th
Nicola Furlong murder suspect to be tried as adult in Japan
Nicolas Cage receives damages and apology over online story
Nightmare for jobs as Eircom to shed 2000
Nine NI farms used tainted feed, Dec 7th
Nine PSNI officers disciplined over drowned teenager Daniel Mohan
Nine Years War: Battle of the Yellow Ford
Nine Years War: Wikipedia
Nine arrests in Limerick anti-gang operation
Nine charged over city violence [following Apprentice Boys' Parade], August 9th
Nine held in Galway gang inquiry
Nine injured in Derry ambulance accident
Nine injured in car crash in west Belfast
Nine men cleared of murdering UDA man Tommy English
Nine pipe bombs made safe in Dublin shed
Nine questioned as police probe Ecstasy haul
Nineteen arrests as two police officers hurt in riot
Nineteenth century caricatures of the Irish
Ninetieth anniversary of the Easter Rising, April 2006
Ninth and Tenth Century Ireland
Nit combs are 'nothing new'
Nixon too busy to deal with Irish, February 1972
No EU Treaty without Irish people's approval, Miliband, June 20th
No Irish Need Apply: A Myth of Victimisation
No Pope visit to Northern Ireland
No agreement after policing talks, September 21st
No beef recall despite positive test, Dec 9th
No blueprints from the governments, no sign of a deal... just what is going on at the Northern Ireland talks?
No charges for officer who shot robber dead
No collusion over [Billy] Wright murder
No concern over (term) 'IRA volunteer', Jan 30th
No deal involving pay cuts, unions warn, June 30th
No delays expected at Dublin airport, July 13th
No delays expected at Dublin airport, July 13th
No do-able solution to Jubilee party: Martin McGuinness
No drastic cuts for NI says Secretary of State Owen Paterson
No drugs in my business - billionaire, August 24th
No economic armageddon ahead, says Cowen, July 3rd
No faith in ombudsman: republican, August 22nd
No funds for midwest - Tánaiste, November 7th
No income tax hike in budget - Taoiseach Enda Kenny
No more flights to leave tonight
No peace process here as gangs target us in hate campaign'
No plan to remove Billy Hunter tributes at Belfast Asda store
No pre-budget cuts to NI grant, December 9th
No quick fix on Lisbon, says Cowen, June 20th
No rush to sell off state assets - [Tánaiste Eamon] Gilmore
No support for illegal roadblock [says Conor Murphy], August 24th
Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz says austerity almost never works to resolve economic downturns
Noel Browne's struggle with the church
Noel Browne, Minister for Health
Noel Grealish withdraws support for Government
Noonan confirms debt negotiations underway
Noonan hopes for 'significant' bank debt deal by October
Noonan unable to reduce banks' 'historic' salaries
Noonan, Draghi discuss Anglo promissory notes
Norman Invasion of Ireland
Norman Invasion of Ireland
Norman Ireland
Norman Moffat murder: FBI studying cctv footage
Norman Vikings - the Vikings return to Ireland
Normans in Ireland
Norris & Higgins lead in Áras race poll
Norris responds to broadcast of 2002 tape
Norris, Dana confirmed as Áras candidates
Norse Irish
Norse settlement on Beginish Island
Norse who went plundering
North Belfast alert: suspicious object was bomb
North Belfast bomb alert: families moved
North Belfast booby-trap bomb was attached to bike
North Belfast boy accused of trying to stab mother
North Belfast riots: Robinson and McGuinness meet Baggott
North County Tipperary
North Down hunt dogs kill cat in Kircubbin
North Herts Irish Association
North Kerry in the Irish Civil War
North Wexford
North Wexford tourism
North and west Belfast suspects riots photos released
North south council meeting off, Oct 2nd
North west 'worst benefit cheats', March 6th
North-South Ministerial Council
North-South Ministerial Council
Northern Bank charges dropped, January 2007
Northern Bank downgrades economic forecast for Northern Ireland
Northern Bank made a pre-tax loss of £95m last year
Northern Bank raid money laundering conviction quashed
Northern Bank raid was breaking point, June 2011
Northern Bank robbery case 'ludicrous', Sept 12th
Northern Bank withdraws its notes, January 2005
Northern Ireland (Stormont) Elections, 1921 - 69
Northern Ireland - terrorism 'increasing threat' to Britain
Northern Ireland 1998 - 1999
Northern Ireland A-Level stars shine brightest
Northern Ireland Act 1974
Northern Ireland Act 1982
Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 1982
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Act 2003
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, 1973
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, 1998
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, November 2003
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, November 2003
Northern Ireland Assembly Report, February 2000
Northern Ireland Assembly debates: continued IRA activity. 8th October 2002
Northern Ireland Assembly debates: status of the IRA ceasefire. 29th April 2002
Northern Ireland Assembly map
Northern Ireland Assembly member expelled for bank robbery comments, June 16th
Northern Ireland Assembly timeline
Northern Ireland Assembly, 1973,_1973
Northern Ireland Assembly, Nov 1999
Northern Ireland BNP 'members' on list: ex-cop 'proud' of BNP membership, Nov 24th
Northern Ireland Church slams anti-sectarian plan
Northern Ireland Commonwealth team will go to Delhi
Northern Ireland Constitution Act, 1973
Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention Elections 1975
Northern Ireland Constitutional Proposals, 1973
Northern Ireland Decommissioning Act 1997
Northern Ireland Elections March 2007
Northern Ireland Executive to hold child abuse inquiry
Northern Ireland First Minister claims Tories and UUP colluding over expenses stories, April 6th
Northern Ireland First Minister in peace pledge
Northern Ireland GCSE students score top marks
Northern Ireland General Election 1969,_1969
Northern Ireland General Election, May 1921,_1921
Northern Ireland Loyalist Paramilitaries
Northern Ireland MP [Iris Robinson] who made anti-gay remarks to stand down, Dec 29th
Northern Ireland MPs vow to resist cuts by new Cameron government
Northern Ireland MPs will no longer be allowed to hold a seat in Stormont
Northern Ireland Marathon of Death, 1988,9171,967771,00.html?iid=chix-sphere
Northern Ireland Mirror journalist Philip Coburn hurt in Afghan bomb
Northern Ireland Policing Board Press Release, April 2003 - CAIN
Northern Ireland Policing Board chief quits role
Northern Ireland Tories condemn secret talks with Unionists
Northern Ireland Travel and Tourism
Northern Ireland Troubles
Northern Ireland Ulster Defence Association says 'War is Over', November 2007
Northern Ireland Unionists confirm merger talks with Tories
Northern Ireland Water accused of mishandling £46m in tenders
Northern Ireland Water and department hold key talks Liam Adams appears in court to face abuse charges
Northern Ireland airspace reopens after volcano ash chaos
Northern Ireland at risk of 'race war', anti-fascist campaigner warns police, September 6th
Northern Ireland attacks on Poles blamed on Loyalists, April 10th
Northern Ireland baby murder accused to appear in court, December 15th
Northern Ireland bans hare coursing, and fox hunting could be next
Northern Ireland beaches in Blue Flag award record
Northern Ireland bill becomes law, March 12th
Northern Ireland birth totals highest for 17 years, March 13th
Northern Ireland budget protest by Nipsa members
Northern Ireland car insurance rip-off: Fightback begins
Northern Ireland corporation tax decision 'in the hands of the people'
Northern Ireland death penalty appeal to go ahead
Northern Ireland devolution 'complete within a year', Sept 21st
Northern Ireland discrimination
Northern Ireland dissidents 'committed to launching mainland attacks', November 4th
Northern Ireland doctor who didn't know how to take a pulse fails to turn up to inquiry
Northern Ireland economy to fall behind rest of UK
Northern Ireland election results
Northern Ireland executive budget passed by Assembly
Northern Ireland exports up almost 10% on last year
Northern Ireland fears return of terrorist past as soldiers shot dead, March 8th
Northern Ireland golf clubs 'may harbour sectarian attitudes'
Northern Ireland hammered 5 - 0 by Robbie Keane's red-hot Republic
Northern Ireland has first white Christmas in five years, December 26th
Northern Ireland has highest jobless rate rise in the UK
Northern Ireland hotel chain family are banned
Northern Ireland house sellers urged to 'get real' over prices, Dec 25th
Northern Ireland in 2000
Northern Ireland in the 1960s/70s
Northern Ireland in the Second World War
Northern Ireland justice minister 'must insist MI5 shares intelligence', November 29th
Northern Ireland justice powers to be devolved in April
Northern Ireland killings were an act of war, says hardline republican group, March 26th
Northern Ireland losing out in UK petrol price wars, Sept 20th
Northern Ireland man caught in blast on his last day in Afghanistan, August 17th
Northern Ireland minister to seek damages for IRA victims from Gaddafi, April 29th
Northern Ireland parties clarify coalition position
Northern Ireland parties fail to avert crisis, Sept 18th
Northern Ireland partners reach devolution agreement, Nov 18th
Northern Ireland passport plans axed, July 15th
Northern Ireland peace deal 1998
Northern Ireland peace deal reached
Northern Ireland peace process
Northern Ireland petrol prices 'highest in UK
Northern Ireland police investigate 18th ATM robbery, December 11th
Northern Ireland police issue Easter terror warning
Northern Ireland policeman murder: two more suspects arrested, March 16th
Northern Ireland policing and justice talks move to London, October 6th
Northern Ireland policing deal under threat over fate of reserve force, November 9th
Northern Ireland politicians set for fierce election battle
Northern Ireland prison officer recruitment drive launched
Northern Ireland prison officer shot dead in motorway ambush
Northern Ireland racer Trevor Ferguson dies in Manx crash
Northern Ireland recession forecast to end within a year
Northern Ireland riots: Police make 26 arrests
Northern Ireland road conditions 'worst in 25 years'
Northern Ireland road deaths lowest since records began
Northern Ireland rugby club cancels matches over swine flu, September 17th
Northern Ireland security heightened in wake of shootings, March 11th
Northern Ireland service remembered, Sept 11th
Northern Ireland severe weather warning in place
Northern Ireland sex industry 'fastest growing in UK'
Northern Ireland snooker referee Len Ganley dies
Northern Ireland solicitor gets 10 years for inciting Loyalist terrorists to murder, June 5th
Northern Ireland spending cuts will have 'devastating impact' [Peter Robinson]
Northern Ireland swine flu cases soar by 400%
Northern Ireland teens deny schoolgirl rape
Northern Ireland unemployment figures increase again
Northern Ireland university tuition fees frozen
Northern Ireland wants Clegg to be next Prime Minister
Northern Ireland's £1bn credit card debt, April 16th
Northern Ireland's finance minister [Sammy Wilson] in 'racism industry' row, August 6th
Northern Ireland's health provision 'worst in UK'
Northern Ireland's only Michelin-rated restaurant loses star status
Northern Ireland's record abortion figures shock, Jan 2nd
Northern Ireland: 1921 - 1998
Northern Ireland: A sexist's paradise, Oct 1st
Northern Ireland: It's showdown time (again), August 22nd
Northern Ireland: Troubles Brewing
Northern Ireland: a British colonial heritage that means nothing but trouble
Northern Ireland: unlikely allies unite against dissident republicans, July 4th
Northern Irish education chief took daughter on term-time holiday, May 19th
Northern Irish film The Shore makes Oscar shortlist
Northern Irish jobless rate 'could rise to 6%', Jan 19th
Northern Uí Neill
Northern bank accused seeks tapes, September 2006
Northern bank robbery: justice stolen from devolved Northern Ireland, Oct 9th
Northern bank robbery: the crime that nearly ended the peace process, Oct 9th
Northern bank: another big trial, another embarrassment, Oct 10th
Northern elections: bi-bi blues
Northern murder accused for trial in Republic, August 16th
Not guilty: alleged inside man in UK's biggest robbery cleared..., Oct 10th
Note by Justice for the Forgottenhttp://
Nothing but the Same Old Story? Britain's wars on Irish and Islamic Terror
Nothing found in bank raid search, February 2005
Notorious paedophile priest [Donal Collins] found dead
Nottingham Irish Centre
Nottingham Irish Studies Group
Now available on DVD
Now is your time for liberty!
Now we could face a rise in rates, Nov 25th
Nuacht RTÉ
Nuclear subs planned for Belfast, 1974
Number jailed for not paying fines up 91%
Number of PSNI officers fell too quickly - Matt Baggott
Number of firms being wound up increases by 104%, Jan 10th
Number of head shops halves following clampdown
Number of long-term unemployed doubles
Number of new homes at lowest level for five years, July 31st
Number of old people to triple by 2041 - CSO, April 30th
Number of southern shoppers falls by 35%
Number of suspended officers highest since PSNI formed, Jan 22nd
Number of women travelling for abortion falls
Numbers enfranchised
Nurses 'forced to put dirty sheets back on beds', Feb 23rd
[NI Secretary Shaun] Woodward: no Stormont suspension, December 8th
[Nell] McCafferty launches women's 'Yes' vote campaign on Treaty, July 31st
[Northern Bank] raid accused handled robbery cash, Feb 13th
[Northern Ireland Secretary] Woodward warns [Peter] Robinson crisis must not derail assembly
[Northern Ireland and Polish] fans attack police with fireworks, March 28th
[Nuala] O'Loan says Omagh findings 'odd' - BBC
n Ua Ruairc)
n of Iona
naked sectarian policing
name his pre-conditions
narrowly escaped injury
nearly killed
new chapter
new leader
new measures
newspaper survey
nine arrests
no idea
no realistic prospect
non-deliberate hoax
not be used
not been a hoax.
not guilty of attacking police officers
not have removed
not reveal
null 18th Century on the Timeline
number of 'peace walls' in Belfast had trebled
number of items