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"">Irish History on film from Thompson Trading
'I did not help cover-up' - Catholic Primate Sean Brady
'I was only doing a favour', ex-garda tells tribunal
'I'll quit if UUP merges with Tories', Sept 7th
'I've been left to rot' says tumour patient
'IRA men' on trial for blackmail, Jan 7th
'IRA visit' to McCartney witness, May 29th
'Improper' transactions at investment firm
'In Favour of Repeal of the Union', O'Connell's speech at Mullaghmast, 1843
'Invest NI' lost £7m as investors made profit
'Irish Ireland'
'Irish Trade Union Congress', by James Connolly, 1916
'Irish have taken the point': British envoy on Dublin bombs
'It scares me but we all have to go some time' [death of Ronnie Drew] August 17th
I did 'smash' Sinn Féin - Paisley, March 9th
I have been in torture photos too - Gerry Adams,3604,1231978,00.html
I said 'no' to McWilliams advisor job: [Brian] Lenihan, November 1st
I saw US police shoot Irishman, says mystery 'witness', July 7th
I saw US police shoot Irishman, says mystery 'witness', July 7th
I stay up all night reading treaty, quips [European Commissioner Charles] McCreevy, Sept 20th
I want to flee after second attack, says McDaid friend, September 5th
I was not in league with robbers, says Belfast bank worker, January 2005,,1393640,00.html
I was undermined says Tom Elliot
I'm no egocentric killer - Stone, Sept 23rd
IBEC hits out as Sinn Fein admits it has no set corporation tax policy, May 27th
IBEC in warning over pay increases, March 27th
ICTU accuses government of 'failing' unemployed
ICTU defers national strike, March 25th
ICTU wants bank debt repayment restructured
IED discovered in Co Offaly
IFA angry at farm income attacks, July 13th
IFA in chaos after four board members quit
IFA settle [Howard] Wells case with payment, November 12th
IKEA finally opens Dublin store, July 27th
IMC report - political reaction, Sept 3rd
IMC reports on IRA 'army council', Sept 1st
IMF and EU want €
IMF cuts growth forecast for Ireland to 0.5%
IMF releases €3.9bn in funding to Ireland
IMF releases €3bn in loans to Ireland
IMF releases 1.5bn Euros to Ireland
IMF urges EU & ECB on promissory notes deal
IMF warns Ireland must stay on target
IMF warns further adjustments may be needed
IMF: Irish performance 'surprisingly positive'
IMPACT steps up industrial action
IMPACT to recommend Yes vote in fiscal treaty referendum
INLA confirms disposal of weapons
INLA prisoners attack [Dublin] jail boss in pot protest, Oct 15th
IRA 'Christmas raid', 1939
IRA 'aided' anti-apartheid bombing - Kader Asmal memoirs
IRA 'fired first' in 1987 Loughgall attack
IRA 'gave its consent' to murder of Billy Wright, Oct 12th
IRA 'responsible for Kingsmill'
IRA 'responsible for Kingsmills'
IRA Army Council is 'no longer operational', Sept 3rd
IRA Easter message, March 20th
IRA Easter statement, April 2004
IRA Easter statement, April 2005
IRA Garda killer freed from jail, Feb 4th
IRA Sealadach
IRA announces ceasefire, 1997
IRA atrocities: the Birmingham pub bombings
IRA attacks 10 Downing Street with mortar fire
IRA blunder in the jungle sparks US rage, August 2001
IRA bomb
IRA bomb devastates City of London, April 1994
IRA bomb in Coventry
IRA bomb kills six at Aldershot Barracks (within 'Glossary of terms')
IRA bomber Paul Kavanagh's proposed new role creates upset
IRA bomber held over base murders, November 17th
IRA bombing campaign against Britain (S-Plan)
IRA bombs stock exchange, 1990
IRA ceasefire statement
IRA ceasefire statement, August 1994
IRA declares 'complete' ceasefire, August 1998
IRA declares end to its armed campaign, July 2005
IRA details of their investigation into the murder of Robert McCartney, 8th March 2005
IRA disagreement over 1981 hunger strike files
IRA funds worth up to 200m Euro put at risk in the US, Oct 13th
IRA gang shot dead in Gibraltar, 1988
IRA glamour girl who gave up terror and turned herself into a loyal Tory
IRA has axed Army Council, says [Peter]  Robinson [of the DUP], Nov 23rd
IRA has destroyed all its arms, September 2005
IRA infiltrator forced to give his film a miss, April 5th
IRA issues an apology to victims' families, July 2002
IRA kidnap of  republican dissident Bobby Tohill, February 2004,,1153641,00.html
IRA kidnappers release industrialist, November 1975
IRA killer given life in prison, April 1st
IRA membership
IRA men 'beat our son to death', October 2007
IRA men shot dead by British army
IRA murderer's licence is revoked, April 29th
IRA murders informers
IRA no threat says Prime Minister, Sept 3rd
IRA operation
IRA orders end to its armed campaign, July 2005
IRA releases second statement - weapons put beyond use, April 2002
IRA rules out meeting with group, Feb 25th
IRA spy ring enquiry call, November 2002
IRA statement announcing suspension of contact with the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning, October 2002
IRA statement confirming Gerry Adam's remarks on decommissioning, October 2003
IRA statement on decommissioning, 1998
IRA statement on decommissioning, September 2001
IRA statement on putting its weapons beyond use, May 6th 2000
IRA statement on the peace process, January 2003
IRA statement on the peace process, May 2003
IRA statement rejecting Paisley's demands for photographic evidence of weapons decommissioning, December 2004
IRA statement, August 2001
IRA statement, October 2001
IRA supergrass Raymond Gilmour 'abandoned' by MI5
IRA threat to key witness denied, Jan 30th
IRA training
IRA victim's daughter Manya Dickinson confronts IRA bomber
IRA warning on the peace process, February 2005
IRA weapons dump inspected, June 2000
IRA widow denied compensation, November 16th
IRA will not police areas: Adams, April 8th
IRA willing to disband army council, March 17th
IRA's response to political events following the Northern Bank robbery, February 2005
Ian Bailey wins appeal against extradition
Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley Jr is fined £5000, June 30th
Ian Paisley [senior] may defend seat at general election, June 24th
Ian Paisley able to communicate 'to some degree'
Ian Paisley admitted to Ulster hospital
Ian Paisley bids his farewell to Stormont
Ian Paisley health scare as former DUP leader has pacemaker fitted
Ian Paisley home from hospital after heart problems
Ian Paisley made a peer in the Dissolution honours
Ian Paisley making 'steady progress'
Ian Paisley meets Bertie Ahern in Dublin, October 2004,,1317173,00.html
Ian Paisley rapped over Pope visit remarks
Ian Paisley retires from ministry
Ian Paisley to stand down as MP after 40 years
Ian Paisley's 'European Institute of Protestant Studies'
Ian Paisley's Pope protest 'is an embarrassment'
Ian Paisley's biography on CAIN
Ian Paisley, DUP Leader,,2074937,00.html
Ian Paisley, DUP leader
Ian Paisley, Unionist leader
Ice-cold killer [Ronnie Dunbar] greets life sentence with a shrug, July 12th
Iconic Orange hall to remove cage, Dec 12th
Ideology of the post-Civil War IRA
Ignore Mass boycott call: Irish Bishops
Ilex head admits mistakes were made with public money
Illegal South Armagh diesel plant blamed for pollution
Illegal fuel plant largest in NI, December 1st
Image of Parnell
Image of Sir Henry Sidney returning to Dublin Castle
Image: Irish Nationalist Party under Charles Stewart Parnell
Immediate ban for head shop substances
Immigrant Ship Passenger Lists
Impact of the First World War on the Parliamentary Party
Impasse talks useful, say parties, Sept 4th
Implementation plan issued by the British and Irish governments, August 2001
In 1641: Portadown (poem)
In Ireland, haunted castles are only for the bravest of souls
In Northern Ireland, three political futures are on the line
In Pictures: St Patrick's Day in Northern Ireland
In Pictures: Twelfth parades 2012
In Video: Northern Ireland child survives jet ski horror crash
In memory of the Irish victims of slavery
In pictures: Hendon bomb blast, April 2001
In pictures: Irish vote on Lisbon, June 12th
In pictures: Operation Banner
In quotes - reactions to the Omagh verdict - BBC
In quotes: Paisley to step down, March 4th
Increase in Northern Ireland swine flu cases
Increase in number of visits to Ireland
Independence of HET comes under criticism
Independent Monitoring Commission statement, September 2003
Independent Monitoring Commission website
Independent News & Media says closing Irish Daily Star over photos 'disproportionate'
Independent TD Mick Wallace seeks permission to address Dáil over VAT underpayment
Independent TDs cast doubt on Finance vote
Index of deaths in 1970
Index of deaths in 1972
Index of deaths in 1978
Index of deaths: 1976
Industrial Schools (Wikipedia)
Infamous photo makes Irish politician [Emma Kiernan] a blog sensation, May 30th
Inflation drops to 2.5%, Dec 11th
Inflation hits Irish budget, September 2000
Information Commission probing Northern Ireland Water over Freedom of Information Act
Informer files to be kept from Sinn Féin, Oct 20th
Informer's 'weapon planting' claims investigated
Infrastructure warning over soaring population
Initial IRA statement on the killing of Robert McCartney, 16th February 2005
Initial Reliefs
Injured man in critical condition after Belfast incident
Injured officer Peadar Heffon 'regains consciousness'
Injured official made plea for peace after car bomb atrocity
Injured woman found on road dies
Innisfree Housing Association
Inquest reveals details of Legge murder (committed January 2001)
Inquest rules SAS 'justified' in shooting dying IRA man
Inquests into Troubles deaths to be kept secret, Jan 25th
Inquiry after Westmeath farmer's death, May 23rd
Inquiry follows Leaving Cert blunder, June 4th
Inquiry into award of contract to Iris Robinson's lover
Inquiry into bomb 'early warning' - BBC
Inquiry into city underpass flood, August 19th
Inquiry into death at Tuam Garda station
Inquiry into fire on Virgin plane, Feb 13th
Inquiry into remains found in Dublin Mountains
Inquiry into solicitor murder investigates state's role, April 16th
Inquiry into tyre damage on Dana's campaign car
Inquiry told [Rosemary] Nelson 'helped IRA', Dec 1st
Insurance claims soar over floods
Intensive discussion over BOI investment
Interim examiner appointed at Aer Airann
Internal Affairs in Northern Ireland
Internet boom in DIY abortion pills, Feb 1st
Internment - summary of main events
Internment in the twenty-six counties, 1922 - 197
Internment' by John McGuffin
Internment: Ulster Troubles Part 17
Interview with Trimble, December 2003
Introduction of Christianity to Ireland
Introduction to Nativism
Invasions of Ireland from 1170 - 1320
Invention of the ejection seat
Investigating child abuse in Ireland
Investigation after Hill of Tara monument vandalised
Investigation after two bombs found in Bray
Investigation into Maghaberry sex offender suicide, August 30th
Investigation into death of Grezegorz Guzik in Tullamore continuing
Investigation into death of woman in Enniskillen
Investigation into fatal Limerick shooting
Investigation launched after shooting at farm in Kilsallaghan in Swords
Investigation of Dublin rail line collapse, August 22nd
Investigation under way into cause of Dublin pub fire
Investors fear millions lost to French businessman
Invite ex-IRA boss [Sean Garland] to White House, says [church] minister
Iona Abbey
Iona, the Sacred Island
Ireland 'an extraordinary people' - President Obama
Ireland 'enmeshed in [global] sex trade', August 31st
Ireland 'faces worst recession', June 25th
Ireland 'in preliminary talks with EU on bailout'
Ireland 'must give more children flu jabs to save lives', May 23rd
Ireland 'shamed' by prison report
Ireland - Art and Culture
Ireland - declaration of a Republic
Ireland 1014
Ireland 1536 - 1691 (Wikipedia)
Ireland 1600s
Ireland 1641 - 1648
Ireland 1691 - 1801
Ireland 1800 - 1877
Ireland 1848 - 1922
Ireland 1852 - 1868
Ireland 1919 - 1922
Ireland 800 AD - 1100 AD Timeline
Ireland Act 1949
Ireland Act 1949
Ireland Archaeology Links - websites and recommended books
Ireland Circa 1200: Norman Invasion
Ireland Old News
Ireland PM confirms Lisbon vote plan, Dec 12th
Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny makes first Downing Street visit
Ireland Timeline 1918 - 1948
Ireland accused of exposing women to anti-abortion lies
Ireland and World War One
Ireland and the Famine
Ireland and the Famine (for children)
Ireland and the Marshall Plan, 1947 - 57
Ireland and the Potato Famine
Ireland and the Ratification of the Maastricht Treaty
Ireland and the Spanish Civil War
Ireland and the UN
Ireland and the War
Ireland and the War of the Three Kingdoms
Ireland and the peacekeeping force in the Congo
Ireland back in recession in late 2011
Ireland backs EU expansion, - October 2002
Ireland becomes a kingdom, 1541
Ireland can't tax way out of recession: [Richard] Bruton, April 4th
Ireland circa 1500
Ireland circa 1600
Ireland circa 1800
Ireland circa 950AD
Ireland commissioner says most EU countries would reject Lisbon Treaty, June 28th
Ireland continues to achieve Troika targets
Ireland could join CERN for €1m says director general Rolf-Dieter Heuer
Ireland delivers stunning blow to Europe's leaders, June 14th
Ireland during the Second World War
Ireland faces new wave of emigration
Ireland facing 'struggle' on interest rates
Ireland fights to stave off £77billion bail-out
Ireland for children
Ireland garlic scam: Paul Begley jailed for six years
Ireland gets more time to pay EU loans and rate cut
Ireland has 4th highest national income per head in the EU
Ireland has a new Facebook friend: Zuckerberg turns tourist
Ireland in 'grave' economic situation, April 3rd
Ireland in 1700
Ireland in 1949
Ireland in Prehistory
Ireland in World War One
Ireland in [rugby] World Cup quarter finals
Ireland in crunch EU Treaty vote, June 12th
Ireland in last minute bid to avoid stigma of bank bail-out
Ireland in the 18th century
Ireland in the 1930s - 1940s
Ireland in the American War: 1776 - 1783
Ireland in the Early Christian Period
Ireland in the Second World War
Ireland in the Twelfth Century
Ireland in the thirteenth century
Ireland is losing the propaganda war
Ireland issues travel advice on Britain
Ireland making 'good progress' on recovery
Ireland meeting IMF/EU programme targets
Ireland meets latest targets in bailout review
Ireland named as top tourist destination, May 2000
Ireland needs more European support - IMF
Ireland out of Eurovision contest, May 15th
Ireland passes fiscal treaty referendum by 60.3% to 39.7%
Ireland prepares to pass judgement on EU Treaty, June 10th
Ireland puts up 400bn Euro to protect six big lenders, Oct 1st
Ireland rejects EU reform treaty, June 13th
Ireland rejects Lisbon Treaty, June 13th
Ireland secures Innovation portfolio [in European Commission], November 27th
Ireland sees growing opposition to European constitution, June 1st,0,871786.story
Ireland should default on its debts - the people's verdict
Ireland suspends aid channelled through Ugandan government
Ireland takes hardline stance on corporate tax as bailout talks begin
Ireland takes the EU spotlight, June 12th
Ireland to be peacekeepers in European Defence Agency, June 17th
Ireland to help establish €2bn Chinese equine centre in Tianjin
Ireland to make limited return to bond market with auction of three-month bonds
Ireland to remain outside financial tax group - Michael Noonan
Ireland to take Guantanamo men, July 29th
Ireland urges St Patrick style 'craic-down', March 17th
Ireland votes for divorce
Ireland willing to resettle Guantánamo detainees, Jan 22nd
Ireland win Grand Slam, March 21st
Ireland worker finds ancient psalms in bog
Ireland would pay any price needed to help banks, says Cowen, July 15th
Ireland's 'benevolent' neutrality during the Second World War
Ireland's ESB buys Northern Ireland Electricity for £1.2bn
Ireland's EU Presidency 2004
Ireland's English Reformation
Ireland's Golden Age
Ireland's Great Famine
Ireland's Holocaust
Ireland's Olympians attend reception in Farmleigh
Ireland's World Cup dreams shattered by superior Welsh
Ireland's Yes camp bouyant ahead of EU vote, October 1st
Ireland's abortion law challenged in European court, December 9th
Ireland's austerity plan is self-defeatingly harsh
Ireland's birth rate highest in EU
Ireland's budget deficit falls sharply in March
Ireland's close encounter with a German U-Boat
Ireland's debt €3.6bn lower than thought
Ireland's deficit highest in Europe in 2009
Ireland's deficit reduced to 13.4% in 2011 from 30.9% in 2010
Ireland's economic difficulties are Europe's opportunities, Jan 16th
Ireland's economic pain will intensify, warns EU, May 5th
Ireland's first oil well to yield 4,000 barrels per day
Ireland's first whistleblower helpline goes live
Ireland's largest music festival cancelled for 2012
Ireland's last witch trial investigated
Ireland's most haunted castle
Ireland's next leader Enda Kenny vows bailout review
Ireland's rich suffer €350bn wipe-out, April 5th
Ireland's sex trade 'thriving' despite economic downturn
Ireland's smallest baby born weighing under a pound and size of  a pen
Ireland's sovereignty not an issue - Tánaiste
Ireland's unemployment 5th highest in the EU
Ireland's voters speak, June 19th
Ireland's wildlife audit revealed
Ireland's young flee abroad as economic meltdown looms
Ireland: 1916 Easter Rising,1032,0,0,1,0
Ireland: Easter Rising 1916
Ireland: Flight of the Wild Geese
Ireland: The First Colony
Ireland: culture and religion 1815 - 1870
Ireland: propaganda and plantations
Ireland: society and economy, 1815 - 1870
Ireland: the main events, 1893 to 1920
Ireland: the political background c. 1870
Iris Robinson attempted suicide after an affair
Iris Robinson makes first public appearance
Iris Robinson thrown out of DUP after Kirk McCambley revelations
Iris [Robinson] slammed for offering gay 'cure', June 7th
Iris [Robinson] slammed for offering gay 'cure', June 7th
Iris in U-turn over 'vile' gay outburst, July 21st
Iris' 'God's law' remark was a mistake says McGuinness, July 19th
Irish  Presidential Election, 1997,_1997
Irish  mythology (Wikipedia)
Irish 'Dead Sea Scrolls' found in bog
Irish 'Famines' - Acts of God, Colonial Mismanagement or Genocide?
Irish 'bad bank' threatens Irish economy, warns [First Minister Martin] McGuinness, Sept 14th
Irish 'should be made official', Oct 11th
Irish (language) should threaten no one, March 7th
Irish / Celtic gods and goddesses: the ever-living ones
Irish / Celtic mythology: The Tuatha Dé Danann and Cath Maige Tuired
Irish / Celtic mythology: The coming of the Milesians (Gaels)
Irish / Celtic mythology: The fight with the Firbolg
Irish Air France victim [Dr Jane Deasy] is found, July 1st
Irish America stunned by RIRA attack, March 9th
Irish Arts Foundation
Irish Bishops back the Nice Treaty - 2002
Irish Boundary Commission
Irish Bruce Wars 1315 - 1318
Irish Cardinal Cathal Daly dies, December 31st
Irish Catholic Martyrs (Wikipedia)
Irish Celtic Festivals - Imbolc
Irish Celtic Festivals - Samhain
Irish Central Bank says euro-region recovery 'may moderate'
Irish Centre Birmingham
Irish Chaplaincy in Britain
Irish Citizen Army
Irish Citizen Army
Irish Citizen Army, Dublin c 1914 (image)
Irish Citizen Troops on the roof of liberty hall
Irish Civil War veteran dies at 105
Irish Community Care, Manchester
Irish Community Services [Greenwich, Bexham, Lewisham]
Irish Confessors and Martyrs
Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Irish Convention
Irish Council of the European Movement founded, 1954
Irish Crime and History
Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith
Irish Culture and History
Irish Daily Mail disowns Jan Moir, October 20th
Irish Daily Star Sunday paper folds
Irish Dalriada
Irish Database
Irish Diaspora Studies at Bradford University
Irish Druid College
Irish Druids
Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions
Irish EU auditor's email criticised Kevin Cardiff
Irish EU vote is set for October, June 24th
Irish Easter Rising
Irish Estates and Their Inhabitants
Irish FA president Raymond Kennedy resigns his position
Irish FA to ban Northern Ireland fan after chants
Irish FAQ: The Famine
Irish Family Planning Association.
Irish Famine
Irish Famine
Irish Famine
Irish Famine
Irish Famine 1845-9
Irish Famine Links
Irish Famine Memorial Buffalo
Irish Famine Memorial Day
Irish Famine Memorial Sydney Australia
Irish Famine Memorial: Australia
Irish Famine Timeline
Irish Famine education and the Holocaust 'straw man'
Irish Farmers' Assocation warns of 12, 300 farming job losses, August 6th
Irish Farmers' Association
Irish Ferries vessels involved in 'minor incident'
Irish Feud (The Irish Feud over the Boundary Question),9171,727865,00.html
Irish Finance Bill published
Irish Free State Offensive
Irish Freeholders, Freemen and Voting Registers
Irish Gaelic Translator
Irish General Election 1948,_1948
Irish General Election 1997
Irish General Election 2002,_2002
Irish General Election, 1922,_1922
Irish General Election, 1923,_1923
Irish General Election, 1932,_1932
Irish General Election, 1933
Irish General Election, 1951,_1951
Irish General Election, 1954,_1954
Irish General Election, 1957,_1957
Irish General Election, 1973,_1973
Irish General Election, June 1927
Irish General Election, September 1927
Irish Government Bill 1886
Irish Government Bill 1893
Irish Grain Trade 1839 - 1848
Irish Grand National history
Irish Greens back government deal, October 10th
Irish Greens relish first role in power, June 2007,,2102322,00.html
Irish Hauntings
Irish Heritage in Haslingden Committee
Irish High Crosses
Irish Historian
Irish History
Irish History
Irish History
Irish History
Irish History - Eleanor Countess of Desmond by Pat Flannery
Irish History - Gráinne Mhaol by Pat Flannery
Irish History 1916 - 1923
Irish History Podcast
Irish History Politics
Irish History Stuff
Irish History Timeline
Irish History and Art
Irish History and Crime
Irish History and Culture
Irish History and Current Events
Irish History and Genealogy
Irish History and History in General
Irish History and Mythology
Irish History and Politics
Irish History in General
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Eight
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Eleven
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Five
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Four
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Nine
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part One
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Seven
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Six
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Ten
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Three
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Two
Irish History: Brehon Law (Part One)
Irish Holocaust - Push to Educate the Facts (Facebook group)
Irish Holocaust Denial and the Campaign Against Sinn Fein/IRA
Irish Hotels
Irish Hotels Federation
Irish Hunger Strike
Irish Immigration (general history)
Irish Independence: 1 of 11
Irish Independent
Irish Ireland
Irish K2 climber feared dead, August 3rd
Irish Labour Historical Society (ILHS)
Irish Labour History: the Rise of the Unions
Irish Land Purchase Acts (disregarded by De Valera)
Irish Language Blog
Irish Language Links
Irish Language and History
Irish Language course on YouTube
Irish Legends
Irish Literary Revival
Irish Literature History
Irish Literature and History
Irish Lords of Kerry
Irish MP [Paul Gogarty]'s F-word outburst sparks parliament review, December 15th
Irish Martyrs (hungerstrike stories)
Irish Medical Association cannot negotiate over GPs' fees, Oct 20th
Irish Military History
Irish Military History
Irish Modern History
Irish Monastic schools
Irish Museums Association
Irish Mythology
Irish National Liberation Army
Irish National Stud at Kildare
Irish Nationalism
Irish Nationalist Flags
Irish Nationalist Party
Irish Nationwide  reports massive losses
Irish Nationwide may need more state money
Irish Olympic team arrives home
Irish Olympic team arrives home to a warm welcome
Irish PM Brian Cowen steps down as Fianna Fail leader
Irish PM Brian Cowen tells his party he will not resign
Irish PM Brian Cowen to call new year election
Irish PM [Brian Cowen] to meet [church] abuse victims, June 3rd
Irish PM bids to rally EU support, June 8th
Irish PM concedes abortion defeat, March 2002
Irish PM, Brian Cowen, survives confidence vote
Irish Paralympians given heroes' welcome at Dublin airport
Irish Parliamentary Party
Irish Peace Process - list of source documents
Irish Pedigrees or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation
Irish Penal Laws
Irish Phrases
Irish Political History
Irish Politics History
Irish Potato Famine
Irish Potato Famine
Irish Potato Famine
Irish Potato Famine
Irish Potato Famine (1845 - 1849)
Irish Potato Famine - Gone to America
Irish Potato Famine and Trade
Irish Potato Famine and Trade (History)
Irish Premier denies being hung over during interview
Irish Presidential Election, 1973,_1973
Irish Proverbs
Irish Public Service Broadcasting - 1960s
Irish Rail ordered to pay worker €190,000,  December 6th
Irish Railway History
Irish Railway Page
Irish Rebellion of 1641
Irish Recollections 1818 - 1824 (written by an English evangelist)
Irish Referendum voices, May 12th
Irish Republic 85bn euro bailout agreed
Irish Republic out of recession as GDP grows, December 17th
Irish Republic pardons wartime deserters
Irish Republic recalls all pork, Dec 6th
Irish Republic's austerity budget passes first vote
Irish Republic's unemployment up again
Irish Republican Army
Irish Republican Brotherhood
Irish Republican Brotherhood
Irish Republican Brotherhood
Irish Republican Brotherhood (Easter Rising profile)
Irish Republican History
Irish Saints
Irish Sikh Council
Irish Socialist Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
Irish Support and Advice Service
Irish Tours
Irish Trades Union Congress
Irish Transport and General Workers' Union
Irish Traveller Movement
Irish Volunteers
Irish Volunteers
Irish Volunteers
Irish War of Independence
Irish War of Independence: old footage
Irish Water to be subsidiary of Bord Gáis - Hogan
Irish Welfare and Information Centre
Irish Women's Liberation movement
Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester
Irish [Lisbon] Treaty vote set for October, July 8th
Irish [Muslim] arrests over 'plot to kill cartoonist'
Irish [air] travellers face further disruption
Irish abused [by church] 'cheated of justice', May 20th
Irish actor named as suspect in murder of Italian woman, 72, July 15th
Irish airspace closed until 1pm Sunday
Irish airspace gets all clear on volcanic ash
Irish ambassador to Poland assists in search for missing soccer fan
Irish and Australian History
Irish and Canadian History
Irish and Celtic culture and religion
Irish and Celtic myths, legends and folklore
Irish and Scottish History
Irish and Scottish History
Irish and Scottish History and Culture
Irish army finds Chad 'too hard', May 7th
Irish ask Fifa for French replay, November 19th
Irish assassin plot investigated, April 17th
Irish asset agency [NAMA] eyes London hotels
Irish audit prompts Facebook privacy changes
Irish author Colum McCann wins lucrative literary award
Irish bailout on track - IMF
Irish bank deposits decline by €5.3bn
Irish bank head [Richard Burrows] quits over losses, May 19th
Irish bank plan 'should include cap on executive pay', Oct 1st
Irish banks face mortgage strikes
Irish banks second lowest for granting loans - research
Irish banks' ECB borrowing inches up in June
Irish boat sinks off French coast, Sept 12th
Irish bond yields spike dramatically
Irish borrowing costs rise again
Irish borrowing on open market 'easier' under EU plan
Irish boxing: Paddy Barnes wins second Olympic medal
Irish budget aim to 'create jobs' Noonan says
Irish budget deficit increases to almost 25 bn euros
Irish business trio accused by US of 'illegal trade with Iran', March 25th
Irish cabinet finalising plans to cut budget deficit
Irish census, 2006
Irish charity [Trócaire] pulling out workers [after government grant aid cut], August 27th
Irish childhood in the mid-twentieth century
Irish church accused of abuse cover-up, November 26th
Irish climber dies on Mount Everest
Irish coalition talks to continue, October 9th
Irish consumers confront the Euro
Irish couple recall Italian cruise ship ordeal
Irish court battle over teenager's abortion right, May 2007,,2070406,00.html
Irish court rules against woman in frozen embryo appeal, December 15th
Irish court rules in favour of ISPs in privacy case
Irish credit rating cut again by Moody's
Irish credit rating cut by S&P, March 31st
Irish credit rating cut two levels by Fitch, November 4th
Irish credit rating is downgraded
Irish cross pillars and cross slabs (pagan stones made Christian)
Irish culture and customs
Irish deficit balloons after new bank bail-out
Irish deficit rises by 8bn Euros
Irish developer Ray Grehan in UK bankruptcy move
Irish drug boss survives shooting in at Spanish bar, August 23rd
Irish economy 'perhaps most overheated', June 24th
Irish economy 'to contract by 6%', March 10th
Irish economy goes into recession, Sept 25th
Irish economy grew by 1.6% in second quarter
Irish economy particularly vulnerable to US recession, Jan 31st
Irish economy ranked as third most free in the world, Jan 16th
Irish economy shows 'relative improvement', September 24th
Irish economy shrank at record rate in 2009
Irish election - SF president Gerry Adams wins seat
Irish election: voters' views, May 2007
Irish emigrant loses two sons in US superstorm Sandy
Irish employees working harder to keep jobs
Irish evacuated from Libya
Irish exporters report records sales for 2010
Irish face prospect of new taxes, September 7th
Irish family names and spellings
Irish famine film
Irish finance bill passes final hurdle
Irish fire worker claims racism
Irish fire worker wins race claim
Irish firm announces €19m China deal
Irish flood 'worst for 800 years', November 23rd
Irish footie fans: 'Angela Merkel thinks we're at work'
Irish general election 1977,_1977
Irish general election, 1918,_1918
Irish ghosts and legends
Irish government accused of cover-up over bank inquiry
Irish government bails out banks, September 16th
Irish government crisis: key bail-out bill set to pass
Irish government fails to meet savings targets on public sector allowances
Irish government guarantees banks, Sept 30th
Irish government hit in polls, June 6th
Irish government pulls £400m A5 upgrade funding
Irish government to remove illegal waste (from Northern Ireland), June 12th
Irish government unveils design for memorial to abuse victims
Irish growth forecast trimmed again by European Commission
Irish guards homecoming march in Newtownards
Irish high crosses
Irish historical mysteries: the flight of the earls
Irish historical mysteries: the grave of Robert Emmet
Irish history: 14 to 18 years
Irish hopeful in world yacht race damaged
Irish house of cards comes down, Oct 25th
Irish in America
Irish in Britain
Irish influenza level hits a record high
Irish is third most used language in the country - 2011 Census
Irish jobless rate at record high, Nov 5th
Irish journalist says she will not reveal Real IRA sources, May 12th
Irish language committee met twice in 2011
Irish language newspaper to close, Dec 16th
Irish language recognised by EU, June 2005
Irish language sign is Belfast City Hall first
Irish lenders' ECB borrowings rise to
Irish link to help Scotland's birds of prey
Irish loan programme 'on target' says IMF
Irish man [Rob Stringer's] body found on beach, August 8th
Irish man shot dead in South Africa
Irish may get early Lisbon vote, Feb 16th
Irish minister [Dick Roche] held at gunpoint, Dec 15th
Irish minister [Michael Martin] visits Belfast, November 11th
Irish minister attends Belfast Somme commemorations
Irish mobs fight police in Derry, April 1920
Irish monk beehive-shaped stone huts
Irish monks (children's page)
Irish monks and the voyage of St. Brendan
Irish mother guilty of incest jailed for seven years, Jan 22nd
Irish mothers are oldest in EU
Irish motorcyclist killed in Isle of Man TT
Irish music in the sixteenth century
Irish mythology (recent view)
Irish mythology names
Irish mythology, literature, folklore and drama (links)
Irish nation for sale on E-Bay reaches
Irish nine-year bonds close below 6%
Irish opposition member George Lee quits Dáil and Fine Gael
Irish passport key to fee waiver in Scotland
Irish peace process
Irish pensioner dies after horrendous castration bid
Irish people tested for swine flu, April 27th
Irish people urged to cut luxuries, April 21st
Irish police detain 'al-Qaeda' sympathiser in Dublin
Irish police discover gun in raid [on dissident republicans]
Irish police find arms at border, March 1st
Irish police foiled dissident bomb attack says [Irish Justic Minister Dermot] Ahern
Irish police forces in dissident pledge
Irish police hunt kidnap gang, September 12th
Irish police who strike could face prosecution, December 8th
Irish political parties in five-way election debate
Irish politician and journalist Dr Conor Cruise O'Brien dies, Dec 19th
Irish poll predicting victory for anti-treaty lobby dismissed as 'voodoo', September 25th
Irish population is Europe's fastest growing, September 2005
Irish pork supply to be restored, Dec 10th
Irish president Michael D Higgins in Belfast visit
Irish presidential election: Gallagher stretches poll lead
Irish prices falling faster than anywhere in Europe, May 15th
Irish prices second highest in EU, August 11th
Irish prices still 18% above EU average
Irish priest [Fr Jeremiah Roche] murdered in Kenya, December 12th
Irish priest seized in Mindanao, October 11th
Irish priests attacked - woodcut
Irish prime minister Ahern resigns amidst financial controversy, April 2nd
Irish property empire [Liam Carroll] 'on brink', August 12th
Irish public sector workers begin work-to-rule €300m to be spent fixing water mains
Irish ready to hold new EU vote, Dec 11th
Irish relatives [of director Danny Moyle] bask in '[Slumdog] Millionaire' glory, Feb 24th
Irish remember 1979 papal visit
Irish republican terrorist jailed for life for murder of soldier in Derby
Irish resisting EU bail-out pressure
Irish roads sixth safest in Europe
Irish sailors rescued near Java
Irish scientist's invention puts whisky in the car
Irish settlers in Pennsylvania
Irish shares fall further 5% in world stocks chaos, Oct 8th
Irish sheep sells for €108,000
Irish ship the Rachel Corrie is due to arrive in Gaza
Irish singer [Beverly O'Sullivan] dies in India car crash, November 2nd
Irish sites nominated for World Heritage list
Irish sports star [Donal Og Cusack] reveals he is gay, October 24th
Irish stargazer spots 'supernova' exploding star
Irish survey says lack of understanding of mental health issues
Irish swell ranks of UK military, Nov 27th
Irish synthetic drug use 'highest in Europe'
Irish teen in court abortion plea, May 2007
Irish teen wins abortion battle, May 2007
Irish television drama in the 1970s
Irish terror groups target Conservative party conference in Birmingham
Irish terror threat concerns MI5 more than Muslim threat
Irish to America: the Famine Immigrants
Irish to expel Israeli diplomat over Hamas killing
Irish to vote on EU fiscal treaty
Irish trainee pilots stranded in Florida and facing loss of €80,000 as aviation school ends course
Irish trainee policeman arrested over indecent assault
Irish trio have fled Colombia, December 2004
Irish trio sentenced in Colombia, December 2004
Irish troops: First World War, 1915-17
Irish tycoon Bernard McNamara 'has no assets left'
Irish unemployment 'has peaked', employers' group says
Irish unemployment at fresh highs, April 1st
Irish unity goes well beyond borders
Irish universities fall in world rankings
Irish universities fall in world rankings
Irish unveil tough austerity plan
Irish viewpoints on Lisbon Treaty, September 28th
Irish vote in tight election race, May 2007
Irish vote to reject inquiries amendment
Irish voters reject Lisbon Treaty, June 13th
Irish warned against [swine] flu complacency, May 4th
Irish wary of second vote idea, July 16th
Irish who fought on the beaches
Irish wolfhound history
Irish wolfhound history
Irish woman dies in Queensland diving accident
Irish woman dies scattering her sister's ashes into stormy sea
Irish women earn 17% less than Irish men
Irish writer wins prestigious award in UK
Irish-American Heritage and History Month
Irish-made drug could save thousands
Irishman [John O'Neill] shot dead outside bar in Spain
Irishman [Ray Carroll] in record breaking Atlantic crew
Irishman dies in Darwin explosion
Irishman killed in Caribbean attack
Irishman missing in Benidorm
Irishman's body recovered in Thailand, November 10th
Irishman, 23, is killed in New Zealand car accident
Irishmen, aristocrats, and other white barbarians,+aristocrats,+and+other+white+barbarians-a019793520
Irishwoman Easkey Britton makes surf waves in Iran
Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled
Is this man Veronica Guerin's killer? May 2nd
Isaac Butt
Isaac Butt and the Home Rule Party
Islamic centre receives far-right death threats, July 1st
Isle of Iona
Israel diverts aid ship Rachel Corrie to Ashdod
Israel refuses entry to Nobel peace prize winner [Mairead Maguire]
Israel to deport five Irish aboard Rachel Corrie
Issue of IRA dealt with - now it's time for political delivery, Sept 4th
It wasn't sectarianism, your honour: the Taigs provoked me
It's a load of rubbish as one third of food is binned, Oct 6th
It's almost a clean sweep for capital in litter survey, June 16th
Italy 2-0 Republic of Ireland
Ivor Callely released from garda custody
[IRA] jail escapers won't be extradited, August 5th
[Ian] Paisley [Jnr] cleared over holiday home, March 2nd
[Ian] Paisley [Jr] complains over QC remarks, July 1st
[Ian] Paisley: I'd accept Sinn Fein in top Stormont job
[Irish  Congress of Trade Unions] calls for nationalisation of banks, Dec 4th
[Irish Bank Officials' Association] says 4,000 finance jobs at risk
[Irish Farmer's Association] outlines stance on Lisbon, August 20th
[Irish Farmers' Association] organising election meetings
[Irish Medical Organisation] proposes free universal health care
[Irish financial advisor Ted Cunningham] laundered part of £26m raid, March 27th
[Irish police commissioner Fachtna] Murphy says attack on Britain 'a strong possibility'
iced tea
ictures from the 1916 Commemoration in 2006
illegal checkpoint
illegal protest
improve security
improvised device
incendiary bomb
inciting loyalists to kill
increased security
independent report
initially believed
inn Féin welcome electricity price reductions, September 15th
intelligence agent
intended for use
ipe bomb
irst day of talks in national pay deal, Sept 8th
issued a public warning
issued a statement
issued a warning