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'Happy Christmas' sign
'Hate campaign' against Protestant boxers
'Head shop' owners risk jail
'Historical action' by Omagh families - BBC
'How Rome seized power'
H. H. Asquith
HET review must be independent say victims' families
HMRC staff sacked over race abuse
HSE calls on staff to end work-to-rule
HSE investigation into Cork boarding school
HSE open to lifting of legislative hurdles
HSE orders 100,000 extra flu vaccines
HSE proposes 1,000 job cuts, April 21st
HSE to cease to exist by 2014, Cathal Magee to step down
HSE urges parents over measles vaccine
Hackballscross, County Louth raid 'prevented NI bomb'
Hackers get blame for Eircom meltdown, July 14th
Half of drink-drivers getting away scot-free, Nov 1st
Half of farmers have no identified successor - survey
Halifax Belfast jobs in doubt over restructuring plan
Halifax Irish Society
Hall petrol bombing 'murder bid', March 31st
Halloween clean-up to cost millions, Nov 1st
Halloween's Celtic Roots
Halt One Direction concert ticket re-sales: SDLP
Ham recalled over listeria fear, September 5th
Handful of Irish living in worst hit region [of earthquake-affected Japan] safe and well
Handling of the foot-and-mouth crisis
Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington
Hardliners crack down on underage drinking, June 6th
Hardliners vent their fury at Martin McGuinness, March 14th
Haringey Irish Centre
Harney to blame for card fiasco: Lenihan, Oct 16th
Harold Wilson
Harrods bomb blast kills six, 1983
Harry Holland's loved ones slam killer's sentence, July 4th
Harsh times for the IRA
Harte tragedy: Michaela McAreavey's remains brought home to Tyrone
Hat-trick of U-turns as Hanafin decides disability pay to stay, Oct 31st
Hatred, disgust, anger - Europe's feelings for us
Haughey wasn't the gunrunner
Haunted Ireland quiz
Haunted castles and hotels in Ireland
Haunted castles in Ireland
Haunted castles in Ireland
Haunted places in Ireland
Hazel Stewart legal aid bill at least £77,000
Hazel Stewart trial: killer dentist Howell breaks down in witness box
Head shop destroyed in Capel Street fire
Headache for Cowen over [Mary] Coughlan EU post, October 28th
Heads' fury at 11-plus confusion, Sept 24th
Health Minister James Reilly in a consortium listed in Stubbs Gazette over €1.9m debt
Health Service Executive announces €130m of cuts to be made before end of year
Health chief pledges action plan after Belfast hospital death
Health service cuts 'less severe' than feared
Healthcare firm announces 250 new jobs in County Mayo
Hearing over abuse files delayed, Feb 4th
Heart of Burren Walks
Heartache over freak death of backpacker Donal Bolton
Heartbreak as Irishman dies in fiery plane crash [in New Zealand]
Heartbreak as death row dog Lennox destroyed by Belfast council
Hearts and Minds Trimble Interview
Heating problems close Athlone nursing home
Heavy rain causes city flooding, August 31st
Heavy rains cause widespread flooding, November 1st
Heavy snow causes travel chaos
Helicopter air ambulance bid hits problems
Helicopter crashes near school, Sept 18th
Helicopter, luxury cars, home and £2m seized from Ulster millionare, Feb 28th
Helicopters in Antrim mountain rescue
Help 'limited' on fuel bill hikes, Sept 11th
Help us find missing Damian [O'Brien], plead pals, December 5th
Henry Boyle Townshend Somerville
Henry Cooke (Evangelical Presbyterian leader)
Henry Cromwell, Lord Deputy, 1628 - 1679
Henry Flood
Henry Flood
Henry Grattan
Henry Grattan
Henry Grattan's Parliament
Henry I
Henry II
Henry II
Henry II
Henry II Curtmantle
Henry II, Strongbow and Ireland
Henry III
Henry III
Henry Joy
Henry Sidney
Henry VI (15th century monarch)
Henry VI and the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses
Henry VII and Ireland
Henry VIII
Henry VIII and Ireland
Henry Wilson
Henry lands in Ireland
Herbert Asquith
Herbert Asquith
Herbert Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith
Herbert Henry Asquith
Herding, grazing, milking
Heritage of Glendalough
Herman Görtz (German spy)
Heroic brothers save family of six in sea rescue
Heroin haul 'largest ever in NI', July 11th
Heroin use a 'national crisis' - drugs group, September 29th
Herrema kidnappers under siege, October 1975
Hertfordshire GAA
Hibernia (the Romans and Ireland)
Hiberno-English: The English language in Medieval Ireland
Hiberno-English: the English Language in Medieval Ireland
Hiberno-Norman Literature
Hidden Connections: the Campaign for Catholic Emancipation
Higgins apology letter sells for £2,400
High Court awards €400k over sex abuse
High Court dismisses [TD Michael] Lowry defamation appeal
High Court permission
High King of Ireland
High Kings of Ireland
High tide of rubbish on Northern Irish beaches
High winds bring down power lines, Jan 17th
High-level meeting on Limerick murder, Nov 10th
Higher tax for all until 2013, Taoiseach warns, March 1st
Hijacked vehicles used on police in County Armagh riots
Hijackers beat man with hammer in Coalisland
Hijackers push woman out of car, Jan 4th
Hiker dies after mountain fall, September 28th
Hilary Clinton could be made envoy to Northern Ireland, July 22nd
Hilary Clinton urges Stormont leaders to agree on policing and justice powers, October 12th
Hill of Slane
Hill of Slane information
Hill of Tara
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton calls Northern Ireland leaders on [justice] deal
Hillery laid to rest after state funeral, April 16th
Hindu Cultural Centre
Hindu priest moving after attack, June 24th
Historic first for PSNI in Croke Park
Historic handshake that may end the bloody Limerick feud, Dec 21st
Historical summary - Ireland 1790s
History Corner: The Great Irish Famine
History Especially Irish
History and Goals of the Irish Citizens Army and the Volunteers
History for Primary School Children
History of Bantry
History of Clontarf Castle
History of Cork Airport
History of Ireland (Brian Boru: Chapter Three)
History of Irish Dance
History of Irish Rail
History of Irish racing 17th - 20th century
History of Maynooth College
History of Northern Ireland 1925 - 1965
History of Policing in Ireland up to 1918
History of RTÉ: 1980s
History of St Patrick's Day in Dublin (2006 was biggest ever)
History of the B Specials
History of the Belfast Celtic football team
History of the GAA (ban on 'foreign' games lifted, April 1971)
History of the Gaelic Athletic Association
History of the Gaelic Athletic Association
History of the Grand Canal
History of the Great Hunger
History of the Irish Language
History of the Irish People
History of the Irish Police
History of the Irish Race
History of the Northern Ireland parliament
History of the Royal Ulster Constabulary
History of the Ulster Scots
History of the Ulster Scots
History of the Vikings
History written by young children
Hoax baby announcement left Van Morrisson 'flabbergasted'
Hoax bomb alert at Belfast airport, August 2001
Hoax bombs
Hoax device 'used to lure police' in County Armargh
Hoax device left at Israeli embassy, Jan 20th
Hoey cleared of Omagh bombing charges - Guardian
Holiday homes with Casamundo
Holy Cross blockade looms again, August 2001
Holy Cross dispute, beginning June 2001
Holywood woman left 'shaken' after children steal scooter
Home Rule
Home Rule
Home Rule Next Session?
Home Rule and Ireland
Home Rule debate 1893 (picture)
Home Rule debate in the House of Lords, September 1893
Home Rule: - The Elections of 1885 and 1886
Home attacked by petrol bombers, Oct 5th
Home of elderly DUP councillor attacked, July 3rd
Home of elderly DUP councillor attacked, July 3rd
Home prices drop biggest since early 2010
Home repossessions up 30%, May 9th
Homeless man jailed for a week for begging in Belfast
Homeowners' plight tops election agenda
Homes cleared after Belfast police station attack
Homes evacuated as bombs found on rail line, August 8th
Homes evacuated in Toome alert caused by abandoned car
Homes fail to sell at
Homes without water after freeze, December 26th
Homophobic bullying 'prevalent' in Northern Ireland schools
Honohan rejects Morgan Kelly criticism
Hooray for the Irish, June 16th
Hopes faded
Hopes fading for weekend NI justice transfer deal
Hopes of breakthrough on Northern Irish policing powers, December 24th
Horror as dad (49) crushed to death [at work], August 11th
Horror attack in Belfast after Old Firm game, March 30th
Horror nursing home director defends patient treatment
Horror of the Greysteel massacre, 1993
Horse mussels fine from Europe could be £8m
Horse-riding in ancient Ireland
Hospital consultants' starting wage to fall by 30%
Hospital documents found in Galway bog
Hospital faces axe from crippled HSE
Hospital pressures hit surgery, Jan 5th
Hospital wrongly told mum baby was dead in womb
Hotels in Dublin
Hotels in Ireland
Hotter than Athens - Northern Ireland basks in sun
House attack: resident may leave Northern Ireland
House fire kills three brothers, March 16th
House prices 48% below peak levels
House prices drop sharply again, Feb 24th
House prices fell further in 2011 than in 2010
House prices plummet by 40% since peak of boom
House prices see biggest gain since 2007 - CSO
House prices still falling after four years - now 45% cheaper than 2007 peak
House search in Kerr murder inquiry
Household Charge protests in 40 locations
Houses raided in Shane Geoghagan inquiry, Nov 13th
Housing Executive to stick by Red Sky contract decision
Housing Executive wins first stage of court battle with Lord Rana
Housing Rights Service get funding for repossession legal advice
How 'thundering disgrace' led to President [
How An Bord Pleanála shot down Dunne plan and buried Celtic Tiger, Jan 31st
How British Free Trade Starved Millions During the Irish Potato Famine
How De Valera asked UK to smear IRA chief Sean Russell
How Emigration Changed Ireland
How Red Hugh went circuit against the English in the North, 1593
How Rome seized power (Ian Paisley's view)
How do Butt and Parnell's leadership of the Home Rule Party compare?
How ministers saw Ulster slide into strife,2763,195189,00.html
How old feud amongst friends became a bloodbath [Anthony Cannon murder], July 18th
How the Irish Became White
How the Irish Catholics, under the leadership of Daniel O'Connell, won Catholic Emancipation
How the Plague Spread Around the British Isles
How the word 'boycott' materialised
How the world reacted to the Irish 'no' vote, June 13th
Howlin insists Govt will get to bottom of bank guarantee
Howth murder weapon recovered [murder of Celine Cawley], Dec 16th
Huge explosion rocks central Manchester, 1996
Huge increase in NI unemployment, Jan 21st
Huge rise in Irish visitors to NI, July 27th
Huge rise in welfare fraud tip-offs
Huge security effort greets [gas ship] Solitaire's arrival, June 27th
Huge swing by farmers to Fine Gael, September 24th
Hugh 'sky explosion' investigated, September 4th
Hugh Morgan says he handed cheque to Gallagher
Hugh O'Neill
Hugh O'Neill
Hugh O'Neill
Hugh O'Neill
Hugh O'Neill (Earl of Tyrone) Biography
Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone
Hugh O'Neill, Second Earl of Tyrone
Hugh O'Neill, Second Earl of Tyrone,_2nd_Earl_of_Tyrone
Hugh O'Neill: 1540 - 1616
Hugh O'Neill: religious chameleon, free spirit or ardent Catholic?
Hugh Roe O'Donnell
Hugh de Lacy
Hugh de Lacy, from 'The Irish Nation: Its History and Its Biography'
Hughes & Hughes goes into receivership
Hughes Christenson and Nortel: hundreds of jobs to be lost as US companies withdraw
Human arm found on south Dublin beach
Human remains found in Co Wicklow search
Human rights of St Patrick's prisoners 'ignored or violated'
Human trafficking probe - two men appear in court
Hume Adams statement, 1993
Humphrey Gilbert
Humphrey Gilbert in Ireland
Hundreds at Altnagelvin radiotherapy unit protest march
Hundreds attend Flood family funeral, May 2nd
Hundreds attend funeral of Irish radio star Gerry Ryan
Hundreds attend vigil for murdered loyalist Moffett
Hundreds of farmers protest over pay cuts, March 12th
Hundreds of gaps in Belfast nursing rota
Hundreds of gas fitter's customers told to switch off appliances now
Hundreds report Irish sky blast, September 7th
Hundreds take part in Ballymurphy protest
Hunger strike video
Hunger: the real Maze men speak
Hunt pack savages family pet dog
Hurling (possibly 1950s)
Husband and wife among four accused over £450k drug haul
Husband charged with murder of Celine Crawley, Dec 21st
Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings
Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings,9171,925586-2,00.html
Hydebank cell deaths: three inquiries to be held
Hydebank governor Gary Alcock charged with misconduct
[Hospital] consultants will accept 15% pay cut, December 12th
[House of Commons speaker] John Bercow says Gerry Adams is not an MP
handing in legally held guns
hate crime
hate crime
hate crime.
he Great Hunger Memorial in Clare
he Politics of Irish Literature: The Agony of Fenianism
he Treaty, the Free State and the Irish Civil War: Irish History Part 14
he Union from 'A Concise History of Ireland'
held a protest
held up
held up by hoax bombs
high alert
hijack a train
hijacked a van
hijacked a van
hoax alert
hoax alert
hoax alert
hoax alert
hoax bomb
hoax bomb
hoax bomb alert
hoax bomb alert
hoax bomb alert
hoax bomb alerts
hoax bomb call
hoax bombs
hoax device
hoax devices
holding secret talks
hristianity in Ireland
huge ask
huge bill
hunger strike
hunger strike
hunger strike