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'God Save Ireland!' (The 1867 Rising)
'Golden clerics' celebrate Father Ted, Feb 25th
'Grenade' found at policeman's Fermanagh home
'Grinning man' left bomb in Omagh, April 9th
'Guards can't cope as gangs take over'
'Gun victim had received threats' (attack in May 2001)
'Gun' at hunger strikers' march prompts outcry, August 18th
GAA clubhouse blaze 'suspicious', Nov 9th
GAA museum to close as U2 elevate stadium security, June 14th
GAA player [James O'Reilly] faces GBH charge at Downpatrick court
GAA player's family 'to fight on for justice' after trial verdict blow
GAA referee attacked after semi-final clash
GAA star [Philly McGuinness] dies in accidental collision
GAA team 'target of bomb attack' in Antrim
GAA team hit by swine flu fears, July 24th
GAME enters administration - 110 jobs to go
GB students charged more to cover NI fees shortfall
GCHQ 'monitored Omagh bomb calls' - BBC
GCHQ lacked technology to track Omagh bombers, say security sources - Guardian
GCHQ lacked techology to track Omagh bombers, say security sources, Jan 21st
GCSE History: Northern Ireland
GL Wilson fined over employee death
GRA concerns over Templemore, April 29th
Gabriel Byrne: Irish Gathering 2013 'seen as scam' by Irish Americans
Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán (700 links)
Gaelic Resurgence, Norman Decline: 1254 - 1536
Gaelic Revival
Gaelic Revival
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
Gaeltalk (Online courses)
Gallaher cigarette factory owners JTI fined 150k after worker killed
Gallery: Arthur Griffith
Gallery: The 1798 Rebellion in Wexford
Galway City Hall damaged in blast
Galway East
Galway Museum
Galway Official Site
Galway Tourist
Galway Tourist Guide
Galway [child abuse] couple could face hundreds more charges, December 29th
Galway body identified as missing Latvian man
Galway braced for more water problems, Sept 25th
Galway councillors meet over water, Sept 27th
Galway flight makes emergency landing, April 29th
Galway water action plan labelled 'pathetic', Sept 26th
Galway, April 1840
Galway, August 1824
Galway, August 1840
Galway, December 1824
Galway, December 1840
Galway, January 1825
Galway, July 1824
Galway, July 1840
Galway, June 1824
Galway, June 1838
Galway, June 1840
Galway, March 1823
Galway, March 1824
Galway, March 1840
Galway, May 1823
Galway, May 1840
Galway, November 1824
Galway, October 1840
Galway, September 1840
Game ban for robbery accused, October 2006
Gaming company [GALA] creates 103 Dublin jobs
Gang 'picks up penguin' from Dublin City Zoo
Gang 'spent £54,000 advertising Belfast brothels'
Gang abducts couple in €130,000 Bank of Ireland robbery, September 11th
Gang attacks couples in County Louth, March 10th
Gang attacks fire crews in city, May 10th
Gang attacks homes in west Belfast
Gang feud feared as bomb explosion follows murder, August 11th
Gang hit foiled after Phoenix Park chase, May 21st
Gang leader gets life in jail for gang murder that sparked feud, December 18th
Gang linked to £8.4m cannabis haul, June 17th
Gang shoots teenage boy in legs, October 18th
Gang sought after Dublin attack and robbery
Gang threatens pensioners at home, July 22nd
Gangland criminal shot dead in crowded Dublin pub
Gangland gun trail linked to IRA suppliers, July 19th
Gangland violence is spreading into schools, teachers warn, October 10th
Gangs cut out middle man to boost profits, October 23rd
Gangs of Polish football hooligans organised violence, March 30th
Gangs target elderly women in separate attacks in Newry and Crumlin
Gangster linked to Geurin case awaiting extradition
Gangsters offer gardai up to
Ganley tells 'unhelpful' British MEP [Nigel Farage] to pack his tent and go, Sept 19th
Garda Ciaran Jones buried in County Wicklow
Garda Owen Corrigan 'distressed' by IRA mole claims
Garda Representative Association says patrol car shortage is hampering policing
Garda appeal following Cork deaths
Garda appeal to trace missing woman [Siobhan McArdle]
Garda collusion 'hindered RUC investigations'
Garda convicted of dangerous driving
Garda critically injured in shooting incident in Kerry
Garda deny access to tip-off agent - Guardian
Garda dies in Co Wicklow road accident
Garda has entire sentence suspended
Garda ombudsman probes Lucan shooting, May 16th
Garda ombudsman probes child-death road incident, March 9th
Garda report critical of MCD over Phoenix Park disturbances
Garda searches in Dublin, Louth and Meath, August 19th
Garda sergeant fined €2,000 for sexual assault
Garda watchdog to examine footage of protests
Gardaí  investigate Kerry killing, Nov 9th
Gardaí a 'secretive' police force, December 3rd
Gardaí acquitted of charges of assault
Gardaí appeal for witnesses after Cork death, Feb 15th
Gardaí appeal for witnesses after fatal Dublin shooting, Jan 8th
Gardaí appeal over missing children
Gardaí believe Finglas victims were set up
Gardaí call for witnesses to three separate road crashes
Gardaí expressed concern at Ferry's employment
Gardaí face challengs over rape remarks
Gardaí foil cash-in-transit robbery, November 5th
Gardaí get more time in Limerick investigation, April 11th
Gardaí injured in Cork Airport rampage
Gardaí investigate Cork sledding accident
Gardaí investigate Dublin abduction
Gardaí investigate Tallaght killing
Gardaí investigate fatal Dublin crashes, April 12th
Gardaí investigating fatal Dublin stabbing
Gardaí investigation into alleged sexual assaults on three women
Gardaí issue appeal after woman's body found
Gardaí probe fatal Bray stabbing, August 16th
Gardaí probe use of Irish passports by Russia
Gardaí renew appeal for missing Dublin woman, August 21st
Gardaí renew missing Dublin teen appeal
Gardaí say Emer O'Loughlin was murdered
Gardaí seek help to find missing Aoife Phelan
Gardaí seek to identify Cashel crash victims
Gardaí seize €700,000 worth of cannabis, April 8th
Gardaí seize 7000 samurai swords, November 5th
Gardaí seize weapons and explosive in Limerick after search
Gardaí to interview trucker in DART debacle
Gardaí to probe Suicidology association fund irregularity
Gardaí to speak to child who saw father shot dead in Dublin
Gardaí, students clash in Dublin
Gardai arrest 14 in Geoghegan probe as two flee to London, Feb 25th
Gardai braced for gang violence surge [in Dublin], Jan 11th
Gardai chasing armed gang after botched tiger kidnapping in Dublin
Gardai fear hole-in-the-wall gang are now roaming the country, July 25th
Gardai find gangsters' cache of pipe bombs, July 13th
Gardai find no evidence of Moriarty phone tap
Gardai hunt frail pensioner's killer, November 13th
Gardai hunt teenage cyclist killer in 'gang feud' shooting, Oct 21st
Gardai hunt three for Junior Cert pupil's rape, September 11th
Gardai hunt travellers after horse race on major road
Gardai hunt two gangs after botched ATM raids
Gardai hunting five murder suspects [for murder of Wayne Doherty], July 7th
Gardai launch murder hunt to find Galway teacher's killer
Gardai left powerless over Lynn video link, August 1st
Gardai question five teenagers over East Wall murder, Dec 8th
Gardai shoot gunman in pub stand-off
Gardai struggling to contain traveller feud, October 18th
Gardai suspect pensioner was killed by thieves, July 9th
Gardai to mount safety blitz on motorists, Oct 25th
Gardai to step up excavation in search for body [of Fiona Pender], May 14th
Gardai track freed rapist on train trip
Gardai treating Roscommon fire in which girl (5) died as suspicious
Gardai want bankers prosecuted, April 7th
Gardai warn of upsurge in gang extortion crime
Gardai widen search for woman after car reports, Jan 31st
Gardener's Question Time star John Cushnie dies
Garret Fitzgerald
Garret Fitzgerald, Taoiseach
Garret, Ninth Earl of Kildare
Garret, the Great Earl of Kildare: 1477 - 1513
Garrison Waterside
Gary Butcher brother "devastated" by Shaun Doherty sentence
Gavin O'Reilly resigns as CEO of Independent News & Media
Gay Byrne
Gay Byrne 'would consider' Presidency run
Gay Byrne Aras 'No' fuels crisis for Fianna Fail leader Martin
Gay Byrne leads Red C presidential poll
Gay Byrne says Fianna Fáil would support bid
Gay Mitchell is FG's presidential candidate
Gay UDA gunman: 'I hid my true self', Oct 5th
Gay marriage proposal rejected by Stormont assembly members
Gay men urged to 'out' DUP members after MP's 'abomination' remark, June 9th
Gay rights group 'snubbed' by [Health Minister Edwin] Poot over blood donors
Gaza activists [including 14 Irish citizens] await deportation from Israel
Genealogy and Irish History
General Election of 24th January 1933
General Election, February 1982
General Election, February 1987
General Election, June 1989
General Election, November 1982,_November_1982
General Election: 9th June 1927
General Post Office
General Post Office during the Rising
General Schomberg (and William's decision to go to Ireland)
General election not a beauty contest: [Gerry] Adams
General election, June 1981
Geoff Kerr widow pleased by Darren Kernohan sentence
George A. Birmingham
George Bernard Shaw's letter in response to De Valera's offer of condolence
George Bush meets Bertie Ahern and Romano Prodi in Ireland
George Bush phones Adams over Northern Ireland talks, November 2004
George I
George II
George III
George III
George J Mitchell, American ambassador from 1995
George Mitchell
George Noble Plunkett
George Papandreou criticises Michael Noonan for 'flippant' comment on Greece and feta cheese Stephen Carroll's widow disgusted at killer's sentence
George Papandreou criticises Michael Noonan for 'flippant' comment on Greece and feta cheese
George W Bush visits Ireland, June 2004
Georgian Dublin
Georgian Dublin
Georgian Dublin
Gerald of Wales
Gerald of Wales: The Norman Conquest of Ireland
Gerard Connors to serve 13 years for Seamus Fox murder
Gerard Gibson's mother in legal challenge against Historical Enquiries Team
Gerard James McManus
German coverage of the 2006 commemoration of the 1916 Rising
German teenagers hurt in bus attack
German woman leaves baby behind in Dublin city hotel
Gerry Adam's poll plea to unionists 'who feel abandoned'
Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams McConville allegations broadcast
Gerry Adams against brother's extradition battle
Gerry Adams and Jackie McDonald meet for the first time
Gerry Adams and niece Aine Tyrell row over abuse claims
Gerry Adams anger over Sunday Tribune claims [that he has not done enough to help the victims of sexual abuse]
Gerry Adams appeals to the IRA to fully embrace peaceful means, 6th April 2005
Gerry Adams denies accepting crown title to resign Westminster seat
Gerry Adams discusses IRA arms, 1995
Gerry Adams driver tells court over fear of 'blackmail threat', Jan 12th
Gerry Adams happy to take part in televised debate on referendum with other party leaders
Gerry Adams in call for truth commission, Sept 25th
Gerry Adams praises deal on police powers transfer
Gerry Adams rejects 'cover up' claims over suspect brother
Gerry Adams resigns as West Belfast MP
Gerry Adams says bid to engage with dissident republicans 'not a stunt'
Gerry Adams steps up warnings against use of special forces, March 17th
Gerry Adams to run for seat in Irish parliament
Gerry Adams under the gun,9171,984169-1,00.html
Gerry Adams urges brother to face child sex charges, December 18th
Gerry Adams' brother Liam released on 15,000 euros bail
Gerry Adams' brother will not surrender to PSNI, December 23rd
Gerry Adams' speech at Sinn Fein's centennial Ard Fheis, March 2005
Gerry Adams' statement that a discussion about his 6th April 2005 initiative has been authorised by the IRA, April 2005
Gerry Adams' wife Collette tells of cancer shock
Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin leader
Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin leader
Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Féin
Gerry Adams: The opportunity for progress is now, 23rd March 2007
Gerry Fitt, SDLP founder
Gerry McGeough guilty of 1981 Samuel Brush murder bid
Gerry McGeough suffered inequality, pardon review hears
Gerry Ryan's death 'likely' caused by cocaine use
Gerry Ryan's devastated Melanie [Verwoerd] now gets the sack
Gerry [Ryan]'s friends feared for his health
Gerrymandering in Northern Ireland
Gerrymandering in Northern Ireland (published 1964)
Ghost Hunt Ireland
Ghost estate sells for €640,000; €10,159 per house
Giant wind turbine assembly starts
Giant's Causeway tourist centre unveiled
Gilmore expecting further vote on Europe, Sept 11th
Gilmore happy to meet Sarkozy, July 20th
Gilmore urges Kenny to take part in TV3 debate
Gilmore: Ireland will back Palestine's UN bid
Gilmore: vote now would deliver a second 'no', July 22nd
Girl (12) rams Gardai, Sept 16th
Girl (4) dies in Offaly farm accident
Girl aged six dies in freak accident, September 11th
Girl arrested in connection with Drimnagh murders, March 3rd
Girl arrested in connection with Drimnagh murders, March 3rd
Girl critical after collision with van in Newry
Girl dies in horse riding accident in Londonderry
Girl in 'life threatening' condition after falling into sea
Girl suing parents over fatal car crash
Girl treated for smoke inhalation after Belfast petrol bomb attack
Girl who died following incident at Portballintrae beach named as Bethany Cousins
Girl's death 'swine flu related', October 17th
Girl's frantic call from blaze [Omagh family murder inquiry], October 20th
Girl, 6, is latest victim of gangland violence, June 1st
Girls take the strain as Runher just keeps on growing
Girls to attend 'boys' only' school, August 6th
Giscard backs May date for Lisbon poll, Feb 14th
Gladstone and Ireland
Gladstone and Ireland, 1868 - 74
Gladstone's 1886 Manifesto
Gladstone's Land Act 1881
Gladstone: my mission is to pacify Ireland
Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin
Glass victim Aine King says doctor has advised counselling
Glen Road, west Belfast, mortar bomb searches over
Glengormley grandparents deny killing Rebecca McKeown
Glimpses into the 19th Century Broadside Ballad Trade: Barrett and other Fenians
Glimpses of Erin 1934
Go to Belfast
Go-ahead for £18m  Causeway centre, Jan 27th
Go-ahead given for an airport at Cork (1957)
Goat-herders sought for Howth Head project
Gogarty backs education cuts in humiliating climb-down, Oct 31st
Gone to America
Good Friday Agreement
Good Friday Agreement, 1998
Good news for Government as tax returns on the up
Google warns Irish government against tax increase
Gorbachev granted Freedom of Dublin City, 2002
Gorbachev visits Irish Republic, 2002
Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown flies to Belfast as row simmers over Stormont powers, October 4th
Gordon Riots
Gordon Riots
Gormley refuses to apologise for China criticism, April 14th
Gorse fire 'started deliberately'
Gorse fires 'putting lives at risk' on the Mournes
Government 'annoyed' by austerity comments - [Tanáiste] Gilmore
Government 'would risk collapse' in Lisbon rerun, Nov 19th
Government Buildings, Dublin
Government accused of cuts 'disarray' [by Enda Kenny], September 23rd
Government accused over bond holder promise
Government agrees terms of spending review
Government buys Irish Life for €1.3 billion
Government can't commit to abolishing tolls - Ahern, August 30th
Government close to Budget targets
Government committed to Joint Labour Committee reform - Gilmore
Government concerned by leaking of budget documents
Government confirms
Government confirms more flood assistance, November 28th
Government confirms records 32% deficit
Government considers property tax exemptions
Government contracts received after MoD officials paid, court hears
Government fails to meet public service allowances targets
Government fails to provide services in Irish
Government for semi-State 'stock take'
Government funds Loyalist garden, October 2nd
Government has UDA weapons talks, July 29th
Government launches Irish language strategy
Government like an 'asylum'- [Environment Minister John] Gormley
Government of Ireland Act 1920
Government rejects Troubles payout plan, Feb 25th
Government resists calls for Omagh bomb enquiry - Guardian
Government resorts to trickery to railroad Lisbon Treaty, April 17th
Government responds to downturn with cutbacks in health, July 10th
Government reveals plan to sell VHI [Ireland's largest health insurer]
Government says second bailout can be avoided through Permanent TSB restructure and promissory note deal
Government seeks 2bn Euro in spending cuts, Jan 9th
Government seeks support for bailout negotiations
Government signals new mini-budget, March 3rd
Government stands over Vatican criticism
Government to back Taoiseach over economic crisis
Government to cap salaries for bailout bank chiefs, March 13th
Government to cut Vocational Education Committees by more than half
Government to cut rent supplement
Government to help Libya evacuation
Government to introduce household charge
Government wants more time to repay bailout debt
Government was warned over bank guarantee
Government will not compensate airlines
Government withdraws transgender appeal
Government's Omagh review slammed - BBC
Governor General of the Irish Free State
Govt aims not to raise income tax in budget
Govt considers medical card charges, November 15th
Govt insists position 'crystal clear' despite Richard Bruton comment on second referendum
Govt invited to Somme ceremony in Belfast
Govt invites unions back to talks, March 24th
Govt may not hit 8.6% deficit target - Fiscal Advisory Council
Govt may re-negotiate Croke Park Agreement
Govt plan for performance management 'unworkable' - unions
Govt promises 100,000 new jobs by 2016
Govt publishes bill on self-defence
Govt says no change in corporation tax rate
Govt seeks to reinstate elements of [Joint Labour Committee] system
Govt to end detention of children in St Patrick's Institution
Govt to establish Magdalene committee
Govt to reduce number of TDs - [Minister for the Environment and Local Government Phil] Hogan
Govt to spend €2.2m on payslips this year
Govt to take action on missed interviews
Govt unveils €3.8bn Budget adjustments
Govt urged not to cut education budget, Oct 5th
Govt. announces full inquiry into Cloyne child abuse allegations, Jan 7th
Gráinne Ní Mháille
Grace O'Malley meets Elizabeth I at Kentwall
Grades do no add up as 5,000 fail Maths, August 13th
Grades do not add up as 5,000 fail Maths, August 13th
Graduate salaries plummet to a miserable
Graduates face debts of up to €30,000, July 12th
Grammar schools defy 11-plus axe, Jan 4th
Gran threw milk over girl (11) to douse flames after fire attack
Grand Slam Ireland touches down, March 22nd
Granddaughter claims soldier's medal, Nov 14th
Granuaile (Gráinne Mhaol)
Grattan's Parliament
Grattan's Parliament
Grattan's Parliament - by James Connolly
Grattan's Parliament, 1782: Its Rise and Fall
Great Irish famine
Great Rebellion
Greek euro exit could lead to Ireland downgrade
Green Party committed to coalition and EU reform treaty, April 26th
Green Party met to discuss future plans
Green Party withdraws from government
Green energy powers Irish job boost, April 16th
Green light for Belfast's £100m Titanic Centre, Dec 16th
Green light for car ban in heart of the capital, May 12th
Greenisland man is beaten by gang, August 9th
Greens call on Paisley Junior to go, Feb 16th
Greens have a head start on recycling - of FF pledges, June 2007
Greens hit sour Northern Bank note
Greens reveal changes to NAMA bill, September 9th
Greens warn Cowen as FF unease deepens, Dec 31st
Grenade lands at feet of children
Greysteel killer Torrens Knight freed from jail
Greysteel killer Torrens Knight jailed for bar attack, December 2nd
Greysteel killer abandons appeal
Greysteel killer guilty of attack, October 22nd
Grief mixed with relief as PDs applied last rites to body politic, Nov 10th
Grim new record as May lay-offs surge 227%, June 3rd
Grit supplies running critically low
Gritters in NI to operate on Christmas Day
Gritters withdrawn after attacks, Dec 11th
Grocery prices drop 14% at supermarket giants
Grosse Ile Quarantine Island
Grosse Ile by Padraic O Laighin
Grosse Isle, Quebec
Ground Zero architect Daniel Libeskind selected for Maze site
Group clears IRA of Quinn murder, May 1st
Group to examine corporation tax cost for Northern Ireland
Group to review public service positions, Nov 27th
Group's drug referrals 'up 300%'
Growth forecast for Ireland to be downgraded
Guantanamo pair arrive in Ireland, September 27th
Guerin link thug foiled in drug and guns swoop, Sept 3rd
Guerrilla artist hangs nude paintings of taoiseach Brian Cowen, March 24th
Guide hails new-look Belfast, Jan 22nd
Guide to Celtic mythology
Guide to Northern Ireland
Guide to the Aran Isles
Guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly, 2003
Guildford four bomb campaigner dies, July 20th
Guinness good for you - official
Gun attack 'terrorised community', June 6th
Gun attack linked to dissidents, August 27th
Gun attack treated as attempted murder, April 10th
Gun crime soars as gang wars double murder rate, August 1st
Gun jammed in man's face in Derry
Gun plot RIRA man sentenced to 20 years
Gun victim attacked by three men
Gunman threatens child in robbery, November 23rd
Gunmen 'shot at people on the ground', March 9th
Gunmen 'threatened to shoot baby' during robbery
Gunmen open fire on house in Derry
Gunmen rang bell and opened fire, November 20th
Guns and ammunition found during 'dissident' searches
Guns find in New Lodge PSNI murder bid probe
Guns recovered in Limerick murder inquiry, April 15th
Gustave Paul Cluseret
Gusty Spence, former UVF leader, dies in hospital
[GAA star] Kevin Nugent in hospital after attack
[Garda Representative Association] ballot 'challenge to authority of State', December 7th
[Garda Representative Association] to ballot for industrial action, December 10th
[Gay rights] campaigners in Dublin 'march for marriage'
[Gay] Mitchell remarks on suicide 'unfortunate'
[George] Redmond in clear, May 24th
[Gerald] Barry found guilty of [Manuela] Riedo murder, March 21st
[Gerry] Adams claims dissidents extorting drug dealers, Jan 16th
[Gerry] Adams reiterates denial of role in McConville murder
[Gordon Brown] 'did not press Libya over IRA', September 6th
[Gordon] Brown and [Brian] Cowen in NI for emergency justice talks
[Gordon] Brown holds security talks in Northern Ireland, March 9th
[Governor of the Central Bank Patrick] Honohan flags debt settlement agency
[Graeme] McDowell key man in Ryder Cup win
[Green Party leader] Gormley
[Green Party leader] Gormley rejects [Patricia] McKenna  comments on Lisbon, July 19th
[Guardian] paper inquiry story 'speculation'
gave evidence
gave evidence
give up the idea
given longer
given mirrors
given more time
given more time
glaigh Uladh
glaigh na hÉireann
go back undercover
granted bail
granted permission
grave danger
grenade launcher
growing threat
growing threat
guarded welcome
gun attack
guns and ammunition
guns and bombs