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'Fake monk' accused of being crook
'Fat cats' play dirty in battle of banks, Nov 23rd
'Fear' prevents more Omagh convictions - BBC
'Fireball' lights up Irish sky
'Flawed judgement' over Omagh - BBC
'Fragile' recovery for NI economy
'Fundamental reform' of public sector pay needed - Minister Brendan Howlin
The Struggle of the Unemployed in Belfast, Oct. 1932: The Falls and Shankill Unite
FÁS report reveals serious deficiencies
FÁS staff try to retain 44 extra leave days
FÁS to be replaced with new agency - T
FAQ surrounding power sharing in Northern Ireland, July 28th
FAS auditors at a loss over missing raffle prize car, Dec 2nd
FBI investigates FBI data breach
FBI's mole in Real IRA 'was dishonest as the day is long' - Belfast Telegraph
FF Senator [Larry Butler] resigns whip over expenses
FF TD on assault charges over alleged pub attack, Nov 5th
FF TDs and ministers back unity government, March 22nd
FF TDs face down Cowen over bonus, April 18th
FF and FG dissidents planning new party
FF collapse: party faces loss of 40 seats, Feb 13th
FF facing wipeout in budget backlash, April 19th
FF support down as FG rises, Sept 21st
FF suspend [Senator Ivor] Callely  over expense allegations
FG Wilson cutting up to 260 jobs
FG Wilson laying off more staff, April 1st
FG Wilson: 760 jobs to go in Northern Ireland
FG would abolish Seanad - [Enda] Kenny, October 17th
FG, Labour at war over the union vote
FSAI issues bean sprout E Coli warning
Facebook page
Facebook page shows Belfast women walking home after night out
Facts about the Black Death
Fado Fado - a kids' guide to Irish History
Failed Belfast flats buyer to pay developer £430,000
Failure to take Dublin Castle on Monday 24th
Fake Facebook voucher offer scam
Fake Irish passport allegation in spy case
Fall of 2,000 in public sector workforce
Fall of the Romans, and the Vikings: Irish History Part 3
Fallout continues in Derry saga [Derry City removed from League of Ireland], November 9th
Falls Curfew
Families are hit for extra 2000 Euros in tax, Nov 21st
Families claim soldiers given go ahead to shoot-to-kill
Families flee after attacks by racist mob, June 15th
Families shocked at Omagh report - BBC
Families want panel for UVF probe
Families welcome Police Ombudsman investigation into UVF collusion claims
Families welcome [Hazel] Stewart double murder [guilty] verdict
Family 'deeply concerned' over missing student, November 15th
Family 'forced out' after attacks, April 20th
Family 'numbed by double tragedy', June 10th
Family and friends bid a sad farewell to officer, Nov 26th
Family awarded
Family call for Owenvale Court care home to be closed
Family caught up in armed robbery in Donegal
Family connections in Northern Ireland Politics, and People who hold Multiple Elected Positions (as of 1 December 2003)
Family deny son's dissident link, May 2nd
Family escapes injury after [Loyalist] bomb attack, July 24th
Family feud 'sparks estate riot', July 29th
Family grief over shoot-out death [in Bolivia], April 18th
Family held during Dublin robbery
Family held hostage by robbery plot gang, August 28th
Family held hostage in bid to rob Dublin GPO
Family held while woman gets cash, December 22nd
Family kidnapped in city robbery, Dec 18th
Family life in Carlow, 1971
Family of air crash victim Eithne Walls give up hope on body return
Family of murdered teenager [Daniel McAnaspie] accuse HSE [of ignoring his cries for help]
Family of suicide prisoner call for inquiry into his death
Family of young chess champion Philip praised as he is laid to rest, Jan 6th
Family plan fight for son's liver transplant, August 25th
Family rescued from house fire in east Belfast
Family says shooting sentence 'a disgrace', May 28th
Family's long fight for justice [for Michael McIlveen] finally draws to a close, May 1st
Famine Emigration
Famine Memorial, County Clare
Famine Relief Tokens
Famine Unit II: Racism
Famine Warhouse, 1848
Famine and Emigration
Famine and Emigration hit Ireland: 1817
Famine and Rebellion: Irish History Part 9
Famine commemoration day announced, May 23rd
Famine in Kerry
Famine in Kilkenny
Famine in Kilrush
Famous Irish War of Independence Photo is a Fake
Farce as just four apply for home loan, Feb 16th
Farm machinery destroyed in fire at Clandeboye Estate
Farmer invited onto land before beating, court told, October 22nd
Farmers protest at falling incomes, October 12th
Farmers threaten to torpedo treaty over trade deal fears, April 20th
Farmers try to storm FF meeting in Athlone, September 14th
Farming in Early Ireland
Fatal attack 'was not sectarian', Sept 24th
Fatal baby infection found at Ulster Hospital
Father & two children found dead at Sligo home
Father D'Arcy's delight at Bishop Daly's call on celibacy
Father James Chesney
Father John Murphy
Father Martin McVeigh in 'indecent images' row issues statement
Father Paddy O'Kane
Father and daughter charged over €1.5m drug seizure
Father and son killed in Donegal crash
Father and son on trial over Northern Bank cash, Jan 14th
Father brandishes knife at PSNI responding to 999 call
Father convicted after 'shaken' baby left brain-damaged
Father gets life sentence for raping daughters
Father loses legal case against PSNI
Father of Gordon Gallagher pleased republicans admit son's killing
Father of Kevin Fletcher charged with his murder
Father of Turkey murders accused arrested by police
Father saw gunmen shoot his son on Londonderry street
Faulty blanket led to baby death
Faulty computer software could have led to Chinook crash, report claims
Fear among victims' families over body parts retention
Fear dictates Ireland's abortion policy, December 10th
Fearless garda armed with hurley halts gunman attack, Feb 23rd
Fears for 250 jobs at Dublin IT company [Pocket Kings]
Fears for Army killings fall-out, March 9th
Fears grow for Irish pair missing in earthquake zone
Fears grow for missing Ballycastle woman Karen Coyles
Fears growing for safety of pensions, Dec 1st
Fears over loyalist ceasefire
Fears over mephedrone stock-piling
Fears over toxic waste claims, June 26th
Feighan to support Govt in hospital vote
Female cyclist killed in Cork collision
Fenian Brotherhood
Fenian Rising
Fenian raid and Battle of Ridgeway
Fermanagh businessman Sean Quinn declared bankrupt
Fermanagh still hit by flooding, November 26th
Fermanagh, February 26th, 1824
Fermanagh, January 15th, 1824
Fermanagh, January 1st, 1824
Fermanagh, January 29th, 1824
Fermanagh, March 11th, 1824
Fermanagh/South Tyrone
Ferry and cargo vessel collide
Ferry disaster of 1953
Ferry passenger rescued from Belfast Lough
Fethard Boycott Recalled
Fethard Boycott Recalled (1957)
Fethard-on-Sea and the Ne Temere decree (1957)
Fethard-on-Sea case (Wikipedia)
Feuding gang split sparks fears of 'tit-for-tat' attacks, Sept 9th
Fever During the Famine
Fewer Irish women opt for abortion, July 21st
Fianna Éireann
Fianna Éireann: History of the Irish Youth Movement
Fianna Eireann
Fianna Fáil
Fianna Fáil
Fianna Fáil 'united' over fiscal referendum
Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael clash on health plans
Fianna Fáil and SDLP good friends, April 18th
Fianna Fáil confirms UUP recruit, Feb 23rd
Fianna Fáil halt Northern advances, July 8th
Fianna Fáil leadership candidates confirmed
Fianna Fáil regain second place in poll
Fianna Fáil to hold Cowen confidence vote
Fianna Fáil will not back Áras candidate
Fianna Fáil will not run Áras candidate
Fianna Fáil's Niall Collins in call for Dublin crime task force
Fianna Fáil, Greens deny split over Anglo
Fianna Fail accuses Irish government of neglecting Northern Ireland
Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band wins world championships
Fifth amendment of the constitution of Ireland (removed reference to special position of Catholic church in 1972).
Fifth swine flu death is announced, October 19th
Figures show drop in public sector employment
Figures show number of child deaths in care
Files reveal growing NI terror threat, October 28th
Fili (pre-Christian poets and philosophers)
Film teen 'left for dead' in sectarian attack
Film trailer: Flight of the Earls
Final budget agreed by Stormont Executive
Final farewell for murder victim Jean, August 2nd
Final warnings for Ireland over Court [of Justice] rulings
Finance Bill passes all stages in Dáil
Finance Minister Sammy Wilson: Tesco will not 'bully' us
Finance Minister [Michael Noonan] meeting investors in New York
Finance Minister issues warning over Anglo [Irish Bank]  loans, November 23rd
Finance department will not pay for McArdle replacement
Finance minister says NI budget likely to fall by £2bn
Financial Times - Lenihan Europe's worst finance minister
Financial irregularities found at Bloxham stockbrokers
Finding the Goddess in Ireland
Fine Gael
Fine Gael
Fine Gael & Labour to form next government
Fine Gael and Labour briefed on economy
Fine Gael and Labour have draft proposal for government
Fine Gael leader Richard Bruton is sacked
Fine Gael leads in opinion polls
Fine Gael may back single-seat system for elections, October 21st
Fine Gael ready to deal with budget deficit - [Enda] Kenny
Fine Gael win 18 seats in Seanad
Finian McGrath withdraws support for [David] Norris
Finnbheannach and Donn Chuailgné
Finucane family 'lured to Downing Street under false pretences'
Fionn mac Cumhaill
Fire base robbed as crew rescue, Oct 19th
Fire breaks out at Royal Victoria hospital
Fire causes extensive damage to Dublin pub
Fire crews attacked five times, May 10th
Fire crews battle for three hours to save Russborough House
Fire crews battle tyre inferno, October 5th
Fire crews extinguish blaze at Belfast recycling plant
Fire crews tackle Belfast blaze
Fire in south Belfast 'suspicious'
Fire near Priory Hall complex investigated
Firebomb 'could have cost lives', May 10th
Firefighters come under attack, August 10th
Firefighters evacuate part of Bass Buildings in Belfast
Firefighters tackle large gorse fire in Newcastle
Fireman injured in Downpatrick brick attack
Firemen watch as station burns down, July 31st
Firework blast boy in operation, Oct 28th
Firework explodes in football coach's face
Firework: Man 'could lose eye' after firework incident
Firm gives lie detector test to staff, April 17th
Firm halts food line after link to salmonella, August 15th
Firms announce hundreds of jobs for Northern Ireland, Jan 29th
First Dáil
First Desmond Rebellion
First Irish man treated for swine flu, April 30th
First Minister Peter Robinson meets UVF leaders
First Minister vows not to abandon assembly, November 22nd
First PSNI recruits graduate from UU, April 2002
First de Chasterlain report in full, February 2000
First fall in greenhouse gas level in 20 years
First minister 'won't walk away', Nov 1st
First minister intervenes in Lennox dog row
First swine flu death in Republic, August 7th
First swine flu deaths since December
First user of taser stun gun in NI, August 21st
First women gardaí honoured in Dublin (anniversary of 1959 event)
First-time outpatient waiting list doubles to 340,000
Fiscal treaty does not mean permanent austerity - IMF official
Fishermen warn blockades could resume, June 11th
Fitch downgrades Irish Republic's credit rating
Fitch set to downgrade Ireland as Belgian rating cut
Five IRA accused can be named - judge
Five arrested after bomb factory found in Dublin, Sept 9th
Five arrested after guns seized, Jan 5th
Five arrested at 'sham wedding' in Larne, County Antrim
Five arrested at Dublin Airport
Five arrested following Garda drugs raid
Five arrested in Louth operation [into dissident republicans]
Five arrested in dissident probe
Five arrested in organised crime investigation
Five arrested over estate violence, Feb 15th
Five held after guns, ammunition discovery
Five held as heroin worth 3m Euro seized in Dublin, Jan 24th
Five held in bank robbery investigation
Five held over Summerhill double murder, Jan 15th
Five hurt in car-crash at takeaway premises in Belfast
Five hurt in overnight hotel fire, May 16th
Five injured in Limerick pub incident
Five killed in two road accidents, August 23rd
Five men held in border dissident probe
Five more held after Dublin city raids, May 29th
Five officers injured by rioters in west Belfast
Five suffer slash wounds in dispute at Oxegen festival
Five threatened in [Kevin McDaid] murder case, June 5th
Five-man gang escape with 1.2 million Euro after family kidnapping, Dec 23rd
Five-year-old boy wins defamation case against Lidl
Five-year-old killed in south Belfast road accident
Flanagan apology to bomb victims, Jan 23rd
Flash flooding brings village [Schull] to a standstill, October 7th
Flash flooding in Galway and Cork, June 21st
Flat sealed off in Dublin murder inquiry
Flight hopes as NI restrictions due to be lifted
Flight of the Earls
Flight of the Earls
Flight of the Earls
Flight of the Earls emigration song
Flight of the Earls: 2 of 4
Flight of the Earls: 4 of 4
Flight of the Earls: historical background
Flight of the Earls: journey through Europe
Flight of the Wild Geese
Flight of the developers as creditors tighten grip
Flight terror: Aer Arann plane in 1km drama over Shannon
Flights affected by adverse weather, December 23rd
Flights resume as air ban lifted
Flights resume at Dublin airport amid snow chaos
Flood 'destroyed bomb evidence' Smithwick Tribunal told
Flood alerts issued in Kildare and Dublin, November 29th
Flooding on Belfast streets again, October 9th
Flooding seriously affecting M50, August 10th
Floods cause Dublin traffic chaos, July 2nd
Floods continue to disrupt country, November 20th
Flu 'could kill murder suspect' [Brian Shivers], August 10th
Flu jab for special needs staff, October 26th
Flybe ends City of Derry to Paris flights
Folklore: the Race of the Black Pig
Food body says 'avoid Irish pork', Dec 7th
Food in Ancient Ireland
Food in Early Ireland
Footage of British soldiers in Belfast, 1970s
Footage of Dublin street fighting over the Anglo-Irish Treaty
Footage of the aftermath of the Rising
Footballer Scott Allan was driving crash car in Portsmouth
For the Citizen Army' by James Connolly, 1915
For the love of Robert (McCartney sisters' campaign), March 2005
Forógra na Poblachta
Forced landing for Ryanair plane, August 26th
Forces of hate could fill vacuum - Orde warning to Robinson and McGuinness, Sept 16th
Foreign jobless 'paid to go' claim, Sept 4th
Forest fire started deliberately, May 26th
Former AIB boss [Colm] Doherty received
Former Alliance leader Sir Oliver Napier dies
Former Anglo chief Seán FitzPatrick arrested
Former BBC NI boss Anna Carragher to investigate RTE programme
Former Beechmount Leisure Centre 'anti-social hot-spot'
Former Christian Brother John McCabe jailed for abusing three boys
Former DUP candidate John Smyth refused bail on explosives charges
Former DUP man William Wilkinson on trial over allegation of rape
Former FÁS worker jailed over
Former Finance Minister Ray Burke begins jail sentence, January 2005
Former IRA chief claimed Gerry Adams ordered Jean McConville murder
Former IRA leader set to join the District Policing Partnership, March 27th
Former MP Iris Robison fined over road crash
Former Maze prison and Long Kesh holds public tour
Former NI Water director Declan Gormley to sue Sinn Fein trio
Former President Hillery dies at 84, April 13th
Former Sean Quinn businesses targetted in attacks
Former Sinn Féin councillor charged with murdering PC Stephen Caroll, March 25th
Former Stormont minister Bill Craig dies
Former TD O'Keeffe released without charge
Former Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald dies aged 85
Former Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald laid to rest
Former U2 personal assistant Carol Hawkins jailed for seven years
Former US Senator George Mitchell in 'emotional return' to NI
Former UVF man Robert Stewart admits being an alcoholic
Former Unionist joins Fianna Fáil, Feb 22nd
Former bank manager [Peter Cregan] fraud charges, October 31st
Former garda a 'no-show' at Smithwick tribunal
Former garda denies being IRA 'mole'
Former gardaí jailed over brutal Waterford assault
Former hunger striker Tom McFeely wins appeal
Former moderator says executive programme 'not enough'
Former patient John Rooney 'haunted' by Lissue House abuse
Former police officer 'one of Leslie White murder accused'
Former policeman, 72, held in inquiry into murder of RUC detective, March 5th
Fortress Ireland
Forty Shilling Freeholders
Four Catholic schools to lose grammar status
Four Irish women attacked on holiday in the Algarve
Four NI victims' commissioners appointed, Jan 29th
Four TDs granted expense claims exemption
Four airlifted to hospital following separate incidents in Co Clare
Four appear in court over UDA threat claims, November 11th
Four arrested after County Down kidnap attempt
Four arrested after Newtownards burglary and Belfast traffic accident
Four arrested in Derry over petrol bombs
Four arrested over double robbery, Feb 7th
Four arrested over north Belfast dissident bomb
Four arrests and six rescued in Belfast human trafficking probe
Four bodies found in plane wreck, Oct 26th
Four cars set alight in Derry's Shantallow
Four charged after fans trouble, March 29th
Four charged after stabbing in north Belfast
Four charged with bribery at MoD base
Four children rescued after becoming stranded on Co Clare island
Four dead, three injured in Offaly crash
Four declare for SDLP leadership race
Four firms a day are going bust, December 1st
Four fishermen rescued off Donegal coast
Four held over Dublin murder [of John Caroll], Feb 21st
Four hooded men rob Belfast store
Four horses die in car collision, Feb 1st
Four hurt in Mountjoy prison disturbances
Four in court over £450,000 cocaine and cannabis haul
Four injured in Swords fire, Jan 25th
Four loyalists to be granted US visas
Four men detained in serious crime probe
Four men held in dissident raids, June 27th
Four missing children 'found safe and well'
Four more people die from swine flu in NI
Four new cases of NI swine flu, July 2nd
Four people die in separate crashes
Four questioned over Dublin double murder
Four questioned over machine gun find
Four questioned over men's deaths in Belfast, December 5th
Four remanded over 'terror training camp' near Omagh
Four teenagers die in car crash
Four years jail for 'raging wife' who killed her husband
Fourknocks (Passage Grave)
Fourknocks megalithic mound
Fourknocks megalithic passage tomb
Fourteen alerts
Fr Brian D'Arcy denies questioning Catholic doctrine
Fr Michael Sinnott freed, November 11th
Framework for policing progress agreed, August 7th
Francis Hughes' funeral attacked by RUC
Francis Pym, Northern Ireland Secretary 1974
Francis Sheehy-Skeffington
Francis Sheehy-Skeffington
Francois Hollande backs debt deal for Ireland
Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley to get engaged
Frank McCourt's
Frantic hunt for boy swept away by river, August 21st
Frantic rescue bid fails to save man as car plunges from pier [in Howth]
Fraud bank 'could face £85m loss', November 12th
Fraud costs Ianród Eireann €660, 000, October 27th
Fraud search at Anglo-Irish Bank, Feb 24th
Fraud squad probes HSE missing millions
Fred Forsey Jr found guilty in corruption trial
Fred McClenaghan guilty of Marion Millican murder
Free Derry 1969 - 1972
Free Gerry McGeough and drop Bloody Sunday case, urges Irish ex-minister
Free Presbyterians
Free events set to inspire a nation of culture-vultures, August 13th
Free orthodontic treatment for children could be about to end
Freezing weather hits water supply, December 28th
French Homage to Patrick Pearse
French Revolution
French Revolution
French Revolution site
French man shot in Bray attack dies, June 2nd
French minister knocks Irish move, Oct 2nd
French to examine Toscan du Plantier evidence
Fresh 'Disappeared' dig for Peter Wilson announced
Fresh appeal for missing 33-year-old
Fresh appeal for missing woman Monica Riordan
Fresh bid to free kidnapped woman, September 6th
Fresh delay to Bloody Sunday report 'causing anxiety', Nov 6th
Fresh row over Omagh bomb report - BBC
Friends die in christening day tragedy, Jan 12th
From Cork to  York - play by 11-year-olds about Annie Moore
From RIC to RUC
From the archive, 14 December 1867: Many killed as Fenians try to blow up prison
Frongoch Interment Camp
Froude's last lecture: Ireland from the year '98 to Catholic Emancipation
Fukushima contamination found in Irish milk
Funding at reasonable price critical to Ireland's recovery - Joan Burton
Funding shortfall hits HSE child services, August 8th
Fundraising Black Santa Rev Houston McKelvey to step down
Funds raised for Omagh bomb case - BBC
Funds sought to prevent water shortages, Sept 2nd
Funeral for Disappeared victim [Danny McIlhone], Dec 22nd
Funeral for IRA hunger striker, Feb 19th
Funeral for Irish Haiti victim [Andrew Grene]
Funeral for Irish Ranger Aaron McCormick
Funeral for murdered NI soldier [Mark Quinsey], March 18th
Funeral for murdered sapper Patrick Azimkar, March 20th
Funeral of Florence Noonan takes place
Funeral of John F. Kennedy
Funeral of Maeve Binchy marked in Dalkey, Co Dublin
Funeral of former republican prisoner has taken place in Belfast, March 22nd
Funeral of shot policeman, March 13th
Funeral service for Alex Higgins at Belfast Cathedral
Funeral service of Gavin Brett
Funeral tributes to 'mighty' missionary [Jeremiah Roche], December 21st
Funerals held in Kilkenny for mother and daughters, Jan 1st
Further Belfast Romanian attack, June 18th
Further arrests at Shell compound, June 11th
Further delay over Liam Adams arrest warrant
Further links on Catholic emancipation
Further links on Irish Celtic art and culture
Further links to the Christianisation of Ireland
Further links to websites on tombs and archaeological finds
Further pipe bomb attack in Drimnagh, June 28th
Further rise in NI jobless total, May 12th
Fury as IRA fugitives win amnesty, January 2002,,636441,00.html
Fury as five police stations face axe, September 10th
Fury at Lee coup by FG as Cowen faces poll hit, May 6th
Fury at hooligan students, Nov 3rd
Fury of Sinn Féin minister [
Fury over bank crisis bungling, poll reveals, Feb 28th
Fury over huge hike in health cover costs, Nov 29th
Fury over moonlighting cops, Sept 27th
Future of Irish-speaking battalion 'in danger'
Future of state agencies remains under review, July 28th
[Finance Minister Brian] Lenihan addresses Collins commemoration
[Financial] regulator condemned over banking crisis
[Fine Gael leader Enda] Kenny expects to lead next Government, April 5th
[Fine Gael leader Enda] Kenny on the brink of single-party rule
[First Minister Peter] Robinson set to hold Drumcree talks, July 10th
[Foreign Affairs Minister Michael] Martin appeals to Israel over Irish-owned Gaza aid ship
[Foreign Affairs] Minister's spin guru also helps Libertas, May 17th
[Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David] Drumm ordered to appear in US court
[Former Anglo Irish Bank chief David] Drumm's garda snub key to debt deal failure
[Former Chief of Staff] Dermot Earley dies aged 62
[Former DUP councillor] William Wilkinson found guilty of rape
[Former Fianna Fáil member Mattie] McGrath to stand as independent candidate
[Former Gvmnt Press Secretary John] Dunlop sentenced to two years for corruption, May 26th
[Former Irish Nationwide CE Michael] Fingleton wants apology for TD's comments, Dec 31st
[Former Irish Nationwide boss] Michael Fingleton 'remorseful' over bailout
[Former chief ombudsman Nuala] O'Loan is given new UN envoy role, March 7th
[Former executive of the Police Ombudsmen] Sam Pollock 'unhappy with approach' taken by police ombudsmen
[Former head of Anglo-Irish Bank Sean] FitzPatrick to be declared bankrupt
[Former journalist Ian] Bailey to be extradited [to France from Ireland]
[Francis] Lawlor escape is a 'real miracle'
false alarm
false alarm.
fifth device
final speech
fined £5000
fired shots
fired shots
fired shots
fired shots
fired shots
fired upon
firing shots
first bomb warning
first day
first meeting
first nationalist mayor
first time
five pipe bombs
five-month prison sentence
for the first time
forced a van driver
forced to flee
forced to flee their home
forced to move
forensic evidence
found and made safe
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty
found guilty.
found in the cell
four arrests
four-year-old child
full-blown crisis
fully disarmed
further details
further five days