Images from Ireland in the 1920s and 1930s

Taken from The Spirit of Ireland by Lynn Doyle
Published by B.T Batsford Ltd in 1935

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Children of Mary
'Children of Mary', County Donegal.
De Valera and members of the Church.
Eamon De Valera walks with church leaders.
Priests at Maynooth
Priests at Maynooth.
Priest gives a blessing
A priest blesses a garda.
Going to mass in the west of Ireland.
Going to mass in the west of Ireland..
Anti-British protest in Dublin
'Boycott British Goods and Courts' protest in Dublin.
Horse market
Horse market at Ballinasloe, County Galway.
Cattle fair
Cattle fair at Cashel, County Tipperary.
Sheep fair at Killarney
Sheep fair at Killarney, County Kerry.
Nelson's column
Nelson's column on O'Connell Street, Dublin.
Blasket Islanders
A family on the Blasket Islands.
Old woman from the Blasket Islands
An old woman on Great Blasket Island takes a rest.
Fireside at Aran.
A couple by the fireside in a cottage on Aran.
Men from Aran
Men from the Aran Isles.
People at a hunt meeting
People at a hunt gathering.
Westmeath hunt
The Westmeath hounds in Mullingar, County Westmeath.
Pack of hounds in Cork
A pack of hounds in Cork.
Old woman in Cork
An old woman in Cork.
Girl from Kerry
Girl from Kerry leading a donkey.
Donegall Square in Belfast
Donegall Square in Belfast.
Twelfth of July parade in Belfast
Unionists celebrate the Twelfth of July in Belfast.
Royal Avenue in Belfast
Royal Avenue in Belfast.
Walls of Derry
The walls of Derry.
The law courts at Londonderry.
The law courts at Londonderry.
Thatcher at work, Fermanagh
Village thatcher at work in Fermanagh.
Woman spinning in Donegal
A woman spinning in Donegal.
Carrying turf at Donegal
Carrying turf at Donegal.
Loading a boat with turf
Loading turf into a boat.
Claddagh cottages at Galway
The Claddagh, shortly before they were demolished.
Connemara man
A man from Connemara.
Feis in County Galway
'Tir Agus Teanga' ('Land and Language') meeting in County Galway.
A shop in Galway.
A shop in Galway.
Gathering carrageen
Gathering Carrageen at Cashla, County Galway.
A storyteller at Carna Feis
A storyteller at Carna Feis, County Galway.
An illegal distillery
An illegal distillery, location unknown.
Cart and horse
A family in a cart.

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