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Data collected on 12th June 2010

Groups With At Least Ten Members
Flag at Kilmanham Gaol Irish History Podcast

Irish History

Have you ever been puzzled by history?

I was inspired to create this page to shed some light on some of the aspects of Irish History. It is designed to be educational.
William Smith O'Brien

Irish Labour Historical Society (ILHS)

James Fintan Lalor

The Irish Labour History Society (ILHS) was established in 1973 with the Constitutional obligation to 'promote the knowledge of Irish labour history and of Irish people in labour history abroad and labour history in general'.

James Fintan Lalor, was born in Tinakill, Raheen, Co Laoise. Lalor was one of the most powerful Nationalist Journalists of his day and a leading member of the Young Ireland movement.
Famine memorial at Sligo Fado Fado - a kids' guide to Irish History

The Irish Famine must be recognised as genocide

A website dedicated to teach children about Irish history.

The major tragedy of the Irish Famine of 1845–52 marked a watershed in modern Irish history. Its occurrence, however, was neither inevitable nor unavoidable.
Irish-American Heritage and History Month Tired of being over looked, and under appreciated, lets see how many Irish-Americans we can get!
Body of Michael Collins Make March Irish History Month now! It's time to honor the Irish people of America with a month of celebration.
New York Irish History Roundtable Founded in 1984, the New York Irish History Roundtable promotes interest in and research on the 300-year history of people of Irish heritage in New York City.
Belfast mural
Irish and American History

Irish History

Irish Culture and History

Irish Republican History

Irish Republican History

Patrick Pearse

Michael Collins

James Connolly

Irish and Scottish History

Anything to do with Irish History

History of the Irish Race
Celtic Cross The History of the Irish Race

History of the Irish Race

Irish History and Culture
St Bridget's Shrine Irish History and Politics

Irish History Books

Books on Irish History

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