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Table of Contents

Early Ireland
The Normans
The Tudor Period
The Seventeenth Century
The Eighteenth Century
The Nineteenth Century
Home Rule and Independence
The Twentieth Century
The Troubles

Early Ireland

The Celts (series of images) ryerin
The Celts (series of images)   varangianguard01
Ancient warriors - Celts  hogo01
Ancient Ireland (Part 1 of 9)   radiohogan
Ancient Ireland  squidcreek
Irish Celtic Festivals - Imbolc MaireMc 
Irish Celtic Festivals - Samhain MaireMc 
Irish History: Brehon Law (Part One)  caemgen51 
St. Patrick Apostle of Ireland  jansonmedia
St. Patrick and Early Christianity in Ireland   Tirbrath
Irish / Celtic mythology: The Tuatha Dé Danann and Cath Maige Tuired  Tirbrath
Irish / Celtic mythology: The fight with the Firbolg  Tirbrath
Irish / Celtic mythology: The coming of the Milesians (Gaels)  Tirbrath
Irish / Celtic gods and goddesses: the ever-living ones  Tirbrath
Monasterboice, Louth, Republic of Ireland   albert19441
Tour guide explains cross at Monasterboice   CountSanSebastian
The Annals of the Four Masters   Mickthebridge
The Burren Archaeological Excusions Series Part One  Archaeologistc2007
A Short History of Ireland: Part One  micksmum26
Vikings in Ireland  teachertubeMS

The Normans

Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part One caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Two caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Three caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Four caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Five caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Six caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Seven caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Eight caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Nine caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Ten caemgen51
Irish History with Pat Flannery: the Normans, Part Eleven caemgen51
A Short History of Ireland Part Two  micksmum26
Trim Castle  beautifulmeathdotcom
Carrickfergus castle  elenwashere

The Tudor Period

The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part One caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Two caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Three caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Four caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Five caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Six caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Seven caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Eight caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Nine caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Ten caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Eleven caemgen51
The Great O'Neill by Pat Flannery, Part Twelve caemgen51
Róisín Dubh (sixteenth century music)  clarebannerman
Granuaile (Gráinne Mhaol)  ryerin
Grace O'Malley meets Elizabeth I at Kentwall  Kentwellies
Irish History - Gráinne Mhaol by Pat Flannery  caemgen51
Irish History - Eleanor Countess of Desmond by Pat Flannery  caemgen51

The Seventeenth Century

Talk by Monsignor O'Neill on the Flight of the Earls, Part 1 caemgen51 
Flight of the Earls: 2 of 4  caemgen51 
Flight of the Earls: 4 of 4  caemgen51 
Film trailer: Flight of the Earls DonegalDirect 
Flight of the Earls emigration song maureenderry 
The Ulster Plantation - some facts aidyhenning
English, Scottish and Irish in Ireland - The Conquest of Ireland   Mickthebridge
Oliver Cromwell and Drogheda - I nwaldo
Oliver Cromwell and Drogheda - II nwaldo
Cromwell's massacre at Drogheda, 1649   blunt1984
A Short History of Ireland Part Three  micksmum26
A Short History of Ireland Part Four  micksmum26
Cromwell: God's Executioner (trailer)  TileFilms
Cromwell  irishfreedom32
Penal laws  irishfreedom32

The Eighteenth Century

Irish Independence: 1 of 11   caemgen51
1798 United Irishmen uprising   jgregthompson
United Irishmen (music and pictures)   b1gs1985
The Boys of Wexford (tribute to music)   TheOMaolagan
A Short History of Ireland Part Five micksmum26
Vinegar Hill  ecorthy
Kelly the boy from Killan (music)  Finlandperkele
Michael Dwyer - the Wicklow Chief  godbrother10
1798 United Irishmen Uprising  jgregthompson

The Nineteenth Century

When Ireland starved - managing the Famine, part one PassWorld
The Irish Famine CrazyKittKattBar
The Irish Famine 50334
Ireland's Holocaust  PatriotsGame
A Short History of Ireland Part Six  micksmum26
Irish Famine   irishfreedom32
Letters from the Irish famine macker33
Irish famine film worcestorjonny
The Great Irish Famine in History & Memory - Dr James Murphy  villanovauniversity
Kilkelly: letters sent to an emigrant to America   dratjp
Letters from the Irish famine  macker33
Charles Stewart Parnell - the uncrowned King of Ireland  godbrother10

Home Rule and Independence

Carson's UVF Dedication 4ulster
The Ulster Covenant, Home Rule, Somme  WARISHELL09
James Connolly ryerin
Michael Collins (photos and text set to music) darrin42
Words of Patrick Pearse darrin42 
The 1916 Rising (Photos set to music) bertieauldtown 
1916 Rising (Photos set to music)  TheOMaolagan
Proclamation of the Irish Republic Ireland1 
Easter Rising Prisoners DoutorMartins
British army on the streets of Dublin DoutorMartins 
The Easter Rising 1916   worcesterjonny
Remember the Easter Rising KingNiall
French Homage to Patrick Pearse yanndarc
1st July 1916 - the Englishman's betrayal (rare footage)  worcesterjonny
Kilmichael ambush (Irish, English subtitles)   Cath1888
Kilmichael ambush Part 2  Cath1888
Kilmichael ambush Part 3   Cath1888
The War of Independence: Ulster Troubles Part 1 ceadmilefailte
The Irish Fight for Freedom Part 1  TomBarry1921
Footage of Dublin street fighting over the Anglo-Irish Treaty darrin42 
The Treaty: Ulster Troubles Part 3 ceadmilefailte
Michael Collins - from the film   godbrother10
The funeral of Michael Collins floriangeyer72
Michael Collins death and funeral  godbrother10
Ulster after Irish Independence: Ulster Troubles Part 4 ceadmilefailte

The Twentieth Century

Scenes from 1920s/30s Dublin and Wales leighammanor
Belfast in the 1930s: Ulster Troubles Part 5 ceadmilefailte
Glimpses of Erin 1934  travelfilmarchive
Lancastria ship, 1936 saorsa1314
De Valera's radio broadcast, 16th May 1945 mrdrawde
Éamon de Valera Defends Irish Neutrality  godbrother10
De Valera's condolence on the death of Hitler  godbrother10
Irish childhood in the mid-twentieth century everydaybiographies
Ireland - declaration of a Republic darrzo 
England versus Ireland at football, 1949 southerndiskumfort
Ulster in the 1950s: Ulster Troubles Part 6 ceadmilefailte
Dublin bird market 1950s (Irish language)  jackdillon888
DID YA EVER (poem about Dublin in the 1950s)  tiddlethepipes
Dublin Ireland 1960s   footagefilm
CIE in the 1960s  MDS177
Vintage Aer Lingus from the 1960s  MDS177
Dublin poverty in the 1960s  beggo321
Clara County Offaly 1963  BRACK3N
Anti-Apartheid demonstrations in Dublin 1970 OisonGD
Easter Rising commemorations 1966   mrdrawde
Family life in Carlow, 1971 twalker76jspk 
Muhammad Ali in Ireland 1972   fitz303
Narrated Ireland 1974  danhegarty
All-Ireland football final: Dublin versus Galway, 1974  dapos
Announcement of De Valera's death  joekilgobinet
Carlow in 1980 vodazone8
The Irish rock of the 70s and 80s  murphicus

The Troubles

WARNING: some comments can be offensive.

Troubles - an Introduction: Ulster Troubles Part 2 ceadmilefailte
Ulster Before the Troubles: Ulster Troubles Part 7 ceadmilefailte
Social issues in the 1960s: Ulster Troubles Part 8 ceadmilefailte
Terence O'Neil, Ian Paisley: Ulster Troubles Part 9 ceadmilefailte
Civil Rights Marches: Ulster Troubles Part 10 ceadmilefailte
Trouble on Civil Rights Marches: Ulster Troubles Part 11 ceadmilefailte
August 1969: Ulster Troubles Part 12 ceadmilefailte
British Intervention; IRA Reorganises: Ulster Troubles Part 13 ceadmilefailte
Northern Ireland in the 1960s/70s  thelodge
Belfast 1969  thelodge
Tom Barry on the British occupation of the Six Counties  TomBarry1921
Battle of the Bogside: Ulster Troubles Part 14 ceadmilefailte
Battle of the Bogside mrdrawde 
The British Army; Start of PIRA Campaign: Ulster Troubles Part 15 ceadmilefailte
1971: Ulster Troubles Part 16 ceadmilefailte
Internment: Ulster Troubles Part 17 ceadmilefailte
Operation Banner (Part 1)  IRAprovos
Bloody Sunday: Ulster Troubles Part 18 ceadmilefailte
Clips from the film 'Bloody Sunday' and the U2 song chaosbc
Bloody Sunday - Man Describes his Memories dkphilly
IRA atrocities: the Birmingham pub bombings caltonmedia
Footage of British soldiers in Belfast, 1970s CaptainBlack999uda 
Riot footage from the 1970s, set to music mickyk200 
Loyalists; Direct Rule: Ulster Troubles Part 19 ceadmilefailte
Bloody Friday and Consequences: Ulster Troubles Part 20 ceadmilefailte
Sunningdale and Protests: Ulster Troubles Part 21 ceadmilefailte
The Kingsmill massacre  UlidianPechts
Francis Hughes' funeral attacked by RUC   EireGoDeo
Looking For Solutions: Ulster Troubles Part 22 ceadmilefailte
PIRA Bombing campaign and Hunger Strikes: Ulster Troubles Part 23 ceadmilefailte
Early Eighties: Ulster Troubles Part 24 ceadmilefailte
Spotlight programme on the Bobby Sands film peterbkr
Hunger strike video   PaddyEireSaoirse
Darkley massacre  UlidianPechts
Murder in church - the Darkley massacre (note - private video) caltonmedia 
Scenes from the Troubles set to music coolymic 
Signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement ninthwave
IRA training  takeshi6400
Michael Stone throws grenades at an IRA funeral   BestOnLineVids
Loyalists in Long Kesh, 1990 billyred1
The Shankill Bomb bigiain1968
Bomb in Manchester hstuut
Scenes of rioting in Northern Ireland PaddyEireSoirse
David Trimble lecture TheLavinAgency
Tribute to the Omagh Bomb Victims Rsix30
Mo Mowlam visits Loyalist prisoners  swgarrett30
Northern Ireland peace deal 1998  WARISHELL09
Dublin Riot, 2006 slackr
Hearts and Minds Trimble Interview petebkr 
Belfast still split by peace walls  france24english
Irish terror threat concerns MI5 more than Muslim threat   oclandenstin
The Real IRA: 'no apology' for attacking the soldiers  france24english
The funeral of Patrick Azimkar  weemaane
Belfast Troubles return  TelegraphTV
Real IRA video ITN


Old Dublin scenes  noely777
The History of Derry www0designboy0tv
Malachy McCourt interviewed on Irish history ExpandedBooks
Pat Flannery's Irish History: land rights, university admittance, Maynooth, Trinity, learning Irish caemgen51
Barney and Molly: A True Dublin Love Story (family history photos) berniebird
Croke Park History (BBC) dapos
History of the Belfast Celtic football team browalfrid
Grosse Ile Quarantine Island foxymm
The Fields of Athenry ogiepanther
Kilmainham Gaol bellrich
Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland RedCeltic
St Patrick's Cathedral and Glendalough bellrich
Dublin through the years bucaneer1
From Cork to  York - play by 11-year-olds about Annie Moore RootsTelevision
Erin go Bragh: Tribute to Irish Uprisings TheOMaolagan
Youghal pipe band - old footage kmacc390 
Carlow times gone by twalker76jspk 
Cork - the rebel county   caemgen51
Irish family names and spellings   Mickthebridge

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