Animals in Irish History
Irish Wolfhound Some animals connected with hunting and sport Irish Wolfhound
Irish wolfhound history
Irish wolfhound history
Hound image in the Book of Kells
Celtic Hounds Fighting Culann's hound
Transformation into wolves
Cows, pigs and sheep in ancient Ireland
Cattle Raid of Cooley Herding, grazing, milking Kerry cow
Folklore: the Race of the Black Pig
The Cattle Raid of Cooley
Celtic bird symbol Finnbheannach and Donn Chuailgné Finnbheannach versus Donn Chuailgne
Celtic Legends of Animals
Seanchan the bard and the king of the cats
Pangur Ban The Demon Cat Cat in the Book of Kells
The Druidic tradition of the cat
Pangur Ban, the monk's cat
Horse working on a farm Horse-riding in ancient Ireland Epona, horse goddess
History of Irish racing 17th - 20th century
The Irish Horse in 1944
Irish Grand National history
Celtic stag Concerning birds St Patrick drives the snakes out of Ireland
Saint Patrick and the snakes
The Celtic Stag

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