The Ulster Covenant

Ulster Volunteers, 1913 The Covenant Edward Carson Signing the Ulster Covenant

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Table of Contents

General Overviews
Key individuals
The Political and Social Setting
Irish Nationalism
The Unionists

General Overviews

1893 - 1914: The Third Home Rule Bill and Ulster's Opposition wesleyjohnston
Ulster Volunteers and Irish Volunteers: 1911 - 1914 History World
The Ulster Covenant Public Record Office of NI
The Ulster Covenant Wikipedia
The Colonial Venture in Ireland, Part Three Future of Freedom Foundation

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Key Individuals

Edward Carson Cork University
Edward Carson First World War
Edward Carson Wikipedia
Edward Carson The Law Library of Ireland
Edward Carson, Lord Carson of Duncairn BBC
Herbert Asquith BBC
H. H. Asquith Wikipedia
Andrew Bonar Law Wikipedia
John Redmond Cork University
John Redmond BBC
John Redmond and Home Rule Library Ireland
Sir Henry Wilson Stephen Stratford
Sir Henry Wilson Cambridge University
Sir Henry Wilson Irish Democrat
Henry Wilson Spartacus Schoolnet
Sir Henry Wilson First World War
James Connolly
Augustine Birrell, Chief Secretary of Ireland Wikipedia
Sir Roger Casement North Antrim
Sir Roger Casement First World War
Roger Casement British National Archives
Roger Casement: Secrets of the Black Diaries BBC

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The Political and Social Setting

1911 Parliament Act Spartacus
Ulster Protestants against Carsonism An Phoblacht
National Insurance Act 1913 UK Statute Law Database
Liberal reforms 1906 - 1914 Wikipedia
Dublin Lockout  1913 - 1914 Wikipedia
'The Dublin Lock Out: On the eve', by James Connolly
Dublin Lockout, 1913 BBC
Entrepreneurship, power and public opinion in Ireland; the career of William Martin Murphy Cork University
1913 - 1988: 75 years since the Dublin Lock-out The Struggle Site
Worker's Defence at the Askwith Inquiry, 4 October 1913 Cork University
Irish Transport and General Workers' Union Wikipedia
'The Slums and the Trenches' by James Connolly, 1916
'Irish Trade Union Congress', by James Connolly, 1916
Deaths due to disease in Dublin slums Cork University
Ireland in World War One BBC
Ballymena and the Great War Ballymena Times
The Liberals and the Great War, 1914 - 1918 semp at Globalnet
The European conflict intervenes in the Home Rule crisis Wikipedia
Royal Irish Constabulary Records National Archives
History of Policing in Ireland up to 1918 Wikipedia

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Irish Nationalism

'For the Citizen Army' by James Connolly, 1915
The Irish Volunteers founded An Phoblacht
Irish Citizen Army Wikipedia
Irish Citizen Army BBC
History and Goals of the Irish Citizens Army and the Volunteers Creighton University
James Connolly: For the Citizens Army Marxists
Irish Citizen Army, Dublin c 1914 (image) Cork University
Irish Volunteers Wikipedia
Regimental mascots of the Irish Volunteers Irish wolfhounds
The Irish Parliamentary Party Wikipedia
Irish Nationalist Party Wikipedia
Irish Nationalist Flags CRW Flags

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The Unionists

Unionist reaction to the Third Home Rule Bill BBC
Carson and the Ulster Unionists National Library of Ireland
Covenant website dispells myths BBC
The Ulster Convenant: background Public Record Office of NI
The aftermath of the Ulster Covenant Public Record Office of NI
The Ulster Covenant Coulter Family
Sir Edward Carson addressing a mass parade of the UVF in 1913 Cork University
The Ulster Covenant Ulster Scots
Ulster Volunteers Wikipedia
Ulster Volunteer Force BBC
Larne Gun Running, 1914 Wikipedia
Drumalis House (where the Larne plot was invented) BBC
The Curragh Mutiny, 1914
Curragh Incident Wikipedia
The Curragh Mutiny BBC

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