The Normans

Dermot MacMurrough
Marriage of Aoife and Strongbow Henry II
Trim Castle, one of Europe's largest Norman castles

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Table of Contents

The Normans: An Overview
The Celtic Irish
The Normans
The Norman Invasion
After The Invasion
Other Resources

The Normans: An Overview

The Normans: Part One (First of four parts) Ireland's Eye
Anglo-Norman Wikipedia
Cambro-Norman Wikipedia
Ireland in the Twelfth Century Parle
Norman Ireland Wikipedia

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The Celtic Irish

The Uí Neill Kings Rootsweb
Rory O'Connor Wikipedia
Rory O'Connor (High King) Celtopedia
Dermot MacMurrough Kinsella
Dermot MacMurrough Wikipedia
Dermot MacMurrough (Diarmuid mac Murchada) Kavanagh Family
Eva MacMurrough Wikipedia
Laurence O'Toole New Advent
Laurence O'Toole (Lorcán Ua Tuathail) Wikipedia
Dedicated to Lorcán Ua Tuathail ua_tuathail
Tiernan O'Rourke (Tigernán Ua Ruairc) Wikipedia

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The Normans

Henry II BBC
Henry II Wikipedia
Henry II Curtmantle
Henry II Spartacus Schoolnet
Richard 'Strongbow' de Clare Spartacus Schoolnet
Richard fitz Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Pembroke, 'Strongbow' Humphry's Family Tree
Richard de Clare, Second Earl of Pembroke Wikipedia
John de Courcy Library Ireland
John de Courcy: Earl of Ulster Devlin Family
King John Wikipedia
King John BBC
King John in Ireland (1189 - 1210) Library Ireland
King John
Hugh de Lacy Wikipedia
Hugh de Lacy, from 'The Irish Nation: Its History and Its Biography' Ulster Books
Henry III Wikipedia
Henry III
Edward I
Edward II  Wikipedia
Gerald of Wales Wikipedia
Gerald of Wales: The Norman Conquest of Ireland Britannia

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The Norman Invasion

The Anglo-French Invasion Wesley Johnston
Ireland: The First Colony BBC
Henry II, Strongbow and Ireland BBC
Henry lands in Ireland BBC
Ireland Circa 1200: Norman Invasion Rootsweb
The Cambro-Norman Invasion of Ireland Rootsweb
The Cambro-Norman Reaction: The Invasion of Ireland The WWW Virtual Library
The Norman Conquest Ireland's Eye
Norman Invasion of Ireland Wikipedia
The First Anglo-Norman Adventurers Library Ireland
Norman Invasion of Ireland Your Irish
The Anglo-Norman Invasion and Medieval Waterford Wikipedia
There was no Norman invasion, but civil war Newry Abbey
Normans in Ireland ~mickos at
The Norman Invasion Doyle Clan
Battle of Baginbun Fanaticus
Norman Vikings - the Vikings return to Ireland My Secret Northern Ireland

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After The Invasion

AD 1201 - 1244 Look Around Ireland
AD 1244 - 1271 Look Around Ireland
AD 1271 - 1326 Look Around Ireland
John's first visit to Ireland Wikipedia
Ireland in the thirteenth century BBC
A Century of Turmoil (1218 - 1314) Library Ireland
The Annals of Connacht University of Cork
Church and State in Angevin Ireland University of Cork
Lords in Ireland BBC
Anglo-Norman Ireland Ask About Ireland
The Anglo-Normans in Ireland NI Environment Agency

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Other Resources

Pre-Reformation Church Music in Ireland Library Ireland
Hiberno-Norman Literature Cork University
Links to 12th century Irish texts OHanlons at Rootsweb
Hiberno-English: The English language in Medieval Ireland Toronto University
Pope Adrian IV New Advent
The Vatican Billions (includes information on the Papal Grant to Henry) Cephas Ministry
The murder of Thomas Becket, 1170 Eye Witness to History
Synod of Cashel, 1172 Wikipedia
King John upsets the Pope, 1210 British History
The Archdiocese of Dublin, including its early history Dublin Diocese
Weaponry: Norman arms and armour History Net
Hiberno-Norman Wikipedia
A Short Legislative History of the Irish Parliament (starting in 1175) ~irishancestors at Rootsweb
Treaty of Windsor: 1175 Wikipedia
The Treaty of Windsor (image of the document) ua_tuathal
Early history of the Parliament of Ireland Wikipedia
Local government under the Normans  (focus on England) University of Wisconsin
The Gallowglass Wikipedia
The Marcher Lords (Wales) Britain Express
Medieval English society Wisconsin University
List of late Medieval Battles in Ireland Wikipedia
Annals of Ancient Ireland Annals of Ancient Ireland

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