Ireland in 2009

Heavy snow affects Ireland in February Arguments over the controversial payouts to Troubles dead Cowen struggles to deal with the collapsing economy Trouble in Lurgan following dissident republican activity and arrests

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Northern Ireland: January
Northern Ireland: February
Northern Ireland: March
Northern Ireland: April
Northern Ireland: May
Northern Ireland: June
Northern Ireland: July
Northern Ireland: August
Northern Ireland: September
Northern Ireland: October
Northern Ireland: November
Northern Ireland: December
Republic of Ireland: January
Republic of Ireland: February
Republic of Ireland: March
Republic of Ireland: April
Republic of Ireland: May
Republic of Ireland: June
Republic of Ireland: July
Republic of Ireland: August
Republic of Ireland: September
Republic of Ireland: October
Republic of Ireland: November
Republic of Ireland: December

Northern  Ireland: January

Man stabbed in lung during gang attack, Jan 1st Belfast Telegraph
Executive 'must work for economy', Jan 1st BBC
Crime crackdown nets 54 arrests, Jan 2nd BBC
Northern Ireland's record abortion figures shock, Jan 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Double whammy for Northern Ireland homeowners, Jan 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Hijackers push woman out of car, Jan 4th BBC
Grammar schools defy 11-plus axe, Jan 4th Guardian Observer
Hospital pressures hit surgery, Jan 5th BBC
Quarter of NI firms to cut jobs, Jan 5th Belfast Telegraph
Rabies victim dies of infection, Jan 6th BBC
Strike row boy back at Movilla, Jan 6th Belfast Telegraph
Petrol and food bills slashed, Jan 7th Belfast Telegraph
'IRA men' on trial for blackmail, Jan 7th BBC
[Loyalist Mark] Haddock in court over feud murder,  Jan 8th BBC
[Sinn Féin Vice President Pat] Doherty stands down in reshuffle, Jan 8th BBC
[Prisoner] allowed to die while officers drank tea, Jan 9th Belfast Telegraph
Protest outside defence firm ends, Jan 9th BBC
McCartney murder, Omagh bomb and Northern Bank Robbery 'in cold storage', Jan 10th Belfast Telegraph
Coalisland's 'ghostly attraction', Jan 10th Guardian
Rally demands end of Gaza strife, Jan 10th BBC
Belfast art set to collide with quantum physics, Jan 11th Guardian Observer
Teen in hospital after stabbing, Jan 11th BBC
Gerry Adams driver tells court over fear of 'blackmail threat', Jan 12th Belfast Telegraph
Police arrest anti-war protesters, Jan 12th BBC
Ombudsman called in after protest, Jan 13th BBC
Robert Hamill inquiry: police 'had evidence that officer protected killer', Jan 13th Belfast Telegraph
Assembly questions banking chiefs, Jan 14th BBC
Father and son on trial over Northern Bank cash, Jan 14th Belfast Telegraph
250 arrested in PSNI blitz on crime, Jan 15th Belfast Telegraph
Ex-detectives being re-employed, Jan 15th BBC
20,000 jobs 'could go in 2009', Jan 16th BBC
[Gerry] Adams claims dissidents extorting drug dealers, Jan 16th Irish Times
High winds bring down power lines, Jan 17th BBC
Bus company warned over 'no God' signs, Jan 17th Belfast Telegraph
Woman killed as tree falls [is] named, Jan 18th BBC
Call to put time limit on Troubles crime inquiries, Jan 18th Guardian Observer
Northern Irish jobless rate 'could rise to 6%', Jan 19th Guardian
Attack motive 'could be racism', Jan 19th BBC
Snowfalls lead to traffic chaos, Jan 20th BBC
Bus crashes in snowball 'prank', Jan 20th BBC
GCHQ lacked techology to track Omagh bombers, say security sources, Jan 21st Guardian
Huge increase in NI unemployment, Jan 21st BBC
Men deny UDA member [Tommy English] murder charge, Jan 22nd BBC
Number of suspended officers highest since PSNI formed, Jan 22nd Belfast Telegraph
Credit crunch crushes SDLP's dreams of Fianna Fáil merger, Jan 23rd Guardian
Troubles victims' payment planned, Jan 23rd BBC
Anger over compensation plans for IRA and Loyalists' killers families, Jan 24th Guardian
[SDLP leader Mark] Durkan in 'power games' attack [on DUP and Sinn Féin], Jan 24th BBC
NI brothers killed in avalanche, Jan 25th BBC
Inquests into Troubles deaths to be kept secret, Jan 25th Guardian Observer
Ulster Bank to lay off 750 staff, Jan 26th BBC
[Deputy First Minister Martin] McGuinness in plea over Presbyterian savers, Jan 26th Belfast Telegraph
Go-ahead for £18m  Causeway centre, Jan 27th BBC
[Education minister Catriona] Ruane to spell out school transfer plans, Jan 27th Belfast Telegraph
NI Troubles legacy to cost £300m, Jan 28th BBC
Protests disrupt launch of Northern Ireland Troubles payout proposals, Jan 28th Guardian
Lorry left dangling from ferry during Irish sea crossing, Jan 29th Guardian
Firms announce hundreds of jobs for Northern Ireland, Jan 29th Belfast Telegraph
Legal aid body is damned in report, Jan 30th Belfast Telegraph
Rapist gets 18 years for attacks, Jan 30th BBC
300lb car bomb found, Jan 31st
Railway teen death 'suspicious', Jan 31st BBC

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Northern Ireland: February

Four horses die in car collision, Feb 1st BBC
Internet boom in DIY abortion pills, Feb 1st Guardian Observer
University of Ulster scheme a £250m boost to economy, Feb 2nd Belfast Telegraph
MP [William McCrea] knew of LVF leader [Billie Wright] death threat, Feb 2nd BBC
£1.4bn to be spent on Northern Ireland infrastructure projects, Feb 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Royal couple on one-day NI visit, Feb 3rd BBC
Plans to stop cigarette displays, Feb 4th BBC
Bomb defused in north Belfast, Feb 4th Belfast Telegraph
Snow brings chaos to travel and schools, Feb 5th Belfast Telegraph
DUP meets Loyalists over weapons, Feb 5th BBC
11-plus returns in Northern Ireland, Feb 6th Guardian
[Security forces] agents 'attended INLA death plot', Feb 6th BBC
[PUP] MLA calls for city runway inquiry, Feb 7th BBC
Thug to serve 12 years [for sectarian attack] as victim lies in coma, Feb 7th Belfast Telegraph
Town fire 'treated as suspicious', Feb 8th BBC
Man held over car crash at house, Feb 8th BBC
DUP Speaker orders colleague out of  Stormont in Gerry Adams IRA row, Feb 9th Guardian
[Environment minister Sammy] Wilson bans adverts warning of climate change, Feb 9th Belfast Telegraph
Pipe bombs defused on city street, Feb 10th BBC
Barefoot girl, 5, found walking alone in snow, Feb 10th Belfast Telegraph
City shooting 'was brutal murder', Feb 11th BBC
Dentist accused of murder faces sex and drug charges, Feb 11th Belfast Telegraph
'No confidence' in [environment minister Sammy] Wilson: MLAs, Feb 12th BBC
Belfast museum faces legal challenge over Darwin exhibition, Feb 12th Guardian
[Northern Bank] raid accused handled robbery cash, Feb 13th BBC
Lost boys rescued from mountain, Feb 13th BBC
Pair jailed over bid to swindle 94-year-old grandmother, Feb 14th Belfast Telegraph
Shop worker threatened with gun, Feb 14th BBC
Five arrested over estate violence, Feb 15th BBC
Row over climate change ad will not cost minister his job, says colleague, Feb 15th Guardian Observer
Local rate increase of up to 8.5%, Feb 16th BBC
Motorists' fury at M-way madness, Feb 16th Belfast Telegraph
Labour party to become an official party in Northern Ireland, Feb 17th Belfast Telegraph
Jump in stop and search power use, Feb 17th BBC
Compensation for flood-hit farmers unveiled, Feb 18th Belfast Telegraph
Stormont urged to 'end subsidies', Feb 18th BBC
Sinn Féin pay £15K to settle case [with former employee], Feb 19th BBC
PSNI to swoop on crime gangs, Feb 19th Belfast Telegraph
Assembly spends £2m on empty building, Feb 20th Belfast Telegraph
Sinn Fein launches united Ireland drive, Feb 20th Belfast Telegraph
NI 'orange and green', McGuinness, Feb 21st BBC
Economy, Lisbon top SF Ard Fheis agenda, Feb 21st RTÉ
Man arrested after death in town, Feb 22nd BBC
Security alert is declared a hoax, Feb 22nd BBC
'Jail badger baiters' says [Environment Minister Sammy] Wilson, Feb 23rd BBC
Voyeur lawyer [Richie MacRitchie] gets suspended term, Feb 23rd BBC
Police hunt for boys' bodies at Belfast nature reserve, Feb 24th Belfast Telegraph
House prices drop sharply again, Feb 24th BBC
[Michael] McIlveen murder verdicts welcomed, Feb 25th BBC
Government rejects Troubles payout plan, Feb 25th Guardian
£500m Belfast rebirth is planned, Feb 26th Belfast Telegraph
Call centre firm creates 500 jobs, Feb 26th BBC
Ulster [Bank] profits plunge 76% as property debts mount, Feb 27th Irish Independent
Realignment of Irish left gets off to rocky start, Feb 27th Guardian
Tories' reform plan for Stormont, Feb 28th BBC
Helicopter, luxury cars, home and £2m seized from Ulster millionare, Feb 28th Belfast Telegraph

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Northern Ireland: March

Suspension of prison guards [over Colin Bell] 'a stitch-up', March 1st Guardian Observer
Irish police find arms at border, March 1st BBC
Shoppers horrified as store guard dies, March 2nd Belfast Telegraph
[Ian] Paisley [Jnr] cleared over holiday home, March 2nd BBC
Man found guilty of double murder [of David McIlwaine and Andrew Robb], March 3rd BBC
Ulster motorbike ace [Gordon] Crockard in horror smash, March 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Dissident threat level is raised, March 4th BBC
NI inquiries have £300m price tag, March 4th BBC
Former policeman, 72, held in inquiry into murder of RUC detective, March 5th Guardian
15% of MI5-workload is NI related, March 5th BBC
British officers to go back undercover in Northern Ireland, March 6th Guardian
McGuinness criticises Ulster police chief for recalling covert army units, March 6th Guardian
[Gerry Adams says chief constable] Orde risks losing majority of republican support, March 7th BBC
[Former chief ombudsman Nuala] O'Loan is given new UN envoy role, March 7th BBC
Two die in 'barbaric' army attack, March 8th BBC
Brown condemns N Ireland killings, March 8th BBC
Northern Ireland fears return of terrorist past as soldiers shot dead, March 8th Guardian Observer
Antrim shootings: political reaction, March 8th Guardian Observer
SRR: secret army unit that sparked old hatred in Ulster, March 8th London Times
Real IRA claims murder of soldiers in Northern Ireland, March 8th Guardian
Police hunt for 'Real IRA' gunmen, March 9th BBC
Fears for Army killings fall-out, March 9th BBC
[Gordon] Brown holds security talks in Northern Ireland, March 9th Guardian
Gunmen 'shot at people on the ground', March 9th Belfast Telegraph
N Ireland attack was 'inevitable', March 9th Al Jazeera
Irish America stunned by RIRA attack, March 9th Belfast Telegraph
Orangemen in first official meeting with Irish government, March 9th Belfast Telegraph
Bored teenagers blamed as lurid graffiti makes comeback after attack at barracks, March 10th Guardian
Police officer killed in shooting, March 10th BBC
Wife warned policeman of danger 'hours before attack', March 10th Guardian
Continuity IRA shot dead officer, March 10th BBC
Dissidents 'behind city alert', March 10th BBC
Arrests over NI policeman murder, March 10th BBC
Protests over dissident murders, March 11th BBC
Northern Ireland security heightened in wake of shootings, March 11th Telegraph
Police discuss dissident threat, March 12th BBC
Peace process under attack, March 12th An Phoblacht
Police race to stop Real IRA bomb, March 12th Guardian
Widow 'numb' at policeman murder, March 12th BBC
Court fire 'started deliberately', March 12th BBC
Northern Ireland bill becomes law, March 12th BBC
Funeral of shot policeman, March 13th BBC
Northern Ireland birth totals highest for 17 years, March 13th Belfast Telegraph
Talks with dissidents ruled out, March 14th BBC
Hardliners vent their fury at Martin McGuinness, March 14th Guardian
Two arrests over NI police murder, March 14th BBC
Ex IRA prisoner [Colin Duffy] held over murders, March 14th Guardian Observer
Thugs riot as Ulster weeps, March 15th Belfast Telegraph
Real IRA suspects unmasked, March 15th Belfast Telegraph
'As long as the British remain, there will always be some kind of IRA', March 15th Guardian Observer
$30m investment set aside for NI, March 16th BBC
Plans for military parade in Belfast are halted, March 16th Belfast Telegraph
Northern Ireland policeman murder: two more suspects arrested, March 16th Guardian
Two guns found near murder scene, March 17th BBC
Gerry Adams steps up warnings against use of special forces, March 17th London Times
[Barack] Obama hails 'heroic' NI response, March 17th BBC
Saint's carnival underway in city, March 17th BBC
Funeral for murdered NI soldier [Mark Quinsey], March 18th BBC
12 arrests after South Belfast rioting, March 18th Belfast Telegraph
Jobless increase by 75% in a year, March 18th BBC
[Seamus] Heaney wins top literary award, March 19th BBC
[Alex] Maskey opposes detention period, March 19th BBC
Funeral for murdered sapper Patrick Azimkar, March 20th Belfast Telegraph
NI abortion guidelines published, March 20th BBC
[Thomas] Devlin killing: man to face charge, March 21st Belfast Telegraph
Man arrested for the murder of Stephen Carroll is refusing food, March 21st BBC
DNA tests on bank notes may help catch soldiers' killers, March 22nd Irish Independent
More time in soldier murder probe, March 22nd BBC
Ex-prisoner held over Northern Ireland soldier murders on hunger strike, March 23rd Guardian
Challenge to dissident detentions, March 23rd BBC
Two released in PSNI murder probe, March 23rd BBC
Lampposts alert is declared hoax, March 23rd BBC
Youth faces officer murder charge, March 24th BBC
Second charged with police murder, March 24th BBC
Dissidents target prison warders, March 24th Belfast Telegraph
Former Sinn Féin councillor charged with murdering PC Stephen Caroll, March 25th Guardian
Station re-arrest [of Colin Duffy] on Army murders, March 25th BBC
Northern Ireland killings were an act of war, says hardline republican group, March 26th Guardian
Loyalists' sentences are reviewed, March 26th BBC
Third man in court over policeman's murder, March 26th Belfast Telegraph
[Colin] Duffy charged with Army murders, March 27th BBC
Murder charge Duffy in hunger strike vow, March 27th Belfast Telegraph
[Irish financial advisor Ted Cunningham] laundered part of £26m raid, March 27th BBC
Belfast switches off [for Earth Hour], March 28th Belfast Telegraph
[Northern Ireland and Polish] fans attack police with fireworks, March 28th BBC
Four charged after fans trouble, March 29th BBC
Ulster Unionist Burnside stays silent about PR role for banker 'Fred the Shred', March 29th Guardian Observer
Three held in dissident operation, March 29th BBC
Security alerts close city roads, March 30th BBC
Gangs of Polish football hooligans organised violence, March 30th Belfast Telegraph
Schoolgirl's rapist shot in attack, March 31st BBC
Belfast on high alert, March 31st Belfast Telegraph
Catholics still joining Northern Ireland police force despite attacks, says minister, March 31st Guardian
Hall petrol bombing 'murder bid', March 31st BBC
Sacked workers occupy car factory, March 31st BBC

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Northern Ireland: April

Man released in UDA [Tommy English] murder case, April 1st BBC
FG Wilson laying off more staff, April 1st BBC
Two Northern Ireland men shot in paramilitary style attacks, April 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Man arrested over soldier murders, April 2nd BBC
Manufacturing 'loses 2% of staff', April 2nd BBC
Theft fear sees guns handed in, April 2nd BBC
Bomb found near houses in village, April 3rd BBC
Paisley Jr ordered to reveal source of face jail in Maze prison murder inquiry, April 3rd Guardian
Loyalist Steven Brown gets 30 years for murders of Andrew Robb and David McIlwaine, April 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Charges over £700,000 drugs haul, April 4th BBC
Meningitis advice after girl dies, April 4th BBC
We've lost control of Ardoyne, [Provisional] IRA warns, April 5th Guardian Observer
Praise for [Loyalist] paramilitary leaders, April 5th BBC
IRA infiltrator forced to give his film a miss, April 5th Guardian Observer
Car set on fire in town trouble, April 5th BBC
Northern Ireland First Minister claims Tories and UUP colluding over expenses stories, April 6th Guardian
[Sinn Féin] MLA's home in overnight attack, April 6th BBC
Brothers' company [W G Mitchell] in trouble, April 7th BBC
[SDLP] 'finds £400m for economy', April 7th BBC
Tories vow to end payment of allowances to Sinn Féin MPs, April 8th Guardian
Transfer test groups have talks, April 8th BBC
'40 flee' after World Cup riots, April 9th BBC
Loyalists get funds to oppose racists, April 9th Belfast Telegraph
Dissidents threaten city 'hoods', April 9th BBC
Gun attack treated as attempted murder, April 10th BBC
Northern Ireland attacks on Poles blamed on Loyalists, April 10th Guardian
All changed utterly as 'An Phoblacht' omits IRA Easter message, April 10th Irish Times
Petrol bomb attack on Orange Hall, April 11th BBC
Sex pics lawyer declared bankrupt, April 11th BBC
Pensioner death now murder probe, April 12th BBC
Continuity IRA issues warning of new attacks on police, April 12th Guardian Observer
New film 'may give IRA dissidents ammunition', April 12th Guardian Observer
Real IRA: we murdered Denis Donaldson, April 13th Belfast Telegraph
79-year-old dies in house fire, April 13th BBC
Tests find NI water safe to drink, April 14th BBC
Woman stabbed to death in Bangor, April 14th BBC
Sinn Fein office attacked again, April 15th BBC
Civil servants re-hired after £4m pay-off, April 15th Belfast Telegraph
[Chief Constable Hugh] Orde quits NI police for new role, April 16th BBC
Northern Ireland's £1bn credit card debt, April 16th Belfast Telegraph
Man held after city 'hate crime', April 17th BBC
Firm gives lie detector test to staff, April 17th Belfast Telegraph
Wasteful neighbours may cost you money, April 18th Belfast Telegraph
Man and woman hurt in car ramming, April 18th BBC
Man killed in police bike crash, April 19th BBC
Parades 'must not be exploited', April 19th BBC
Family 'forced out' after attacks, April 20th BBC
Visteon protesters face eviction, April 20th BBC
Murder inquiry after disco attack, April 21st BBC
Sinn Fein to veto victims' definition bill, April 21st Belfast Telegraph
Stormont 'to find £122m of cuts', April 22nd BBC
Second Basque terrorist suspect faces extradition from Northern Ireland, April 22nd Guardian
Transport blow as train and bus fares set to soar, April 23rd Belfast Telegraph
Cut departments to save - [Nigel] Dodds, April 23rd BBC
Ten years for £26m raid launderer, April 24th BBC
[Martin] McGuinness speaks out over threat [from dissidents], April 24th BBC
Loyalist meeting [with leading Catholic] 'significant', April 24th BBC
Teenager critical after assault in West Belfast, April 25th Belfast Telegraph
Warning over stolen rail detonators, April 25th BBC
Man killed in two-vehicle smash, April 26th BBC
Dissident republicans planning to bomb UK, April 26th Telegraph
Dissidents 'make Bogside ghetto', April 27th BBC
Loyalist cab boss in cash review, April 27th BBC
Man killed in shooting incident, April 28th BBC
Council worker threats condemned, April 28th BBC
Duffy to contest 'prison bugging', April 29th BBC
Northern Ireland minister to seek damages for IRA victims from Gaddafi, April 29th Guardian
Ritchie case cost taxpayer £300K, April 30th BBC
Companies to create 140 new jobs, April 30th BBC

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Northern Ireland: May

Family's long fight for justice [for Michael McIlveen] finally draws to a close, May 1st Belfast Telegraph
Visteon dispute nears resolution, May 1st BBC
Parties in North begin posturing for EU election, May 2nd Irish Times
Swine flu: eight suspected cases in Northern Ireland, May 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Leader of gang suspected of Geoff Kerr murder is a British agent, May 3rd Guardian Observer
Bloody Sunday victim Michael Bradley dies, May 3rd Guardian Observer
Belfast marathon brings a splash of colour to city streets, May 4th Belfast Telegraph
Shop assistant held at knifepoint, May 4th BBC
Real IRA allies claim republican activist beaten up in Liverpool, May 5th Guardian
Teenager admits [Harry] Holland killing, May 5th BBC
Queen opens new hospital wing, May 6th BBC
Devolved policing powers 'near', May 6th Belfast Telegraph
Dissidents 'pose serious threat', May 7th BBC
Loyalist paramilitaries must decommission arms, says [NI Secretary] Woodward, May 7th Guardian
Judge to rule on Real IRA case [regarding journalist Suzanne Breen], May 8th BBC
Ulster Bank makes 'large losses', May 8th BBC
Young wife's heartbreak as soldier husband dies [in Afghanistan], May 9th Belfast Telegraph
Trio in court over petrol bombing, May 9th BBC
SF deny 'inflating' MP rent costs, May 10th BBC
Gang attacks fire crews in city, May 10th BBC
Dissidents 'must condemn attack' [on SF man's home], May 11th BBC
Woman arrested after man (44) stabbed to death, May 11th Belfast Telegraph
Further rise in NI jobless total, May 12th BBC
Two charged with IRA membership in £26m Northern Bank probe, May 12th Belfast Telegraph
Irish journalist says she will not reveal Real IRA sources, May 12th Guardian
Ulster Unionist MP [Sylvia Herman] will not stand as Tory candidate, May 13th Guardian
NI swine flu case 'probable', May 13th BBC
100lb roadside bomb found near Irish border, May 14th Belfast Telegraph
Extra security for police station, May 14th BBC
Man arrested over [Massareene] murders freed [without charge], May 15th BBC
[Peter] Robinson defends £30,000 food claim, May 15th Belfast Telegraph
Woman raped in home by intruder, May 16th BBC
Five hurt in overnight hotel fire, May 16th BBC
Rider [Mark Young] dies following race crash, May 17th BBC
US Congress may hold UVF killing inquiry, May 17th Guardian Observer
Special needs kids lose out in £25m row, May 18th Belfast Telegraph
UUP man [Mark Brooks] defects in Tory pact row, May 18th BBC
Northern Irish education chief took daughter on term-time holiday, May 19th Guardian
Revealed: what bugged lawyer told his [paramilitary] clients, May 19th Belfast Telegraph
[Republican] ex-prisoners fail in lords appeal, May 20th BBC
Alzheimer's barbs spark row in Stormont, May 20th Guardian
[David] Cameron in SF expenses threat, May 21st BBC
Top lawyers earn £15m legal aid, May 21st BBC
Sextuplets delivered in Belfast, May 22nd BBC
DUP will shed most executive MPs, May 22nd BBC
Expenses leak man [John Wick] defends actions, May 23rd BBC
Man held in kidnap investigation, May 23rd BBC
MI5 spends £40m tracking IRA dissidents and al-Qaeda, May 24th Guardian Observer
Two men killed in road accidents, May 24th BBC
[Martin] McGuinness warns of deadlock risk, May 25th BBC
Catholic youth worker [Kevin McDaid] murdered in Northern Ireland, May 25th Guardian
Police 'stood by' as [Kevin McDaid] murdered, May 26th BBC
Belfast tourism podcast 'biased', May 26th BBC
Parade will not pass murder area, May 27th BBC
Loyalist mob threatens son of murdered Catholic, May 27th Belfast Telegraph
Masked man threatens SDLP canvasser, May 27th RTÉ
Two more arrests [following nine men charged] over mob killing, May 28th BBC
Police rescue six women in trafficking raids, May 28th Guardian
Ex-officer charged over trafficking, May 29th BBC
Woman found on street with life-threatening burns, May 29th Belfast Telegraph
Teen rapist back in jail for breaching probation, May 30th Belfast Telegraph
Arrests follow attempted robbery, May 30th BBC
UDA rebels decommission and condemn McDaid killing, May 31st Guardian Observer
Ancient hatreds, gangs and killings that lurk beneath a fragile peace, May 31st Guardian Observer
Two escape injury in plane drama, May 31st BBC

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Northern Ireland: June

Police tip-off allegations cloud Kevin McDaid's funeral, June 1st Guardian
Naomi Long new mayor of Belfast, June 1st BBC
NI has hottest temperature in UK, June 2nd BBC
Cracks in [Northern Ireland] executive after Loyalist mob murder, June 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Linfield captain released on bail [in Spain], June 3rd BBC
Man shot in paramilitary-style attack, June 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Voting 'is slow' in Euro election, June 4th BBC
Dissidents behind arson - [Conor] Murphy, June 4th BBC
Five threatened in [Kevin McDaid] murder case, June 5th BBC
Northern Ireland solicitor gets 10 years for inciting Loyalist terrorists to murder, June 5th Guardian
Man 'critical' after disturbance, June 6th BBC
Drama in NI as EP vote turnout falls, June 6th RTÉ
Teenager wounded in gun incident, June 7th BBC
£4000 payout for drinker over beer garden racism, June 7th Guardian Observer
Omagh victims' relatives win right to sue Real IRA members over bombing, June 8th Guardian
Sinn Fein tops poll in Euro count, June 8th BBC
Europe vote leaves DUP struggling, June 9th Guardian
Jailhouse blues for prison service, June 9th BBC
Paisley [Jr] ordered to attend court, June 10th BBC
Family 'numbed by double tragedy', June 10th BBC
Real IRA are 'republican Taliban' [Suzanne Breen case], June 11th BBC
Police re-examine case of man [Sean Hoey] cleared of Omagh bombing, June 11th Guardian
Loyalist murderer [Jim Fulton's] appeal fails, June 12th BBC
ATM camera scam warning, June 12th Belfast Telegraph
Three die in light aircraft crash, June 12th BBC
Woman fined £20,000 as cross-border tipping crackdown agreed, June 13th Belfast Telegraph
Knighthood for hotelier [William] Hastings, June 13th BBC
UVF chooses observers to verify its arms decomissioning, June 14th Guardian Observer
Car crashes into busy restaurant, June 14th BBC
Families flee after attacks by racist mob, June 15th BBC
Air charity spends £500k on admin, June 15th BBC
Racist attacks 'not orchestrated', June 16th BBC
Northern Ireland Assembly member expelled for bank robbery comments, June 16th Guardian
Romanians flee homes after attack, June 17th BBC
Baby dies in bedroom blaze, June 17th Belfast Telegraph
Further Belfast Romanian attack, June 18th BBC
UVF begins to disarm illegal arsenal, June 18th Guardian
Reporter [Suzanne Breen] wins Real IRA notes case, June 18th BBC
UDA seek cash in return for guns, June 19th BBC
[Esther] Rantzen: NI people 'addicted to hatred', June 19th BBC
Kids 'encouraged to attack march', June 19th BBC
'Panthers', 'leopards' and 'pumas' spotted in fields throughout Ulster, June 20th Belfast Telegraph
Protest held over racist attacks, June 20th BBC
Loyalist Combat 18 threaten Romanian gypsies, June 21st Guardian Observer
Stones smash tourist bus window, June 21st BBC
Man climbs onto wheel attraction, June 22nd BBC
Stormont: DUP reshuffle, June 22nd RTÉ
Romanians leave NI after attacks, June 23rd BBC
Rapist shot by republicans jailed, June 23rd BBC
Ian Paisley [senior] may defend seat at general election, June 24th Guardian
Hindu priest moving after attack, June 24th BBC
Child dies after river accident, June 25th BBC
Swine flu victim hospitalised, June 25th Belfast Telegraph
UDA 'involved in murder of Kevin McDaid', June 26th Belfast Telegraph
Two men arrested over flats fire, June 26th BBC
Loyalist groups put weapons beyond use, June 27th RTÉ
'Devices left along [Whiterock] parade route', June 27th BBC
Man, 23, critical after assault, June 28th BBC
Republican protesters disrupt soldiers' parade [in Glasgow], June 28th Guardian Observer
Child 'used' in city gun attack, June 29th BBC
Paisley Jr 'wants to go to jail', June 29th BBC
Ian Paisley Jr is fined £5000, June 30th BBC
Shots fired at house over flags row, June 30th Belfast Telegraph

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Northern Ireland: July

[Ian] Paisley [Jr] complains over QC remarks, July 1st BBC
Islamic centre receives far-right death threats, July 1st Belfast Telegraph
PSNI accused of 'naked sectarian policing', July 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Four new cases of NI swine flu, July 2nd BBC
Chef [Castlereagh break-in] case collapse sparks queries, July 3rd BBC
Dissident killings drove us to the brink of war, says loyalist, July 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Appeal over mystery head injuries, July 4th BBC
Harry Holland's loved ones slam killer's sentence, July 4th Belfast Telegraph
Annual Drumcree march held, July 5th BBC
UDA leader: loyalists have a duty to inform if they know racist attackers, July 5th Guardian Observer
[DUP] MP [Jeffrey Donaldson] 'sorry' over hotel film claims, July 6th BBC
Belfast man George Morrisson stabbed to death in city street, July 6th Belfast Telegraph
Murder hunt after body found in alley, July 7th Belfast Telegraph
Children rescued from adrift raft, July 7th BBC
Car dealer is 'shocked by arrest' [after customs raids], July 8th BBC
Catholic teenager beaten by Loyalist gang in Coleraine, July 8th Belfast Telegraph
Ulster child abuse horror, July 9th Belfast Telegraph
Church paint attacks 'sectarian', July 9th BBC
Rush-hour alerts cause disruption, July 10th BBC
[First Minister Peter] Robinson set to hold Drumcree talks, July 10th Belfast Telegraph
Heroin haul 'largest ever in NI', July 11th BBC
£12,000 for victims was a mistake, says [Lord Robin] Eames, July 11th Belfast Telegraph
Tyrone rider [Andrew Neill] killed in race crash, July 12th BBC
Light aircraft in crash landing, July 12th BBC
Violence at Belfast parade route, July 13th BBC
Sectarian attacks in north Antrim, July 13th BBC
Sinn Féin blames Real IRA for Belfast violence, July 14th Guardian
Petrol bomb attack on Orange hall, July 14th BBC
Youths throw stones at flashpoint, July 15th BBC
Northern Ireland passport plans axed, July 15th Belfast Telegraph
Third night of flashpoint trouble, July 16th BBC
Anti-racists 'fed Roma crisis', July 16th BBC
Appeal over 'on-the-run murderer', July 17th BBC
Polish to be taught to pupils aged four in Northern Ireland, July 17th Belfast Telegraph
Man and woman die in horrific road crash, July 18th Belfast Telegraph
Cash stolen during city bank raid, July 18th BBC
Man's body is discovered in flat, July 19th BBC
Absconding murderer [James Meehan] back in court, July 19th BBC
New site for 'burned out' school, July 20th BBC
Swine flu: fit-to-fly test for travellers, July 20th Belfast Telegraph
Man arrested over sapper murders, July 21st BBC
[Loyalist Mark] Haddock held over four murders, July 21st Belfast Telegraph
Tyrone sextuplet dies in hospital, July 21st BBC
Hilary Clinton could be made envoy to Northern Ireland, July 22nd Belfast Telegraph
Gang threatens pensioners at home, July 22nd BBC
Man [Brian Shivers] in court over soldier murders, July 23rd BBC
Six arrested in money laundering probe, July 23rd Belfast Telegraph
GAA team hit by swine flu fears, July 24th BBC
Family escapes injury after [Loyalist] bomb attack, July 24th Belfast Telegraph
Community pair 'warned of threat' [from dissident republicans], July 25th BBC
Actor Harry Towb dies of cancer, July 25th BBC
Anger as Belfast stadium plan is revised, July 26th Guardian Observer
Rescued cliff injury man stable, July 26th BBC
'Regret' over NI checkpoint death [of Aidan McAnespie], July 27th BBC
Huge rise in Irish visitors to NI, July 27th BBC
50,000 in dock over rates payment, July 28th BBC
Belfast's 'peace walls' treble after the ceasefires, July 28th Guardian
Arsonists in second school attack, July 29th BBC
Revealed: huge bill for PSNI informers, July 29th Belfast Telegraph
NI justice ministry step closer, July 30th BBC
Union flag left off identity cards in order to recognise Irish nationals' rights in NI, July 30th Guardian
Firemen watch as station burns down, July 31st Belfast Telegraph
Police District Policing Partnership disruption [by republicans] 'juvenile', July 31st BBC

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Northern Ireland: August

Thousands out for city gay parade, August 1st BBC
City centre death not suspicious, August 1st BBC
MP calls on YouTube to remove Real IRA propaganda videos, August 2nd Guardian Observer
[Baseball] bat attackers cowards says mother [of 9-year-old victim], August 2nd BBC
Queen's [University] gentleman club claim, August 3rd BBC
£4.5m lottery win for Ulster punter, August 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Town rallies around family of [NI soldier who died of swine flu], August 4th BBC
Man arrested over soldier murders, August 4th BBC
40 police stations face closure, August 4th BBC
[IRA] jail escapers won't be extradited, August 5th BBC
Man charged over 1973 cafe murder, August 5th Belfast Telegraph
16 new cases of swine flu in NI, August 6th BBC
Northern Ireland's finance minister [Sammy Wilson] in 'racism industry' row, August 6th Guardian
UVF killer [James Crockard] ordered back to jail, August 7th Belfast Telegraph
Ulster Bank set to shed 250 jobs, August 7th BBC
400 face the axe in a dark day for jobs, August 8th Belfast Telegraph
Spectator killed at Armoy races, August 8th BBC
Nine charged over city violence [following Apprentice Boys' Parade], August 9th BBC
Greenisland man is beaten by gang, August 9th BBC
Sinn Fein in 'significant' talks, August 10th BBC
Flu 'could kill murder suspect' [Brian Shivers], August 10th BBC
Horror as dad (49) crushed to death [at work], August 11th Belfast Telegraph
[Matt] Baggott appointed new PSNI chief, August 11th BBC
Two injured in Derry gun attacks, August 12th Belfast Telegraph
Sinn Fein will not renew London flat leases for MPs, August 12th Guardian
Tall Ships lead to traffic chaos, August 13th BBC
Decision to allow Loyalist parade slammed, August 13th Belfast Telegraph
Maze corporation 'to cost £5m', August 14th BBC
Worst of NI downturn over - [Ulster] bank, August 14th BBC
Crumlin Road courthouse damaged in arson attack, August 15th Belfast Telegraph
Dissidents linked to [Royal Marines] parade halt, August 15th BBC
Second fire at city courthouse, August 16th BBC
Premises hit in sectarian attacks, August 16th BBC
Northern Ireland man caught in blast on his last day in Afghanistan, August 17th Belfast Telegraph
[Derry City] Council faces £6K bonfire bill, August 17th BBC
Man paid undercover agents €10,000 to buy arms for Real IRA, court told, August 18th Guardian
Attack had dissident 'hallmarks', August 18th BBC
Martin McGuinness: I'm not bothered by gun photograph, August 19th Belfast Telegraph
Police dog saves pensioner's life, August 19th BBC
Pensioner offers life savings to catch son [Mark Christie's] killers, August 20th Belfast Telegraph
Probe call into republican event, August 20th BBC
Woman with swine flu dies in NI, August 21st BBC
Frantic hunt for boy swept away by river, August 21st Belfast Telegraph
Boy's body found in Antrim river, August 22nd BBC
Armed men mount illegal road block, August 22nd BBC
Escaper [Pól] Brennan deported from US, August 22nd BBC
Five killed in two road accidents, August 23rd BBC
Waterway flood warning in Northern Ireland after three deaths, August 23rd Guardian Observer
1500 scramble for just 92 Tesco jobs, August 24th Belfast Telegraph
No support for illegal roadblock [says Conor Murphy], August 24th BBC
Dissidents a growing threat: [Chief Constable Hugh] Orde, August 25th BBC
Family plan fight for son's liver transplant, August 25th Guardian
Call for Libya to compensate IRA victims, August 25th RTÉ
NI leaders pay tribute to [Senator Edward] Kennedy, August 26th BBC
Ulster 'cold case' unit charges man with 12-year-old murder, August 26th Guardian
Man remanded over McDaid murder, August 27th BBC
Army remembers its single largest loss of life in Northern Ireland, August 27th Belfast Telegraph
Arson at Irish language school, August 28th BBC
Family held hostage by robbery plot gang, August 28th Belfast Telegraph
Bomb found close to city schools, August 29th BBC
Thousands march in Black parades, August 29th BBC
Cave Hill fall teenager critical, August 30th BBC
Investigation into Maghaberry sex offender suicide, August 30th Guardian Observer
Heavy rain causes city flooding, August 31st BBC
UDA's 'top man' cannot give weapons [decommissioning] vow, August 31st Belfast Telegraph

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Northern Ireland: September

Sectarian riot ' a disgrace to NI', September 1st BBC
Death threats over McDaid murder, September 1st BBC
Second night of disturbances, September 2nd BBC
Terrified teenager shot in leg by masked gang, September 2nd Belfast Telegraph
PSNI budget 'right down to the wire', September 3rd BBC
Children find dead body at school, September 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Developer [Brian Gilligan] defends writ decision, September 4th BBC
New Troubles Victims Forum founded, September 4th BBC
Ham recalled over listeria fear, September 5th BBC
I want to flee after second attack, says McDaid friend, September 5th BBC
Northern Ireland at risk of 'race war', anti-fascist campaigner warns police, September 6th Guardian Observer
[Gordon Brown] 'did not press Libya over IRA', September 6th BBC
UDA 'to decommission by February', September 7th BBC
Libya case families in defiant vow: dithering PM won't stop fight for justice, September 7th Belfast Telegraph
Army defuses huge bomb on Northern Ireland border, September 8th Guardian
NI 'needs say on Irish bad bank', September 8th BBC
'Splinter group' behind road bomb, September 9th BBC
Trio guilty of possessing mortar [in 2007], September 9th BBC
Dissident [Gary Donnelly] cleared of PSNI assault, September 10th BBC
Fury as five police stations face axe, September 10th Belfast Telegraph
RIRA claim three Derry attacks, September 11th BBC
Girl aged six dies in freak accident, September 11th Belfast Telegraph
Sinn Fein snub dinner with new mayor, September 12th Belfast Telegraph
Drugs find as car runs checkpoint, September 12th BBC
Residents fear [of debris from aircraft] after tiles fall, September 13th BBC
Threat from dissident republican terror severe, says Northern Ireland chief constable, Sept 13th Guardian Observer
Irish 'bad bank' threatens Irish economy, warns [First Minister Martin] McGuinness, Sept 14th Guardian
SF say Libya motive is 'partisan', September 14th BBC
Sinn Féin welcome electricity price reductions, September 15th Sinn Féin website
DUP seek victim definition change, September 15th BBC
SF rejects 'shared future' [deadlock in Executive] blame, September 16th BBC
Forces of hate could fill vacuum - Orde warning to Robinson and McGuinness, Sept 16th Belfast Telegraph
Pipe-bomb found in street alert, September 17th BBC
Northern Ireland rugby club cancels matches over swine flu, September 17th Belfast Telegraph
Rail line closed in [second night of] town trouble, September 18th BBC
Libyan post 'useful for police', September 18th BBC
Pig herd catches human swine flu, September 18th BBC
PSNI step up dissident crackdown, September 19th BBC
'Monster' [Robert George Harvey] sentenced to 23 years for brutal murder, September 19th Belfast Telegraph
SDLP leader [Mark] Durkan to step down, September 20th BBC
Jobless youths 'sink into crime' [Reg Empey], September 20th BBC
No agreement after policing talks, September 21st BBC
Sinn Fein man praises police, September 21st Belfast Telegraph
New NI police chief [Matt Baggott] says public will help defeat terrorists, Sept 22nd Guardian
£370m cash cuts 'by Christmas', September 22nd BBC
Catholics 'intimidated' at school, September 22nd BBC
New delay to Bloody Sunday report, September 23rd BBC
City policing meeting disrupted, Septemer 23rd BBC
Police cuts 'hit dissident fight', September 24th BBC
Republican bomb alerts in Northern Ireland total 750 in two years, September 24th Guardian
New twist in Maiden City name change row, September 24th Belfast Telegraph
£100,000 seized in fraud probe, September 25th BBC
Shankill bomb relative will talk to SF if IRA apologises, September 25th Belfast Telegraph
Man robbed and left in car boot, September 26th Belfast Telegraph
Six arrested in drugs operation, September 26th BBC
Shots fired at house in Ballymena, September 27th BBC
Victims of the Troubles may sue [Ireland] over IRA arms, September 27th Guardian Observer
Republican leader [Ruairi O Bradaigh] to stand down September 28th BBC
Lecturer sues after detention in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, September 28th Guardian
Arsonist's screams 'saved family', September 29th BBC
Liver failure teen on road to recovery, September 29th Belfast Telegraph
Searches resume after bomb scare, September 30th BBC
Two arrested after gang shooting, September 30th BBC
[Sir Hugh] Orde wins damages in libel case, September 30th BBC
Two NI leaders trade accusations, September 30th BBC

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Northern  Ireland: October

Swine flu hitting 'second wave', October 1st BBC
McGuinness and Robinson in new clash over policing, October 1st Belfast Telegraph
Government funds Loyalist garden, October 2nd BBC
DUP man urged to withdraw Pope Antichrist remark, October 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Parade marks soldiers' homecoming, October 3rd BBC
'No blank cheque' on policing, warns [Tory leader David] Cameron, October 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Republican [John Brady] dies at police station, October 4th BBC
Gordon Brown flies to Belfast as row simmers over Stormont powers, October 4th Guardian Observer
Fire crews battle tyre inferno, October 5th Belfast Telegraph
Shot reported during city trouble, October 5th BBC
Northern Ireland policing and justice talks move to London, October 6th Guardian
Man arrested over soldier murders, October 6th BBC
Two of [Kevin] McDaid's sons arrested, October 7th BBC
Young child with swine flu dies, October 7th BBC
Schoolboy swine flu victim dies, October 8th BBC
Shots fired in salute at Real IRA man's funeral, October 8th Guardian
Flooding on Belfast streets again, October 9th BBC
Late-night talks edge unionists and nationalists close to policing deal, October 9th Guardian
Motorist dies in lorry collision, October 10th BBC
Top Gear Belfast stunts bill may top £200,000, October 10th Belfast Telegraph
Armed struggle is over - INLA, October 11th BBC
150-strong crowd attacks police, October 11th BBC
Dissidents out of step - [Hilary] Clinton, October 11th BBC
Hilary Clinton urges Stormont leaders to agree on policing and justice powers, October 12th Guardian
Dissidents were behind shooting, October 12th BBC
Man jailed for soldier taunts, October 13th BBC
Police 'foil dissident plot to kill Ian Paisley Jr', October 13th Belfast Telegraph
£64m needed to fight swine flu, October 13th BBC
Man in 20s is shot in stomach, October 14th BBC
Sinn Féin to pay £3000 over-paid to McGuinness for rent, October 14th Guardian
Controlled explosion on van [said to contain bomb], October 15th BBC
300 schools hit by exam blunder, October 15th Belfast Telegraph
Woman injured in car bomb attack, October 16th BBC
UDA's anger with Shoukri meeting with de Chastelain, October 16th Belfast Telegraph
Girl's death 'swine flu related', October 17th BBC
[Sectarian] attacks drive [Protestant] family from village, October 17th BBC
Gang shoots teenage boy in legs, October 18th BBC
Thieves use digger to steal ATM, October 18th BBC
Apology follows swine flu delay, October 19th BBC
New York stock exchange brings 300 jobs to Belfast, October 19th Belfast Telegraph
Girl's frantic call from blaze [Omagh family murder inquiry], October 20th BBC
Belfast man hacked to death in front of pregnant wife, court is told, October 20th Belfast Telegraph
Three swine flu related deaths in NI, October 21st BBC
New crime tactic 'cut burglaries', October 21st BBC
TA explosion 'could have killed', October 22nd BBC
Greysteel killer guilty of attack, October 22nd BBC
Burning vessel goes down in loch, October 23rd BBC
William Hague tells Unionists to back joint platform in Northern Ireland,  October 23rd Guardian
[UUP leader Reg] Empey warns DUP over justice deal, October 24th BBC
'Bittersweet return' for soldiers, October 24th BBC
Women escape injury in shooting, October 25th BBC
Ulster Unionist conference riven by row over link with Tories, October 25th Guardian Observer
Unhappy [UUP MP Harriet] Hermon skips UUP meeting, October 26th BBC
Flu jab for special needs staff, October 26th BBC
Millions of illegal cigs captured, October 27th BBC
BBC 'biased towards republicans', October 27th BBC
Files reveal growing NI terror threat, October 28th BBC
Archives reveal death list found at IRA gang's flat, October 28th Guardian
DUP parades call 'unacceptable' [Gerry Adams], October 29th BBC
£45m cigarettes haul was first of five planned runs in audacious smuggling scheme, Oct 29th Belfast Telegraph
Loyalist [Mark Harbinson] rape case is adjourned, October 30th BBC
Part-time RIR soldiers win test case, October 30th BBC
Libya talks over IRA compensation, October 31st BBC
Former bank manager [Peter Cregan] fraud charges, October 31st BBC

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Northern  Ireland: November

Suicide group condemns newspaper, November 1st BBC
Sinn Féin 'fears book by ex-IRA commander Brendan Hughes', November 1st Guardian Observer
NI 'out of recession next year' [says NI Enterprise Minister], November 2nd BBC
MP [Iris Robinson]: expenses story a 'witch hunt', November 2nd BBC
Libyans 'unlikely' to compensate, November 3rd BBC
Road builder 'must pay' for flood,  November 3rd BBC
Northern Ireland dissidents 'committed to launching mainland attacks', November 4th Guardian
'Sharp rise' recorded in loyalist beatings, November 4th BBC
Two further NI swine flu related deaths, November 5th BBC
Tricolours daubed on Protestant farmer's sheep, November 5th Belfast Telegraph
Soil 'links Duffy to two murders', November 6th BBC
[Traditional Unionist Voice] sorry for 'leprechaun' slur, November 6th BBC
Experts assessing collapsed road, November 7th BBC
Man charged over drug 'factory', November 7th BBC
Arrests after £500,000 drug find, November 8th BBC
[Remembrance Day] parade postponed amidst police search, November 8th BBC
Fallout continues in Derry saga [Derry City removed from League of Ireland], November 9th BBC
Northern Ireland policing deal under threat over fate of reserve force, November 9th Guardian
NI crime agency freezes republican's assets, November 10th RTÉ
PSNI stall on 'shoot-to-kill' files, November 10th BBC
Man [Kevin Crilly] is charged with [Robert] Nairac murder, November 11th BBC
Four appear in court over UDA threat claims, November 11th Belfast Telegraph
Fraud bank 'could face £85m loss', November 12th BBC
IFA settle [Howard] Wells case with payment, November 12th BBC
Son arrested over father's murder, November 13th BBC
Killer driver [Henry Christopher Marley] sent back to jail, November 13th BBC
11-plus replacement exams taken, November 14th BBC
Major file damages Belfast college, November 14th Belfast Telegraph
Man held over Massereene murders, November 15th BBC
Bomb parts found in jail search, November 15th BBC
Derry priest's shock revelation at mass, November 16th Belfast Telegraph
IRA widow denied compensation, November 16th BBC
IRA bomber held over base murders, November 17th BBC
Vandals 'caused bridge gas leak', November 17th BBC
Eta extradition case thrown out, November 18th BBC
Killer Jonathan Neill on the run: 'give yourself up' pleads mum, November 18th Belfast Telegraph
Viable device made safe in Armagh, November 19th RTÉ
On-the-run Tohill abductor being held in Republic, November 19th BBC
Boy dies in quad bike accident, November 20th BBC
Floods continue to disrupt country, November 20th BBC
Fermanagh suffers worst ever flooding, November 21st Belfast Telegraph
DUP in pledge over power-sharing, November 22nd BBC
400lb bomb left at policing board, November 22nd BBC
Three held after Fermanagh shooting, November 22nd RTÉ
First Minister vows not to abandon assembly, November 22nd Guardian Observer
Gunman threatens child in robbery, November 23rd BBC
[Alex] Maskey attacks SDLP over justice, November 23rd BBC
Two charged with PSNI murder bid, November 24th BBC
Study criticizes hospital hygiene, November 24th BBC
London and Dublin must act to halt this deepening crisis, November 25th Guardian
Newspaper editor attacked by four men, November 25th Guardian
Bomb 'attempted murder' say PSNI, November 25th BBC
Pensioner [Anne Barbour] died of suffocation, November 26th BBC
Fermanagh still hit by flooding, November 26th BBC
One third of MLAs 'employ family', November 26th BBC
My parents [Bill and Ann Barbour] had planned their deaths, November 27th Belfast Telegraph
Accused gunman [Gerard James McManus] was in Irish Army, November 27th BBC
Man arrested over alleyway rape, November 28th BBC
The [Philip] Krown affair: swindling solicitor walks free, November 28th Belfast Telegraph
'Loyalist mob' blamed for trouble, November 29th BBC
Northern Ireland justice minister 'must insist MI5 shares intelligence', November 29th Guardian Observer
Poll: Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness is Northern Ireland's top minister, November 30th Belfast Telegraph
Anti-abortionists win court challenge, November 30th BBC

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Northern Ireland: December

Illegal fuel plant largest in NI, December 1st BBC
Explosive device left at PSNI station, December 1st Belfast Telegraph
Greysteel killer Torrens Knight jailed for bar attack, December 2nd BBC
Republican dissidents plot to down helicopter, December 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Sex abuse church elder McConaghy 'too fat for prison', December 3rd BBC
Parents had to take tot's body on five hour bus trip, December 3rd Belfast Telegraph
DUP leader rejects McGuinness' Christmas deadline, December 4th BBC
Thieves use digger to steal cash machine in Ballymena, December 4th Belfast Telegraph
Man stabbed in back after leaving Belfast bar, December 5th BBC
Four questioned over men's deaths in Belfast, December 5th BBC
Death of Belfast teen murder, police say, December 6th BBC
Prison governor [of Maghaberry] quits after five months, December 6th Guardian Observer
New education authority costs £7m despite not existing, December 7th BBC
Cross-border shopping helps Northern Ireland pull out of recession, December 7th Guardian
Sex abuser [Arthur] McElhill killed his family in Omagh fire, December 8th BBC
[NI Secretary Shaun] Woodward: no Stormont suspension, December 8th BBC
No pre-budget cuts to NI grant, December 9th BBC
Attempt made to steal ATM with digger in Keady, December 9th BBC
Opposition to [developer Brian] Gilligan apartments, December 10th BBC
Catholic church takes back Belfast land with unmarked baby graves, December 10th Belfast Telegraph
Man questioned over toddler's death after 'assault', December 11th Belfast Telegraph
Northern Ireland police investigate 18th ATM robbery, December 11th BBC
West Belfast houses damaged in controlled explosions, December 12th BBC
Senior detective accused of assault, December 12th Belfast Telegraph
PSNI investigate Portstewart nightclub death, December 13th BBC
Attempted ATM theft in Bessbrook, December 13th BBC
McGuinness and Robinson in spat over policing and justice powers, December 14th Guardian
Autism centre is back on track, December 14th BBC
Man is charged with 1981 murder of Jennifer Cardy, December 15th BBC
Northern Ireland baby murder accused to appear in court, December 15th Guardian
Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness to meet UDA chief, December 16th Belfast Telegraph
Youth convicted of 'axe' murder [of John Mongan], December 16th BBC
PMs [Cowen and Brown] want to see early devolution, December 17th BBC
Three people killed in two-car crash near Comber named, December 17th BBC
Maghaberry dissident note 'planted' claim examined, December 18th BBC
Gerry Adams urges brother to face child sex charges, December 18th Guardian
Skeleton of infant wrapped in 1935 newspaper found in house, December 19th Belfast Telegraph
Two homes destroyed in oil tank fire, December 19th BBC
Met office warns of further snow in Northern Ireland, December 20th BBC
Catholics to battle each other in historic Belfast election, December 20th Guardian Observer
Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams reveals family's sex abuse history, December 20th BBC
Lorry diver 'thought £5m cocaine haul was Bibles', December 21st BBC
Snow chaos across Ulster, December 21st Belfast Telegraph
Liam Adams hands himself in to Gardai over abuse claims, December 22nd BBC
Family held while woman gets cash, December 22nd BBC
Two-year-old with swine flu dies, December 23rd BBC
Missing warrant forces Irish police to let Liam Adams go, December 23rd Guardian
Gerry Adams' brother will not surrender to PSNI, December 23rd BBC
Hopes of breakthrough on Northern Irish policing powers, December 24th Guardian
Parcel 'recycled' after post drop, December 24th BBC
Church heads give Christmas messages, December 25th BBC
Severe weather warning for NI, December 25th BBC
Northern Ireland has first white Christmas in five years, December 26th Belfast Telegraph
Homes without water after freeze, December 26th BBC
MLA describes quarry death as 'tragic accident', December 27th BBC
'Adams canvassed with brother', December 27th BBC
Freezing weather hits water supply, December 28th BBC
CCTV for Belfast's Holylands in wake of disturbances, December 28th Belfast Telegraph
Northern Ireland MP [Iris Robinson] who made anti-gay remarks to stand down, Dec 29th Guardian
Man's ear bitten off in Belfast street attack, December 29th BBC
Elderly man with swine flu dies, December 30th BBC
Parade deal will save power-sharing in Northern Ireland, say unionists, December 30th Guardian
Belfast Black Santa Houston McKelvey on Honours List, December 31st BBC
£300 a year worse off: what VAT move will mean for households in NI, December 31st Belfast Telegraph

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Republic of Ireland: January

Three teenagers die in car crash, Jan 1st RTÉ
Funerals held in Kilkenny for mother and daughters, Jan 1st Irish Times
'No Irish need apply' - Polish workers get their own back, Jan 2nd Irish Independent
Tributes pour in for [Dublin Central TD] Tony Gregory, Jan 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Brady makes first comments on [abuse allegations at] Cloyne, Jan 3rd RTÉ
Cowen says public purse will take up to five years to recover, Jan 3rd Irish Times
Cowen says exchequer deficit to meet 8bn Euro, Jan 4th Irish Times
Bonus bonanza for [Anglo-Irish Bank] managers, Jan 4th Irish Independent
Five arrested after guns seized, Jan 5th BBC
Taoiseach to discuss allowance with [TD Beverley] Flynn, Jan 5th Irish Times
Cowen in crisis as we borrow 45m Euro a day, Jan 6th Irish Independent
Three remanded by special criminal court, Jan 6th RTÉ
Govt. announces full inquiry into Cloyne child abuse allegations, Jan 7th Belfast Telegraph
A standing ovation to celebrate life of Tony Gregory, Jan 7th Irish Times
Dell set to cut 1,900 Irish jobs, Jan 8th BBC
Gardaí appeal for witnesses after fatal Dublin shooting, Jan 8th Irish Times
Biggest ever rise in unemployment, Jan 9th Irish Independent
Government seeks 2bn Euro in spending cuts, Jan 9th RTÉ
[Taoiseach] Cowen and [Finance Minister] Lenihan divided over pay cuts, Jan 10th Irish Independent
Number of firms being wound up increases by 104%, Jan 10th Irish Times
Driver hurt in Dublin bus hijacking, Jan 11th RTÉ
Gardai braced for gang violence surge [in Dublin], Jan 11th Irish Independent
Friends die in christening day tragedy, Jan 12th Irish Times
Man gets life for Limerick hotel murder, Jan 12th RTÉ
Cowen willing to act without support of social partners, Jan 13th Belfast Telegraph
Man shot in Dublin recovering in hospital, Jan 13th Irish Times
Cowen ready to wield axe on public sector pay, Jan 14th Irish Independent
Second junior minister offers to relinquish role, Jan 14th Belfast Telegraph
Britain-Ireland passport checks, Jan 15th BBC
Five held over Summerhill double murder, Jan 15th RTÉ
Anglo-Irish Bank is nationalised, Jan 15th BBC
Anglo [Irish Bank] boss apologises as loan position clarified, Jan 16th Irish Independent
Ireland's economic difficulties are Europe's opportunities, Jan 16th Guardian
Murder inquiry [for Peter Gunn] launched in Dublin, Jan 17th BBC
Man due in court over Kilkenny deaths, Jan 17th Irish Times
Storm leaves 40,000 homes without power, Jan 18th Guardian Observer
Axe to fall on 200 Bus Eireann staff, Jan 18th Irish Independent
Public service pay cuts will be considered, Jan 19th RTÉ
Wicklow man jailed for life for murder of [Sara] Neligan, Jan 19th Belfast Telegraph
[Moneygall] radio station joins in Obama-mania, Jan 20th BBC
Hoax device left at Israeli embassy, Jan 20th Irish Times
Special envoy for Hunger appointed, Jan 21st RTÉ
Target of [Dublin] shooting lured to his death by gang boss, Jan 21st Irish Independent
Irish mother guilty of incest jailed for seven years, Jan 22nd Belfast Telegraph
Ireland willing to resettle Guantánamo detainees, Jan 22nd Irish Times
'No evidence' of arson in Stardust fire, Jan 23rd RTÉ
Bishops meet in emergency session today to discuss child protection, Jan 23rd Irish Times
Talks of 2bn Euro cuts descend into farce, Jan 24th Irish Independent
Five held as heroin worth 3m Euro seized in Dublin, Jan 24th Irish Times
Four injured in Swords fire, Jan 25th RTÉ
Cowen to stake all on public pay deal, Jan 25th Irish Independent
Dublin man shot dead in Spain, Jan 25th RTÉ
Anglo Irish executives could face jail, Jan 26th Belfast Telegraph
Bank seeks possession of ex-Smart [Telecom] CEO's Kildare home, Jan 27th Irish Times
President [McAleese] visits centre near peace line [in Belfast], Jan 27th RTÉ
Cowen vows to seal 2bn Euro cuts deal but warns of tax increases, Jan 28th Irish Independent
Tense scenes at Dáil on economy, Jan 28th RTÉ
Cash, drugs seized in Dublin crime raids, Jan 29th RTÉ
Taoiseach sees number of jobless rising by 100,000, Jan 29th Irish Times
Lean times for the Irish Republic, Jan 30th BBC
Limerick hotel closes with loss of 130 jobs, Jan 30th Irish Times
Gardai widen search for woman after car reports, Jan 31st Irish Independent
How An Bord Pleanála shot down Dunne plan and buried Celtic Tiger, Jan 31st Irish Times

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Republic of Ireland: February

Childcare cutbacks as public pay spared, Feb 1st Irish Independent
Price controls could be re-introduced, Feb 1st RTÉ
Taxi drivers protest at office of taxi regulator, Feb 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Supreme court hears appeal over [frozen] embroyos, Feb 2nd RTÉ
Cowen outlines cuts in spending, Feb 3rd BBC
Snow brings chaos, absenteeism and fun, Feb 3rd Irish Independent
Jobless rate could hit 400,000 - Cowen, Feb 4th RTÉ
Murder accused found not guilty by reason for insanity, Feb 4th Irish Independent
Taxi drivers protest in Dublin city, Feb 5th RTÉ
Thousands of students protest over fees, Feb 5th Irish Independent
New deal to block bank home seizures, Feb 6th Irish Independent
Body found in [Ann] Corcoran investigation, Feb 6th RTÉ
Third arrest in probe over firefighter deaths, Feb 7th Irish Independent
Four arrested over double robbery, Feb 7th RTÉ
New Deal: state to buy shares in ailing firms, Feb 8th Irish Independent
Tough talking on bank plans - Lenihan, Feb 8th RTÉ
CPSU to ballot members on pension levy, Feb 9th RTÉ
Bank [of Ireland] chief to take €1.5m drop in pay, Feb 9th Irish Independent
Men missing on mountain found, Feb 10th BBC
Lone gunman sought over Dublin murder, Feb 10th RTÉ
European court rules against Ireland in data row, Feb 11th Irish Independent
Unions plan national day of demonstration, Feb 11th Irish Times
Rescue plan for Ireland's banks, Feb 12th BBC
Over 1,100 jobs to go at SR Technics, Feb 12th RTÉ
Inquiry into fire on Virgin plane, Feb 13th BBC
FF collapse: party faces loss of 40 seats, Feb 13th Irish Times
Top bankers face 10-year jail threat over loans, Feb 14th Irish Independent
Giscard backs May date for Lisbon poll, Feb 14th Irish Times
Poll shows shift in support for Lisbon, Feb 15th RTÉ
Gardaí appeal for witnesses after Cork death, Feb 15th RTÉ
Farce as just four apply for home loan, Feb 16th Irish Independent
Irish may get early Lisbon vote, Feb 16th BBC
Clubs protest over Irish FA ban, Feb 17th BBC
Judge orders Irish police to arrest Irish socialite, Feb 17th Belfast Telegraph
Third man arrested over Galway raid, Feb 18th RTÉ
Irish Republic's debt 'beyond acceptable limits' [says EU commission], Feb 18th Belfast Telegraph
The mystery of Ireland's worst driver, Feb 19th BBC
Angry public servants threaten strike chaos, Feb 19th Irish Independent
Opposition criticises government's economy moves, Feb 20th RTÉ
Lawyers at odds over unmasking of 'Anglo 10', Feb 20th Irish Independent
Massive pension levy protest will bring [Dublin] to a standstill, Feb 21st Irish Independent
Four held over Dublin murder [of John Caroll], Feb 21st RTÉ
Man injured in shooting at Westmanstown, Feb 22nd RTÉ
'The nation faces ruin' as our TDs squabble, Feb 22nd Irish Independent
Nurses 'forced to put dirty sheets back on beds', Feb 23rd Belfast Telegraph
Fearless garda armed with hurley halts gunman attack, Feb 23rd Irish Independent
Fraud search at Anglo-Irish Bank, Feb 24th BBC
Irish relatives [of director Danny Moyle] bask in '[Slumdog] Millionaire' glory, Feb 24th Irish Independent
Strikes averted at Dublin Bus, Feb 25th RTÉ
Gardai arrest 14 in Geoghegan probe as two flee to London, Feb 25th Irish Independent
One-day strike by civil servants, Feb 26th RTÉ
NUIG withdraws its support for rag week because of 'unruly behaviour', Feb 26th Irish Times
Robbers snatch record €7m from Dublin Bank, Feb 27th Guardian
Lisbon highlighted as FF Ard Fheis opens, Feb 27th RTÉ
Seven people arrested after Irish £6.2m raid, Feb 28th BBC
Fury over bank crisis bungling, poll reveals, Feb 28th Irish Independent

Republic of Ireland: March

Bank sanctioned 7.6m handover, March 1st Irish Independent
Higher tax for all until 2013, Taoiseach warns, March 1st Guardian Observer
Cowen puts FF on poll bloodbath alert, March 2nd Irish Independent
[Bank of Ireland] raid suspects: two released, March 2nd RTÉ
Government signals new mini-budget, March 3rd RTÉ
Bank boss 'sorry' as [Allied Irish Bank] writes off2.9bn, March 3rd Irish Independent
Over 350,000 on the Live Register, March 4th RTÉ
[Barack] Obama proclaims 'March is Irish', March 4th BBC
Child benefit faces €5bn crisis budget, March 5th Irish Independent
Taxi drivers in Dublin city protest, March 5th RTÉ
North west 'worst benefit cheats', March 6th BBC
St Patrick's Day schedule announced, March 6th RTÉ
Administrator appointed to Cloyne diocese, March 7th RTÉ
Irish nation for sale on E-Bay reaches 10,000, March 7th Belfast Telegraph
Revealed: fifth man in Anglo-[Irish's] golden circle, March 8th Irish Independent
Environment on Green Party agenda [Green Party conference], March 8th RTÉ
Man held in connection with County Cork ferry incident, March 9th Belfast Telegraph
Call to plug gap in child protection service, March 9th RTÉ
Gang attacks couples in County Louth, March 10th RTÉ
Irish economy 'to contract by 6%', March 10th BBC
Cowen names the day for the [supplementary] budget, March 11th RTÉ
Chinese held in drug raid, March 11th Herald
€3,000 hike for TDs as workers' pay is cut, March 12th Irish Independent
Hundreds of farmers protest over pay cuts, March 12th Irish Times
Explosion at house in Blackrock, Dublin, March 13th RTÉ
Government to cap salaries for bailout bank chiefs, March 13th Irish Independent
Man shot dead outside Dublin home [in a gangland killing], March 14th BBC
Bus strike averted after talks, March 14th Irish Independent
[Libertas chairman Declan] Ganley announces North West EP Candidacy, March 15th RTÉ
Civil unrest 'may force June poll', March 15th Irish Independent
House fire kills three brothers, March 16th BBC
Taoiseach meets business leaders in New York, March 16th RTÉ
675,000 line streets for Dublin parade, March 17th RTÉ
Obama and Biden meet Brian Cowen and Northern Ireland officials, March 17th Guardian
Upbeat Obama tells Cowen: Yes we can, March 18th Irish Independent
Teenager dies after Limerick stabbing, March 18th RTÉ
Extra PRSI charges for graduates opposed, March 19th Irish Times
10,000 civil servants stage lunch-time protest, March 19th RTÉ
[Education Minister Batt] O'Keefe to end free third-level education, March 20th Irish Independent
Donegal house fire couple named, March 20th BBC
[Gerald] Barry found guilty of [Manuela] Riedo murder, March 21st RTÉ
Ireland win Grand Slam, March 21st BBC
Grand Slam Ireland touches down, March 22nd BBC
FF TDs and ministers back unity government, March 22nd Irish Independent
Crime figure on life support after pistol accident, March 23rd Irish Independent
Mayo tops list of poor performing hospitals, March 23rd RTÉ
Govt invites unions back to talks, March 24th RTÉ
Guerrilla artist hangs nude paintings of taoiseach Brian Cowen, March 24th Guardian
Irish business trio accused by US of 'illegal trade with Iran', March 25th Irish Independent
ICTU defers national strike, March 25th RTÉ
Record decline hits Irish economy, March 26th BBC
Unions to call off protest day - but no budget deal, March 26th Irish Independent
Officer hit by car now 'stable', March 27th BBC
IBEC in warning over pay increases, March 27th RTÉ
[Labour leader Eamon] Gilmore wants drastic cut in political donations limit, March 28th Irish Independent
Remains of Irishman [Keith Ennis] found in Amsterdam, March 28th RTÉ
[Pamela] Izevbekhai admission a concern - Lenihan, March 29th RTÉ
[Minister for Finance Brian] Lenihan to cut political pensions, March 29th Irish Independent
Man killed in DIY store accident, March 30th BBC
[David] Bourke jailed for life for wife's murder, March 30th RTÉ
Two quizzed over north Dublin death, March 31st RTÉ
Irish credit rating cut by S&P, March 31st BBC

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Republic of Ireland: April

Irish unemployment at fresh highs, April 1st BBC
Man shot in violent clashes between gangsters, April 1st Irish Independent
Two dead after Kildare helicopter crash, April 2nd RTÉ
Raiders who left publican to die wanted lotto cash, April 2nd Herald
Ireland in 'grave' economic situation, April 3rd RTÉ
Labour's tax plan targets carbon and texts, April 3rd Irish Independent
Ireland can't tax way out of recession: [Richard] Bruton, April 4th RTÉ
Damning report reveals grim state of our psychiatric units, April 4th Irish Independent
[Fine Gael leader Enda] Kenny expects to lead next Government, April 5th RTÉ
Ireland's rich suffer €350bn wipe-out, April 5th Irish Independent
Security cameras clue to fireball, April 6th BBC
Aer Lingus boss quits with up to €1m payout, April 6th Irish Independent
Most severe budget in decades is revealed, April 7th RTÉ
Gardai want bankers prosecuted, April 7th Irish Independent
Gardaí seize €700,000 worth of cannabis, April 8th RTÉ
Tributes pour in after hit-and-run garda dies, April 8th Belfast Telegraph
Agency gets power to seize developers' land, April 9th Irish Independent
Two held over fatal Limerick shooting, April 9th RTÉ
Chaos averted as bus strike deferred, April 10th Irish Independent
Cloyne priest quizzed over abuse allegations, April 10th RTÉ
Gardaí get more time in Limerick investigation, April 11th RTÉ
Leap of faith as crowds flock to fish shops and church services, April 11th Irish Independent
Gardaí investigate fatal Dublin crashes, April 12th RTÉ
Tycoons face ruin as state closes in, April 12th Irish Independent
Prayers, wreath-laying and flypast for Rising anniversary, April 13th Irish Times
Motorists face fresh penalty points blitz on car test, April 13th Irish Independent
O'Keeffe faces teachers' rage over classroom and salary cuts, April 14th Irish Independent
€1m worth of drugs found, April 14th RTÉ
Guns recovered in Limerick murder inquiry, April 15th RTÉ
Cowen in €112,000 legal battle over rent of flat, April 15th Irish Independent
Green energy powers Irish job boost, April 16th BBC
TDs to keep bonus pay despite budget vow, April 16th Irish Independent
Irish assassin plot investigated, April 17th BBC
Cowen defends Government support of Nationwide [Building Society], April 17th RTÉ
FF TDs face down Cowen over bonus, April 18th Irish Independent
Family grief over shoot-out death [in Bolivia], April 18th BBC
SIPTU in industrial campaign warning, April 19th RTÉ
FF facing wipeout in budget backlash, April 19th Irish Independent
National transport plan to encourage greater takeup of cycling, April 20th Irish Times
Shots fired at Limerick house, April 20th RTÉ
Irish people urged to cut luxuries, April 21st BBC
HSE proposes 1,000 job cuts, April 21st RTÉ
[Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál] Martin seeks Bolivia death information, April 22nd RTÉ
300 public servants now earn more than €165,000, April 22nd Irish Independent
[John] McGuinness shocked over backbench return, April 23rd RTÉ
Throwback to the '80s at hundreds queue for jobs, April 23rd Irish Independent
210 jobs cut at Kerry textile firm [Amann], April 24th RTÉ
New death threats to family of slain dad [Roy Collins], April 24th Irish Independent
New figures reveal 10% of primary school pupils born overseas, April 25th Irish Independent
Cowen expresses confidence in Tánaiste [Mary Coughlan], April 25th RTÉ
Green Party committed to coalition and EU reform treaty, April 26th Guardian Observer
Two arrested over foiled bank raid, April 26th RTÉ
Irish people tested for swine flu, April 27th BBC
Commuters hit by Dublin bus strike, April 27th RTÉ
Supercars worth €1m destroyed as thieves abandon loot, April 28th Irish Independent
Man's body found in car boot, April 28th RTÉ
GRA concerns over Templemore, April 29th RTÉ
Cowen defends Tánaiste after Gilmore's attack, April 29th Irish Times
First Irish man treated for swine flu, April 30th BBC
Dole is too generous, says top jobs expert, April 30th Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: May

[Melissa] Mahon jury told of sexual relationship, May 1st RTÉ
Dissident prisoner concessions highlighted, May 1st RTÉ
Shame of pensions on double for teacher-TDs, May 2nd Irish Independent
Swine flu confirmed in Ireland, May 2nd RTÉ
'Bailed-out banks putting the boot in', May 3rd Irish Independent
[Green Party leader] Gormley denies division over e-vote move, May 3rd RTÉ
Dangerous drivers: one in four gets off, May 4th Irish Independent
Irish warned against [swine] flu complacency, May 4th RTÉ
RTÉ's [former Economics Editor George] Lee to stand for FG in Dublin South, May 5th RTÉ
Ireland's economic pain will intensify, warns EU, May 5th Irish Independent
[Patricia] McKenna to leave Green Party, May 6th RTÉ
Fury at Lee coup by FG as Cowen faces poll hit, May 6th Irish Independent
Irish army finds Chad 'too hard', May 7th BBC
Racism rife as Irish twice as likely to be given job, May 7th Irish Independent
Sinking drug runners get 10 years, May 8th BBC
Man jailed over freezer body killing, May 8th RTÉ
Scissor Sister mum [Kathleen Mulhall] faces Raonaid quiz, May 9th Irish Independent
Seven arrested at Shell protest, May 9th RTÉ
March of solidarity [against violence] to be held in Limerick today, May 10th Irish Independent
Three dead in separate road accidents, May 10th RTÉ
Tougher gang crime measures planned, May 11th RTÉ
Seven men arrested at Corrib gas protest, May 11th Irish Times
Green light for car ban in heart of the capital, May 12th Irish Independent
[Dunne] family could not be saved: report, May 12th BBC
Top Irish banker [Dermot Gleeson] pelted with eggs, May 13th BBC
Bail for woman charged with brother's murder, May 13th Irish Independent
Polls show Fine Gael popularity surge, May 14th RTÉ
Taxpayers foot €3.5m bill for AIB 'mistakes', May 14th Irish Independent
Irish prices falling faster than anywhere in Europe, May 15th Irish Independent
Ireland out of Eurovision contest, May 15th BBC
Garda ombudsman probes Lucan shooting, May 16th RTÉ
Cowen on the brink of humiliating Euro defeat, May 16th Irish Independent
Cowen says won't consider FF leadership, May 17th RTÉ
[Foreign Affairs] Minister's spin guru also helps Libertas, May 17th Irish Independent
Cowen to review programme for government, May 18th RTÉ
Body found dumped in crashed car's boot, May 18th Herald
Programme for government to be reviewed after elections, says Cowen, May 19th Irish Times
Irish bank head [Richard Burrows] quits over losses, May 19th BBC
Irish abused [by church] 'cheated of justice', May 20th BBC
Thornton Hall [prison] will go ahead, May 20th RTÉ
Tech company creates Newry jobs, May 21st BBC
Gang hit foiled after Phoenix Park chase, May 21st Herald
Taxpayers pick up the bill while abusers get secrecy and protection, May 22nd Irish Times
Man had grenades and gun in trousers, May 22nd RTÉ
Ireland 'must give more children flu jabs to save lives', May 23rd London Times
A very Irish victory [for Shane Lowry] that echoes back through the years, May 23rd Irish Independent
Cowen splashes €70m on farmers, May 24th Irish Independent
Dublin fraudster admits further charges, May 24th RTÉ
Second swine flu case in the Republic, May 25th BBC
Leinster are kings of Europe, May 25th Belfast Telegraph
[Former Gvmnt Press Secretary John] Dunlop sentenced to two years for corruption, May 26th RTÉ
Pope poised to step in as abuse fund rift widens, May 26th Irish Independent
Orders react to compensation call, May 27th BBC
[Ronnie] Dunbar found guilty of Melissa Mahon's manslaughter, May 27th Irish Independent
[President Mary] McAleese abuse prosecution call, May 28th BBC
[Enda] Kenny backs minimum wage but vows to revisit pay deals, May 28th Irish Independent
Anglo [Irish Bank] loses €308m on 'Golden Circle' loans, May 29th RTÉ
Lanzarote victim in 'very grave' condition, May 29th RTÉ
Pat [Kenny] bids farewell to the Late Late with a little help from his friends, May 30th Irish Independent
Infamous photo makes Irish politician [Emma Kiernan] a blog sensation, May 30th Belfast Telegraph
[Enda] Kenny [of Fine Gael] denies Sinn Féin deal, May 31st RTÉ
RTE 'on brink of going bankrupt', May 31st Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: June

Eight held over Shell site clashes, June 1st Irish Independent
Three Irish aboard missing [Air France] plane, June 1st RTÉ
French man shot in Bray attack dies, June 2nd Irish Times
Seven cases of swine flu confirmed, June 2nd RTÉ
Irish PM [Brian Cowen] to meet [church] abuse victims, June 3rd BBC
Grim new record as May lay-offs surge 227%, June 3rd Irish Independent
Inquiry follows Leaving Cert blunder, June 4th RTÉ
Orders 'will pay more' to victims, June 4th BBC
Critical test for Cowen as country goes to polls, June 5th Irish Independent
Unemployment rate now 11.8%, June 5th RTÉ
Irish government hit in polls, June 6th BBC
Aer Lingus plane struck by lightning, June 6th RTÉ
UK couple who fled here fight to keep baby, June 7th Irish Independent
Close contest expected in European Parliament vote, June 7th RTÉ
[Standard & Poor] cuts Irish debt rating again, June 8th BBC
Cowen digs in after [election] bloodbath, June 8th Irish Independent
Sinn Fein weighed down by baggage [in the Republic], June 9th BBC
Dáil debate on confidence motion, June 9th RTÉ
Thousands support abuse survivors, June 10th BBC
West coast oil discovery is first in 30 years, June 10th Irish Independent
Further arrests at Shell compound, June 11th BBC
Kenny aide demoted over Sinn Fein gaffe, June 11th Irish Independent
Irish government to remove illegal waste (from Northern Ireland), June 12th BBC
Aer Lingus scraps some long haul flights, June 12th RTÉ
Two separate murder inquiries in Dublin, June 13th RTÉ
Climate change demonstration planned for Dublin today, June 13th Belfast Telegraph
GAA museum to close as U2 elevate stadium security, June 14th Irish Independent
Coughlan out, purge cabinet say angry MPs, June 14th Irish Independent
Outcry after priest brands abuse children 'ruffians', June 15th Irish Independent
Draft Lisbon guarantees revealed, June 15th RTÉ
(RTÉ) staff back pay cut plan, June 16th BBC
Pacts hold firm in mayoral elections, June 16th Irish Times
Ireland to be peacekeepers in European Defence Agency, June 17th RTÉ
Stolen computer may have sensitive data on it, June 17th Irish Independent
20-year-old man shot dead in Dublin gangland attack, June 18th Belfast Telegraph
Killarney teen death was murder, June 18th RTÉ
EU agrees Irish Treaty compromise, June 19th BBC
Child treated for swine flu in Mayo, June 19th RTÉ
Declaration affirms that Ireland is not bound by mutual defence commitment, June 20th Irish Times
New mayors take up chains of office, June 20th Irish Independent
Racism fears rise as jobless increase, June 21st Irish Independent
Village in shock as 2 road accidents in one hour kill boy, 7,  and elderly man, June 21st Irish Independent
23 confirmed swine flu cases in Ireland, June 22nd RTÉ
Cowen stakes all on drive for 'yes' vote, June 22nd Irish Independent
Setanta goes into administration, June 23rd BBC
Developer [Liam Caroll] in crisis as bank sues for €60m, June 23rd Irish Independent
Irish EU vote is set for October, June 24th BBC
Irish economy 'perhaps most overheated', June 24th RTÉ
Ireland 'faces worst recession', June 25th BBC
Woman dies following Rotunda assault, June 25th RTÉ
Rocketing job losses trigger an exodus of foreigners, June 26th Irish Independent
23,000 may suffer elder abuse: Age Action, June 26th RTÉ
Huge security effort greets [gas ship] Solitaire's arrival, June 27th Irish Independent
Post mortem reveals [Lithuanian] man was murdered [in Dublin], June 27th RTÉ
O'Gormon criticises civil partnership bill, June 28th RTÉ
Ireland commissioner says most EU countries would reject Lisbon Treaty, June 28th Telegraph
Presidential apology has victims [of abuse] weeping with joy, June 29th Irish Independent
Life sentence in Mountjoy death, June 29th RTÉ
Bill aims to stamp out premium rate scams and abuses, June 30th Irish Times
Strong criticism of gang crime legislation, June 30th RTÉ

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Republic of Ireland: July

Life for gangland bosses in crime crackdown, July 1st Herald
Irish Air France victim [Dr Jane Deasy] is found, July 1st BBC
Floods cause Dublin traffic chaos, July 2nd BBC
80 held over Dublin drug dealing, July 2nd RTÉ
Cowen defends his ministerial record, July 3rd RTÉ
Suspicious fire at Tipperary [traveller-owned] house, July 3rd RTÉ
[Minister for Foreign Affairs] Martin calls for release of foreign aid workers, July 4th RTÉ
Swine flu jab for all after virus toll alert, July 4th Irish Independent
TDs 'cut and run' as 3000 jobs a week lost, July 5th Irish Independent
Officials seek release of GOAL workers, July 5th RTÉ
[Wayne] Doherty may have confronted killers, July 6th RTÉ
Body found in Spain confirmed as that of missing Irishman, July 6th Belfast Telegraph
Gardai hunting five murder suspects [for murder of Wayne Doherty], July 7th Irish Independent
Mayo victim had been stabbed, July 7th RTÉ
Irish [Lisbon] Treaty vote set for October, July 8th BBC
UN chief inspects troops in Dublin, July 8th RTÉ
Net tightening on kidnappers who snatched GOAL worker, July 9th Irish Independent
Who asked for Ireland's blasphemy law? July 9th Guardian
Tree stump draws believers to Limerick, July 10th RTÉ
Dail passes Criminal Justice Bill by 118 - 23 vote, July 10th Irish Independent
TEEU welcomes pay increase proposal, July 11th RTÉ
Melissa [Mahon's] killer had child by second girl, July 11th Irish Independent
Graduates face debts of up to €30,000, July 12th Irish Independent
Ice-cold killer [Ronnie Dunbar] greets life sentence with a shrug, July 12th Irish Independent
IFA angry at farm income attacks, July 13th RTÉ
Gardai find gangsters' cache of pipe bombs, July 13th Herald
Hackers get blame for Eircom meltdown, July 14th Herald
Search for father & son off Cork coast, July 14th RTÉ
Ireland would pay any price needed to help banks, says Cowen, July 15th Irish Independent
18% fewer visitors in May, July 15th RTÉ
Angry scenes at farmers' demonstration, July 16th RTÉ
Last ditch talks fail to avert protest vote by Green senators, July 16th Irish Independent
Post mortem on body found in Carlow, July 17th RTÉ
Cinema warns Bruno film is 'vile', July 17th BBC
How old feud amongst friends became a bloodbath [Anthony Cannon murder], July 18th Irish Independent
Labour to conduct Lisbon campaign 'like ground war', July 18th Irish Times
Ministers aim to sabotage Bord Snip, July 19th Irish Independent
[Green Party leader] Gormley rejects [Patricia] McKenna  comments on Lisbon, July 19th RTÉ
Bord na Mona to create 300 new Green jobs, July 20th Irish Independent
Author Frank McCourt dies, July 20th RTÉ
[Justice Minister Dermot] Ahern receives child abuse report, July 21st BBC
Fewer Irish women opt for abortion, July 21st BBC
Victim tells of relief as fake doctor is jailed for five years, July 22nd Irish Independent
370 jobs go at Element Six in Shannon, July 22nd RTÉ
President signs controversial bills [Defamation and Criminal Justice] into law, July 23rd RTÉ
Electricians dispute on edge as employers reject new deal, July 23rd Irish Independent
[Manuela] Riedo killer sentenced to life for rape, July 24th RTÉ
Dáil could be cut by 20 seats - [Enda] Kenny, July 24th Irish Times
[Retired] officer dies in shooting incident, July 25th BBC
Gardai fear hole-in-the-wall gang are now roaming the country, July 25th Irish Independent
Children treated for hypothermia on Reek [Croagh Patrick] climb, July 26th RTÉ
Lenihan to slash pay of ministers by 20%, July 26th Irish Independent
IKEA finally opens Dublin store, July 27th RTÉ
Anger at 'butchery' of paving in [Dublin] city centre, July 27th Irish Times
Civil partnership legislation 'rooted in bigotry', July 28th Belfast Telegraph
Sex offender [Paul Hunter Redpath] arrested in Republic, July 28th BBC
Ireland to take Guantanamo men, July 29th BBC
Cowen finally ready to lift wraps off 'bad bank' NAMA, July 29th Irish Independent
Elderly husband and wife in van die in horrific head-on crash, July 30th Herald
Tight security as [John] Gilligan is caught with a mobile phone in prison, July 30th Irish Times
Pharmacy dispute to impact on elderly, July 31st RTÉ
[Nell] McCafferty launches women's 'Yes' vote campaign on Treaty, July 31st Irish Times

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Republic of Ireland: August

Gun crime soars as gang wars double murder rate, August 1st Irish Independent
Court order for Thomas Cook staff (staging sit-in in Dublin), August 1st RTÉ
Sit-in remains after court order, August 2nd BBC
Public No to Nama 'bail-out for banks', August 2nd Irish Independent
'Real disasters' predicted as pharmacy fees row escalates, August 3rd Irish Independent
Armed gang holds up Arklow hotel, August 3rd RTÉ
Lisbon guarantees represent 'new deal', say Ibec, August 4th Irish Times
Security men shot at Dublin hospital, August 4th RTÉ
[Bertie] Ahern 'to be star' of 'News of the World' newspaper team, August 5th BBC
Last two [Jerry] McCabe killers to be released from prison, August 5th Irish Independent
Dail crisis for Cowen as two TDs break ranks, August 6th Irish Independent
Irish Farmers' Assocation warns of 12, 300 farming job losses, August 6th Irish Times
First swine flu death in Republic, August 7th BBC
Photo of woman found in Phoenix Park issued, August 7th RTÉ
Swine flu closes Gaeltacht school, August 8th BBC
Irish man [Rob Stringer's] body found on beach, August 8th BBC
Body discovered at Naas house, August 9th RTÉ
Thousands attending Tullamore Show, August 9th RTÉ
Youth held after garda stabbed at festival, August 10th RTÉ
Taxpayer will have to foot bill for M3 toll shortfall, August 10th Irish Independent
Irish prices second highest in EU, August 11th RTÉ
Gang feud feared as bomb explosion follows murder, August 11th Irish Independent
Irish property empire [Liam Carroll] 'on brink', August 12th BBC
57,500 receive Leaving Cert results, August 12th RTÉ
Consumer prices fall by 5.9pc as economy shrinks, August 13th Irish Independent
Thomas Cook staff accept new package, August 13th RTÉ
Two killed in car fireball horror, August 14th Belfast Telegraph
Prison population increased in '08, August 14th RTÉ
Swine flu 'spreading rapidly' in Gaeltacht after college outbreak, August 15th Irish Independent
Baggage handler [at Dublin airport] questioned by Gardaí, August 15th Irish Times
ACC [Bank] pays lawyers €1.7m to chase debt, August 16th Irish Independent
Gardaí probe fatal Bray stabbing, August 16th RTÉ
New system to speed up welfare process, August 17th RTÉ
Spate of attacks as two men stabbed in neck, August 17th Irish Independent
Second Republic swine flu death, August 18th BBC
Lisbon No groups launch campaign, August 18th RTÉ
Garda searches in Dublin, Louth and Meath, August 19th RTÉ
Net wages in Dublin fourth highest in world, August 19th Irish Independent
[Irish Farmer's Association] outlines stance on Lisbon, August 20th RTÉ
University graduates battle it out for army jobs, August 20th Irish Independent
Teenager is sent for trial over machete attack, August 21st Irish Times
Belfast-Dublin rail line damaged, August 21st BBC
Investigation of Dublin rail line collapse, August 22nd RTÉ
Delivery firm [UPS] cuts 200 jobs, August 22nd Herald
Cardinal slams gay 'weddings', August 23rd Irish Independent
[Minister for Finance] Lenihan rules out new property tax, August 23rd RTÉ
[Belfast-Dublin] rail line 'not fixed until 2010', August 24th BBC
We're facing worst crisis in history of State - [Mary] Robinson, August 24th Irish Independent
Comhaltas may stage Fleadh Cheoil in North for first time, August 25th Irish Times
Vintners warn of job losses, pub closures, August 25th RTÉ
Ryanair to spend €500,000 on campaign supporting Lisbon, August 26th Irish Independent
Lenihan rejects economists' arguments [about risks posed by NAMA], August 26th RTÉ
Irish charity [Trócaire] pulling out workers [after government grant aid cut], August 27th BBC
Losses at Aer Lingus almost quadruple, August 27th Guardian
[Dublin] Port given injunction against protestors, August 28th RTÉ
Bomb-making equipment found in Dublin, August 28th RTÉ
Thug throws petrol bomb into garda's lap, August 29th Irish Independent
Minister [Micheál Martin] slams 'cynical' Lisbon No groups, August 29th RTÉ
Key age group undecided on Lisbon, August 30th RTÉ
Cowen admits that he made mistakes as Finance Minister, August 30th Irish Independent
€300K saved in welfare clampdown, August 31st RTÉ
Ireland 'enmeshed in [global] sex trade', August 31st BBC

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Republic of Ireland: September

Ennis honours Muhammad Ali, September 1st RTÉ
Coca Cola secures injunction against picketers, September 1st RTÉ
Cowen asks party chiefs to unite for Yes vote, September 2nd Irish Times
Protestants outraged over school budget 'discrimination', September 2nd Irish Independent
SIPTU calls for Lisbon Yes vote, September 3rd RTÉ
Priests pray for sun as deluge brings farmers to their knees, September 3rd Irish Independent
Support for Lisbon 'yes' vote plunges, September 4th Belfast Telegraph
Employers advised on swine flu control, September 4th RTÉ
Hugh 'sky explosion' investigated, September 4th BBC
Man drowns in Galway Bay accident, September 5th RTÉ
Cowen [says he is]  'facing 100 crucial days', September 5th BBC
Taoiseach upset at Late Late 'mugging', September 6th Irish Independent
Fresh bid to free kidnapped woman, September 6th BBC
Hundreds report Irish sky blast, September 7th BBC
Irish face prospect of new taxes, September 7th BBC
Punish State with 'No', [Socialist MEP Joe] Higgins urges, September 8th Irish Independent
Public urged to get swine flu vaccine, September 8th RTÉ
Tax free era for Irish artists may end, September 9th BBC
Greens reveal changes to NAMA bill, September 9th RTÉ
Dublin property empire [Zoe Developments] faces ruin, September 10th BBC
Random drug testing of motorists proposed, September 10th RTÉ
Gardai hunt three for Junior Cert pupil's rape, September 11th RTÉ
Gang abducts couple in €130,000 Bank of Ireland robbery, September 11th Irish Independent
Irish police hunt kidnap gang, September 12th BBC
Cowen rejects Lisbon referendum ['undemocratic'] claim, September 12th RTÉ
Tourism drive targets domestic market, September 13th RTÉ
Disgraced Fas chief's €1.4m hike in pension, September 13th Irish Independent
Boxing star [Darren Sutherland] found dead by manager, September 14th BBC
Farmers try to storm FF meeting in Athlone, September 14th Irish Independent
[Labour leader Eamon] Gilmore insists Lisbon good for workers, September 15th RTÉ
Company [Marine Terminals Ltd.] granted injunctions stop unions targetting staff, Sept 15th Irish Independent
New Irish test looms for Lisbon, September 15th BBC
Tram driver and  passengers seriously injured after bus and tram collide in city centre, Sept 16th Daily Mail
Bishop: no reason to oppose Lisbon, September 16th RTÉ
Irish government bails out banks, September 16th BBC
Unions threaten nationwide strikes, September 17th Irish Independent
NAMA not a bail-out, insists Cowen, September 17th RTÉ
Van driver held over €6.6m haul of cannabis, September 18th Irish Independent
39% say NAMA wrong approach - poll, September 18th RTÉ
College heads snub minister's paycut call, September 19th Irish Independent
European grant for former Dell workers, September 19th RTÉ
Ganley tells 'unhelpful' British MEP [Nigel Farage] to pack his tent and go, Sept 19th Irish Independent
I stay up all night reading treaty, quips [European Commissioner Charles] McCreevy, Sept 20th Irish Independent
Outraged Cowen rips into bankers, September 20th Irish Independent
Budget Travel to close 14 shops, September 21st RTÉ
Plan to set up dynamic link with diaspora, September 21st Irish Times
Three separate Dublin bus crashes, September 22nd RTÉ
More people leaving Ireland than coming in, September 22nd RTÉ
[Socialist MEP Joe] Higgins accuses church of ignoring arms issues in treaty, Sept 23rd Irish Independent
Government accused of cuts 'disarray' [by Enda Kenny], September 23rd RTÉ
Huge swing by farmers to Fine Gael, September 24th Irish Independent
Irish economy shows 'relative improvement', September 24th Irish Independent
Lisbon hits Dublin streets, September 24th BBC
Irish poll predicting victory for anti-treaty lobby dismissed as 'voodoo', September 25th Guardian
Two women found dead in Donegal, September 25th RTÉ
EU Treaty stirs Irish grass roots, September 26th BBC
Music in streets and magic in the air, September 26th Irish Independent
Guantanamo pair arrive in Ireland, September 27th BBC
Murder probe after Ballyfermot pub row, September 27th RTÉ
Irish viewpoints on Lisbon Treaty, September 28th BBC
Hiker dies after mountain fall, September 28th RTÉ
EU intervention in Irish referendum 'unlawful', September 29th Telegraph
Heroin use a 'national crisis' - drugs group, September 29th RTÉ
Weather delays off-shore Lisbon voting, September 30th RTÉ
Unemployment rises at slowest pace in over a year, September 30th Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: October

Ireland's Yes camp bouyant ahead of EU vote, October 1st UK Independent
Two further swine flu deaths confirmed, October 1st RTÉ
Evening surge expected in Lisbon vote, October 2nd RTÉ
Chaos warning as taxi strike to continue, October 2nd Irish Independent
67% vote Yes to Lisbon Treaty, October 3rd RTÉ
Mystery of the missing llamas, October 3rd Irish Independent
SIPTU warns of industrial action over pay, October 4th RTÉ
State now borrows €71m a day to fund public sector, October 4th Irish Independent
Arson probe by gardai as man (81) dies in house fire, October 5th Irish Independent
Writer [Desmond Hogan] sentenced over sexual assault, October 5th RTÉ
Desperate [Ceann Comhairle John] O'Donaghue has one day to save his job, October 6th Irish Independent
Mother jailed over fatal crash, October 6th RTÉ
Aer Lingus to cut almost 800 jobs, October 7th BBC
Flash flooding brings village [Schull] to a standstill, October 7th Irish Independent
Opposition applies pressure over expenses, October 8th RTÉ
Bertie [Ahern]: politicians getting it in the neck is a sign of normality, October 8th Belfast Telegraph
Irish coalition talks to continue, October 9th BBC
Director's car fuels further round of Fás questions from [Enda] Kenny, October 9th Irish Times
Irish Greens back government deal, October 10th BBC
Gangland violence is spreading into schools, teachers warn, October 10th Irish Independent
Boyzone star Stephen Gately dies, October 11th BBC
Corporate donations to be banned, October 11th RTÉ
Irish priest seized in Mindanao, October 11th BBC
Two feared dead in plane crash, October 12th BBC
Farmers protest at falling incomes, October 12th RTÉ
Champion Sea the Stars is retired, October 13th BBC
[John] O'Donaghue uses resignation speech to defend own conduct, October 13th Irish Independent
Draft NAMA plan published, October 14th RTÉ
Pool lifeguard was texting while boy drowned, October 14th Belfast Telegraph
Church accused of delaying hunt for abuse priest, October 15th Irish Independent
Swine flu vaccine distributed tomorrow, October 15th RTÉ
Lay-by killer [Ian Daly] gets 11 years, October 16th RTÉ
Coalition to fill Seanad vacancies despite cutback call, October 16th Irish Independent
Boyzone fans are united in grief [funeral of Stephen Gately], October 17th BBC
FG would abolish Seanad - [Enda] Kenny, October 17th RTÉ
Gardai struggling to contain traveller feud, October 18th Irish Independent
[Kidnapped GOAL aid worker Sharon] Commins expected home tomorrow, October 18th RTÉ
Country's longest bridge opens, October 19th Irish Independent
Fifth swine flu death is announced, October 19th RTÉ
Irish Daily Mail disowns Jan Moir, October 20th Guardian
Dept [of Education] accused of attack on Protestant schools, October 20th RTÉ
Cabinet split on cards over lower drink driving limit, October 21st Herald
Fine Gael may back single-seat system for elections, October 21st RTÉ
7000 new swine flu cases each week, October 22nd RTÉ
Farmer invited onto land before beating, court told, October 22nd Irish Independent
Bank of Ireland official's family kidnapped in robbery, October 23rd RTÉ
Gangs cut out middle man to boost profits, October 23rd Irish Independent
'No evidence' to suggest abducted priest [Fr Michael Sinnott] is dead, October 24th Irish Times
Murder inquiry after Dublin shooting, October 24th RTÉ
Irish sports star [Donal Og Cusack] reveals he is gay, October 24th BBC
Cowen's backtrack on cuts in public pay, October 25th Irish Independent
Rome investigating abuse complaint [against Archbishop Richard Burke], October 25th RTÉ
Man charged with Joselita da Silva murder, October 26th RTÉ
'De Valera was a British spy' claim, October 26th Irish Independent
€11m paid to HSE staff on long-term sick leave, October 27th Irish Independent
Fraud costs Ianród Eireann €660, 000, October 27th RTÉ
Man critical after Limerick shooting, October 28th RTÉ
Headache for Cowen over [Mary] Coughlan EU post, October 28th Irish Independent
9,200 new swine flu cases last week, October 29th RTÉ
42% increase in suicides recorded, October 29th RTÉ
Man charged over Irishman's death [in Sydney], October 30th BBC
'Miracle boy' Cian astounds surgeons after brain operation, October 30th Irish Independent
Priest's kidnappers release video, October 31st BBC
Thousands gathered at Knock shrine, October 31st RTÉ

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Republic of Ireland: November

I said 'no' to McWilliams advisor job: [Brian] Lenihan, November 1st Irish Independent
Heavy rains cause widespread flooding, November 1st RTÉ
Complaints to PCC after Sunday paper prints 'grotesque' suicide picture, November 2nd Guardian
Irish singer [Beverly O'Sullivan] dies in India car crash, November 2nd RTÉ
2000 pubs will close in next ten years, study claims, November 3rd Irish Times
Tax take to be €2bn behind target, November 3rd RTÉ
Irish credit rating cut two levels by Fitch, November 4th Irish Independent
Anglo Irish seeking 230 redundancies, November 4th RTÉ
Gardaí seize 7000 samurai swords, November 5th Irish Times
Gardaí foil cash-in-transit robbery, November 5th RTÉ
[President Mary McAleese takes a pay cut], November 6th Herald
Thousands protest at proposed cuts, November 6th RTÉ
No funds for midwest - Tánaiste, November 7th Irish Times
Dad falls to death in front of family, November 7th Irish Independent
Tax hikes 'will exile well paid' - Lenihan, November 8th Irish Independent
Cowen calls for 'fundamental reform' [of the public service], November 8th RTÉ
'Laughable' pace of [public service] reform criticised, November 9th Irish Times
Men facing court over shotgun gems raid foiled by brave jeweller, November 9th Herald
Two more die amid C diff outbreak [in Drogheda], November 10th Irish Independent
Irishman's body recovered in Thailand, November 10th RTÉ
Irish minister [Michael Martin] visits Belfast, November 11th BBC
Christmas welfare bonus will not be paid, November 11th RTÉ
Fr Michael Sinnott freed, November 11th RTÉ
Action call over tobacco smuggling, November 12th Irish Independent
Two further deaths from swine flu, November 12th RTÉ
Gardai hunt frail pensioner's killer, November 13th Herald
Man jailed for killing Irish woman [Mary Griffiths],  November 13th RTÉ
800,000 pupils face disruption when teachers strike, November 14th Irish Independent
Public sector bill must come down - Cowen, November 14th RTÉ
Family 'deeply concerned' over missing student, November 15th Irish Independent
Govt considers medical card charges, November 15th RTÉ
Judge [Richard Johnson] - consider death penalty for some killers, November 16th Herald
Senior civil servants vote to strike, November 16th RTÉ
Ó Cuív defends [necessity of translating official documents into Irish], November 17th RTÉ
Bankers' €500,000 cap 'will not be breached' [says Lenihan], November 17th RTÉ
Six lose their lives in 12 hours of carnage on the roads, November 18th Irish Independent
AIB exec says no pressure put on Lenihan, November 18th RTÉ
Irish ask Fifa for French replay, November 19th BBC
Serious flooding in south and west, November 19th RTÉ
Roy Keane tells Republic of Ireland to get over it, November 20th Belfast Telegraph
Gunmen rang bell and opened fire, November 20th Irish Independent
Support for Fine Gael at highest level - poll, November 21st RTÉ
Chaos as Shannon 'uproots' Christmas tree, November 21st Irish Independent
[Minister Micheal] Martin calls for all hands on deck amid flood chaos, November 22nd Irish Independent
Unions defer strike action to assist [flood] clean-up, November 22nd RTÉ
Irish flood 'worst for 800 years', November 23rd BBC
Finance Minister issues warning over Anglo [Irish Bank]  loans, November 23rd RTÉ
250,000 Irish workers go on strike, November 24th BBC
Teen killed in car smash after road death funeral, November 24th Irish Independent
Catholic order pays out for abuse, November 25th BBC
172 jobs to go as Budget Travel ceases trading, November 25th RTÉ
Irish church accused of abuse cover-up, November 26th BBC
Lough Derg waters at record high,  November 26th RTÉ
Bishop [Eamon Walsh]: 'Cover-up culture has gone', November 27th Irish Independent
Ireland secures Innovation portfolio [in European Commission], November 27th RTÉ
Government confirms more flood assistance, November 28th RTÉ
Two held over fatal Arklow stabbing, November 28th Irish Times
Bishop 'has questions to answer', November 29th BBC
Flood alerts issued in Kildare and Dublin, November 29th RTÉ
Swine flu vaccinations begin in schools, November 30th RTÉ
Loaded gun taken from man outside jail, November 30th RTÉ

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Republic of Ireland: December

Republic of Ireland's World Cup plea rejected by FIFA, December 1st BBC
Four firms a day are going bust, December 1st Irish Independent
Maynooth students object to Ahern appointment, December 2nd RTÉ
[Public sector] pay deal not finalised, says Cowen, December 2nd Irish Independent
Embattled Irish bishop [Donal Murray] signals he may stand down over criticism, December 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Gardaí a 'secretive' police force, December 3rd RTÉ
Public service pay talks break down, December 4th RTÉ
Mum sues son after she signed her house over to him, December 4th Herald
Help us find missing Damian [O'Brien], plead pals, December 5th Herald
Man (23) hospitalised after Tallaght shooting, December 5th Irish Times
Bishop of Limerick asks for prayers, December 6th RTÉ
Irish Rail ordered to pay worker €190,000,  December 6th Irish Independent
[Garda Representative Association] ballot 'challenge to authority of State', December 7th RTÉ
State defends ban on abortion as women take case to Europe, December 7th Irish Independent
Irish police who strike could face prosecution, December 8th Guardian
Republic of Ireland faces second tough budget in a year, December 8th BBC
Ireland's abortion law challenged in European court, December 9th BBC
Budget 2010 cuts €4bn in public spending, December 9th RTÉ
[Garda Representative Association] to ballot for industrial action, December 10th RTÉ
Budget a necessary evil, says Cowen, December 10th Irish Independent
Fear dictates Ireland's abortion policy, December 10th Guardian
Pope shares 'outrage, betrayal and shame', December 11th RTÉ
Broadcaster Ciarán Mac Macthúna dies, December 11th RTÉ
Irish priest [Fr Jeremiah Roche] murdered in Kenya, December 12th BBC
Abuse victims dismiss Pope's act of contrition as 'inadequate', December 12th Belfast Telegraph
[Hospital] consultants will accept 15% pay cut, December 12th RTÉ
Pope's student Father Vincent Twomey condemns bishops, December 13th BBC
Top public staff 'will quit' over pension reform, December 13th Irish Independent
New self defence law recommended, December 14th RTÉ
Those behind [Limerick] murder must answer for it, mourners told, December 14th Irish Times
Irish court rules against woman in frozen embryo appeal, December 15th BBC
[Enda] Kenny 'has to take lead for FG on pay cut', December 15th Irish Independent
Irish MP [Paul Gogarty]'s F-word outburst sparks parliament review, December 15th BBC
Suspect in garda car death was on the run, December 16th Irish Independent
1kg of cocaine found in man's runners [at Dublin airport], December 16th RTÉ
Irish Republic out of recession as GDP grows, December 17th BBC
Two swine flu deaths in west of Ireland, December 17th RTÉ
Bishop of Galway not planning to resign, December 18th RTÉ
Gang leader gets life in jail for gang murder that sparked feud, December 18th Irish Independent
Listowel attack victim speaks out, December 19th RTÉ
Teen sees dad knifed to death in [Tipperary] street, December 19th Herald
Motorists urged to drive with care [because of bad weather], December 20th RTÉ
Tycoon [Patrick Rocca] left €5m after death, December 20th Irish Independent
Two firefighters hurt in Guinness blaze, December 21st RTÉ
Funeral tributes to 'mighty' missionary [Jeremiah Roche], December 21st Irish Independent
Cowen says 2009 most difficult year of his political life, December 22nd Irish Times
[Labour party spokesperson Joan] Burton seeks FF answers on Irish Nationwide, Dec 22nd RTÉ
Bishop [Dr James Moriarty] quits over abuse scandal, December 23rd BBC
Flights affected by adverse weather, December 23rd RTÉ
More Irish bishops 'must quit', December 24th BBC
22 jobs lost in Dublin air company, December 24th RTÉ
Longford cathedral gutted in fire, December 25th RTÉ
Motorists urged to drive with care, December 25th RTÉ
Woman stable after Howth accident, December 26th RTÉ
[Bishop Martin] Drennan on brink as bishops bow out, December 27th Irish Independent
Arrests in Ennis assault inquiry, December 28th RTÉ
Public anger at TV3 intrusion into [Finance Minister] Lenihan's serious illness, December 28th Irish Independent
Galway [child abuse] couple could face hundreds more charges, December 29th RTÉ
Cardinal Daly seriously ill with heart problems, December 29th Irish Independent
Man dies after jumping from fire in Limerick apartment, December 30th BBC
Two held after Dublin robbery, December 30th RTÉ
[Former Irish Nationwide CE Michael] Fingleton wants apology for TD's comments, Dec 31st RTÉ
75-year-old lifted from Clare field, December 31st RTÉ
Irish Cardinal Cathal Daly dies, December 31st BBC

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