Ireland in 2008

Ian Paisley meets Bertie Ahern Brian Cowen and Bertie Ahern Protest against the Lisbon Treaty Summer floods

Unfortunately, not all news articles are preserved in the long run. Defunct links have been removed, but the original headline is still recorded.

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Northern Ireland: January
Northern Ireland: February
Northern Ireland: March
Northern Ireland: April
Northern Ireland: May
Northern Ireland: June
Northern Ireland: July
Northern Ireland: August
Northern Ireland: September
Northern Ireland: October
Northern Ireland: November
Northern Ireland: December
Republic of Ireland: January
Republic of Ireland: February
Republic of Ireland: March
Republic of Ireland: April
Republic of Ireland: May
Republic of Ireland: June
Republic of Ireland: July
Republic of Ireland: August
Republic of Ireland: September
Republic of Ireland: October
Republic of Ireland: November
Republic of Ireland: December

Northern Ireland: January

Police ineffective over Orange Hall attacks, Jan 2nd BBC
Road deaths lowest in fifty years, Jan 3rd BBC
DUP wants devolution of justice, Jan 5th BBC
Troubles enough (plans to rename the conflict), Jan 8th Guardian
Anger at idea that Troubles was a 'war', Jan 9th BBC
Brown challenged over NI 'war', Jan 9th BBC
Children live in 'severe poverty', Jan 9th BBC
Sharp drop in First Year students, Jan 10th BBC
Secretary of State 'still has a big part to play', Jan 12th BBC
Law and order Belfast style as two men are forced on a 'walk of shame', Jan 13th Guardian
Omagh widower calls Flanagan in civil action, Jan 13th Guardian
Anger at 'sectarian' Irish remark (by DUP member), Jan 14th BBC
Paisley under fresh pressure over Causeway plan, Jan 16th
Paisley Junior admits he made a mistake, Jan 16th BBC
NI ombudsman extends Omagh inquiry, Jan 17th RTÉ
Street-smart Paisley says goodbye, Jan 21st BBC
Guide hails new-look Belfast, Jan 22nd BBC
Flanagan apology to bomb victims, Jan 23rd BBC
Vandals set fire to tourist bus, Jan 23rd BBC
Real IRA suspect arrested in Lithuanian arms sting, Jan 24th Guardian
1,200 leads in Quinn murder probe, Jan 24th BBC
Troubles group ends consultation, Jan 25th BBC
Ulster midwives may refuse to carry out emergency abortions, Jan 28th Guardian
Witnesses due at Wright inquiry, Jan 28th BBC
Four NI victims' commissioners appointed, Jan 29th RTÉ
SDLP move 'devoid of principle', Jan 29th BBC
Victims attend collusion debate, Jan 30th BBC
No concern over (term) 'IRA volunteer', Jan 30th BBC
Murder witness gets IRA threat, Jan 30th BBC
IRA threat to key witness denied, Jan 30th BBC
Sisters plan civil case of Belfast murder (Robert McCartney), Jan 31st Guardian
Maze attacker is arrested in Texas, Jan 31st BBC
Ministers vote in UDA fund case, Jan 31st BBC
Police warn over firebomb attacks, Jan 31st BBC

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Northern Ireland: February

Staying together for the sake of Northern Ireland (Paisley, McGuinness), Feb 1st Guardian
Ahern visits Paisley's constituency, Feb 1st RTÉ
Ahern visit is new dawn - Paisley, Feb 1st BBC
Protestant victim to address Sinn Féin, Feb 3rd Guardian
Ahern-Brown talks to focus on NI progress, Feb 5th RTÉ
Dissidents 'inept but dangerous', Feb 6th BBC
Checkpoints return to Ulster amid bomb attack fears, Feb 7th Guardian
Arrests made in dissident probe, Feb 7th BBC
Quinn murder test for NI peace, Feb 7th BBC
Q&A: Bloody Sunday, Feb 8th BBC
Adams says driver not under threat, Feb 9th RTÉ
Leaders urge last devolution step, Feb 10th BBC
Assembly to discuss Quinn murder, Feb 12th BBC
Research finds twice poverty rate (to rest of UK), Feb 12th BBC
NI schools to receive record funding, Feb 13th Guardian
Probe into fatal border shooting, Feb 13th BBC
McGuinness slams alcohol in soaps, Feb 14th BBC
McGuinness criticises TV drunkenness, Feb 14th RTÉ
Member of Real IRA found shot dead in churchyard, Feb 14th Guardian
Killers (of Andrew Burns) 'have no regard for law', Feb 14th BBC
Killers (of Andrew Burns) were 'devoid of morals', Feb 15th BBC
Greens call on Paisley Junior to go, Feb 16th BBC
Troubles 'not war' motion passed, Feb 18th BBC
Paisley Junior resigns as minister, Feb 18th BBC
The Troubles won't be over until these killings stop, Feb 19th Guardian
Assembly backs IRA murder motion, Feb 19th BBC
Funeral for IRA hunger striker, Feb 19th BBC
Complaint over Paisley employment, Feb 21st BBC
Paisley to bow out of politics after pressure from party, Feb 21st Guardian
Paisley 'family brand not hurt', Feb 21st BBC
Two arrested over (Andrew) Burns murder, Feb 22nd BBC
Troubles group meets MI5's chief, Feb 22nd BBC
IRA rules out meeting with group, Feb 25th BBC
Plans for East Belfast regeneration, Feb 25th RTÉ
Agony of family of Andrew Burns, Feb 26th Derry Journal
Unity, Equality, Prosperity Top (at Sinn Féin conference), Feb 28th An Phoblacht
Paisley Junior back on policing body, Feb 29th BBC

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Northern Ireland: March

Victim's father at Sinn Féin conference, March 1st BBC
Adams critical of Lisbon negotiations, March 1st RTÉ
Paisley blocks power transfer, March 2nd Guardian
West Belfast MP says Sinn Féin leader is 'delusional', March 2nd Irish Independent
Paisley to step down as NI First Minister, March 4th RTÉ
Paisley to quit as First Minister, March 4th BBC
In quotes: Paisley to step down, March 4th BBC
Paisley to quit as First Minister and DUP leader, March 5th Guardian
Peter Robinson set to replace Paisley as DUP leader, March 5th Guardian
Reaction to the resignation of Ian Paisley, March 5th BBC
A fascinating, gracious man (Adams' verdict on Paisley), March 6th Guardian
Paisley's departure leaves the clever modernisers in charge, March 6th Guardian
Look back in anger (article on Ian Paisley), March 6th Guardian
Omagh bomb memorial row resolved, March 6th BBC
Empey rejects closer ties to the DUP, March 6th BBC
Irish (language) should threaten no one, March 7th BBC
UDA says 'okay' to King William (mural), March 7th BBC
UUP will not be taken over - Empey, March 9th BBC
Media fooled by Sinn Féin's funeral 'body-snatching', March 9th Irish Independent
I did 'smash' Sinn Féin - Paisley, March 9th BBC
Adams and McGuinness to meet Taoiseach in Dublin, March 10th Irish Independent
The Lisbon Treaty is a bad deal for rural Ireland, March 11th Sinn Féin
Legal aid granted in Omagh case, March 13th BBC
Maze still divides in NI, March 14th Guardian
Two houses seized from cross-border smuggler, March 14th RTÉ
Paisley in St Patrick's Day call, March 15th BBC
IRA willing to disband army council, March 17th Guardian
Devolved policing crucial - Bush, March 17th BBC
RIR soldiers begin Afghanistan tour, March 17th BBC
Out of Trouble: how diplomacy brought peace to Northern Ireland, March 17th CNN
Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, March 18th Guardian
Extent of secret links between IRA and government revealed, March 18th Guardian
Disobeyed orders and a dangerous message (IRA/government links), March 18th Guardian
Talking to the enemy: the secret intermediaries who contacted the IRA, March 18th Guardian
Queen and Duke in three day visit, March 18th BBC
Unveiling the secret peacemaker, March 19th BBC
McGuinness: There was no need for Bloody Sunday Inquiry, March 19th Guardian
Dramatic changes in NI policing, March 19th BBC
Sinn Féin would support tough policing, March 19th BBC
Minister denies DUP veto on Maze, March 19th BBC
President meets British Queen in Belfast, March 19th RTÉ
DUP seeks McAleese apology over Queen comments Irish Independent
IRA Easter message, March 20th An Phoblacht
Adams has failed his constituents says pro-Sinn Fein columnist, March 20th Guardian
Tributes to IRA bombing victims (Warrington), March 20th BBC
A decade on, how is the deal? (The Good Friday Agreement) March 20th BBC
Ex-POW (Frank McGreevy) killed by thugs, March 20th An Phoblacht
Two charged in money laundering inquiry, March 20th RTÉ
Éirígí: armed struggle is a tactic, not a policy, March 21st Slugger O'Toole
Funeral of former republican prisoner has taken place in Belfast, March 22nd Irish Independent
Blair's fears over IRA toppled UUP, March 23rd Guardian
SF refuses to welcome a visit by British Monarch, March 24th Belfast Telegraph
Petrol bomb arsenal seized, March 25th Belfast Telegraph
Former IRA leader set to join the District Policing Partnership, March 27th BBC
Brown attacked for ignoring Ulster in article, March 27th Guardian
What happened to the IRA? March 28th Time
Horror attack in Belfast after Old Firm game, March 30th Guardian
Match victim 'was in wrong place', March 31st BBC
What isn't being said (censorship by Sinn Féin), March 31st Guardian

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Northern Ireland: April

IRA killer given life in prison, April 1st BBC
Police check neo-Nazi link to Belfast attack, April 2nd Guardian
Orange Order unveils a new 'superhero', April 3rd BBC
Three freed in dissident inquiry, April 5th BBC
Ahern supports consent basis for NI status, April 6th RTÉ
Omagh civil case 'unprecedented', April 7th BBC
Pensioners seek move after rioting, April 7th BBC
IRA will not police areas: Adams, April 8th BBC
Omagh bomb relatives launch action in High Court, April 8th Guardian
'Grinning man' left bomb in Omagh, April 9th BBC
Police officers tell court of warning calls confusion before Omagh bomb carnage, April 9th Guardian
Teenagers face eviction from home, April 9th BBC
'A consensus on crowing', April 9th Guardian
Key players reunite for Good Friday Agreement anniversary, April 10th Guardian
US invests in Ulster future after old foes change tune, April 12th Guardian
US unveils NI investment package, April 12th BBC
Robinson to follow Paisley path, April 14th BBC
Policeman 'protected' IRA killer, April 15th BBC
(Rosemary) Nelson public inquiry set to open, April 15th BBC
New DUP supremo vows to take a fresh approach at Stormont, April 15th Belfast Telegraph
Inquiry into solicitor murder investigates state's role, April 16th Guardian
Robinson confirmed as DUP leader, April 17th BBC
Row in Coleraine about Cromwell's legacy, April 18th BBC
SF, PSNI meeting 'constructive', April 18th BBC
Adams and Orde to discuss West Belfast crime wave, April 18th Belfast Telegraph
Bomb attack 'racially motivated', April 20th BBC
Victims bill changes 'are agreed', April 22nd BBC
Consumers face 30% gas rate hike, April 23rd BBC
Scappaticci wins newspaper case, April 25th BBC
Row over 11-plus may bring coalition crashing down, April 25th Guardian
IRA murderer's licence is revoked, April 29th BBC
Conflict over for good - Ahern, April 30th BBC
Smoking ban has closed 100 pubs, April 30th BBC

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Northern Ireland: May

Dissident group blamed for murder of Andrew Burns, May 1st BBC
Group clears IRA of Quinn murder, May 1st BBC
Family deny son's dissident link, May 2nd BBC
Art experts aid Stone defence, May 2nd BBC
Blaze destroys buildings at Belfast school, May 4th RTÉ
Call for taxi attackers to stop, May 5th BBC
Boy (14) feared drowned as body recovered, May 5th Irish Independent
PMs attend NI investment event, May 8th BBC
Take down peace walls: New York mayor, May 8th BBC
Home repossessions up 30%, May 9th BBC
Fire crews attacked five times, May 10th BBC
Firebomb 'could have cost lives', May 10th BBC
Terror warning as firebomb is found in Cookston toy store, May 11th Guardian
Anger as new film of IRA hero Bobby Sands screens at Cannes, May 11th Guardian
Loyalist Stone due in Crown Court, May 12th BBC
Omagh civil case moves to Dublin, May 12th BBC
Three on trial for McCartney murder, May 12th RTÉ
Omagh: spy lured terror boss into view of Gardai, May 13th Saoirse blogspot
Officer hurt by booby-trap bomb, May 13th BBC
McGuinness visits injured officer, May 13th BBC
Thousands due at Balmoral show, May 14th BBC
Ruane's plans [on education] 'need DUP's support', May 15th BBC
PSNI planning three base closures, May 15th BBC
Unionist ceasefire holds but guns remain, May 16th Guardian
[Rosemary] Nelson inquiry disc goes missing, May 16th BBC
Mole who infiltrated IRA attacks biopic, May 16th Guardian
Dunlop son takes part in NW races, May 17th BBC
Court told about Stone gun threat, May 20th BBC
Man arrested over Nairac killing, May 20th BBC
Man held over 1977 IRA murder of British officer, May 20th Guardian
Brave maverick who paid ultimate price for one risk too many in spy game, May 21st The Scotsman
Bombs left in baby-changing room, May 21st BBC
Judge sorry for calling Tyrone people thick, May 22nd BBC
Brian Keenan obituary, May 22nd Guardian
Death of Brian Keenan, May 22nd An Phoblacht
DUP man's kneejerk reaction at new hunger-strike film, May 22nd An Phoblacht
DUP outrage at paramilitary contact claims, May 23rd Saoirse blogspot
PUP 'wants Loyalist weapons move', May 24th BBC
Three questioned about shooting, May 25th BBC
Bobby Sands film wins Cannes award, May 26th RTÉ
Forest fire started deliberately, May 26th BBC
Bomb explodes in city centre shop, May 27th BBC
Man shot in back and knees during Armagh attack, May 27th TCM Breaking News
33% rise in cards for electricity, May 28th BBC
McCartney witness admits lying, May 28th BBC
'IRA visit' to McCartney witness, May 29th BBC
Kidnap gang snatch mother and son, May 29th BBC
Eames: state allowed innocent people to die, May 29th Belfast Telegraph
Paisley says no for the last time - to the Belfast Telegraph, May 30th Belfast Telegraph
Robinson set to become DUP leader, May 31st BBC

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Northern Ireland: June
Woman injured in attack, June 1st Ulster TV
Paisley exits with a call to wind up IRA Army Council, June 1st Guardian
Charges after family kidnapping, June 2nd BBC
PM talks to avert Stormont crisis, June 2nd BBC
Brown meets Adams amid fears for devolved government, June 3rd Guardian
McCartney friend 'quizzed by IRA', June 3rd BBC
Deal claims as SF man is new mayor, June 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Omagh father contemplated suicide, June 4th BBC
Robinson, McGuinness taking posts, June 5th BBC
Gun attack 'terrorised community', June 6th BBC
Tensions return to Ulster politics as Paisley says farewell, June 6th Guardian
Parting gift for Martin's mate [Paisley], June 6th BBC
Hardliners crack down on underage drinking, June 6th Derry Journal
Confidence in NI not damaged - SF, June 7th BBC
Iris [Robinson] slammed for offering gay 'cure', June 7th Belfast Telegraph
DUP terror suspects deal denied, June 8th BBC
Real IRA claim Creggan shooting, June 8th Sunday Journal
DUP to keep Brown waiting over 42-day vote, June 9th Guardian
Price of diesel could rise to £1.80 a litre, June 9th Belfast Telegraph
Gay men urged to 'out' DUP members after MP's 'abomination' remark, June 9th Guardian
DUP likely to rescue Brown in 42 day vote, June 11th Guardian
Maze escaper in Tidey kidnap trial, June 11th RTÉ
Tidey gives evidence at kidnap trial, June 12th RTÉ
Paisley cleared over holiday home, June 12th BBC
Attack on house treated as racist, June 13th BBC
1983 Tidey case: IRA kidnap gang 'captured' seven gardai and soldiers, June14th Irish Independent
Couple escape petrol bomb attack, June 15th BBC
Alert after suspect object found, June 15th BBC
Bomb attack was attempted murder, June 16th BBC
(American) President leaves NI after visit, June 16th BBC
Bush reaffirms devolution support, June 16th Belfast Telegraph
Bush swings by, June 17th Guardian
Gang linked to £8.4m cannabis haul, June 17th BBC
Dissident threat is high - Orde, June 17th BBC
Collusion in teenager's murder, June 18th BBC
Judge asks why McCartney trial duo aren't facing murder charges, June 19th Belfast Telegraph
Judge considers McAleavey release, June 19th RTÉ
Twenty under city death threats, June 20th BBC
Crime is Belfast peace dividend as knee-capping ends, June 20th Bloomberg
Sinn Féin mayor to lay WWI wreath, June 20th BBC
Paisley biopic hits cash crunch, June 22nd Guardian
Orange anger over ruling on city march, June 22nd Newsletter
Ex-soldier flees home after dissident threats, June 23rd Belfast Telegraph
Shooting victim 'an innocent man', June 24th BBC
'New high' for dissident activity, June 25th BBC
Two arrested after Derry gun murder, June 25th Belfast Telegraph
Man acquitted of McCartney murder, June 27th BBC
Spotlight on McCartney trial, June 27th BBC
McCartney sisters challenge IRA after man cleared of murder, June 27th Guardian
Bar brawl that changed Sinn Fein's mind over peace process, June 27th Guardian
McCartneys vow to continue fight, June 27th RTÉ
Four men held in dissident raids, June 27th BBC
Bulgarian family may leave Ulster after third attack, June 27th Belfast Telegraph
Challenge to Sinn Féin after Belfast murder acquittal, June 28th Guardian
Orange parade passes peacefully, June 28th BBC
Dissidents 'have little support', June 29th BBC
Council cash for 11th July 'eco-friendly' bonfires, June 29th Guardian
McCartney sisters: we'll never get justice, June 29th Guardian
McCartney's sister curses brutal killers, June 29th Irish Independent
Life term for musician's killer, June 30th BBC
New Belfast branding aims to make city world class, June 30th Belfast Telegraph

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Northern Ireland: July

NI house prices plunge by 18%, July 1st BBC
Omagh blaze: failings found, July 1st Belfast Telegraph
'We're not going away': INLA have message for McGuinness, July 1st Irish Independent
Counciller resigns from Sinn Fein, July 2nd BBC
Time for the IRA to catch up, July 2nd Guardian
Cross-dressing bank robber jailed, July 3rd BBC
Home of elderly DUP councillor attacked, July 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Devolution of policing and justice needs to happen quickly - McGuinness, July 3rd An Phoblacht
Man aged 18 charged over city murder, July 4th BBC
Northern Ireland: unlikely allies unite against dissident republicans, July 4th Guardian
McGuiness in Iraq peace mission, July 5th BBC
Man charged over postman attack, July 6th BBC
Blogger wins right to free speech, July 6th Guardian Observer
Arson burns 40% of fire budget, July 7th BBC
Two men killed in bus, car crash, July 8th BBC
Man dies in farm accident, July 8th Belfast Telegraph
Young offenders' centre slammed, July 9th BBC
Justice undone, July 9th Guardian
Omagh: is it now the end of probe? July 9th Belfast Telegraph
Omagh judge in court row, July 10th Belfast Telegraph
Omagh prosecution 'impossible without new information', July 10th Guardian
Derry airport strike goes ahead, July 11th BBC
Study highlights danger of abortion pills bought on-line, July 11th Guardian
DIY abortions in fifteen minutes, July 12th Belfast Telegraph
Orange Order on parade across NI, July 12th BBC
The Twelfth - What's on where, July 12th Belfast Telegraph
Mainly peaceful Twelfth praised, July 13th BBC
Violent clashes over Loyalist march, July 13th Guardian Observer
Omagh: Michael McKevitt shuns his £22,000 video link, July 13th Guardian Observer
The long battle for justice, July 13th Guardian Observer
Rent unpaid by Ulster-Scots body, July 14th BBC
Brick thrown at city tourist bus, July 14th BBC
Starbursting the Boyne, July 14th Guardian
Commons apology over bomb claims, July 14th BBC
Maze row 'harming development', July 15th BBC
Map gives family of Disappeared man hope of finding body, July 16th Belfast Telegraph
£15m land deal scuppered, Paisley, July 17th BBC
Twelfth speech exposes Orange Order agenda, July 17th An Phoblacht
Bombardier's £519m record investment, July 17th Belfast Telegraph
Passport staff join strike action, July 18th BBC
Wilson adamant on rural building, July 19th BBC
Iris' 'God's law' remark was a mistake says McGuinness, July 19th Belfast Telegraph
Guildford four bomb campaigner dies, July 20th BBC
Burglaries driven by credit crunch, July 20th Guardian Observer
Omagh legal aid bias claim denied, July 21st BBC
Iris in U-turn over 'vile' gay outburst, July 21st Belfast Telegraph
'Disappeared' body search fails, July 22nd BBC
Sinn Féin meets with Gordon Brown, July 23rd BBC
A right to choose? Not in Northern Ireland, July 23rd Guardian
Continuity IRA threaten NI civil servants, July 23rd RTÉ
Body found in burning car in park, July 24th BBC
DUP is failing to engage: Adams, July 24th BBC
Tories talk to UUP on closer ties, July 24th BBC
David Cameron's Ulster gamble, July 24th Guardian
Sinn Féin man opposes flag flying, July 25th BBC
Obama: Northern Ireland is an example to all the world, July 25th Belfast Telegraph
Paramilitary plot pair remanded, July 26th BBC
Stormont crisis deepens as Robinson hits out at Adams, July 26th Belfast Telegraph
Murder enquiry after body found, July 27th BBC
MI5 targets dissidents as Irish terror threat grows, July 28th Guardian
Bombs and death threats: dissidents step up efforts to derail power sharing, July 28th Guardian
FAQ surrounding power sharing in Northern Ireland, July 28th Guardian
Tatchell recruits Unionist hero for gay rights cause, July 28th Guardian
Loyalist McKeown: police asked me to shoot Rosemary Nelson dead, July 28th Belfast Telegraph
Government has UDA weapons talks, July 29th BBC
Three more arrests made in Paul Quinn inquiry, July 29th Belfast Telegraph
'Slab' Murphy bids to halt trial, July 30th BBC
Sinn Féin topping finance table, July 30th BBC
Sectarian thuggery against Dublin players turns Milk Cup sour, July 30th Belfast Telegraph
Republicans attack Sinn Féin men, July 31st BBC
[Restorative justice] schemes get government backing, July 31st BBC
End this anomaly [on abortion rights], July 31st Guardian

Northern Ireland: August

DUP snubs Irish government invite, August 1st BBC
Plane diverts after smoke alert, August 1st BBC
Final farewell for murder victim Jean, August 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Thousands attend Belfast City Pride rally, August 2nd BBC
Pride marchers mock anti-gay MP, August 3rd Guardian Observer
SF and DUP closer to justice deal, August 4th BBC
Ulster rose slams racists, August 4th Belfast Telegraph
Man charged with assaulting MLA, August 5th BBC
Adams defends justice agreement, August 5th BBC
Two held by PSNI in rape, theft and security breach probe at RAF base, August 5th Belfast Telegraph
Man charged with 70s kidnapping of British army officer Robert Nairac, August 6th Belfast Telegraph
Report call over IRA Army Council, August 6th BBC
Watchdog 'not required over IRA', August 7th BBC
Two charged over Loyalist feud murder, August 7th RTÉ
Framework for policing progress agreed, August 7th An Phoblacht
Omagh families boycott memorial, August 8th BBC
Homes evacuated as bombs found on rail line, August 8th Belfast Telegraph
Action call if power deal fails, August 9th BBC
Outrage as Omagh bomb victim's sister is ejected, August 9th Belfast Telegraph
Firefighters come under attack, August 10th BBC
Stab family believe 'PPS failing', August 11th BBC
Apprentice boys have a real blast, August 11th Belfast Telegraph
'No Foreigners' advert condemned, August 12th BBC
Devices made safe by army experts, August 12th BBC
NIO facing the axe in Brown government revamp, August 12th Belfast Telegraph
80 - 100 'active dissident members', August 13th BBC
Dissidents out to kill police, warns Orde, August 13th Belfast Telegraph
A-Level success as 35% get top marks, August 14th Belfast Telegraph
Special branch agents may face prosecution, August 14th An Phoblacht
[UUP] set to lease headquarters, August 15th BBC
Omagh marks tenth anniversary of deadly bombing, August 15th Guardian
Omagh's message of hope amidst the silence, August 16th Belfast Telegraph
Ulster police chief briefs Bush over peace process, August 16th Guardian
Police attacked by rocket granade, August 17th BBC
Dissident republicans in rocket attack on police in Northern Ireland, August 18th Guardian
Semtex used in dissident attack, August 18th BBC
Underpass defended after flooding, August 18th BBC
'Gun' at hunger strikers' march prompts outcry, August 18th Belfast Telegraph
Inquiry into city underpass flood, August 19th BBC
Police and republicans launch claims over Castlereagh raid, August 19th Belfast Telegraph
Paisley defends lethal force call, August 20th BBC
Man questioned over police attack, August 20th BBC
Taxi driver forced to drive hijacked cab across border, August 20th Belfast Telegraph
First user of taser stun gun in NI, August 21st BBC
Lisburn council involved in sectarian display, August 21st An Phoblacht
Search for missing worker goes on, August 22nd BBC
No faith in ombudsman: republican, August 22nd BBC
Northern Ireland: It's showdown time (again), August 22nd Guardian
Officers revisit scene of attack, August 23rd BBC
Landfill death horror: family's grief after body found, August 23rd Belfast Telegraph
SF threatens to collapse assembly, August 24th BBC
Sinn Fein 'must clarify threat', August 25th BBC
300 IRA members to fight convictions and seek compensation, August 25th Guardian
Dissident republican gangs force officers from homes, August 25th Belfast Telegraph
Sinn Féin warns it may abandon power sharing in policing row, August 26th Guardian
Shots fired at town police patrol, August 26th BBC
Stormont must meet warns Robinson, August 26th BBC
Obama looks at future of NI envoy, August 26th BBC
DUP warning fuels threat to power sharing, August 27th Guardian
Gun attack linked to dissidents, August 27th BBC
Sniper shoots at police as trouble flares in Ulster, August 28th Guardian
Peter Robinson in £80,000 hand-out to gay groups, August 28th Belfast Telegraph
Two men held over city gun attack, August 29th BBC
DUP and Sinn Féin clash over document's mention of the North, August 29th Guardian
Thousands of fish killed in river, August 30th BBC
Alliance role in stand-off talks, August 30th BBC
Assault man's condition critical, August 31st BBC
London rules out Sinn Féin deal on official status for Gaelic, August 31st Guardian Observer

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Northern Ireland: September

Council 'yes' for forces welcome, Sept 1st BBC
IMC reports on IRA 'army council', Sept 1st BBC
Provisional IRA defectors behind new Ulster violence, Sept 1st Guardian
Rebel schools to defy Ruane, Sept 1st Belfast Telegraph
Pistols and drugs seized in hotel, Sept 2nd BBC
Man admits bomb, bullets charges, Sept 2nd BBC
IRA no threat says Prime Minister, Sept 3rd BBC
IMC report - political reaction, Sept 3rd BBC
Devolution: IRA is no longer a fighting force, monitoring group says, Sept 3rd Guardian
The men who rule the IRA: Sept 3rd Guardian
IRA Army Council is 'no longer operational', Sept 3rd Belfast Telegraph
The IRA: nothing to worry about? Sept 4th Guardian
Issue of IRA dealt with - now it's time for political delivery, Sept 4th An Phoblacht
Impasse talks useful, say parties, Sept 4th BBC
IMC's verdict is as good as it gets, Orde, Sept 5th Belfast Telegraph
DUP holds talks with UDA and UVF, Sept 5th BBC
Unionists may miss opportunity IMC has handed them, Sept 5th Guardian
Stormont deadlock 'can be broken', Sept 6th BBC
McGimpsey [of the UUP] says no to Tory merger, Sept 7th BBC
'I'll quit if UUP merges with Tories', Sept 7th Guardian Observer
SDLP says bill would free parties, Sept 7th Guardian Observer
Parents backing for joint faith schools, Sept 8th Belfast Telegraph
Bank man [Chris Ward] 'was £26m raid insider', Sept 9th BBC
£26m bank trial shown CCTV images, Sept 10th BBC
NI Abortion Act campaign begins, Sept 10th BBC
Service tribute to troops during Northern Ireland troubles, Sept 10th Belfast Telegraph
Northern Ireland service remembered, Sept 11th Guardian
Woman 'felt bomb drop from car', Sept 11th BBC
Help 'limited' on fuel bill hikes, Sept 11th BBC
Widespread anger as Durkan advocates return to Unionist majority rule, Sept 11th An Phoblacht
Court challenge to PSNI taser use, Sept 12th BBC
Why Ulster's political architecture cannot be easily redesigned, Sept 12th Guardian
Northern Bank robbery case 'ludicrous', Sept 12th RTÉ
Man stabbed to death in Tyrone, Sept 13th Belfast Telegraph
O'Dowd warns not enough progress, Sept 14th BBC
Derry attacks 'may be sectarian', Sept 15th BBC
Probe after 100lb bomb is defused, Sept 15th BBC
Police believed to be the targets of NI bomb, Sept 15th RTÉ
'Bombers' were tracked across border on their way to Omagh, Sept 15th Guardian
Report queries HET's independence, Sept 16th BBC
Brown makes justice deadline call, Sept 16th BBC
Beset by storms, Gordon Brown avoids visit to Belfast's Titanic Quarter, Sept 16th Guardian
PM orders review of Omagh tapes, Sept 17th BBC
Chance of executive meeting fades, Sept 17th BBC
Sinn Fein blames dissidents for Belfast shotgun attack, Sept 17th Belfast Telegraph
£26.5m bank trial hears 999 call, Sept 18th BBC
Omagh families say phone tap review will come too late, Sept 18th Guardian
Northern Ireland parties fail to avert crisis, Sept 18th Belfast Telegraph
MLAs 'leaving dissident vacuum', Sept 19th BBC
Quinn campaigner's son in court on terror charge, Sept 19th Belfast Telegraph
Alliance 'not a sticking plaster', Sept 20th BBC
Northern Ireland losing out in UK petrol price wars, Sept 20th Belfast Telegraph
Executive has to meet, party told, Sept 21st BBC
Northern Ireland devolution 'complete within a year', Sept 21st Guardian Observer
NI water company to shed 200 jobs, Sept 22nd BBC
Wife tells of £26m hostage ordeal, Sept 22nd BBC
Tyrone join the league of leagues, Sept 22nd BBC
I'm no egocentric killer - Stone, Sept 23rd BBC
Bank manager 'told sister dead', Sept 23rd BBC
Suicide epidemic 'needs tackling', Sept 23rd BBC
Fatal attack 'was not sectarian', Sept 24th BBC
Heads' fury at 11-plus confusion, Sept 24th Belfast Telegraph
Gerry Adams in call for truth commission, Sept 25th Belfast Telegraph
'Security defects' at raid bank, Sept 25th BBC
NI Executive 'being held hostage', Sept 26th BBC
Kidnap gang shoots man and his dog, Sept 26th Belfast Telegraph
Banker 'unaware' of shift partner, Sept 26th BBC
DUP face problem with partnership, Sept 27th BBC
Fury over moonlighting cops, Sept 27th Belfast Telegraph
Punish bad art with the same ferocity as bad behaviour, Sept 27th Guardian
SF Adams wrote to Orange Order, Sept 27th BBC
CIA 'backed' Irish battle against Lisbon Treaty, Sept 28th Times
UUP MP could sit in Tory cabinet, Sept 28th BBC
Revived IRA 'was behind expulsion of drug dealers', Sept 28th Irish Independent
Stormont deadlock 'very serious', Sept 29th BBC
Sinn Féin blockade 'is blackmail', Sept 30th BBC
By Christmas there could be two Tory ministers in the UK, Sept 30th Guardian
Ulster gets free prescriptions, Sept 30th Guardian

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Northern Ireland: October

Assembly issues 'can be resolved', Oct 1st BBC
Northern Ireland: A sexist's paradise, Oct 1st Guardian
North south council meeting off, Oct 2nd BBC
Ulster bank seeks Irish guarantee, Oct 2nd BBC
Sinn Féin seek to amend bank bail-out bill, Oct 2nd An Phoblacht
Shot youth 'is lucky to be alive', Oct 3rd BBC
Albert Reynolds in 'private' talks with Gusty Spence, Oct 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Rights speech focuses on Stormont, Oct 4th BBC
Move by Asda sparks hopes of fuel price war, Oct 4th Belfast Telegraph
Home attacked by petrol bombers, Oct 5th BBC
Gay UDA gunman: 'I hid my true self', Oct 5th Guardian Observer
Maghaberry prison officers suspended, Oct 5th Guardian Observer
Dissidents 'helped by mainstream', Oct 6th BBC
Workers too scared to take time off sick, Oct 6th Belfast Telegraph
Arrest made in Quinn case, Oct 6th Irish Independent
Police probe Armagh woman's death, Oct 7th Belfast Telegraph
Boost for NI housing co-ownership, Oct 7th BBC
Thirty lose their homes in blaze, Oct 8th Belfast Telegraph
UUP postpones annual conference, Oct 8th BBC
£26m bank robbery trial collapses, Oct 9th BBC
Employee cleared of Northern Bank robbery, Oct 9th Guardian
Northern bank robbery: justice stolen from devolved Northern Ireland, Oct 9th Guardian
Northern bank robbery: the crime that nearly ended the peace process, Oct 9th Guardian
Ward walks free as £26m bank robbery trial collapses, Oct 9th Belfast Telegraph
Cleared bank worker may sue in 'farce' of  £26m heist case, Oct 10th Belfast Telegraph
Northern bank: another big trial, another embarrassment, Oct 10th Belfast Telegraph
Not guilty: alleged inside man in UK's biggest robbery cleared..., Oct 10th Guardian
Omagh investigation for Assembly, Oct 10th BBC
Stand-off 'could go on to 2009', Oct 11th BBC
Children dealing drugs, Oct 11th Belfast Telegraph
Irish 'should be made official', Oct 11th BBC
Three rescued from sparkler blaze, Oct 12th BBC
Stabbing incidents in Derry and Portadown, Oct 12th RTÉ
IRA 'gave its consent' to murder of Billy Wright, Oct 12th Guardian Observer
Unionist parties' Euro poll plea, Oct 13th BBC
IRA funds worth up to 200m Euro put at risk in the US, Oct 13th Belfast Telegraph
MLA makes two workers redundant, Oct 14th BBC
Assault row teacher speaks out as school row continues, Oct 14th Belfast Telegraph
Timetable set for policing talks, Oct 14th BBC
Euthanasia expert banned from making university speech, Oct 14th Guardian
Progress made in teacher strike, Oct 15th BBC
Confidence call 'can't be excuse', Oct 15th BBC
Telecoms project takes the sting out of jobs gloom, Oct 15th Guardian
Burglary link to murder examined, Oct 16th BBC
Bobby Sands movie sets new world record, Oct 16th Belfast Telegraph
Belfast police find arsenal at house after Loyalist terrorist kills self, Oct 17th Guardian
UVF denies owning weapons cache, Oct 17th BBC
Top republican loses seized cash, Oct 17th BBC
'We're talking about women's lives', Oct 17th Guardian
Campaigners at abortion rallies, Oct 18th BBC
New abortion law storm after MPs get free vote on easing restrictions, Oct 18th Guardian
Abortion bill goes against wishes of people - Cardinal, Oct 18th Irish Independent
Pupils in limbo over school row, Oct 18th Belfast Telegraph
Legalise abortion in Northern Ireland, Oct 19th Guardian Observer
Minister fined over motorbike tax, Oct 19th BBC
Class criteria for school places, Oct 20th BBC
Parliamentarians in Omagh appeal, Oct 20th BBC
Informer files to be kept from Sinn Féin, Oct 20th Guardian
Revealed: what really happened in strike school classroom, Oct 20th Belfast Telegraph
Student in strike row to face charge, Oct 21st Belfast Telegraph
Principals back selection tests, Oct 21st BBC
[Abortion] Nothing more than a betrayal by Labour, Oct 21st Guardian
MPs set for key embryology vote, Oct 22nd BBC
Taggart empire collapses, Oct 22nd Belfast Telegraph
Board reveals school strike deal, Oct 23rd BBC
Claim that PSNI protecting dissidents 'an insult', Oct 23rd Belfast Telegraph
Ulster Scots phoneline has had no calls since 2004, Oct 23rd Belfast Telegraph
[Danny] Morrison conviction is quashed, Oct 24th BBC
Republican splinter parade plan warning, Oct 24th Belfast Telegraph
[Sinn Féin's] patience running out on justice, Oct 25th BBC
PSNI seek help over farmer murder, Oct 25th BBC
Payout for an attack [on Alex Maskey] that never was, Oct 26th Guardian Observer
Blind man tells of robbery terror, Oct 27th BBC
[Sinn Féin] protest is a 'recipe for disaster', Oct 27th BBC
More Ulster collusion fears as new cases uncovered, Oct 27th Guardian
Firework blast boy in operation, Oct 28th BBC
Snow in October, the final straw, Oct 28th Belfast Telegraph
RUC murders to be re-investigated, Oct 29th BBC
Catholic chef awarded £22,500 over alleged harassment, Oct 29th Belfast Telegraph
School strike action suspended, Oct 30th BBC
Orange Order calls for support of controversial army parade, Oct 30th Belfast Telegraph
Much at stake for Sinn Féin when army war veterans parade through Belfast, Oct 30th Guardian
Loyalist loses bid for anonymity, Oct 31st BBC
Republican groups merger talks, Oct 31st Belfast Telegraph
Sectarian tensions flare over Belfast army parade, Oct 31st Guardian

Northern Ireland: November

First minister 'won't walk away', Nov 1st BBC
Never say never [Ian Paisley interview], Nov 1st Guardian
Parade fears grow as Sinn Fein bring in 1,500 extra protesters, Nov 1st Belfast Telegraph
Robinson: fix the economy to help devolution survive, Nov 2nd Guardian Observer
Thousands attend Belfast parade [for soldiers in the British army], Nov 2nd BBC
Parade casts long dark shadow, Nov 2nd BBC
Murder victim [Kenneth Nicoll] had multiple wounds, Nov 3rd BBC
Fury at hooligan students, Nov 3rd Belfast Telegraph
DUP suspension over Adams claims, Nov 4th BBC
NI universities' bullying shame, Nov 5th Belfast Telegraph
Murder inquiry police arrest man, Nov 5th BBC
NI banks confirms 1.5% interest rates cut, Nov 6th BBC
Fresh delay to Bloody Sunday report 'causing anxiety', Nov 6th Guardian
Leaders congratulate Barack Obama, Nov 7th BBC
Belfast's Sinn Féin mayor will be absent from Remembrance, Nov 7th Belfast Telegraph
Power-sharing flawed, TUV, Nov 8th BBC
Sir John Herman (RUC chief) obituary, Nov 8th Guardian
GAA clubhouse blaze 'suspicious', Nov 9th BBC
Stormont 'no longer needs UK nanny', Nov 9th Guardian Observer
Remains may be IRA murder victim [Danny McIlhone], Nov 10th BBC
Dissidents more active, says IMC, Nov 10th BBC
UDA in 'battle ready' statement, Nov 11th BBC
Ministers meet in closed session, Nov 11th BBC
'My baby need not have died', Nov 11th Belfast Telegraph
Credit crunch hits church savers, Nov 12th BBC
Tragedy in city centre as teen dies after being crushed by bus, Nov 12th Belfast Telegraph
Pipe bomb explodes on city street, Nov 13th BBC
Law Lords reject Holy Cross policing challenge, Nov 13th Belfast Telegraph
[Michael] Stone convicted of SF murder bids, Nov 14th BBC
DUP anger at Gerry Adams' 'Afrikaner' jibe, Nov 14th Belfast Telegraph
PSNI's past crime unit in crash crisis, Nov 15th Belfast Telegraph
Pipe bomb found in Tyrone village, Nov 15th BBC
Baton rounds fired at 75-year-old, Nov 16th BBC
NI executive may meet this week, Nov 17th BBC
Pensioners march on Stormont, Nov 17th Belfast Telegraph
Deal brokered to end NI deadlock, Nov 18th BBC
Northern Ireland partners reach devolution agreement, Nov 18th Guardian
Policing powers to be devolved to Stormont, Nov 18th Belfast Telegraph
PM finance meeting 'very useful', Nov 19th BBC
Slab Murphy must face tax evasion trial, Nov 19th Belfast Telegraph
Water charges delayed for a year, Nov 20th BBC
Ulster Unionist Executive considers Tory alliance, Nov 20th Guardian
Pupils sit the final 11-plus test, Nov 21st BBC
Ex-Loyalist convinct gets top British Legion post, Nov 22nd Belfast Telegraph
Memorial to IRA victims attacked, Nov 22nd BBC
Senior Loyalist Ihab Shoukri dies, Nov 23rd BBC
IRA has axed Army Council, says [Peter]  Robinson [of the DUP], Nov 23rd Guardian Observer
Policemen killed 'on way to help', Nov 23rd BBC
Councils plunge into £400m debt, Nov 24th BBC
Northern Ireland BNP 'members' on list: ex-cop 'proud' of BNP membership, Nov 24th Belfast Telegraph
UVF boss quip 'led to killings', Nov 25th BBC
Now we could face a rise in rates, Nov 25th Belfast Telegraph
Family and friends bid a sad farewell to officer, Nov 26th Belfast Telegraph
CIRA threat to community workers,  Nov 26th BBC
Murdering rapist 'will get life', Nov 27th BBC
Southern shoppers 'to head north', Nov 27th BBC
Second teenager dies after road accident, Nov 28th Belfast Telegraph
Man hit by taser after cash raid, Nov 28th BBC
Post 11-plus plan 'gains support', Nov 29th BBC
PSNI shoot suspect with tasar, Nov 29th Belfast Telegraph
Baby injured during attack on Belfast house, Nov 30th Guardian Observer
NI ministers on US trade mission, Nov 30th BBC

Northern Ireland: December

Mum: I hid dead baby in car boot,  Dec 1st Belfast Telegraph
Inquiry told [Rosemary] Nelson 'helped IRA', Dec 1st BBC
Councillor quits over IRA link, Dec 2nd Belfast Telegraph
Minister told of Loyalist threat, Dec 2nd BBC
[Loyalist] decommissioning deadline extended, Dec 3rd BBC
Police probe over Iris Robinson's gay remarks, Dec 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Jobs go at Troubles murder team, Dec 4th BBC
Loyalists left bombs by bike track, say police, Dec 4th Guardian
Witness [Mark Burcombe] 'not under UVF pressure', Dec 5th BBC
Teaming up in Ulster [UUP and Conservatives], Dec 5th Guardian
Machinery destroyed in plant fire, Dec 6th BBC
Loyalist nominated high sheriff (of Belfast),  Dec 6th BBC
Trio won't testify in 'King Rat' inquiry, Dec 7th Guardian Observer
Nine NI farms used tainted feed, Dec 7th BBC
Army presence to be scaled back in Northern Ireland, Dec 8th Belfast Telegraph
Loyalist killer Michael Stone jailed for 16 years, Dec 8th Guardian
[Pork], beef and milk safe to consume, Dec 9th BBC
Dido criticised for 'IRA song', Dec 9th Guardian
An old-fashioned Conservative and Unionist heart beats in Cameron's chest, Dec 10th Guardian
Maze plan 'doomed' as Windsor Park gets an upgrade, Dec 10th Belfast Telegraph
West gets £60m health investment, Dec 10th BBC
Southern shoppers in trolley fights and parking rage, Dec 11th Belfast Telegraph
Gritters withdrawn after attacks, Dec 11th BBC
'Joyriding' policemen suspended, Dec 12th Belfast Telegraph
Iconic Orange hall to remove cage, Dec 12th BBC
Celebrity agent [Colin Angus] dies in crash, Dec 13th BBC
Warning over SDLP executive role, Dec 13th BBC
Patient awaits test for rabies, Dec 14th BBC
Electricity down 11%, gas bills to fall by 22%, Dec 15th Belfast Telegraph
100,000  households get £150 boost, Dec 15th BBC
Green light for Belfast's £100m Titanic Centre, Dec 16th Belfast Telegraph
Irish language newspaper to close, Dec 16th Belfast Telegraph
More than 550 jobs go 'in a week', Dec 17th BBC
UTV journalists stage protest over job cuts, Dec 17th Belfast Telegraph
Black Santa's Christmas sit-out begins, Dec 17th BBC
Family kidnapped in city robbery, Dec 18th BBC
Derry 'dissident' trial collapses, Dec 19th BBC
Teenager stabbed in gang attack, Dec 20th BBC
Motoring chaos as local drivers are flagged by UK MOT scans, Dec 20th Belfast Telegraph
[Catríona] Ruane reported [to police] over [Bobby] Sands praise, Dec 21st BBC
Belfast 'is Paris of the North', Dec 21st BBC
Disney holiday boy (5) drowns in pool, Dec 22nd Belfast Telegraph
Funeral for Disappeared victim [Danny McIlhone], Dec 22nd BBC
Border kidnap 'terrifying ordeal', Dec 23rd BBC
Christmas Eve start for Boxing Day sales, Dec 23rd Belfast Telegraph
Late rush boosts Christmas trade, Dec 24th BBC
Blind athlete [Mark Pollock] seeks polar success, Dec 24th BBC
Northern Ireland house sellers urged to 'get real' over prices, Dec 25th Belfast Telegraph
NIO spend £3.4m on consultants and substitute staff, Dec 25th Belfast Telegraph
Riot police deal with hooligan fans at Linfield beat Glentoran, Dec 26th Belfast Telegraph
Racial link to petrol bomb attack, Dec 27th BBC
Two arrested over [Maire Rankins'] murder, Dec 28th BBC
Terror group is 'roughing up' young recruits, Dec 28th Guardian Observer
Second tiger kidnapping in 24 hours, Dec 29th BBC
Antrim man dies in Moroccan crash, Dec 29th Belfast Telegraph
Arson inquiry after fatal Down fire, Dec 29th RTÉ
Three men stabbed in bar attack, Dec 30th BBC
Blaze destroys home of gun attack victim, Dec 30th Belfast Telegraph
Neighbour denies Christmas murder, Dec 31st BBC
DUP was rewarded by government for backing 42 days, claims first minister, Dec 31st Guardian
[Dramatic rise in] families fleeing homes in terror, Dec 31st Belfast Telegraph

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Republic of Ireland: January

Family of young chess champion Philip praised as he is laid to rest, Jan 6th Irish Independent
Cowen blamed as recession looms, Jan 6th Irish Independent
Probe into Irish binge drinking, Jan 9th BBC
New figures show drop in crime rate, Jan 10th Bray People
Worst flooding in decades after river breaks banks, Jan 11th Irish Independent
Man's hand severed in sword attack at Dublin pub, Jan 14th Irish Independent
Irish economy ranked as third most free in the world, Jan 16th Irish Independent
Strike action for (British) embassy staff, Jan 23rd BBC
'Viper' (Martin Foley) gunned down at gym, Jan 27th Guardian
Irish economy particularly vulnerable to US recession, Jan 31st Irish Independent
Labour welcomes full-time gangland crime unit, Jan 31st Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: February

SF President says government has failed on economy, Feb 2nd Irish Independent
Two men charged in connection over 1m Euro drugs seizure in Dublin, Feb 3rd Belfast Telegraph
IRA Garda killer freed from jail, Feb 4th BBC
Hearing over abuse files delayed, Feb 4th BBC
Blair and Ahern 'to get doctorates', Feb 5th BBC
Airline criticised over Irish (language) ban, Feb 5th BBC
Ministers attend Dublin meeting, Feb 14th BBC
Former Unionist joins Fianna Fáil, Feb 22nd RTÉ
Fianna Fáil confirms UUP recruit, Feb 23rd BBC
Two Polish men seriously injured in Dublin stabbing, Feb 24th Irish Independent
'Golden clerics' celebrate Father Ted, Feb 25th BBC
President mindful of the past and future, Feb 26th Irish Independent
Neighbourhood in shock after brutal assault on builders, Feb 26th Irish Independent
Teenager held over Drimnagh murder, Feb 27th Irish Times
Second Polish man dies after Dublin screwdriver attack, Feb 28th Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: March

Girl arrested in connection with Drimnagh murders, March 3rd Irish Independent
Garda ombudsman probes child-death road incident, March 9th Irish Independent
Limerick has highest levels of killings and gun crime, March 11th Irish Independent
Roof won't cave in over housing slump, March 12th Irish Independent
ESRI issues bleak economic statement for 2008, March 14th Irish Independent
Ireland urges St Patrick style 'craic-down', March 17th CNN
Savage thugs brutally beat Polish man, March 19th Kerryman
Labour: Ahern must resign after latest revelations, March 20th Irish Independent
Traffic congestion costs economy millions of Euro, March 22nd Irish Independent
President McAleese to lead Irish Rising commemoration, March 23rd Irish Independent
Thousands mark Easter Rising anniversary, March 23rd BBC
Violent boys and girls lead crimewave, March 23rd Irish Independent
Bertie to honour Blair at dinner at Dublin Castle, March 25th Irish Independent
Suspected INLA pipe bomb brings terror to families, March 26th Irish Independent
The tearful secretary and the cash scandal that could bring down Ahern, March 29th Irish Independent
Man, 30, with 'serious' grudge is arrested in double murder case, March 30th Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: April

Bertie Ahern to leave office on 6th May, April 2nd RTÉ
Taoiseach 'confident he will be exonerated of any wrongdoing', April 2nd Irish Independent
Irish prime minister Ahern resigns amidst financial controversy, April 2nd Guardian
Bertie Ahern's resignation statement in full, April 2nd Guardian
A statesman forced out by local issues, April 2nd Guardian
Ahern to resign as Irish premier, April 2nd BBC
Ex-Garda lifts lid on decades of child abuse in Gaeltacht, April 3rd Irish Independent
Cowen to succeed Ahern as leader, April 5th BBC
Cowen bounce 'won't last long' - Labour and FG, April 7th Irish Independent
Lehan says Limerick killings 'deplorable', April 8th RTÉ
Cowen 'excited but daunted' by new post, April 9th RTÉ
State stops probe into judge's Irish language skills, April 9th Irish Independent
Bloodbath fears as feud tears gang apart, April 9th Irish Independent
Can Cowen save us from Bertienomics? April 10th Irish Independent
Taser used in first Irish arrest, April 11th BBC
Former President Hillery dies at 84, April 13th Guardian
Gormley refuses to apologise for China criticism, April 14th Irish Independent
New era begins as leaders seal deal, April 15th Irish Independent
Hillery laid to rest after state funeral, April 16th RTÉ
Government resorts to trickery to railroad Lisbon Treaty, April 17th An Phoblacht
Fianna Fáil and SDLP good friends, April 18th BBC
Victim is shot dead in packed bar, April 19th BBC
Farmers threaten to torpedo treaty over trade deal fears, April 20th Irish Independent
TD apologises over letter in rape case, April 21st Irish Independent
Wrong kidney removed from child, April 21st BBC
Man hurt in Limerick city shooting, April 23rd RTÉ
Pipe bomb explodes under car in Dublin, April 26th RTÉ
Wexford family death treated as suspicious, April 26th RTÉ
Parents found dead in fire 'were shot', April 26th Sky News
Student finds new shrew species in Ireland, April 28th RTÉ
Man dies after chemical explosion, April 28th BBC
Only 5% understand Lisbon Treaty, survey, April 28th RTÉ
Galway flight makes emergency landing, April 29th RTÉ
Ahern to put peace at heart of historic US speech, April 30th Irish Independent
Number of old people to triple by 2041 - CSO, April 30th RTÉ

Republic of Ireland: May

Lisbon a bad deal for everyone, says Adams, May 1st RTÉ
Defend workers' rights: vote no to Lisbon, May 1st An Phoblacht
Hundreds attend Flood family funeral, May 2nd RTÉ
Alliance launches Treaty Yes campaign, May 2nd RTÉ
Is this man Veronica Guerin's killer? May 2nd BBC
Taoiseach warns of 'greatest act of lunacy' if Treaty rejected, May 3rd Irish Independent
Ahern expects no further revelations at Mahon, May 4th RTÉ
Exporters say No vote would spell disaster, May 5th Irish Independent
Queen visit 'may depend on IRA', May 6th BBC
Ahern meets Paisley on final day, May 6th BBC
Ahern tenders resignation as Taoiseach, May 6th RTÉ
Ahern observes history on last day as PM, May 7th Guardian
Cowen is confirmed as Taoiseach, May 7th BBC
Donegal TD takes on Tánaiste role, May 8th BBC
Drugs, firearms and cash seized in Limerick May 8th RTÉ
Writer Nuala O'Faolain has died, May 10th RTÉ
Murderer [of Meg Walsh] may never be caught, May 10th Irish Independent
Pride in heart of Cowen country, May 11th Irish Independent
Pilot dies as plane plunges into field, May 12th Irish Independent
Cowen insists 'Lisbon will not cause us nightmares', May 12th Irish Independent
Irish Referendum voices, May 12th BBC
Cowen to kick out FF Treaty 'rebels', May 13th Irish Independent
Gardai to step up excavation in search for body [of Fiona Pender], May 14th Irish Independent
Thugs target couple in racist attack, May 15th Irish Independent
Sinn Féin campaign: rural Ireland deserves better, May 15th Sinn Féin website
Post shows boost for FF, government, May 16th RTÉ
Cowen puts €38,000 pay hike on the line, May 17th Irish Independent
Lisbon Treaty is in Irish hands, May 18th Sunday Business Post
Calls for ban on cluster bombs, May 18th RTÉ
Brian finds life was easier in the trenches, May 21st Irish Independent
Six held in plasma TV raid, May 21st RTÉ
Dáil remarks inappropriate, Cowen admits, May 22nd RTÉ
Boost for Lisbon 'Yes' vote as ICTU gives its backing, May 22nd Irish Independent
Famine commemoration day announced, May 23rd BBC
Inquiry after Westmeath farmer's death, May 23rd RTÉ
[George] Redmond in clear, May 24th Irish Independent
Train drivers set to return to work tomorrow, May 25th RTÉ
'Yes' side fears large swing among undecided voters, May 26th Irish Independent
IBEC hits out as Sinn Fein admits it has no set corporation tax policy, May 27th Irish Independent
Derry man in Donegal bus rescue, May 27th Derry Journal
Family says shooting sentence 'a disgrace', May 28th RTÉ
Violent deaths up by 27%, May 29th Irish Independent
Five more held after Dublin city raids, May 29th RTÉ
SIPTU gives conditional support on Lisbon, May 30th RTÉ
Train drivers return to work with warning of 'tough talks', May 30th Irish Independent
SIPTU won't back 'Yes' vote before deal on worker rights, May 31st Irish Independent

Republic of Ireland: June

Ireland sees growing opposition to European constitution, June 1st Los Angeles Times
Girl, 6, is latest victim of gangland violence, June 1st Irish Independent
Voting 'no' might lose us right to commissioner, warns Cowen, June 2nd Irish Independent
Adams defends policy on Lisbon, June 3rd Mayo News
Mahon hears of loan to repay loan, June 3rd RTÉ
Cork TD embarrassed at drink drive arrest, June 4th RTÉ
Ahern: I won my sterling backing horses, June 5th Irish Independent
EU treaty in peril as Irish 'No' camp surges ahead, June 6th ECFR
Defiant Cowen vows to push on despite opinion shock, June 7th Irish Independent
Undecideds now biggest bloc ahead of Treaty vote, June 8th Irish Independent
'Yes' campaign ahead in latest Lisbon poll, June 8th
Ahern keeps it short and snappy under Tribunal's fire, June 8th Sunday Business Post
Irish PM bids to rally EU support, June 8th BBC
Bus driver found not guilty but insane, June 9th RTÉ
What will Lisbon mean for Ireland? June 9th BBC
Leaders button up to bury the hatchet for a 'Yes' vote, June 10th Irish Independent
Ireland prepares to pass judgement on EU Treaty, June 10th Guardian
Fishermen warn blockades could resume, June 11th RTÉ
Ireland in crunch EU Treaty vote, June 12th BBC
In pictures: Irish vote on Lisbon, June 12th BBC
Turnout slow in Lisbon referendum, June 12th RTÉ
Ireland takes the EU spotlight, June 12th Washington Post
Neutrality, abortion and Dustin the turkey threaten to cause Irish referendum upset, June 12th Guardian
Pope hails Irish role in Europe, June 12th BBC
Ireland rejects Lisbon Treaty, June 13th RTÉ
Irish voters reject Lisbon Treaty, June 13th Guardian
Comment: why Ireland said no, June 13th Guardian
Ireland rejects EU reform treaty, June 13th BBC
Treaty woes plague EU neighbours, June 13th BBC
How the world reacted to the Irish 'no' vote, June 13th RTÉ
EU grapples with Irish 'no' vote, June 14th BBC
Ireland delivers stunning blow to Europe's leaders, June 14th Guardian
Adams credits the Mary Lou factor, June 14th Irish Independent
The fear factory devastated Ireland's flaccid political class, June 14th Guardian
Unchartered territory after No vote - Cowen, June 15th RTÉ
Europe must not be derailed by lies and disinformation, June 15th Guardian
'No quick fix' to Irish 'no' vote, June 16th BBC
Pressure on Cowen to keep treaty alive, June 16th Irish Independent
EU ministers look for way forward after Irish treaty shock, June 16th Deutsche Welle
SF seeks meeting with Taoiseach to discuss Lisbon, June 16th Belfast Telegraph
Brown and Cowen to debate EU referendum fall-out, June 16th Guardian
Hooray for the Irish, June 16th Guardian
The grand era of the treaty is over, June 16th Guardian
It's almost a clean sweep for capital in litter survey, June 16th Irish Independent
Could Ireland be asked to vote again? June 17th Der Spiegel
Why we voted no to Lisbon, June 17th Irish Independent
Cross-border initiative to tackle racism, June 17th RTÉ
Second man charged with murder of two Polish men, June 17th Belfast Telegraph
An Irish wake-up call, June 18th Guardian
John Bolton's Irish adventure, June 18th Guardian
UK parliament approves EU Treaty, June 18th BBC
Dáil suspended in row over Ahern, June 19th BBC
A taoiseach in trouble, June 19th The Economist
Ireland's voters speak, June 19th The Economist
EU leaders give more time to digest 'no' vote, June 19th RTÉ
Show of solidarity (over Lisbon Treaty), June 19th BBC
The people have spoken: now it's time for Plan B, June 19th An Phoblacht
No quick fix on Lisbon, says Cowen, June 20th RTÉ
Ireland under pressure to vote again on Treaty, June 20th Guardian
Lisbon Treaty: Brown defends Mandelsohn after Sarkozy blames him for Irish 'no' vote, 20th Guardian
No EU Treaty without Irish people's approval, Miliband, June 20th Guardian
New law to allow second trial in killing and rape cases, June 20th Irish Independent
Cowen says 'no' to deal on Treaty as poll looms, June 21st Irish Independent
Man charged over fatal Limerick assault, June 21st RTÉ
Flash flooding in Galway and Cork, June 21st RTÉ
A self-pitying Lenihan faces a Black Friday, June 22nd Irish Independent
Don't damn the Irish for voicing their view, June 22nd Observer
River Lee drowning victim named, June 23rd RTÉ
Shock win by independent shatters voting pact for mayor, June 24th Irish Independent
Lenihan admits 'serious problem' in economy, June 24th RTÉ
Man charged with INLA membership, June 24th RTÉ
Developer denies paying Ahern £50,000 land bribe, June 25th Irish Independent
Fears over toxic waste claims, June 26th BBC
Taoiseach defends civil partnership plans, June 27th RTÉ
Atomic bombers beware... you now face wrath of the law, June 27th Irish Independent
Residents' delight after super-port rejected, June 28th Irish Independent
Further pipe bomb attack in Drimnagh, June 28th RTÉ
Banks to lose billions in bad debt wipe-outs, June 29th Irish Independent
No deal involving pay cuts, unions warn, June 30th RTÉ

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Republic of Ireland: July

Massive gold mine found in Monaghan, July 1st RTÉ
'Black Friday'  could see axe fall on 10,000 workers, July 2nd Irish Independent
Cuts on the way to plug 3bn Euro tax hole, July 3rd Irish Independent
No economic armageddon ahead, says Cowen, July 3rd RTÉ
Confidential AIB files found in dump near Cork City, July 4th Belfast Telegraph
Church of Ireland announces it may allow gay unions, July 5th BBC
Race spectator, 70, remains critical, July 6th RTÉ
Politicians accused of insulting victims of crime, July 7th Irish Independent
I saw US police shoot Irishman, says mystery 'witness', July 7th Belfast Telegraph
Over e6m spent on stalled schemes, July 8th Irish Independent
Sinn Féin emerge as likely kingmakers in next Dáil, July 8th Irish Independent
Fianna Fáil halt Northern advances, July 8th BBC
Gardai suspect pensioner was killed by thieves, July 9th Irish Independent
Tributes paid to Séamus Brennan TD, July 9th RTÉ
Two hour delay at Dublin airport, July 10th BBC
Dail urges Britain to release files on 1974 bombs, July 10th RTÉ
Government responds to downturn with cutbacks in health, July 10th An Phoblacht
Offence of blasphemy should be abolished, says committee, July 11th Irish Independent
Bord Pleanala rejects plans for Tipperary bio-fuel factory, July 11th Belfast Telegraph
Radar tests mean more delays for air passengers, July 12th Belfast Telegraph
Nicola Anderson on the 'Las Vegas' trial that transfixed the nation, July 12th Irish  Independent
No delays expected at Dublin airport, July 13th Belfast Telegraph
Probe into Mountjoy stand-off begins, July 13th RTÉ
Murder victim was 'devoted' father of five, July 14th Irish Independent
Bertie's new job as peace envoy, July 14th Herald
Irish actor named as suspect in murder of Italian woman, 72, July 15th Guardian
Actor endured 'mental torture' during police murder probe, July 15th Irish Independent
Small Firms Association seeks minimum wage cut, July 15th RTÉ
Sarkozy: Ireland must vote on Lisbon again, July 15th RTÉ
Irish wary of second vote idea, July 16th BBC
Man engulfed in flames at protest, July 16th BBC
New by-pass opens on Dublin-Galway route, July 16th RTÉ
Sarkozy in Ireland: Sinn Féin seeks face-to-face meeting, July 17th An Phoblacht
Anger as Sarkozy visit on Lisbon vote plunges into chaos, July 18th Irish Independent
Delays at Dublin airport to continue as glitch located, July 18th Belfast Telegraph
Cowen signals era of 'mature' US-Irish relations, July 19th Irish Independent
Man shot dead in Finglas, July 19th RTÉ
Gangland gun trail linked to IRA suppliers, July 19th Belfast Telegraph
Bloody gang feud linked to execution of ex-convict, July 20th Irish Independent
Gilmore happy to meet Sarkozy, July 20th RTÉ
Sarkozy in controversial Dublin visit, July 21st RTÉ
Sarkozy denies pressuring Irish, July 21st BBC
Three found guilty on all charges over Ireland's biggest ever cocaine bust, July 22nd Belfast Telegraph
Gilmore: vote now would deliver a second 'no', July 22nd Irish Independent
Man charged over Connemara death, July 22nd RTÉ
Too early to decide on second poll, insists minister, July 23rd Irish Independent
Euro440m coke smuggler murdered police officer, July 24th Belfast Telegraph
Britain-Ireland border check plan, July 24th BBC
Apology to woman over visa blunder, July 25th RTÉ
Alert as gardai foil gunman's attack on gang rival, July 25th Irish Independent
Couple relives flight terror after holed jet plumets from sky, July 26th Irish Independent
Martin rejects poll on Lisbon fallout, July 27th RTÉ
Revealed: councillor pay surge hits Euro83m, July 28th Irish Independent
Future of state agencies remains under review, July 28th RTÉ
Family feud 'sparks estate riot', July 29th BBC
Ryanair's fuel fiasco forces new fare gamble, July 29th Irish Independent
Our top EU post saved in new plan for Lisbon, July 30th Irish Independent
Reynolds declared unfit to give evidence (at the Mahon Tribunal), July 30th RTÉ
Digital televion trial deemed a success, July 31st RTÉ
Number of new homes at lowest level for five years, July 31st Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: August

Mallow hit by severe flooding as heavy rains continue, August 1st Belfast Telegraph
Gardai left powerless over Lynn video link, August 1st Irish Independent
Euro560,000 bonus for O'Leary but pay freeze on the way, August 2nd Irish Independent
Pay claims expected after talks fail, August 2nd RTÉ
Derailed talks deal Cowen a crushing blow, August 3rd Irish Independent
Irish K2 climber feared dead, August 3rd BBC
Cowen faces crisis amongst fears of a pay free-for-all, August 4th Irish Independent
New station to cut travel times, August 5th Irish Independent
Tánaiste remains hopeful of pay deal, August 5th RTÉ
Girls to attend 'boys' only' school, August 6th RTÉ
Consumer mood figure hits new low, August 6th RTÉ
Witness afraid to testify in Republic, August 7th Belfast Telegraph
Cowen in firing line as Unions seek Euro1.6bn, August 7th Irish Independent
Funding shortfall hits HSE child services, August 8th RTÉ
Drugs intercepted in Dublin airport raid, August 8th RTÉ
Two held over cannabis plants seizure, August 9th RTÉ
Recovery is in sight as global scene brightens, August 10th Irish Independent
Flooding seriously affecting M50, August 10th RTÉ
After monsoon... there'll be more soon, August 11th Irish Independent
380,000 affected by laptop theft, August 11th RTÉ
Englishman wins Irish race case, August 12th BBC
Cut profits to get new pay deal, bosses told, August 12th Irish Independent
Grades do not add up as 5,000 fail Maths, August 13th Irish Independent
Free events set to inspire a nation of culture-vultures, August 13th Herald
Workplace race complaints doubled in 2007, August 14th RTÉ
Clowning around town to give Fringe a boost, August 14th Irish Independent
Firm halts food line after link to salmonella, August 15th Irish Independent
Staff sick days cost the HSE Euro140 a year, August 15th Herald
Cocaine trio appeal convictions, August 15th BBC
Northern murder accused for trial in Republic, August 16th Irish Independent
400 year old horse fair goes off without a hitch, August 16th Irish Independent
'It scares me but we all have to go some time' [death of Ronnie Drew] August 17th Irish Independent
Motorists urged to take care on roads, August 17th RTÉ
47 card skimming devices found, August 18th RTÉ
Car park blaze victims fight for lives, August 18th Irish Independent
Three held as gun seized from car, August 19th BBC
Teachers back call to segregate immigrants, August 19th Irish Independent
Asylum seekers call off hunger strike, August 20th Irish Independent
Man dies after alleged fight in Cork field, August 20th RTÉ
New strategy to target homelessness, August 21st RTÉ
Gardaí renew appeal for missing Dublin woman, August 21st RTÉ
Probe as Mulhall photographed with knife, August 22nd RTÉ
Eight held as fresh protests flare over Shell pipeline, August 22nd Irish Independent
Irish drug boss survives shooting in at Spanish bar, August 23rd Belfast Telegraph
Doping row escalates over team ban threat, August 23rd Irish Independent
Victim dies in shooting attack, August 24th BBC
No drugs in my business - billionaire, August 24th Irish Independent
Minister admits we need new Lisbon poll, August 25th Irish Independent
M50 drivers assured over toll tags, August 26th RTÉ
Three arrested over death of farmer in County Cork, August 26th Belfast Telegraph
'Yes' and 'No' camps attack Roche over call for Lisbon II, August 26th Irish Independent
Forced landing for Ryanair plane, August 26th BBC
Thousands seek help with school costs,  August 27th RTÉ
Aer Lingus vows reform after Euro22M losses, August 28th RTÉ
New parasite wasp species found [in County Mayo], August 28th BBC
Donna suspect's family to sue over death in custody, August 29th Herald
Mortgage lending growth at 20-year low, August 29th RTÉ
Thousands of revellers could expect gridlock, August 30th Irish Independent
Government can't commit to abolishing tolls - Ahern, August 30th RTÉ
Clergy in crisis: forget Father Ted, Ireland is running out of priests, August 30th Belfast Telegraph
Poll: Cowen's popularity hits new low, August 31st Irish Independent

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Republic of Ireland: September

TDs smash the Euro100,000 barrier with wages hike, Sept 1st Irish Independent
Funds sought to prevent water shortages, Sept 2nd RTÉ
Guerin link thug foiled in drug and guns swoop, Sept 3rd Irish Independent
Dutch police in Irish gang raids, Sept 4th BBC
Shell's gunboat diplomacy, Sept 4th An Phoblacht
Foreign jobless 'paid to go' claim, Sept 4th BBC
Seven held in Corrib protest released, Sept 5th RTÉ
Budget revision to meet new challenges - Cowen, Sept 6th Irish Independent
Clinics 'ready for surge in students bingeing on sex, drugs and drink', Sept 7th Irish Independent
Young families emigrate as brain drain grips economy, Sept 8th Irish Independent
First day of talks in national pay deal, Sept 8th RTÉ
Five arrested after bomb factory found in Dublin, Sept 9th Belfast Telegraph
Feuding gang split sparks fears of 'tit-for-tat' attacks, Sept 9th Irish Independent
Bomb factory swoop halts gang bloodbath, Sept 10th Irish Independent
Corrib pipeline work suspended, Sept 10th RTÉ
Lisbon vote research published, Sept 10th RTÉ
Gilmore expecting further vote on Europe, Sept 11th RTÉ
Plane returns after 'tail strike', Sept 11th BBC
Paralympics row erupts as Irish athlete gets 'red card', Sept 12th Irish Independent
Irish boat sinks off French coast, Sept 12th BBC
Begg 'less confident' over pay deal, Sept 13th RTÉ
Minister wants state jobs and quangos cut, Sept 14th Irish Independent
Two held over Dublin shooting, Sept 14th RTÉ
Betting shop shooting is linked to bloody gang feud, Sept 15th Irish Independent
Coalition Party to discuss future, Sept 16th BBC
Girl (12) rams Gardai, Sept 16th Herald
Campaigners deny placing bomb outside Shell HQ at Dublin, Sept 16th Belfast Telegraph
Pay agreement now with unions, employers, Sept 17th RTÉ
Helicopter crashes near school, Sept 18th BBC
Budget bounce for Cowen in pay deal, Sept 18th Irish Independent
Minister moves to allay banking fears, Sept 19th RTÉ
Bank of Ireland denies takeover rumours, Sept 19th Irish Independent
O'Dea tells of trauma of false assault allegations, Sept 20th Irish Independent
Lenihan lash at Joe Duffy banks panic, Sept 21st Irish Independent
FF support down as FG rises, Sept 21st RTÉ
Search resumes for Pender remains, Sept 22nd RTÉ
Second 'misdiagnosis' at Ennis hospital, Sept 22nd RTÉ
Pressure on Cowen as millions go to waste, Sept 23rd Irish Independent
Mixed news for tech and manufacturing jobs, Sept 23rd RTÉ
Lenihan accuses FG of political point-scoring, Sept 24th RTÉ
Spanish seeking Basque in Ireland, Sept 24th BBC
Irish economy goes into recession, Sept 25th BBC
Galway braced for more water problems, Sept 25th Galway News
Galway water action plan labelled 'pathetic', Sept 26th RTÉ
Taoiseach sticks to goals on overseas funding, Sept 26th Irish Independent
Why I was forced to lie to save my life, Sept 27th Irish Independent
Galway councillors meet over water, Sept 27th RTÉ
Tap water crisis spreads after emergency supply tainted, Sept 28th Irish Independent
Lenihnan's budget plan is revealed, Sept 28th Irish Independent
Dublin housing projects to be hit by 20m Euro cut, Sept 29th RTÉ
Irish government guarantees banks, Sept 30th BBC
Cowen defending Irish banks move, Sept 30th BBC

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Republic of Ireland: October

Ireland puts up 400bn Euro to protect six big lenders, Oct 1st Guardian
Irish bank plan 'should include cap on executive pay', Oct 1st Guardian
French minister knocks Irish move, Oct 2nd BBC
Bank chiefs facing share deals probe, Oct 3rd Irish Independent
Economy to shrink, Central Bank warns, Oct 3rd RTÉ
Major cuts across all Govt departments likely, Oct 4th RTÉ
Govt urged not to cut education budget, Oct 5th RTÉ
It's a load of rubbish as one third of food is binned, Oct 6th Irish Independent
Employment levels down at 2 out of 5 firms, Oct 6th RTÉ
Aer Lingus strike fear as 1,500 jobs face axe, Oct 7th Irish Independent
Lenihan 'satisfied' of guarantee agreement, Oct 7th RTÉ
Tribunal judge raps TDs over handling of claims, Oct 8th Irish Independent
Residents flee pipe bomb in abandoned car, Oct 8th Herald
Irish shares fall further 5% in world stocks chaos, Oct 8th Herald
Two held after Killester robbery death, Oct 9th RTÉ
One in three rivers now polluted, says report, Oct 9th Irish Independent
Why Sinn Féin supported the Dáil legislation, Oct 9th An Phoblacht
Banks cave in to rate-cut pressure, Oct 10th Irish Independent
Cowen to attend Paris economic summit, Oct 10th RTÉ
Traditional light bulbs to be scrapped, Oct 10th RTÉ
State mortgage plan for first time buyers, Oct 11th Irish Independent
Tax take expected to be 1.1bn Euro lower, Oct 11th RTÉ
16bn Euro bailout in pipeline if stock crash continues, Oct 12th Irish Independent
Thousands face negative equity, Oct 12th RTÉ
Deal puts pressure on Cowen to shore up banks, Oct 13th Irish Independent
Separate shootings in Limerick, Cork, Oct 13th RTÉ
Budget 2009 live, Oct 14th Irish Independent
Regulator details Irish banks' loans, Oct 14th RTÉ
All pain no gain [budget 2009], Oct 15th Irish Independent
Bank guarantee scheme revealed, Oct 15th RTÉ
INLA prisoners attack [Dublin] jail boss in pot protest, Oct 15th Belfast Telegraph
Annan speaks at Dublin conference, Oct 16th RTÉ
Harney to blame for card fiasco: Lenihan, Oct 16th Irish Independent
Budget attacks working families, low-paid, pensioners and unemployed, Oct 16th An Phoblacht
Behan resigns in protest at budget, Oct 17th RTÉ
Many in Ireland are wary of economic costs of absorbing Ulster, Oct 17th Guardian
Provos pledge revenge as INLA rule the roost in Dublin jail, Oct 18th Belfast Telegraph
Wife killer to avoid prison, Oct 18th Irish Independent
Fire base robbed as crew rescue, Oct 19th BBC
Abyss opens for Cowen as FF TDs revolt, Oct 19th Irish Independent
Cowen caves in on budget 1pc income level, Oct 20th Irish Independent
Irish Medical Association cannot negotiate over GPs' fees, Oct 20th RTÉ
Second TD quits coalition over medical card fiasco, Oct 21st Belfast Telegraph
Gardai hunt teenage cyclist killer in 'gang feud' shooting, Oct 21st RTÉ
The great retreat [on the budget], Oct 22nd Irish Independent
10,000 students at fees protest, Oct 22nd RTÉ
Medical card controversy: pensioners plan protest as Opposition urges U-turn, Oct 23rd Limerick Leader
Partners tired of 'difficult' Irish says Eurocrat, Oct 23rd Irish Independent
Man gets ten years for Dublin stabbing, Oct 24th RTÉ
Cut in farm incentives 'will force young out', Oct 24th Irish Independent
Record fine for billionaire Quinn, Oct 25th Belfast Telegraph
Irish house of cards comes down, Oct 25th BBC
Gardai to mount safety blitz on motorists, Oct 25th Irish Independent
Probe starts on Quinn's 288m Euro loan, Oct 26th Irish Independent
Bad opinion poll news awaits Cowen, Oct 26th RTÉ
Four bodies found in plane wreck, Oct 26th BBC
Bishops up pressure on Cowen after poll plunge, Oct 27th Irish Independent
Plane crash inquiry due to begin, Oct 27th BBC
Limerick regeneration plans due, Oct 28th RTÉ
Parent power is the best weapon against raising class sizes, say teachers, Oct 28th Herald
Thousands protest over education cuts, Oct 29th RTÉ
Teen stab murder accused treated for obsessive disorder, Oct 29th Irish Independent
Student stabbing was 'an accident', Oct 30th Irish Independent
Toughest conditions for 100 years: Cowen, Oct 30th RTÉ
Rumours of 400 job cuts at Dell's Limerick plant, Oct 31st Limerick Leader
Hat-trick of U-turns as Hanafin decides disability pay to stay, Oct 31st Irish Independent
Gogarty backs education cuts in humiliating climb-down, Oct 31st Irish Independent

Republic of Ireland: November

Half of drink-drivers getting away scot-free, Nov 1st Irish Independent
Halloween clean-up to cost millions, Nov 1st RTÉ
Cowen snub to Bertie's TV life story, Nov 2nd Irish Independent
[Sharon] Collins gets six years for murder plot, Nov 3rd RTÉ
[Enda] Kenny says he expects to be Taoiseach, Nov 3rd Irish Times
[Cardinal Séan] Brady criticised over remarks on civil unions, Nov 4th RTÉ
FF TD on assault charges over alleged pub attack, Nov 5th Irish Independent
Irish jobless rate at record high, Nov 5th BBC
Cowen moves to allay threat to jobs, Nov 6th Irish Independent
10-year sentence for 10M Euro drugs haul, Nov 6th Irish Times
Dublin invites O'Bama back home, Nov 7th BBC
British criminals believed to be behind Irish cocaine seizure worth £500M, Nov 7th Times
Storm forced swoop on 675m Euro drug boat, Nov 8th Irish Independent
Aer Lingus staff vote for strike,  Nov 8th BBC
[Mary] Harney bids to keep her job despite PDs' demise, Nov 9th Irish Independent
Gardaí  investigate Kerry killing, Nov 9th Irish Times
High-level meeting on Limerick murder, Nov 10th RTÉ
Grief mixed with relief as PDs applied last rites to body politic, Nov 10th Irish Independent
Murder of rugby player [in Limerick] 'marks new low', Nov 11th Irish Times
Solicitor dishonesty 'has got to be stopped', Nov 11th RTÉ
Bring Shane's killers to justice, says bishop, Nov 12th Herald
[Václav] Klaus remarks inappropriate - [Micheál] Martin, Nov 12th RTÉ
Houses raided in Shane Geoghagan inquiry, Nov 13th Irish Independent
Bank of Ireland profits down 32%, Nov 13th RTÉ
Granddaughter claims soldier's medal, Nov 14th Irish Times
Afghan blast kills Irish marine, Nov 14th BBC
Cowen admits poll results disappointing, Nov 14th RTÉ
Majority want [Mary] Harney to resign: poll, Nov 15th RTÉ
Coup for Shannon with deal to clear US flights, Nov 15th Irish Independent
'Bring back Bertie' poll as FF fears for 31 seats, Nov 16th Irish Independent
Men released in Finglas shooting inquiry, Nov 16th RTÉ
British bugged Ahern and Reynolds, Nov 17th Belfast Telegraph
Bottled water scare as dangerous germs found, Nov 17th Irish Independent
Anger erupts over Limerick murder, Nov 17th BBC
Shane's mum makes emotional appeal to catch his killers, Nov 18th Herald
European Court of Human Rights intervenes in deportation case, Nov 18th RTÉ
'Exceptional' response to Geoghegan appeal, Nov 19th RTÉ
Government 'would risk collapse' in Lisbon rerun, Nov 19th Irish Independent
Witness tells inquest of 'force' in Rossiter arrest, Nov 20th Irish Times
Top earners to pay 3% income levy, Nov 20th RTÉ
Families are hit for extra 2000 Euros in tax, Nov 21st Irish Independent
A colourful past meets an uncertain future [Frank Dunlop trial], Nov 22nd Irish Independent
'The day Mark died, a piece of us died too' [Mark Spellman murder conviction], Nov 22nd Belfast Telegraph
'Fat cats' play dirty in battle of banks, Nov 23rd Irish Independent
[Brian] Lenihan examines public expenditure reforms, Nov 23rd RTÉ
Jobs threat as North shops to slash VAT, Nov 24th Irish Independent
Drogheda surgeon struck off after complaints, Nov 24th RTÉ
Cowen defends FAS chief in travel bill fury, Nov 25th Irish Independent
Pilot who landed on car park roof banned, Nov 25th Irish Times
Drug dealer shot six times as toddler (2) slept downstairs, Nov 26th Herald
[Rody] Molly resigns as FÁS chief, Nov 26th RTÉ
Irish swell ranks of UK military, Nov 27th BBC
Group to review public service positions, Nov 27th Irish Times
Sinn  Féin slams Lisbon re-run bid, Nov 27th An Phoblacht
Revealed: sky-high cost of FAS holiday trip, Nov 28th Irish Independent
Oireachtas group says main option is amended treaty, Nov 28th Irish Times
Shoppers in Irish Republic told to 'serve their country', Nov 29th Belfast Telegraph
Fury over huge hike in health cover costs, Nov 29th Irish Independent
Report warns of pension scheme collapses, Nov 30th RTÉ

Republic of Ireland: December

Fears growing for safety of pensions, Dec 1st Irish Independent
Ryanair in new Aer Lingus offer, Dec 1st BBC
Public finances see further sharp downturn, Dec 2nd RTÉ
FAS auditors at a loss over missing raffle prize car, Dec 2nd Herald
Spending cuts alert as 2bn Euro more lost in taxes, Dec 3rd Irish Independent
Witness disputes line in deposition of [Brian] Rossiter inquest, Dec 3rd Belfast Telegraph
Dissidents show media 'strength', Dec 4th BBC
Merkel confident over Lisbon Treaty, Dec 4th RTÉ
[Irish  Congress of Trade Unions] calls for nationalisation of banks, Dec 4th An Phoblacht
Cowen to wait for EU talks before making Lisbon II plan, Dec 5th Irish Independent
New attempt to solve Corrib row, Dec 5th RTÉ
Republic bordering on financial disaster, Dec 6th Belfast Telegraph
Banks defying Lenihan new rate cut, Dec 6th Irish Independent
Anger on the streets as Dublin sees biggest rally since anti-war marches, Dec 6th (article Dec 11th) An Phoblacht
Irish Republic recalls all pork, Dec 6th BBC
Food body says 'avoid Irish pork', Dec 7th BBC
O'Leary: 'Take them out and shoot them' [board of Aer Lingus], Dec 7th Irish Independent
Pig processors demand government help, Dec 8th RTÉ
Gardai question five teenagers over East Wall murder, Dec 8th Irish Times
No beef recall despite positive test, Dec 9th RTÉ
New Lisbon vote to be delayed until Irish concerns are met, Dec 9th Irish Independent
Irish pork supply to be restored, Dec 10th BBC
Teenage boy charged with Dublin gun murder, Dec 10th Belfast Telegraph
Irish ready to hold new EU vote, Dec 11th BBC
Inflation drops to 2.5%, Dec 11th RTÉ
Ireland PM confirms Lisbon vote plan, Dec 12th BBC
Equality authority chief quits over 2.5m Euro budget, Dec 12th Irish Independent
Men found after west coast search, Dec 13th RTÉ
Cowen confident on 'Yes' vote for Lisbon re-run, Dec 13th Irish Independent
Lenihan: we didn't notice the downturn, Dec 14th Irish Independent
Three supermarkets withdraw bottled water,  Dec 15th RTÉ
Irish minister [Dick Roche] held at gunpoint, Dec 15th BBC
Howth murder weapon recovered [murder of Celine Cawley], Dec 16th RTÉ
McAleese condemns crippling greed of corporate sector, Dec 16th Irish Independent
Sarkozy hails 'courage' of second vote on Lisbon, Dec 17th Irish Independent
Retailers in crisis after worst sales figures in 25 years, Dec 17th Irish Times
500m Euro to be invested in new venture fund, Dec 18th RTÉ
Irish politician and journalist Dr Conor Cruise O'Brien dies, Dec 19th Guardian
Anglo [Irish Bank] chief quits after hiding 87m Euro loans, Dec 19th Irish Independent
Cowen pledges to stick with social partnership, Dec 20th Irish Times
Two charged over explosives find, Dec 20th RTÉ
Husband charged with murder of Celine Crawley, Dec 21st Irish Times
Historic handshake that may end the bloody Limerick feud, Dec 21st Irish Independent
Aer Lingus re-opens Shannon route, Dec 22nd BBC
Lenihan defends use of National Pension Reserve Fund to prop up banks, Dec 22nd Irish Independent
Five-man gang escape with 1.2 million Euro after family kidnapping, Dec 23rd Irish Times
Clerics distance themselves as bishop under pressure to quit, Dec 23rd Irish Independent
Call for changes to top bank personnel, Dec 24th RTÉ
Difficult days ahead as living standards set to drop, says Taoiseach, Dec 24th Irish Times
Teenager killed in Co Laois crash, Dec 25th Irish Times
Probe begins in fatal farm fire [at Kilkenny], Dec 26th BBC
Three held over Nenagh stabbing [of Lithuanian man], Dec 26th RTÉ
Bishop takes blame for abuse 'mistakes', Dec 27th Irish Independent
70,000 retail jobs face axe in New Year, Dec 28th Irish Independent
Body of man found in Dundalk, Dec 28th RTÉ
Recession chic romps home in best-dressed fashion stakes, Dec 29th Irish Independent
Woman held in fatal Kilkenny stabbing, Dec 30th RTÉ
British-Irish tensions revealed in new papers, Dec 30th RTÉ
Greens warn Cowen as FF unease deepens, Dec 31st Irish Independent
New Year events in Cork, Dublin, Dec 31st Irish Times

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