Ireland in the late 1960s and 1970s

Civil rights demonstration in Northern Ireland Bloody Sunday
Loyalist bomb hits Dublin, 1974 After the Warrenpoint ambush

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Table of Contents

Republic of Ireland

Key Figures and Groups: Republic of Ireland
The Republic of Ireland during the Seventies

Northern Ireland

Key Figures and Groups: Northern Ireland and Britain
The Beginning of the Troubles
The Early 1970s
The Mid 1970s
The Late 1970s
Other Resources

Key Figures and Groups: Republic of Ireland

Neil T Blaney and that now famous rift with Fianna Fáil Irish Independent
Erskine Hamilton Childers, President Wikipedia
Erskine Hamilton Childers Elections Ireland
Liam Cosgrave, taoiseach General Michael Collins
Liam Cosgrave, taoiseach Wikipedia
Charles Haughey, politician Guardian
Charles Haughey London Times
Dr Patrick Hillery, politician Guardian
Dr Patrick Hillery UK Independent
Jack Lynch, taoiseach Guardian
Seán MacBride, politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nobel Prize
Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, President Wikipedia
Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh Áras an Uachtaráin
Micheál Ó Móráin, politician Wikipedia
Irish Women's Liberation movement scoilnet

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The Republic of Ireland

Anger at McDowell inaction on Garda Fallon killing, Jan 1970 TCM archives
Arms crisis, May 1970 Wikipedia
Haughey wasn't the gunrunner Irish Independent
Blaney's son calls for inquiry into arms trial TCM archives
Eurovision song contest, April 1971 Wikipedia
History of the GAA (ban on 'foreign' games lifted, April 1971) The Smart Journal
The Contraceptive Corp Time
Council Decision on the accession of Denmark, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom to the EEC and to the EAEC, Jan 1972 European Navigator
British embassy in Dublin destroyed, February 2nd 1972 BBC
Nixon too busy to deal with Irish, February 1972 Irish Abroad
Access of Ireland to the European communities debate, April 1972 Oireachtas
Third Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, 1972 Wikipedia
Referendum on the Third Amendment, May 1972 Elections Ireland
The Impact of EU Membership on Ireland Europa
Irish General Election, 1973 Wikipedia
Irish Presidential Election, 1973 Wikipedia
Sudden death of Erskine Childers, 1974 Oireachtas
Death of De Valera, August 1975 RTÉ
Sallins train robbery, March 1976 Wikipedia
Truth about Sallins robbery TCM Archives
Tim Severin's trip from Dingle in the Brendan, May 1976 Tim Severin
Memorial for Christopher Ewart Biggs: killed by IRA, July 1976 BBC
Assassination suspect named TCM Archives
Prime suspect denies ambassador's murder Telegraph
Envoy's murder exploited Irish Independent
Injured official made plea for peace after car bomb atrocity Irish Independent
Emergency Powers Act, 1976 Irish Statute Book
How 'thundering disgrace' led to President [Ó Dálaigh] resigning Irish Independent
Irish general election 1977 Wikipedia
Short film of Second Great Viking March, 1978 Thadden Breen's home page
Wood Site Quay debate, December 1978 Oireachtas
Carnsore: why Ireland never got nuclear power Struggle Site
Betelgeuse incident, January 1979 Wikipedia
Betelgeuse incident Cedre
Massive Trade Union protest, March 1979 Anarchist site
Written answers - break with Sterling, May 1979 Dáil Éireann
Pope calls for peace in Ireland: 29th Sept 1979 BBC
The Pope in Ireland - a salute to Irish faith American Catholic
The Pope's visit to Ireland Catholic Ireland
Irish remember 1979 papal visit BBC
Irish television drama in the 1970s Dr Helen Sheehan
Saints, Scholars and Schizophrenics (on-line book) Google Books

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Key Figures and Groups

Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin leader Wikipedia
James Chichester-Clark, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland 1969-71 ABC
Mairead Corrigan, peace activist and Nobel Prize winner Nobel Prize
William Craig, founder of the Ulster Vanguard Wikipedia
William Craig Economic Expert
Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, socialist republican activist Wikipedia
Rose Dugdale, IRA volunteer Wikipedia
Brian Faulker, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland 1971 - 72 Wikipedia
Gerry Fitt, SDLP founder Wikipedia
Charles Haughey, Sixth Taoiseach Guardian
Charles Haughey: an obituary BBC
Denis Healey, Labour politician Wikipedia
Edward Heath, British Prime Minister 1970 - 1974 Guardian
Edward Heath and Ireland Wikipedia
Tiede Herrema, businessman kidnapped by the IRA Wikipedia
Seán Lemass, Taoiseach 1959 - 1966 Wikipedia
Roy Mason, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1976 - 1979 Wikipedia
Roy Mason: A Happy 80th birthday to the IRA's most deadly foe Telegraph
Martin McGuinness, IRA and Sinn Féin leader BBC
Lord Louis Mountbatten, killed by IRA BBC
Airey Neave, Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary killed by IRA Wikipedia
Terence O'Neill, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland 1963 - 1969 Wikipedia
Ian Paisley, Unionist leader BBC
Ian Paisley's biography on CAIN CAIN
Ian Paisley Wikipedia
Francis Pym, Northern Ireland Secretary 1974 Guardian
Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister 1979 - 1992 BBC
Betty Williams, peace activist and Nobel Prize winner Nobel Prize
Harold Wilson Guardian
Democratic Unionist Party Wikipedia
Irish National Liberation Army Wikipedia
Irish Republican Army Triskelle
Official IRA Wikipedia
People's Democracy Wikipedia
Provisional IRA Wikipedia
Royal Ulster Constabulary Triskelle
Soar Éire Wikipedia
Social and Democratic Labour Party SDLP site
South Armagh Republican Action Force Wikipedia
Ulster Army Council Wikipedia
Ulster Defence Association Triskelle
Ulster Unionist Party Wikipedia
Ulster Young Militants Wikipedia
Unionist Party of Northern Ireland Wikipedia
Vanguard Progressive Unionist Party Wikipedia

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The Beginning of the Troubles

Nelson's pillar (destroyed by IRA bomb) Wikipedia
Nelson's pillar Irish Dance Dress Canada
O'Neill and the Civil Rights Movement wesleyjohnston
The Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland publication CAIN
The Early Days of NICRA CAIN
The Derry March (5th Oct 1968) CAIN
The People's Democracy march: chronology of main events CAIN
Extracts from War and an Irish Town CAIN
1968: Londonderry march ends in violence BBC
A Chronology of the Conflict - 1968 CAIN
Discrimination - chronology of important events CAIN
1968 - 1969: The troops are sent in BBC
1969 in Northern Ireland Wikipedia
We shall overcome: a history of the civil rights struggle in Northern Ireland. 1969 CAIN
Burntollet - January 1969 Bloody Sunday Trust
Northern Ireland General Election 1969 Wikipedia
The Battle of the Bogside (August 1969) Bloody Sunday Trust
Battle of the Bogside Wikipedia
Speech by Jack Lynch following violence in Derry, 13th August 1969 CAIN
1969: British troops sent into Northern Ireland BBC
The British Army: August 1969 - August 1970  (Word doc) CAIN
Two flags over Ulster Time
1969 Northern Ireland riots Wikipedia
October 1969: Ulster's B-Specials disbanded BBC
1969: Provisionals emerge BBC
Free Derry 1969 - 1972 Wikipedia
How ministers saw Ulster slide into strife Guardian

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The Early 1970s

1969 - 1972: The start of the Troubles and the Fall of Stormont wesleyjohnston
Index of deaths in 1970 CAIN
A Chronology of the Conflict, 1970 CAIN
Ulster, the facts, by the Ulster Unionist Party (1970) CAIN
Send money, guns and lawyers Guardian
Violence flairs as Devlin is arrested, June 1970 BBC
Military law imposed during summer of 1970 Newshound
Falls Curfew Wikipedia
A chronology of the conflict, 1971 CAIN
An appalling crime (IRA murders of three soldiers), 1971 Time
NI activates internment law, August 1971 BBC
Internment - summary of main events CAIN
The Politics of Internment 1971 CAIN
The Ballymurphy massacre, August 1971 Wikipedia
The Ballymurphy massacre: relatives call for action An Phoblacht
I have been in torture photos too - Gerry Adams Guardian
McGurk's bar bombing, December 1971 Wikipedia
Soldier [Paul Carter] shot 40 years ago by IRA was helped, not mugged, by locals Guardian
'Internment' by John McGuffin Irish Resistance Books
Northern Ireland Troubles Your Irish
Index of deaths in 1972 CAIN
Bloody Sunday, Derry, January 30th 1972 CAIN
Bloody Sunday Wikipedia
Bloody Sunday inquiry BBC
Derry's Bloody Sunday (original article from Guardian) Guardian
Aldershot bombing, February 1972 Wikipedia
IRA bomb kills six at Aldershot Barracks (within 'Glossary of terms') BBC
Abercorn restaurant bomb, March 1972 CAIN
Official IRA declares ceasefire, May 1972 BBC
Bloody Friday, July 21st 1972 CAIN
Events of Bloody Friday CAIN
Bloody Friday Wikipedia
A visit to Belfast, May 1972 The Atlantic
The British press and Northern Ireland, 1972 CAIN
'The Future of Northern Ireland' by William Craig, 1972 CAIN
Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972 Wikipedia
The End of Stormont and Imposition of Direct Rule, 1972 Gale Learning
Operation Motorman Britain's Small Wars
Operation Motorman Wikipedia

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The Mid 1970s

The Sunningdale Agreement, 1973 CAIN
The Sunningdale Agreement, December 1973 CAIN
Sunningdale Agreement signed, December 1973 BBC
Sunningdale Agreement Wikipedia
The Sunningdale Agreement, December 1973
Northern Ireland Constitutional Proposals, 1973 CAIN
Northern Ireland Constitution Act, 1973 CAIN
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, 1973 ARK
Northern Ireland Assembly, 1973 Wikipedia
Three generations: fall-out from a forgotten Irish kidnapping, 1973 BBC
Council of Ireland Wikipedia
Casualties in 1974 CAIN
Teddy boys with Tartans Time
Nuclear subs planned for Belfast, 1974 BBC
Ulster Workers' Council Strike Wikipedia
Ulster Workers' Council Strike, May 1974 CAIN
Chronology of the Ulster Workers' Strike CAIN
Sixteen Days in May Ulster Nation
Dublin and Monaghan bombings, May 1974 Wikipedia
Barron Report into Dublin and Monaghan bombings Wikipedia
Bombs devastate Dublin and Monaghan, 1974 BBC
List of those killed in the Dublin and Monaghan bombs CAIN
Barron reveals suspicion of security forces collusion in Dublin-Monaghan bombs Irish Democrat
'Irish have taken the point': British envoy on Dublin bombs TCH archives
Bomb relatives demanding inquiry BBC
Quest for truth over Dublin bomb massacre Guardian
Text of broadcast made by Harold Wilson, 25th May 1974 CAIN
Strikes topple NI power-sharing body, 28th May 1974 BBC
Wilson had 'doomsday plan' for withdrawal from Ireland Times
Wilson had NI 'doomsday plan' BBC
Anne Ogilby killing Wikipedia
Northern Ireland Act 1974 CAIN
Westminster Election, 10th October 1974 ARK
Birmingham target of IRA attacks, 21st November 1974 BBC
Birmingham pub bombings Wikipedia
Birmingham pub bombings History of War
The man behind the pub bombings in Birmingham that killed 21 London Times
Miami Showband killings, July 1975 Wikipedia
Miami Showband massacre: HET raises collusion concerns BBC
Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention Elections 1975 ARK
Herrema kidnappers under siege, October 1975 BBC
IRA kidnappers release industrialist, November 1975 BBC
The Ulsterisation of the Conflict Troops Out Movement
Index of deaths: 1976 CAIN
Collusion [in the murder of the Reavey family] 'not properly probed' BBC
Statement from the families of those murdered at Donnelly's Bridge, Silverbridge, outside Kay's Tavern, Dundalk, and in the Reavey and O'Dowd homes Pat Finucane Centre
Ten dead in Northern Ireland ambush (Kings Mill) BBC
Kings Mill Massacre Wikipedia
IRA 'responsible for Kingsmill' BBC
Tube driver shot dead, 15th March 1976 BBC

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The Late 1970s

Ulster Unionist Action Council Strike 1977 CAIN
Index of deaths in 1978 CAIN
European Court of Human Rights: Case of Ireland v United Kingdom Legislation online
La Mon Restaurant Bombing, 1978 Wikipedia
La Mon Bomb Victims Remembered BBC
Adams accused over hotel bomb Guardian
Car bomb kills Airey Neave, March 1979 BBC
The night the government fell BBC
Lord Mountbatten killed, August 1979 BBC
Warrenpoint massacre, August 1979 BBC
Warrenpoint ambush Wikipedia
Mountbatten and Warrenpoint murders, August 1979 BBC
13 gone but not forgotten, we got 18 and Mountbatten Wild Geese
Death of a Royal TCM archives
Smithwick Tribunal: Taoiseach called bombing a 'political crime' BBC

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Other Resources

The Troubles Wikipedia
Sectarianism in retreat
Drawing conclusions: a cartoon  history of Anglo-Irish relations 1798 - 1998 CAIN
History of the Royal Ulster Constabulary Royal Ulster Constabulary
Provisional IRA's history of violence BBC
List of killings by the IRA Families Acting for Innocent Relatives
List of Taoisigh Wikipedia
1973 Oil Crisis Wikipedia
British economics and trade union politics, 1973-4 National Archives
The National Coalition (20th Dáil) Wikipedia
Justice for the Forgotten Justice for the Forgotten
Note by Justice for the Forgotten CAIN
Concepts of destiny and fatalism in Irish pyschology IICP (Conflict Transformation)
Britain's propaganda war during the Troubles BBC
IRA glamour girl who gave up terror and turned herself into a loyal Tory Times
IRA 'aided' anti-apartheid bombing - Kader Asmal memoirs BBC

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