Ireland in the 1950s and early 1960s

A woman begging in Dublin. Dublin in the 1950s Eamon De Valera in 1958 J. F. Kennedy in Ireland, 1963

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Table of Contents

Culture and Society
Key Individuals
Major Events
Northern Ireland
Other resources

Mother and Child Scheme Wikipedia
Irish General Election, 1951 Wikipedia
An Act to Provide for the Adoption of Children, 1952 Achtanna an Oireachtas
Adoption Act, 1952 Irish Statute Book
Debate on unemployment in Dublin, 1953 Historical Debates Oireachtas
Irish General Election, 1954 Wikipedia
Irish Council of the European Movement founded, 1954 University College Dublin
Petrol Rationing Debate, 1956 Historical Debates Oireachtas
Irish General Election, 1957 Wikipedia
Third Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1958 Wikipedia
Transport Fuel and Power Order, 1959 Irish Statute Book
Discussions on the P.A.Y.E. scheme, 1959 Historical Debates Oireachtas
Debate on the Broadcasting Authority Bill, 1959 Historical Debates Oireachtas
Broadcasting Authority Act, 1960 Irish Statute Book

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Culture and Society

Censorship in the Republic of Ireland Wikipedia
Censorship in mid-twentieth century Ireland Mark Humphreys
The construction and destruction of a post-colonial landscape: monuments to British monarchs in Dublin before and after independence Bristol University
The Gough Statue (destroyed by the IRA in 1957) Quinnipiac University
Nelson's pillar (destroyed by the IRA in 1966) Sky Scraper News
Working in the civil service, 1957 - 61 Devlin Family
Later executions in Ireland Wikipedia
The 'Ne Temere' decree Eternal World TV Network
'The Late Late Show' Wikipedia
The birth of change in Irish education with particular reference to business studies Studies Irish Review
A history of neglect: industrial schools in Ireland Paddy Doyle
Lifting the Green Curtain: Ireland in the 1960s Time magazine
The changing face of the Cork opera house Cork Opera House

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Irish Farmers' Association Wikipedia
Censorship of Publications Board Wikipedia
Irish Congress of Trade Unions Eurofound
Trade Union Organisation in Ireland, by Ruadhri Roberts (1959) Trinity College Dublin
Voluntary Health Insurance Board Wikipedia

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Key Individuals

Éamon De Valera Wikipedia
Eamon De Valera Áras an Uachtaráin
Eamon De Valera (multimedia) RTÉ
John A. Costello Wikipedia
Dr Noel Browne Wikipedia
Dr Noel Browne (obituary) UK Independent
Seán Moylan Wikipedia
Jack Lynch the Lucky Feller (book review) Socialist Democracy
Pope John XXIII: 1958 - 63 Vatican
Pope John XXIII Christianity Today
Brendan Behan Ireland's Eye
Gay Byrne BBC
James Dillon Wikipedia
Domhnall Ua Buachalla Wikipedia
Charles Haughey Wikipedia
Dr Patrick Hillery University College Dublin
Dr Patrick Hillery Wikipedia
Seán Lemass Wikipedia
Seán MacEntee Wikipedia
Seán T. O'Kelly Wikipedia
Richard Mulcahy Wikipedia
Revd Adrian Fisher University College Dublin
Owen Sheehy-Skeffington Wikipedia

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Major Events

Abbey Theatre destroyed by fire (1951) Wikipedia
Aer Lingus crash at Lake Gwynynt (1952) Plane Crash Info
KLM Flight 633 (1954) Wikipedia
KLM Flight 633 (1954) Cyberbore
Michael Manning is the last person executed in the Republic (1954) Wikipedia
The Marian Year (1954) Earth and Universe blog
Prize Bonds introduced (1956) Wikipedia
Windscale Nuclear Incident (1957) Nuclear Tourist
Windscale Fire (1957) Wikipedia
Sellafied Links to Down's Deaths dismissed BBC
Radioactive leak at nuclear plant worse than first feared Belfast Telegraph
50th Anniversary of nuclear fire shows worse results than expected An Phoblacht
Fethard-on-Sea and the Ne Temere decree (1957) Wikipedia
Fethard Boycott Recalled (1957) Mayo News
Go-ahead given for an airport at Cork (1957) Wikipedia
First women gardaí honoured in Dublin (anniversary of 1959 event) Irish Times
The Tragedy of the Congo, 1960 - 67 World at War
The Irish Army in the Congo (Book on Amazon) Amazon
The Congo and our soldiers overseas Carlow Nationalist
Ireland and the peacekeeping force in the Congo Google Books
RTÉ established (1960) Wikipedia
Irish Public Service Broadcasting - 1960s RTÉ
Prince Rainier and Princess Grace in Dublin (1961) RTÉ
John F. Kennedy in Ireland (1963) John F. Kenney Museum
Warm welcome for JFK in Ireland (1963) BBC
Visit of John F. Kenney to Ireland (1963) (Multimedia) RTÉ
Death penalty abolished for ordinary murders (1964) Irish Statute Book

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Northern Ireland

Ferry disaster of 1953 BBC
Brookeborough Ministry Wikipedia
Border Campaign Wikipedia
Border campaign - '50s republicans deserve recognition and gratitude An Phoblacht
Why internment failed Prospect Magazine
New light shed on IRA's border campaign Irish Democrat
Reporting the last IRA 'stand down' BBC
Robert McGladdery becomes the last man to be executed in Northern Ireland (1959) Newry Journal
Louis Armstrong in Belfast, 1962 RTÉ
The Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland, 1964 CAIN
The right-wing IRA of the 1950s Workers Liberty

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Other Resources

Ireland and the Marshall Plan, 1947 - 57 Four Courts Press
Newsclippings from 1951 on the Adoption Act National Archives
Newsclippings on the civil service pay dispute of 1953 National Archives
History of Maynooth College Maynooth College
EU History: 1945 - 1959 Europa
Ireland and the UN Irish Military
Timeline: 1950 to 1960 in Ireland Teachnet
History of the Irish Police Police History
History of the Grand Canal Schools Integration Project
History of Cork Airport Cork Airport
John F. Kennedy and Ireland John F. Kennedy Museum
De Valera's letter of condolence on the death of Kennedy National Archives
Funeral of John F. Kennedy BBC
Statistics on the Gaeltacht and the Irish Language Irish Gaelic Translator
Obsessive Historian: De Valera and the Policing of his Reputation Royal Irish Academy
Limerick after the Emergency Wikipedia

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