Ireland in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

Market cross at Kilkenny
Roger de Mortimer and Isabella
Mulhuddart church, built in the 14th century
Bruce's soldiers in Ireland

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Table of Contents

The Bruce Wars
The Black Death
The Statutes of Kilkenny
The English and Anglo-Irish
Gaelic Culture
The Gaelic Resurgence
Other Resources

The Bruce Wars

Edward Bruce Wikipedia
Robert the Bruce BBC
Robert the Bruce English Monarchs
The Bruce, Bannockburn and Independence Military History Online
Bannockburn and After: 1314 - 1328 History World
Bruce campaign in Ireland Wikipedia
The Bruce Invasion of Ireland BBC
Irish Bruce Wars 1315 - 1318 Wikipedia
The Bruce Invasion of Ireland Historic Highlanders
The Scots Invasion, 1315 BBC
Invasions of Ireland from 1170 - 1320 BBC
The Invasion of Edward Bruce and the Gaelic Revival Library Ireland

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The Black Death

How the Plague Spread Around the British Isles BBC
The Spread of the Plague: Ireland BBC
The Black Death, 1348: An Overview Eyewitness to History
1348 in Ireland Wikipedia
Facts about the Black Death Middle Ages

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The Statutes of Kilkenny

Statutes of Kilkenny rootsweb
Statutes of Kilkenny Wikipedia
The Statutes of Kilkenny Irish Society
The Statute of Kilkenny (1318 - 1377) Library Ireland
The Statute of Kilkenny: Part II Library Ireland
The Statute of Kilkenny: Part III Library Ireland

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The English and Anglo-Irish

Edward III Wikipedia
Edward III British Monarchy
Richard II British Monarchy
Richard II Wikipedia
The Reign of Richard II, 1377 - 1399 BBC
King Richard II NNDB
Roger de Mortimer, Fourth Earl of March and Ulster Luminarium
Roger Mortimer Wikipedia
Edward IV British Monarchy
List of the Earls of Kildare Wikipedia

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Gaelic Culture

Brehon Laws Wikipedia
The Brehon Laws New Advent
Bardic poetry in Medieval/Early Modern times Wikipedia
The Mac an Bhaird family Wikipedia
The Religious System BBC

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The Gaelic Resurgence

Boundaries of Lordships: Gaelic Resurgence rootsweb
The Two Nations of Medieval Ireland BBC
The Two Nations of Medieval Ireland: Conclusion BBC
Gaelic Resurgence, Norman Decline: 1254 - 1536 Wikipedia
The Decline of English Power and the Church Google Books
The Pale Wikipedia
The Island of Ireland, 1450 CAIN
1300 - 1450: The Norman Decline Wesley Johnston
MacMahon's Black Rent McMahons of Monaghan
Hiberno-English: the English Language in Medieval Ireland University of Toronto

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Other Resources
The Great Famine 1315 - 1317 Wikipedia
The Bubonic Plague Online Nursing Degrees
Medical History of the Black Death CPR Certified
The Welsh March BBC
The Deposition of Richard II Wisconsin-Madison University
The Disastrous 14th Century University of Wisconsin
Late Middle Ages Wikipedia
The Hundred Years War The Other Side
Religion in Ireland During the Fifteenth Century Catholicity

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